Pennsylvania Chick-fil-A Bans Diners 16 And Under Without Adult Supervision

As an increasingly disturbing trend of outright chaos spreads through U.S. cities, with leftist politicians unable to grasp the elementary concept that crime should not be encouraged, one Chick-fil-A in Pennsylvania is starting to enforce their own rules to maintain order.In a trend we are sure will likely spread, a Montgomery County, PA Chick-fil-A is now banning people under the age of 16 from dining on its premises without adult supervision. The decision came after a sequence of “unacceptable behaviors”, according to CBS News.The company announced its decision on Facebook last week, stating: “We contemplated long and hard before posting this, but decided it was time. Often on Saturdays and days when schools are off, we have school-age children visiting the restaurant without their parents. Usually, these children and teens are dropped off for several hours at a local bounce park and groups of them then walk over to our restaurant.”It continued: “While we love being a community restaurant and serving guests of all ages, some issues need to be addressed.” The restaurant said of the children and teens that they are “loud, and their conversation often contains a lot of explicit language. We are a family friendly restaurant where this is not tolerated.”They also said that “Food and trash are often thrown around and left on the tables, chairs, and on the floor. Tables and restrooms are vandalized. Decorations are stolen.”The restaurant also stood up to protect its employees, stating that they are “laughed at, made fun of and treated rudely. Employees are cursed at and ignored when they ask the children and teens to either change their behavior or leave.”The restaurant concluded:As you can imagine, this is not a pleasant experience. We want to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our guests and our staff, and also to protect our building. Therefore, we cannot allow this to continue. As a result, to dine in our restaurant, anyone under the age of 16 is required to be accompanied by an adult. If not accompanied by an adult, they may come in to purchase food, but must take it to go.To those unaccompanied children and teens that have visited us and acted appropriately, we thank you. But we also apologize. Due to the numerous extreme behaviors of many of your peers, we must make a blanket rule covering anyone under the age of 16.One father said: “It makes sense. When kids get together, it’s the herd mentality and I’ve seen it. I like the way they’ve handled it, saying it’s not parents’ fault, just kids getting together. I think they’re just loud. Common sense is not common, so they don’t know to keep down the tone of their language and the volume. I’m sure my kids are the same way.”Customer Gary Walens told CBS: “If the kids are getting unruly and going into places like this, the owners have to do something. These are businesses that are trying to make a profit and if the kids are coming in and causing havoc in this restaurant and not allowing normal business, I don’t think that’s a good thing.”While law abiding patrons and the owners/franchisees of the restaurant likely see this as a common sense solution to a growing problem across the nation, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before some ACLU lawyer files a discrimination suit on behalf of unaccompanied children under the age of 16 as a class. Heck, maybe the carrot on a string of a possible settlement will actually get the parents involved in their childrens’ lives for a while and bring them closer.Loading… […]


POTD: The Small Arms Readiness Training Section

The strangest looking firearm ever on TFB’s Photo Of The Day? Here we see selected soldiers from the units of the 101st Engineer Battalion taking advantage of the opportunity that the Massachusetts National Guard offered. Their battalion coordinated with SARTS (Small Arms Readiness Training Section) Team for gunners and assistant gunners to attend some comprehensive machine gun primary marksmanship instruction (MG PMI) in the Training Support Center (TSC) at Camp Edwards.

The Massachusetts National Guard is a component of the United States National Guard and the Massachusetts Military Department. The National Guard is a reserve military force comprised of both Army and Air National Guard units. The Massachusetts National Guard serves both state and federal missions and can be activated for either role by the governor of Massachusetts or the President of the United States.

I’d like to try this machine gun out! Wouldn’t you? It looks like it has a big speaker instead of a muzzle.

Source: Massachusetts National Guard, photo by Sgt. 1st Class Laura Berry, Massachusetts National Guard Public Affairs. […]


A Partisan Judge’s Parting Rampage

Authored by Julie Kelly via American Greatness,Defense lawyers call it “January 6 jurisprudence”—a unique set of rules and laws that only apply to those ensnared in the Justice Department’s unstoppable push to punish individuals who do not believe Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States. So far, nearly 1,000 Americans have been arrested and charged, mostly on low-level misdemeanors, for their involvement in the Capitol protest as the regime circles its ultimate prize: Donald Trump.The fundamental “crime” that acts as the basis of January 6 jurisprudence is not necessarily the four-hour disturbance that temporarily delayed the certification process that day. No, the real crime—to hear regime apparatchiks, the media (but I repeat myself), and Democratic Party politicians (including Biden himself) tell it—is promoting the “Big Lie,” the notion that the 2020 presidential election was rigged or stolen.Efforts to uncover election irregularities or lawfully object to the outcome are under criminal investigation resulting in the unprecedented weaponization of legal and judicial authority conducted by unaccountable prosecutors and judges.Enabling this farce in the nation’s capital is Beryl Howell, the chief judge of the D.C. District Court. A former Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill, Howell was appointed to the bench by Barack Obama in 2010 and elevated to chief judge in 2016. Since then, Howell has steered the government’s yearslong effort to put Trump in handcuffs. She managed the grand jury proceedings for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and is currently overseeing the Justice Department’s latest iteration of its “Get Trump” campaign—a sweeping investigation into alleged attempts to “overturn” the 2020 election.Her latest broadside is aimed at Representative Scott Perry (R-Pa.). FBI agents, acting at the direction of the rogue Washington Field Office, stole Perry’s cell phone on August 9, 2022, the day after the same office executed an armed raid at Mar-a-Lago. Perry was traveling with his family in New Jersey at the time when agents seized his phone, copied its contents, and returned the device. Perry’s lawyers immediately attempted to keep the contents of the phone out of the hands of a leak-happy Justice Department, citing privacy and privilege factors, including the Constitution’s speech and debate clause, which basically protects the legislative branch from retaliatory actions by the executive branch. When Perry initially refused to waive that protection at the request of the Justice Department, the government successfully sought a second warrant a few days later to review what investigators collected from the phone.And that’s when Judge Howell stepped in.“After a determination that there was probable cause to believe that evidence of criminal activity would be found on the targeted cell phone, the government’s search warrant was approved,” Howell wrote in one motion filed in the mostly sealed case.The second search warrant was reportedly approved by Howell on August 18.Since then, Howell has wielded her power to prove herself right. A grand jury under her purview is “investigating potential federal criminal law violations stemming from efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election,” Howell wrote. According to the government, Howell noted, Perry used his phone “to communicate with individuals allegedly engaged in those efforts over critical time periods at issue in the investigation.”That’s just a sliver of the crazy talk in Howell’s 51-page motion rejecting most of Perry’s arguments about why roughly 2,200 emails and texts qualify for protection under the speech and debate clause. Perry’s motions remain under seal, but his privilege claims appear to be centered around Congress’ obligations to administer the Electoral Count Act.Following a private review in October of the records that Perry sought to protect, Howell determined only a handful met the clause’s standards. The remaining 2,055 records, including correspondence and materials exchanged between other House members and Executive Branch officials, were fair game, Howell concluded.“In the broadest possible terms, Rep. Perry believes the Clause shields all these responsive records from investigative review because they are part of his informal fact-finding efforts to understand election security issues in the 2020 election since the ECA process obligated Rep. Perry to vote on whether to confirm the electors and certify the 2020 election,” Howell wrote in December. “What is plain is that the Clause does not shield Rep. Perry’s random musings with private individuals touting an expertise in cybersecurity or political discussions with attorneys from a presidential campaign, or with state legislators concerning hearings before them about possible local election fraud.”On that point, Howell unintentionally tipped the government’s hand. Why would the Justice Department need those communications for a criminal investigation? It’s not illegal to have any of those discussions, even for the imaginary crime of attempting to overturn an election. Clearly, prosecutors want Perry’s texts and emails to leak to regime media cut-outs in an effort to embarrass him, its modus operandi since January 6.In one particularly sneering line, Howell mocked Perry’s “wide-ranging interest in bolstering his belief that the results of the 2020 election were somehow incorrect—even in the face of his own reelection.” (Howell routinely condemns January 6 defendants in her courtroom for believing the “Big Lie.” Last April, Howell asked a man pleading guilty to trespassing whether he still believed that Biden did not legitimately win the presidency. He answered no.)In a follow-up order filed on January 4, Howell raised “the public’s interest in an expedient investigation” as to why she would not halt her demand for Perry to turn over the records in question to the Justice Department. She gave Perry two days to file an appeal with the D.C. Circuit Court.And the very next day, the appellate court issued an emergency order to put Howell’s ruling on hold.A three-judge appellate court panel heard arguments in the case last week. According to Politico, at least two judges were skeptical of Howell’s—and the Justice Department’s —thinking. “‘Why wouldn’t an individual member’s fact-finding be covered?’ Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee, asked a Justice Department lawyer.It could be a few months before the appellate court issues a ruling. In the meantime, investigators don’t have access to Perry’s cell phone records. (Or at least that is how it’s supposed to be.)By then, the D.C. District court will have a new chief judge; Howell’s stint ends soon. Which is one reason the Justice Department is accelerating the pace of its investigation, including subpoenaing former Vice President Mike Pence a few weeks ago. “The frenzy of subpoenas comes as Judge Beryl Howell’s seven-year term as chief judge of the D.C. district court enters its last month,” the Wall Street Journal recently observed. “In that post, she has presided over all grand-jury matters in Washington and repeatedly ruled for the Justice Department in closed-door disputes with Mr. Trump over executive privilege.”Prosecutors undoubtedly will miss Howell’s machinations on behalf of the government. As her rulings in Perry’s case once again show, Howell is a shameless partisan willing to twist the law, and the U.S. Constitution, to advance her own political agenda. She is the queen of January 6 jurisprudence.Loading… […]


Report: Dr. Tony Fauci Increased Personal Wealth from $7.6 Million to $12.6 Million During Pandemic – A 65% Increase in Wealth! (VIDEO)

Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski joined The Evening Edit on Tuesday night to discuss Dr. Tony Fauci and the Energy Department’s latest admission that the COVID-19 virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.
Andrzejewski discussed how Dr. Fauci’s income increased from $7.6 million to $12.6 million dollars. This was while he put millions of Americans out of work without any concern.
From the interview:
Adam Andrzejewski: We’re letting China get away with too much. And it’s been going on for decades. It’s a Chinese strategy. For example, last fall, our organization at OpenTheBooks.com openthebooks.com, we highlighted the strider technologies report, where up to 150 former employees of the los alamos national lab, our crown jewel national lab, aren’t working in America anymore. They’re working back in China on behalf of the Chinese communist party and against our military national interests…
…We investigated Dr. Fauci because I don’t even think it’s arguable that he is one of the most powerful bureaucrats ever in the history of the country. And obviously, in crafting America’s COVID response during the pandemic, we gave oversight to the Fauci family finances. Here’s what we found, Liz. We found that Dr. Fauci was the most highly compensated federal employee, and he out-earned the president. Last year. He made $480,000. And Mrs. Fauci, Christine Grady, she’s employed as the chief bioethicist at Fauci’s employer, the National Institutes of Health. So while Fauci was crafting national healthcare pandemic policies, she was backstopping those policies through her office on ethics and moral studies. She actually out-earned the vice president of the United States. Now, Dr. Fauci’s retired at the end of the year, and he’s retired on the largest pension in federal history. We estimate that pension at $375,000 a year…
…We’ve researched a 50-page document that empirically shows that as Dr. Fauci’s positions during the Pandemic changed Mrs. Fauci’s positions on ethics studies during the Pandemic changed to match her husband’s positions. And so we’ll be ready in a couple of weeks to release that report. Look, Dr. Fauci’s net worth, we showed that during the Pandemic years of 2019 through 2021, it increased from $7.6 million to $12.6 million. We show exactly how Fauci profited during the Pandemic.
It’s safe to say the pandemic was very, very good to Dr. Tony Fauci. […]


6-Time Vaxxed, Mask-Obsessed Dr. Confused by Covid Re-Infection Mocked on Twitter

Twitter users were flabbergasted by a woke six-time jabbed, ultra-masking epidemiologist who refused to acknowledge the injections could have played a role in her recent Covid infection.
In a Twitter update Sunday the epidemiologist who uses “she/her” pronouns in her bio said she’d tested positive for Covid despite having received her 6th Covid jab four months ago.

Six shots.
Six. Shots. pic.twitter.com/gjSgDdjOCh
— Clifton Duncan (@cliftonaduncan) February 27, 2023

The doctor who identifies as an “intersectional feminist” was criticized on social media for refusing to put two and two together – namely that several prominent physicians, scientists and researchers have determined the experimental mRNA jabs wreak havoc on the human immune system.

If only seven…
— Five Times August (@FiveTimesAugust) February 27, 2023
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— Pete Parada (@PeteParada) February 27, 2023

6th dose!!!!! Wow just wow!! And definitely got it swimming
— Paul Armes (@thePaulArmes) February 27, 2023

Is this real? Sounds like a parody account.

— Brittney Hopper (@brittneytv) February 28, 2023

I cannot fathom living like this, it’s… a religion.
— Ryan M. Spaeder (@theaceofspaeder) February 27, 2023

The truly frightening thing is how many of these people are supposedly doctors. DOCTORS. I will never look at the healthcare industry the same way again.
— Lisa ❤️️ Liberty (@LisaLuvsLiberty) February 27, 2023

I can only imagine what it’s like to live in abject fear.
— TwentyYears (@TwentyYears1975) February 27, 2023

6 shots and still caught it . What could she learn from this ? 🤣
— Mike Wood (@DarkLor23277844) February 27, 2023

In follow-up posts the doctor pushed back at “a**holes who’re using my getting COVID as some sort of victory to suggest that precautions don’t work.”

To the a**holes, who’re using my getting COVID as some sort of victory to suggest that precautions don’t work. If that’s what you have to take away from it all, there’s really no point appealing to you on rational grounds. You do you. I’ll enjoy living rent free in your heads!
— Dr. Deepti Gurdasani (@dgurdasani1) February 27, 2023

She then denied that a recent uptick of sudden deaths have been linked to the jab.

I would be if there were a large number of ‘sudden deaths from the jab’
— Dr. Deepti Gurdasani (@dgurdasani1) February 27, 2023

as it happens a lot of people ‘are jabbed’, so statistically there will be ‘thousands dropping’ ‘all jabbed’ even if there is no causal connection… just like there’ll be lots of people dying after they breathe or walk or eat or pretty much anything…
— Dr. Deepti Gurdasani (@dgurdasani1) February 27, 2023

The blind allegiance to the jab and the virtue-signal of “trusting the science” really does appear at times to be some kind of sick religion. […]


El Salvador’s War on Crime is the Answer to Militant Murderous Criminal Gangs

Alex Jones breaks down the reality of why El Salvador’s crackdown on violent gangs is happening and what it could potentially lead to.Don’t forget to visit the Infowars Store to do your part in the battle against globalism by purchasing great products such as dietary supplements, books, t-shirts, survival gear and much more.

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Infowars Was Right Again! COVID Admittedly Leaked From Wuhan Lab

Alex Jones breaks down the truth revealed by Infowars from the start of the pandemic, which is that the COVID-19 virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan, China and was not spread from a wet market.Don’t forget to visit the Infowars Store to do your part in the battle against globalism by purchasing great products such as dietary supplements, books, t-shirts, survival gear and much more.

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Shock Video: Homeless Man Shot Execution-Style in Broad Daylight in St. Louis

Disturbing footage out of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, shows an irate man cocking a pistol and fatally shooting a homeless man in the head in broad daylight.
Deshawn Thomas, 23, was arrested in connection with the Monday murder but has yet to be charged, according to the RiverFront Times.

A bystander captured Thomas struggling to load his gun as he stands right behind the homeless man, who is sitting on the curb just a few feet away, before pointing the gun at the man’s head and killing him.

“Oh my god. He just f–king killed him,” the witness can be heard saying after the gunshot went off.
Thomas was later taken into custody by police at a local library after fleeing the scene.
Warning: the following footage is disturbing and viewer discretion is advised:Now that you’re intellectually ahead, stay physically ahead by visiting our store.

St. Louis:
This was on Monday. pic.twitter.com/zKWob0qKH9
— 🔥⭐️Edwin⭐️🔥 (@Edwin07011) February 28, 2023

The video was posted to Twitter but was taken down.

The user who shot the footage re-uploaded the video, saying, “Twitter took down this video I posted yesterday so I’ll post it again. Doesn’t show the murder on camera so stop censoring it.”
The crime rate in St. Louis has skyrocketed since Democrats carried out their “defund the police” agenda in 2020 in tandem with radical left DAs implementing “soft-on-crime” policies that allow violent criminals back out on the street.
Twitter: @WhiteIsTheFuryTruth Social: @WhiteIsTheFuryGettr: @WhiteIsTheFuryGab: @WhiteIsTheFuryMinds: @WhiteIsTheFuryParler: @WhiteIsTheFury […]


Watch: Trans Activist Freaks Out, Gets Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting A Politician

A transgender activist was filmed being arrested in the Oklahoma Capitol building on Tuesday after allegedly dumping water on Oklahoma GOP House Rep. Bob Culver.

Here’s the full video of the ‘mostly peaceful’ protestor objecting to consequences in life. pic.twitter.com/5ykoUA9oDZ

— Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 (@BillboardChris) February 28, 2023

A demonstration took place as the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to pass a bill prohibiting gender transition services for minors.

Next, the bill will be voted on by the Oklahoma Senate.
In footage from the protest, a police officer can be seen struggling to apprehend a demonstrator who was resisting arrest.
As the cop and protester wrestled, another demonstrator who was wearing a trans flag grabbed their comrade and pinned them against a wall, saying, “Stop. Please, I want to go home.”Educate yourself further by tapping into our store’s vast collection of books and movies.
After letting go of the demonstrator, the trans-flag-wearing person continued, “I want to go home with my husband,” before shrieking, “Help! Help! Help!”
The pair of LGBT demonstrators were also upset by the police presence and claimed law enforcement was “suppressing” them.

Rep. Culver released a statement about the incident revealing he’ll be pressing charges and stating, “I cannot sit by while our highway patrolmen are assaulted for simply doing their jobs.”

Representative Bob Ed Culver will be pressing charges.
Here’s his statement: pic.twitter.com/KYNpOxCIw0
— Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 (@BillboardChris) February 28, 2023

“This legislation is about protecting our children from those who would seek to profit from their gender confusion,” Republican State Rep. Kevin West explained in a press statement. “As a state, we must not be partner to irreversible health practices that permanently change the bodies of our children before they are of an age where they can fully understand the consequences of their decisions.”
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Studio And One Bedroom Apartment Sizes Are Shrinking Across The U.S.

While it may not always be obvious that quality of life is plunging in the U.S., as inflation eats away at our savings and shrinkflation makes its way through all consumer products, one new report shows exactly how it is effecting the apartment market.A new study from RentCafe shows that the national apartment size for studios and 1 bedroom apartments is shrinking – meaning that not only are prices on the rise across the country – but your dollar is getting you less square footage than ever. Among the findings by Adina Dragos, who penned the results of the study, were:The average size of new apartments in 2022 was 887 square feet — a 54 square-foot drop since 10 years ago. It was also the largest year-over-year decrease, down 30 square feet.  Among other factors, the drop in size can be attributed to more studios and one-bedroom apartments entering the market in 2022, reaching a historic share of 57%.Tallahassee, FL, led the nation with the largest apartments, while Seattle offered the smallest apartments.Apartments in Tucson, AZ, saw the largest increase in apartment size.Silver Spring, MD, apartments saw the largest decrease in the last 10 years. The study pointed out the very noticeable drop in the most significant changes in apartment size in the 100 largest U.S. cities:One can note from the chart that the decreasing trend continued once again after some slight respite during the pandemic, when apartment sizes briefly got larger in size. This data “confirmed the developers’ quick response to the need for more space during the pandemic”, according to RentCafe. “Yet, 2022 presented a different story: With one of the highest levels of construction in half a century, the year was marked by the need for more housing all across the country. As such, more studios and one-bedroom apartments were finished in 2022 than ever before. In fact, the share of smaller units reached a historic high of 57% in 2022 — a significant change compared to 10 years ago, when they represented exactly half of apartments built,” the report says. By region, the study noted that “renters in the South enjoyed an extra 106 square feet compared to the national average”. The report also noted a shift in sizing trends on the West Coast, stating “The Pacific Northwest has overtaken California as the region with the least amount of apartment space”. We’re sure this has nothing to do with the exodus in the midst of taking place from cities like San Francisco. Coming in at the top of the list with the most space were cities like Tallahassee and Gainesville, Florida. After that came Mobile, Alabama and Knoxville, TN. The study was undertaken using RentCafe.com, a nationwide apartment search website that enables renters to easily find apartments and houses for rent throughout the United States. Apartment size and rent data were provided by Yardi Matrix, a RentCafe sister company specializing in apartment market intelligence and providing up-to-date information on large-scale, multifamily properties of 50 units or more in more than 130 U.S. markets.You can read the results of the full study here.Loading… […]