BREAKING: Corrupt Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates Says He Will NOT Run For Re-Election in 2024 – Will Oversee 2024 Election

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates announced his retirement from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors at the end of his term in 2025 today in a statement regarding the 2024 election.
Gates has held office in Arizona since 2009 when he was appointed to the Phoenix City Council, and he was later elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2016.
Gates made the announcement on Thursday, stating that he will “pursue other interests and opportunities” and that he “look[s] forward to running the 2024 election.”

“At this point, I’m not ruling anything out. I’m most interested in this current job and getting through 2024,” said Gates when asked if he will run for another position.

Gates’ resignation comes after the stolen 2022 midterm election in Maricopa County, where he oversaw the massive failure of machines and printers at 59% of voting locations in Maricopa County on Election Day. He later went on to say, “this election was run extremely well,” when the County certified the corrupt results.
As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, Gates, a so-called Republican and pathological liar, says he is experiencing PTSD as he grips with “election denialism” following the election. According to Gates, he has “become very sad” and sometimes cries over the alleged harassment and Republican officials questioning his integrity in the aftermath of the 2020 and 2022 elections.
He expects people to think he is impartial despite publicly rooting for Democrats ahead of the 2022 general election. After the 2022 primary elections, Bill Gates said the wins for Trump-Endorsed candidates, who don’t believe Maricopa County runs fair elections, was a “catastrophe.” He then suggested that Republicans must lose in November, but “the problem is the Democrats aren’t strong enough to do that,” so they rigged the election. 
Gates also appeared recently with radical left Democrats and Uniparty RINOs at the secret invite-only “Summit on American Democracy” from May 8-9 hosted by partisan hack David Becker, who heads the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), for “A conference on the current state of American democracy and elections.” David Becker is the far-left operative who founded the ERIC system used in over 30 states, including Arizona, with 35m voter records.
Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh are still fighting against the stolen election in the courts. Lake’s attorneys filed a Notice of Appeal yesterday and plan to take their challenge all the way to the United States Supreme Court. As The Gateway Pundit reported, new evidence that was dismissed before trial shows Maricopa County employees engaging in the secret and illegal reconfiguration of voting machines after they were certified and before the election, causing voting machines to fail at 59% of voting locations targeting Republicans on Election Day.
He cannot be trusted to run the 2024 elections.
Read the full statement below:
Today, I am announcing that I will not run for re-election to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in 2024 and intend to pursue other interests and opportunities.
For over thirteen years it has been my honor to serve my home state of Arizona on the Phoenix City Council and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. As this chapter comes to an end, I rest well knowing that I led with integrity, compassion, and dignity. Regardless of personal partisan preferences or external pressure, I remained focused on making our region the best place to live, work, and raise a family.
I am proud to be a principled and limited government Republican. At the city of Phoenix, I cut through the bureaucracy and helped shape a more efficient and responsive government operation. At Maricopa County, I kept government lean, taxes low, supported our most vulnerable residents, and told the truth about our elections in the face of false information.
My will to fight for the truth remains unhindered, and I look forward to Maricopa County running the 2024 election.
I enjoyed serving with incredible colleagues, a skilled administrative team, and an extraordinarily talented Chief of Staff. I look forward to working with this team for the remainder of my term. There is still much to accomplish. I am ready to continue the great work of Maricopa County and look forward to my next chapter.
To those who have supported me, thank you! I would not be here without your support and trust.
To the residents who attended our monthly coffee chats, our town halls at the Daisy Mountain Fire Station, and our Farm Breakfasts, thank you for being some of the most active and well-informed constituents. YOU are the reason I enjoyed serving Maricopa County.
To our great employees at Maricopa County, thank you for demonstrating professionalism, honesty, and resilience in the face of unprecedented pressure. Your integrity, work ethic, and passion for public service made it easy to represent and defend your work to the entire world.
To my wife and three daughters, thank you for being my rock, my foundation, and my inspiration. The past few years haven’t always been easy; however, I am a better man, colleague, and public servant because of you.

My statement regarding running in the 2024 election: pic.twitter.com/77IWq4z8X2
— Bill Gates (@billgatesaz) June 1, 2023 […]

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Dr. Peter McCullough: Understand Spike Shedding Before It’s Too Late

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As one of America’s leading cardiologists and COVID-19 experts, Dr. Peter McCullough wasn’t afraid to stand up to big pharma, big tech and big government during the pandemic, and he is showing that same courage to sound the alarm today about the ongoing risks posed by mRNA and spike protein shedding:
One of the most common questions I am asked from the unvaccinated stems from concerns over “shedding”… mRNA vaccines are indeed gene therapy products and should have been submitted to excretion studies by DARPA funded researchers long ago. 
Sadly, these careful development steps were skipped from the beginning in our military-style vaccine development program, and now the public is grappling with the issue of nucleic acid and Spike protein shedding as a potential concern among those who have worked so hard to remain healthy and free of COVID-19 vaccination. 
Fertig et al, have shown mRNA is circulatory in blood for at least two weeks with no reduction in concentration out to that time point.  Likewise, Hanna et al, have found mRNA within breast milk.  Less data exist on Spike protein shedding but it is not a far stretch to understand this is well within the realm of reality.  The pivotal questions are:  

For how long is a recently vaccinated person at risk to shed on to others?  

Can shed mRNA be taken up by the recipient and begin to produce Spike protein just like vaccination? 

Can shed Spike protein cause disease as it does in the vaccinated (e.g. myocarditis, blood clots, etc.)?

Dr. McCullough has been researching the duration of spike-induced injuries as a proxy for risk. While the results are early, he reports that the damage is long-lasting:
My attention was drawn to the follow-up MRI scans… only 20% had resolved their abnormalities at over six months (199 days). 

Therefore, the real question we all should be asking ourselves is: How do I get this out of my body?
 The mRNA and adenoviral DNA products were rolled out with no idea on how or when the body would ever breakdown the genetic code. The synthetic mRNA carried on lipid nanoparticles appears to be resistant to breakdown by human ribonucleases by design so the product would be long-lasting and produce the protein product of interest for a considerable time period… it is a big problem when the protein is the pathogenic SARS-CoV-2 Spike.” 
Fortunately, Dr. McCullough has identified a solution: the best-known way to remove and protect against mRNA-carrying spike proteins is a daily dose of over-the-counter nattokinase:
“Nattokinase is an enzyme is produced by fermenting soybeans with bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and has been available as an oral supplement. It degrades fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines, and factor VIII and has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits. Out of all the available therapies I have used in my practice and among all the proposed detoxification agents, I believe nattokinase and related peptides hold the greatest promise for patients at this time.”
If you or someone you love would like to try nattokinase formulated to fight spike, The Wellness Company’s “Spike Support Formula” contains nattokinase plus other key extracts (plus, ordering through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit).
In The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula you will find:
Nattokinase (enzyme shown to dissolve spike protein)

Selenium (aids in helping the body repair itself and recover)
Dandelion root (may prevent spike protein from binding to cells)
Black sativa extract (may facilitate cellular repair)
Green tea extract (provides added defenses at the cellular level through scavenging for free radicals)
Irish sea moss (could help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle)

People are saying about The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula:
“I saw Dr. McCullough talk about the product and decided to give it a try. A month and a half later, I feel sooo much better. I also have recommended the product to family members to help them detox from the painful side effects of the vaccine.”
“I feel like I have had brain fog for the past 18 months and after taking this supplement noticed the fog lifting finally. I plan to buy more for myself and now a friend suffering from heart issues.”
“I am grateful for the Wellness Company and for you coming out with this spike protein vitamins. I am a big believer in natural healing and not pharmaceutical drugs. Thank you for doing what is right and for speaking truth in a world that is so dark.”
According to the Wellness Company, purchasing all the components of the Spike Support Formula would be over $100 – you can save 36% with the unique formulation in The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula.