Watch: Everything You NEED To Know About Balenciaga Scandal In Less Than 9 Minutes

Balenciaga is a high end luxury and fashion brand that sells ridiculously expensive items and clothing. Their new holiday gifting campaign is trying to sell something, but it’s not clothing — it’s sex with children.The Balenciaga scandal has many scratching their hands and wondering how a disturbing ad campaign like this could happen. Learn all about it in less than 9 minutes. […]


CNN Calls Freedom of Speech ‘Nonsense’ in Rant Accusing Elon Musk Of Being Russian Asset

CNN peddled more fake news than usual on Friday when a former CIA agent accused Elon Musk of working on Russia’s behalf by freeing up Twitter, calling free speech “nonsense.”
Former CIA case officer Bob Baer condemned Musk’s recent decision to grant “general amnesty” to formerly banned accounts, claiming that’s exactly what Russian President Vladimir Putin wants.

“Putin is going to be all over Twitter if there’s no regulations on this, fake accounts, spoofed accounts…And so when he’s talking about the popular voice, Musk, he’s really talking about Russian intelligence,” Baer said.

Fmr. CIA analyst on Elon restoring banned Twitter accounts: ”Putin is going to be all over Twitter if there’s no regulations on this, fake accounts, spoofed accounts … And so when he’s talking about the popular voice, Musk, he’s really talking about Russian intelligence.“ pic.twitter.com/2V546kBIZI
— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) November 26, 2022

“The Russians are waiting for something like this. They need a propaganda campaign against the United States and against our support for Ukraine,” he continued, adding that they’ll somehow use Twitter to convince Americans to “stop arming Ukraine.”
Baer then called freedom of speech “nonsense,” claiming allowing users to express their opinions is the equivalent to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.
“It’s not right. And you know, this freedom of speech is just nonsense because you can’t go into a movie theater and yell ‘fire.’ It’s against the law. What Putin is going to do and the Russians is they’re going to use this as a vehicle to save himself in Ukraine,” he said.Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in the controlled-narrative darkness.

Bob Baer, cont’d: “It’s not right. And you know, this freedom of speech is just nonsense because you can’t go into a movie theater and yell ‘fire.’ It’s against the law. What Putin is going to do & the Russians is they’re going to use this as a vehicle to save himself in Ukraine” pic.twitter.com/3FnuOZDiSd

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) November 26, 2022

“We’re gonna see, as soon as these restrictions come off, we’re gonna see the Russians all over it,” he added.
Notably, Baer’s talking point that yelling “fire” in a crowded theater being illegal is false. The 1969 Brandenburg v. Ohio case found such activity is indeed protected by the First Amendment.
“This old canard, a favorite reference of censorship apologists, needs to be retired. It’s repeatedly and inappropriately used to justify speech limitations,” said Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression President Greg Lukianoff in 2021.
Prohibitions of free speech are constitutionally limited to direct incitement of violence and legally-provable defamation — that’s it.
But that little detail won’t stop CNN or other mainstream media outlets from making the argument that the First Amendment is a danger to national security. […]


Will Musk Unmask Those Behind Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Cover-Up?

Supporters of former president Donald Trump cried foul when social media sites owned by liberal billionaires banned all mention of the large body evidence of high-stakes international graft by his rival Joe Biden’s son Hunter.
Elon Musk’s apparent pledge to reveal internal Twitter debates on suppressing the Hunter Biden ‘Laptop from Hell’ story could have wide-reaching political repercussions, commentators say.

Musk dropped a heavy hint on the social media site on Thursday that he would publish internal company messages that led to the decision to suspend the New York Post Twitter account and block all tweets linking to the report on its website, just a month before the 2020 US presidential election that saw Joe Biden take power in Washington.
The computer, abandoned at a Delaware repair shop, contained photos of the President’s son naked with prostitutes and taking hard drugs along with incriminating emails and SMS messages implicating him at the centre of a political cash-for-influence conspiracy.

The South African tech tycoon said the action was necessary to “restore public trust” in Twitter.
But how serious is Musk about opening up on scandals at the social network he bought last month?
Challenging Power
Tiberio Graziani, chairman for vision and global trends at the International Institute for Global Analyses, told Sputnik that the situation put Twitter’s new owner in a position of power.Let Big Tech and the corporate media know they are powerless in stopping the spread of truth by visiting our store now!
Obviously, “Musk could really expose Hunter Biden’s private and secret conversations,” Graziani pointed out, “but he could also negotiate if, how and when to make them public.”

The analyst observed that the scandal was also an opportunity for Musk to stamp his mark on the site he acquired in a sharply-contested takeover, just as the US and the world could be about to witness major power shifts.
“In a particularly stormy period between the West and Russia, the intention expressed by Elon Musk to reveal the documents about Twitter’s decision to ban the Hunter Biden laptop story constitutes a good launch for ‘his’ Twitter and, indirectly, accredits the new owner of this social network as a new hero, as he dares to challenge the power group that refers to President Biden,” Graziani said.
The Twitter memos, once made public, would “become elements that the political struggle will exploit in order to influence the current presidency and, in perspective, the campaign for the 2024 presidential election,” he added.
It was not only Big Tech barons like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s* Mark Zuckerberg who conspired to bury the Hunter Biden story, but also the Democratic Party, intelligence agents, the FBI and journalists, who insisted it was “Russian disinformation” designed to benefit former president Donald Trump.
The issue of so-called ‘Russian’ disinformation has been — at least since the 2016 presidential campaign — a constant in the US domestic political debate,” Graziani said. “It has become a sort of mantra, difficult to eradicate.”
Political Motivation
Professor Charles M. Elson, director of the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware, believed Musk was serious about releasing the internal Twitter records, but “it really depends on what’s in them.”
“Why was it blocked?” he asks of the “Laptop from hell” report. “There was a political motivation to it, which I think is important to determine. And if so, that has some repercussions on our system.”
Elson said Twitter would be justified in publishing the private conversations between staff — and allowing users to post details of the material on Hunter Biden’s hard drive — as they dealt with “an act that harmed public trust by withholding it.”
“Any time you put something in writing, you can expect at some point it becomes public,” he stressed. “If it’s in writing, it may very well appear somewhere.”
Paper Trail
Come Carpentier de Gourdon is the Convener of the Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal, a quarterly publication dedicated to international issues, and an associate of the International Institute for Social and Economic Studies (IISES).
He told Sputnik it was apparent that Musk had decided to support Donald Trump in his bid to regain the presidency in 2024, after becoming “very politicized” by the Democrats’ liberal polices and attempts to censor information.
De Gourdon said airing the decision-making process would have “huge” support in the US. “Something like 70 percent of Americans, according to some polls, want to release the information which was withheld, according to reports, because of the intervention of the FBI.”
“I would expect Musk to release information because he likes the publicity and he likes suspense”, he added.
However, the editor does not think Musk will reveal anything new, “Given that most of that information is already publicly available on the net because of the transcript of the laptop.”
“The very principle of social media is that they can be hacked or sometimes released by anonymous sources,” de Gourdon pointed out. All Musk could present would be “data on what really happened and what reasons the FBI invoked for trying to prevent the release of the information” — and who told the federal agency to declare it “Russian disinformation.”
With the Republicans, who gained a slim majority in the House of Representatives in the November midterms, announcing an investigation into the Bidens’ dealings, the current affairs expert did not think Twitter’s potential release of more information would make a difference.
“But the volume of information available from something like 125,000 messages from the laptop, plus the number of e-mails and other documentary evidence that by itself is a very, very major problem which the Bidens will have to explain and answer for,” de Gourdon stressed.
“I’m sure he is going to be under a very heavy pressure not to reveal everything,” he said of Musk “But on the other hand, he’s obviously in contact with some Republicans. He would consider it in the interest of the Republican Party for the information [to get] out, especially if it is indeed very damaging to Biden’s family.”
*Facebook is banned in Russia over extremist activities. […]


Tesla Coil Makes Sodium Plasma

Looking for a neat trick to do with your Tesla coil? [The Action Lab] uses his coil to make a metal plasma — in particular, sodium. You can see the results in the video below.
To create a metal plasma, you need a metal vapor and sodium can create a vapor at a relatively low temperature, especially in a vacuum. The resulting glow is pretty to look at, but you will need a bit of lab gear to pull it off.

Plasma — sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter — is matter that is so hot that the electrons are pulled away forming an ionized gas. That sounds exotic compared to gasses, solids, and liquids, but it turns out that over 99% of the visible universe is plasma. Things like lightning, the sun, and neon signs are all forms of plasma. Making plasma from metal vapor is a bit unusual, though, and the sodium experiment is pretty interesting and a fun use of that Tesla coil in your closet.
This is similar to a sodium vapor lamp, and he shows one of these, also. Sodium vapor lighting is on the wane, due to LED lights. Need a Tesla coil? We’ve seen them from the near-perfect to the simple.
[embedded content] […]


70-Year-Old Marine Veteran Hero In Critical Condition After Helping House Fire Victims

Once a Marine, Always a Marine.
Retired Marine Veteran and hero Terry Bagley Sr. is fighting for his life after rushing into a burning building in Baltimore, Maryland, to rescue a mother and daughter trapped in the aftermath of a building explosion Tuesday night.

The hero is in critical condition in a Maryland hospital.  The mother and daughter have been upgraded to stable condition.

GOOD SAMARITAN: Terry Bagley, a 70-year-old military veteran, is fighting for his life after rescuing two females from the aftermath of an explosion in Baltimore’s Pigtown neighborhood. https://t.co/1TlCXzI5Hz
— WJZ | CBS Baltimore (@wjz) November 23, 2022

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American Military News reports:

Bagley entered the building and tried to save them, but another part of the house collapsed on him. He remained hospitalized in critical condition Thursday, unable to celebrate the holiday he started cooking for days earlier. Officials said the other two victims had been upgraded to stable condition on Wednesday.
The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, fire spokesperson Chief Roman Clark said. Rattled neighbors told reporters at the scene that Baltimore Gas and Electric had been doing work in the area recently. BGE workers were also present at the explosion site the following day.
Bagley’s daughter, Eris Bagley, said he was placed in a medically induced coma because his injuries are extensive, including a broken pelvis, femur and hand. She said doctors delayed performing surgery Wednesday in hope that his heartbeat would become stronger; they planned to complete the surgery Thursday.
“He lived through polio outbreaks. He survived toxic water at Camp Lejeune. He served in Vietnam, one of the most horrific wars known to America,” Eris Bagley said. “I’m not used to seeing my dad weak.”
But she said his pain is severe; she can see tears in his eyes. She spent hours with him at Shock Trauma on Wednesday, telling him his family was proud of him and everything would be OK.

“We are just praying for the surgeon’s hand and praying that my father is so stubborn he doesn’t want to leave us yet,” she said.

Bagley’s son Terry shared the story on a GoFundMe established to support medical care for his heroic father.
“Hello everyone, my father, Terry Bagley Sr., was injured severely trying to save two people in the Pigtown explosion yesterday afternoon. As my father was walking to the grocery store, he noticed the situation and intervened to help bring two people to safety. As a result of this heroic act, my father was crushed by the debris until firefighters found him. My father is a 70-year-old veteran who had put his life on the line to ensure the safety of others. He is currently in Shock Trauma, where he has to undergo several surgeries due to this traumatic event. It has not been easy for us as a family to see what he is going through now. My father faced many adversities in his life, and we are prayerful that things will get better in time. We are asking for additional help for his medical expenses due to not knowing how much his insurance will cover. We thank you in advance from my family to yours!” […]


Proposed Trade Has Raiders Land No. 1 Pick, Draft Heisman Trophy Winner


Las Vegas Raiders GM Dave Ziegler.

With the playoffs most likely out of reach for the Las Vegas Raiders this season, their draft position will take center stage for many fans. As of right now, the team holds the fourth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. That would be a premium pick for a team that has a lot of needs.It remains to be seen if the Raiders will move up or down in the draft order but if they’re not making the playoffs, getting a higher pick is ideal.  If the team finishes with a top-five pick, the future at quarterback will be discussed. Derek Carr was handed a contract extension in the offseason but the team could cut him after the season and have a tiny salary cap hit.However, if the Raiders hope to get a top quarterback, they may need to move up once the season is over. Nick Baumgardner of The Athletic pitched a trade with the Houston Texans, which holds the No. 1 pick. In the deal, the Texans trade the No. 1 pick to the Raiders for No. 4, No. 41 and No. 109, and a 2024 second:I hated this for Vegas before I even finished it. I’m not totally convinced the Raiders need to go all-in on a quarterback for 2023 with what should be a pretty valuable first-round pick. However, Josh McDaniels didn’t draft Derek Carr, and Carr is hardly an untouchable talent.
The Raiders have a lot of draft capital to work with right now: 10 total picks, including three currently slotted in the top 75. It would make a lot more sense for Vegas to stand where it’s at, use this draft to rebuild the offensive and defensive fronts and worry about QB later. But I’m not Mark Davis.

If this trade happened, the Raiders would use the No. 1 pick on Alabama quarterback Bryce Young and their remaining third-round pick on Maryland offensive lineman Jaelyn Duncan.Is Young the Best QB Prospect?Ahead of pre-draft workouts, Young is the favorite to be the No. 1 pick. The Heisman Trophy winner hasn’t missed a beat this season and has proven that year wasn’t a fluke. The only knock on Young is his size. He’s 6-foot-0 and 194 pounds. That is incredibly small for an NFL player who is going to be hit a lot.Outside of that, he’s got everything you’d want from a quarterback. He’s got elite leadership traits, a good enough arm to make all the throws and pinpoint accuracy. He’s also very athletic and can make plays with his feet. Some teams might like C.J. Stroud or Will Levis more, but Young is the safest prospect of the bunch.
PlayBryce Young 🔥 Heisman Highlights ᴴᴰBryce Young Highlights heisman trophy winner alabama qb highlights2021-12-12T02:34:57ZWould Young Be the Right QB for Raiders?If Young was 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, there’d be no question he’s the No. 1 pick in the draft. However, size is a big factor that could scare off some NFL teams. Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has typically used bigger quarterbacks. Every starting quarterback he had with the New England Patriots was either 6-foot-3 or taller. Derek Carr is a bigger quarterback at 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds.McDaniels might not be into the idea of drafting a smaller quarterback like Young. Levis and Stroud are much bigger and could be what the Raiders target if they decide to make a change. That said, Young does so many things well that the team might not be able to pass him up if they end up with the No. 1 pick. […]


INSIDERS: Kevin McCarthy Does Not Have the Votes for House Speaker

Kevin McCarthy currently does not have enough votes for Speaker.  
This is a very good thing. 

While Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are destroying the country like never before Kevin McCarthy is way too weak to stand up against this destruction of the USA.  This is because McCarthy has never shown strength.  He’s Paul Ryan’s puppet in the House.
Yesterday Congressman Bob Good from Virginia reported that after two years Kevin McCarthy there is no indication that McCarthy will suddenly stand up against the Biden regime.

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Good shared:

Tell me on what basis Steve, if you were looking at the 220 members of Congress based on their merits, their skills, their qualities, their leadership demonstration that you would settle on Kevin McCarthy at the expense of the other 219 or so Republicans.

We need someone who represents the conservative center of the conference.  We need someone who will truly stand up and fight with nerves of steel.  We need someone who will hold every Republican accountable to fight againts the Schumer – Biden agenda.
We didn’t have that in the minority.  There’s no way we’re going to have that in the majority [if it’s McCarthy].  And there are more than enough of us who are resolved not to vote for him that we need to get past a denial of the reality that he’s going to be Speaker.

MUST SEE: Hero Representative Bob Good (R-VA) Argues Against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker (VIDEO)

Rep. Good is right.
Yesterday on Bannon’s War Room, Natalie Winters, Executive Editor, Co-Host for War Room, shared more on McCarthy being the right guy for Speaker of the house at this time in history.

Winters shared:

You not going to actually drain the swamp if the person leading the crusade is, and I’ll call it what it is, controlled opposition.  We have an unprecedented opportunity right now and the appetite to actually have meaningful investigations but if the person leading this charge is someone who really has no backbone, is just weak to the core, you’re not going to see that happen.  So it’s imperative we make sure he [McCarthy] is not a speaker. […]