Long-Distance Gaming Over Packet Radio

The amateur radio community often gets stereotyped as a hobby with a minimum age requirement around 70, gatekeeping airwaves from those with less experience or simply ignoring unfamiliar beginners. While there is a small amount of truth to this on some local repeaters or specific frequencies, the spectrum is big enough to easily ignore those types and explore the hobby without worry (provided you are properly licensed). One of the best examples of this we’ve seen recently of esoteric radio use is this method of using packet radio to play a game of Colossal Cave Adventure.
Packet radio is a method by which digital information can be sent out over the air to nodes, which are programmed to receive these transmissions and act on them. Typically this involves something like email or SMS messaging, so playing a text-based game over the air is not too much different than its intended use. For this build, [GlassTTY] aka [G6AML] is using a Kenwood TH-D72 which receives the packets from a Mac computer. It broadcasts these packets to his node, which receives these packets and sends them to a PDP-11 running the game. Information is then sent back to the Kenwood and attached Mac in much the same way as a standard Internet connection.
The unique features of packet radio make it both an interesting and useful niche within the ham radio community, allowing for all kinds of uses where data transmission might otherwise be infeasible or impossible. A common use case is APRS, which is often used on VHF bands to send weather and position information out, but there are plenty of other uses for it as well.

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Raiders 2023 free agency: 3 more former Patriots who make sense

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JANUARY 07: Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Las Vegas Raiders looks on against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half of the game at Allegiant Stadium on January 07, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)With the draft approaching, the Raiders still have some holes to fill. These three would be familiar faces to Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler.Upon finishing a disappointing 2022 season, the members of Raider Nation were hoping to see the team add high-end talent to the Raiders roster this off-season and make a push to return to the playoffs once again in 2023. After all, the offense was still loaded on paper with Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs, and Darren Waller.Instead, Las Vegas has been incredibly conservative. While the signing of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo garnered headlines early on the first day of the legal tampering period, it has been mostly quiet since.The theme of the off-season however has been former Patriots players returning to play with head coach Josh McDaniels. First, it was the aforementioned Garoppolo who spent the first three full seasons of his career in New England. Next, wide receivers Jakobi Meyers and Philip Dorsett made the trip to Las Vegas.Clearly, general manager Dave Ziegler, also a former Patriot, and McDaniels want to add players they are familiar with. Lucky for them, there are plenty of familiar faces still available who fit the Raiders. Whether it be as starters or depth pieces, these players make sense for Las Vegas. […]


TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey

Welcome to TFB Podcast Roundup 80. This week we’re back with some of my favorite podcasts and their latest episodes including an episode from Taran Tactical with Joe Rogan and Taran discussing the guns featured in the recently released John Wick Chapter 4, a reading of an op-ed by Eric from IV8888, and of course our latest episode of the TFB Behind The Gun Podcast. No matter what kind of gun podcast content you’re into, I’m sure there is something you can find here that will help get you through the day while you sit on your steadfast office steed.
Previous TFB Podcast Roundups:

TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Taran Tactical – @joerogan 🎤 and the Guns of John Wick 4 💀
Length: 9 Minutes
Taran unveils the guns featured in John Wick: Chapter 4 to Joe Rogan and friends, featuring a few bonus surprises and never before seen footage
James Reeves of TFBTV has also interviewed Taran Butler before to talk about some of his personal guns and the movies they were inspired by. If you want to check that out, you can view it here.
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Vortex Nation Ep. 278 | Concealed Carry Red Dot Sight Considerations
Length: 97 Minutes
Red dots, like the Vortex® Defender-CCW™, are the future of concealed carry sighting systems. But there are considerations when going this route. Mark Boardman and Jimmy Hamilton bring on Vortex Edge® instructor, Brennan Brennecke, for a red-hot red dot discussion.
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Listen to the Vortex Nation Podcast Episode 278 | Concealed Carry Red Dot Sight Considerations
Iraqveteran8888 IV8888 Substack: “On Guns & Weed”
Length: 17 Minutes
It’s no mystery that my position on marijuana has been made clear over the period of time I’ve been putting my thoughts and opinions out on Twitter and YouTube. The longstanding prohibitions on purchasing or even owning a gun if you are a user of marijuana are not a mystery to many. But are those prohibitions constitutionally solid? Do these prohibitions go all the back to 1791, when the 2nd Amendment came to be? Should we be having another look at this?
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Listen to Iraqveteran8888’s video entitled IV8888 Substack: “On Guns & Weed” on YouTube
Gun Talk Radio | Maximizing Your Rifle
Length: 19 Minutes
Have you ever wanted to maximize your rifle’s potential? Ron Spomer talks about maximizing any rifle’s capability. Tom and Ron discuss increasing the versatility of a rifle by loading many different bullets to gain performance. Ron recently tested this theory on a 30-06, which sounds crazy, but he made it work.
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Listen to Gun Talk Radio | Maximizing Your Rifle on YouTube
GunGuyTV | California Handgun Roster Defeated!
Length: 15 Minutes
A couple of days ago, the California Rifle & Pistol Association defeated California’s handgun roster via a motion for a preliminary injunction. While it’s likely the state of California will appeal this decision by the court, should this decision stick, however, California could see a mass influx of new firearms that the state’s citizens haven’t been able to have access to in well over a decade.
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Listen to GunGuyTV | California Handgun Roster Defeated! on YouTube
Polenar Tactical Podcast | EU gun laws, AI vs military, Stopping power? | PT Podcast #4 ft. @C.F.Podcast ​
Length: 96 Minutes
After visiting CZ we took some time to sit down with Lukas and Karel to talk about the gun ownership in Czech Republic and Europe in general, personal preferences of guns, cleaning and dryfire, discussing “stopping power”, wondering about the firearm advances with AI and more. This was an interesting discussion and if you would like to see the second part of the podcast, please visit:  • Video   Big thanks to Lukas and Karel for the hospitality and great time we spent in Czechia @CzechMyGuns @C.F.Podcast
TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Listen to the Polenar Tactical Podcast | EU Gun Laws, AI vs Military, Stopping Power? on YouTube
TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #62: An Angstadt Update with Rich Angstadt
Length: 36 Minutes
On today’s episode of TFB’s Behind the Gun Podcast we’re taking time to catch up with another one of our good friends, Mr. Rich Angstadt of Angstadt Arms. Angstadt Arms has been in the business of producing small arms for the American Market since 2014, however, the Angstadt family of gunmakers has been producing handcrafted rifles for well over 100 years extending back to the 1700s and 1800s. Staying true to their name and purpose, today’s Angstadt-made rifles are produced with the same blend of form and function, works that can be used to show off at the range, compete with, or use to defend your family or provide for them with. Today Rich Agnstadt and I take a bit of time to get caught up on what Angstadt Arms has been up to, what is down the road for them in terms of products, and also pick Rich’s brain to see how he feels about the state of the 2nd Amendment as it stands in the United States today. Please welcome back the President of Angstadt Arms, Mr. Rich Angstadt.

TFB Podcast Roundup 80: More Podcasts for The Office Chair Jockey
Listen to the latest episode of TFB’s Behind the Gun Podcast featuring Rich Angstadt on Spotify or right here on TFB

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed some or all of these episodes or at least have something to listen to for the rest of your week’s commutes. Let us know what you find interesting about these podcasts and we’ll catch you again next week for another roundup of great firearms podcasts! […]


EU Threatens More Sanctions If Russia Moves Nukes To Belarus

The 9K720 Iskander (NATO reporting name SS-26 Stone) is a mobile short-range ballistic missile system produced and deployed by the Russian military. The missile travels at a terminal hypersonic speed of 2100–2600 m/s (Mach 6–7) and can reach an altitude of 50 km at ranges up to 500 km. The Iskander has several different conventional warheads, including a cluster munitions warhead, a fuel–air explosive enhanced-blast warhead, a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, an earth penetrator for bunker busting and an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions. The missile can also carry nuclear warheads. Image via Wikipedia under CC BY-SA 4.0
The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has cautioned Belarus about allowing Russia to station tactical nuclear weapons on its territory.

#Belarus hosting Russian nuclear weapons would mean an irresponsible escalation & threat to European security. Belarus can still stop it, it is their choice.
The EU stands ready to respond with further sanctions.
— Josep Borrell Fontelles (@JosepBorrellF) March 26, 2023

In an interview on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the move was triggered by Britain’s decision last week to provide Ukraine with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium.
“We are doing what they have been doing for decades, stationing them in certain allied countries, preparing the launch platforms and training their crews,” Putin said, speaking in an interview on state television that aired Saturday night.
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Samsung 990 Pro (2TB) Hits £174, An All-Time Low

Since its release in October, the Samsung 990 Pro has topped our list of the best SSDs for good reason. The drive is the fastest consumer drive we’ve ever tested, besting other PCIe 4.0 competitors such as the WD Black SN850X and SK hynix Platinum P41.Now, British shoppers can grab a 2TB capacity Samsung 990 Pro for just £174 at Amazon UK (opens in new tab). That’s a huge discount off of the previous Amazon low of £198 and the lowest price we’ve seen for this drive in the UK.  This is just one of several tech deals Amazon UK is offering as part of its spring sale (opens in new tab).When we reviewed the Samsung 990 Pro back in October, we were blown away by its gaming performance. On 3DMark’s SSD performance test, the 990 Pro bested its next leading competitor, the WD Black SN850X by more than 200 points and that number went up by more than another 100 points when we placed Samsung’s drive in full power mode.(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)According to its official specs, the Samsung 990 Pro is rated for up to 7,450 MBps reads and 6,900 MBps writes with read and write IOPS of 1.4 and 1.55 million respectively. The 2TB capacity promises a strong, 1200TBW of endurance so it should last a long time.Swipe to scroll horizontallySpecSamsung 990 Pro (2TB)Pricing | w/HS $289.99 | $309.99 Form FactorM.2 2280Interface / ProtocolPCIe 4.0 x4ControllerSamsung PascalDRAMLPDDR4Flash Memory176-Layer V-NAND TLCSequential Read7,450 MBpsSequential Write6,900 MBpsRandom ReadUp to 1.4MRandom WriteUp to 1.55MSecurityTCG/Opal 2.0Endurance (TBW)1200TBPart Number | w/HSMZ-V9P2T0BW | MZ-V9P2T0CWHeight | w/HS2.30mm | 8.20mmWarranty5-YearIn addition to its high speed and long endurance, the Samsung 990 Pro supports TCG Opal encryption, something which many consumer SSDs don’t offer. And it also works with Samsung’s excellent Magician software. […]


Bill to REPEAL the Pistol Brace Ban in PERIL

Since the Biden Pistol Ban was announced, Gun Owners of America has been calling on Congress to use the Congressional Review Act to disapprove the ATF’s ban on millions of pistols and to overturn it.
Because of your activism. H. J. Res. 44 was introduced by over 180 House Republicans just two weeks ago to strike down the Biden Pistol Ban.

But with Democrats weaponizing a recent mass murder, we need your help to move the bill forward. Take action using our tool here! Urge Republicans to hold that hearing and tell Democrats to stop politicizing the deaths of innocent children.
While a hearing on ATF overreach was held last week and a committee vote on repealing the Pistol Brace Ban was scheduled for Tuesday, March 27th…

… Republicans have postponed it for now. Rep. Jim Jordan’s office put out this statement to Punchbowl News:
The Chairman is disgusted by Democrat efforts to use tomorrow’s scheduled markup to politicize the tragedy in Nashville. As a result, the Committee has postponed the markup in an effort to have a serious debate on these important Constitutional issues in the future.
The anti-gun movement is doing this despite the fact that the killer intentionally attacked the school instead of a better defended school. Gun owners cannot let the anti-gun movement pressure Republicans into canceling the markup altogether.
That’s why we need your help to encourage pro-gun Representatives to hold strong in defense of your Second Amendment rights.
Please, add your name to our pre-written message, urging them to stand strong in restoring 2nd Amendment rights.
Pro-gun representatives will be encouraged to hold fast, while anti-gun representatives will be condemned for weaponizing the deaths of children for their own political gain.

Congress must hold a committee vote on the resolution to disapprove of the Biden Pistol Ban before it can come to the floor for a vote.
That vote will put Congress on the record—including so-called moderate Democrats—on where they stand on mass gun confiscation and gun registration schemes before the upcoming election.
Voting to disapprove of the gun ban rule will also create momentum for cutting ATF funding, thus preventing them from implementing the Biden Pistol Ban in 2024—which would be a major win for gun owners.
So please, after you’ve used this link to send a message to your Representative, pick up the phone and give them a call at (202) 224-3121. A phone call is worth a dozen emails! […]


Hackaday Berlin was Bonkers

In celebration of the tenth running of the Hackaday Prize, we had a fantastic weekend event in Berlin. This was a great opportunity for all of the European Hackaday community to get together for a few days of great talks, fun show-and-tells, and above all good old fashioned sitting together and brainstorming. Of course there was the badge, and the location – a gigantic hackerspace in Berlin called MotionLab – even had a monstrous laser-eye octopus suspended from a gantry overhead. Everyone who came brought something to share or to show. You couldn’t ask for more.
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to record the talks, so we’ll run down the highlights for you here. [Jenny List] is writing up a bunch of the badge hacks as we speak, so we’ll skip that for now. For the full experience, you just had to be there, but we’ll share with you what pictures we got. Enjoy!

The morning kicked off with [Jiska Classen] taking us through her reverse engineering practice. She’s not shy to admit that it involves a lot of “staring at code” until it gives, but she also pointed out some helpers along the way. If you can get the SDK, they often leave the symbols in, which help with a lot of the staring. And [Jiska] gave a great introduction to dynamic reverse engineering practices – writing your own code hooks is a lot like printf() for someone else’s closed-source binary.
[James Bruton] took the stage next, telling us how he gets it all done on his prolific YouTube channel. A good percentage of this involves simply working full days or more, but he also has an agent who helps him with sponsorships, which make up most of his income. If you want to know how to make a career out of it, [James] says you have to do it well, invest in your studio and production, and keep producing quality content. No surprise there. The one tip that might surprise was that since retention matters to the YouTube algorithm, getting a single hit that goes viral might actually hurt rather than help.
Former Hackaday Prize winner [Ali Shtarbanov] talked in depth about his huge project, FlowIO, and open-source hardware and software platform for creating soft robotics. Since the hardware itself can cost a lot of money to manufacture, [Ali] mentioned a lending-library like approach to encourage people to work on their projects using his system, which we think is an interesting solution to the problem where you need the hardware first to write the software.

[Astrid Bin] gave a tremendously fun about the musical instruments of the Star Trek universe. There were a lot more of them than we thought, and they all tell something about the aliens that played them, but more to the point, she learned a lot about real (non-conventional) instrument design from studying them. Along the way, she made a harp-like instrument that played notes louder and louder as you gripped it harder and harder, eventually releasing in an explosion of sound. Our biggest take-home conclusion about designing electronic musical instruments – don’t focus about what you can do technically, but rather think about the music that the thing will let you create, because that’s what matters.
[Bleeptrack] gave us a look into her generative art practice. She’s made an infinite bug generator, never-repeating circuit board designs, and a perspective on why you don’t want to carve too much detail even if you’ve got a CNC router – it’s all the sanding. One of the main themes of the talk was walking the balance between letting everything become random and selecting enough parameters to control that you have interesting artistic control over the whole affair.
Finally [Trammell Hudson] told the tale of reverse engineering the cellphone app that controlled his IoT dishwasher in order to get it on his home automation network. Coming full circle, he actually included a picture of a slide from [Jiska]’s presentation in his, and shared her love for dynamic reverse engineering. He gave big props to the Frida reverse engineering toolkit for Android apps, and at the end of the day built a tool to let you control your own Home Connect appliances however you’d like.

Most of the fun of being at something like Hackaday Berlin is hanging out with more than 256 fellow nerds, and sharing your stories of success and failure. The Friday night, we started out at the BrewDog, where we overflowed our allotted table space and started taking up any seats nearby that the waitstaff could find us. […]


POTD: Austrian Soldiers in Ghana – Steyr AUG

Photo Of The Day: The silhouette of this Steyr AUG almost looks like an airsoft rifle. We’re in Daboya, Ghana, in Africa, and it looks rather hot outside – even without fur. The image portrays an Austrian dog handler, working with Ghanaian soldiers during an objective raid.
Below: A member of the Ghana Armed Forces relays enemy movements while conducting an objective raid during Flintlock in Daboya, Ghana, on March 5, 2023. Flintlock is an exercise focused on improving the military interoperability of participating militaries.

Austrian and Ghanaian soldiers apprehend an enemy while conducting an objective raid.

Below: A member of the Ghana Armed Forces pulls security while conducting an objective raid during Exercise Flintlock.

We have more stories to tell and images to show, so please check back tomorrow for another едитион оф Photo Of The Day.

Source: U.S. Army, photo by Cpl. Tommy L. Spitzer, Special Operations Command Africa. […]


The Rimfire Report: Project Appleseed – Affordable Marksmanship

Hello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! This ongoing series is all about the rimfire firearm world and its many types of guns, ammunition types, and history! Today we will be discussing a program that has taught thousands of Americans the basics of rifle marksmanship with not only centerfire rifles but more affordable and more accessible rimfire firearms like the 10/22. What we’re talking about today is Project Appleseed. Project Appleseed is a non-profit instructional program with the aim of training the civilian population with basic marksmanship fundamentals through various clinics and events put on throughout the country. Today we’ll explain the origins of the Appleseed Project, and some of the pertinent information surrounding the rules, and practices of participating in a clinic itself.
More Rimfire Report @ TFB:

The Rimfire Report: Project Appleseed – Affordable Marksmanship
Project Appleseed was borne from one man’s desire to bring the basics of marksmanship to the entire country in a similar fashion to how Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) traveled the country proliferating the growth of apple trees.  Jack Dailey – a writer for Shotgun News wrote under the pseudonym “Fred.” Fred initially discussed the ideas of civilian marksmanship in his advertisements for his Surplus M14 stocks which ran alongside shorter commentaries. It was from these short commentaries that the Appleseed Project was born in 2006 and has since grown into a nationwide program run by The Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA), and also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. By extension, this means that members of the RWVA have the ability to purchase CMP firearms.
Project Appleseed Instructors at a Qualification Course known as the AQT
During the initial organization of the program, participants primarily focused on the use of the M14/M1a and M1 Garand rifles – common service issue rifles that virtually any G.I. would be familiar with. However, centerfire rifle ammunition is expensive as are the rifles that are used to shoot them. That is why today’s modern Project Appleseed students mostly use semi-automatic 22LR rifles as they are more affordable and also open up participation to younger or less experienced shooters. In addition to the shooting portion of Project Appleseed, clinics also include a presentation on the events leading up to the start of the American Revolutionary War, with a heavy emphasis on key battles that took place at Lexington, and Concord.
[embedded content]
Clinics put on by Project Appleseed can vary based on how much time and money you’re willing to put into the event. Typically a one-day event for an adult runs at $60, but longer 2 or 3-day clinics don’t scale with cost and are actually more valuable for the time you’re getting in training with a 3-day clinic only requiring an additional $40 to participate in. Project Appleseed now also offers half-day clinics and even pistol clinics which are all taught by qualified volunteer instructors who have to attend a required instructors boot camp every 12-18 months and passed the instructor’s qualifications – Instructor Boot Camps are not only open to adults and youths but are also free to sign up for.

Making Marksmanship Affordable
As we talked about earlier, while the program may have started off with a heavy emphasis on previous generations’ service weapons, most modern Appleseed clinics can be attended and are often most attended by people with affordable semi-automatic 22LR rifles. However, if you by chance happen to have a full-auto M14 on hand, you’re more than welcome to come to an Appleseed clinic with it according to their rifle requirements.
Rifle Requirements
1. Legal fully automatic rifles are welcome in our classes so long as they are only used in semi-automatic mode.2. Legal suppressors (also known as silencers) are welcome in our classes.3. Legal short barreled rifles (SBRs) may be permitted on our lines at the discretion of the event Shoot Boss.4. Pistol Caliber Carbines chambered up to 45ACP are permitted at our 25m events.5. Pistol Caliber Carbines are unsuitable and not authorized for any Known Distance Event.6. AR15-type pistols (with or without stabilizing brace) are NOT permitted in our rifle classes.

In addition to the short list of requirements listed there, participants may also choose to mount optics whether they are magnified or not, it’s not uncommon to see someone with a 10/22 dressed up like an M14 from the movie Black Hawk Down. Other required equipment includes about 250 rounds of ammunition for either the 25m event or the Rimfire Known Distance event for one day (basically double the amount of ammunition for each additional day). Participants are also required to bring at least two magazines for their rifles as well as a USGI-style cotton web sling. Any of the equipment you need can actually be found on the Project Appleseed Store.

Something worth noting is that Project Appleseed has taken it upon itself to research specific rifles and even cartridges that are subject to slightly different requirements to be used within the class – both are rimfire specific. In one case, students who want to use a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 are warned to double-check that their rifle complies with the Safety Bulletin issued by S&W around 2019. Another specific example is that semi-auto .17 HMR rifles are allowed but NOT recommended by Project Appleseed due to another firearms safety bulletin. If you choose to use either the .17 HMR cartridge or an M&P 15-22 rifle, you’ll have to sign an additional liability waiver.

What To Expect at A Rifleman Qualification Shoot
If you want to graduate from “Cook” to “Rifleman,” (a cook is what Jack Dailey would call an untrained rifleman), you’ll have to pass the rifleman’s qualification shoot. This 25-meter rifle shoot takes place in four stages at a fixed distance to the target, but with a simulated target that has man-sized targets scaled for distances out to about 400 yards. Each course of fire is timed and prescribed an allowed number of shots, magazine changes, and positions you must start and shoot in. A simple breakdown is below:

Stage 1: One simulated 100-yard target, one mag, 10 rounds, 2 minutes, firing from standing.
Stage 2: Two simulated 200-yard targets; mags of 2 and 8, 5 and 5 in the targets, 55 seconds, start standing, shoot seated or kneeling.
Stage 3: Three simulated 300-yard targets, mags of 2 and 8, 3 3 4 in the targets, 65 seconds, start standing, shoot prone.
Stage 4: Four simulated 400-yard targets, one mag, 10 rounds, 2 2 3 3 in the targets, 5 minutes, shoot prone (this stage counts double).

If all that seems too confusing to remember, then don’t worry, not only will you be walked through each course of fire by each “Shoot Boss,” each of these 25-meter targets has the instructions clearly printed on it.

In order to graduate from a Cook to a Rifleman you must have a minimum score of 210 or above which is the “expert” qualification and as a result, you’ll earn your rifleman patch. There are two other qualifications for “Sharpshooter” with a score of between 170 and 209, and “Marksman” with a score between 125 and 169. Anything scored less than 125 keeps you as “unqualified” aka a “Cook.”
An example of the patches offered to qualifying participants during an Appleseed event.
Give It A Try!
If this sounds both fun and educational to you, then you and I are in the same boat. Attending is a simple matter of bringing the correct equipment, and then signing up to attend an event! I’ve found that Appleseed Matches are much more common in the North Eastern United States as well as Texas where there are at least a handful of events to choose from each month in different cities. Out here in Oregon, there aren’t any Appleseed Rifleman Qualifications being put on yet, but the plan here in the next couple of weeks is to attempt the qualification on my own with a few friends, and see how our skills with a 10/22 stack up against Project Appleseed’s qualifications for a “Rifleman.”

As always, I’d like to hear from you guys. Have you ever participated in a Project Appleseed event and if so what have your experiences been like and would you recommend that others attend a clinic or even a qualification event? Let us know in the comments and thanks as always for stopping by to read The Rimfire Report! We’ll see you all next week!

All information, references, and photos for this article were obtained from Project Appleseed, for a complete list of info about the organization you can visit their website https://appleseedinfo.org/. […]


Raiders’ Josh McDaniels Breaks Silence on Jimmy Garoppolo Signing


Jimmy Garoppolo of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders will have a new quarterback running the offense in 2023 but Jimmy Garoppolo should be able to hit the ground running quicker than Derek Carr was. Garoppolo spent over three seasons with Josh McDaniels and the coach helped him learn how to play the position in the NFL. The two are now reunited six years later and are hoping to recapture some magic.Garoppolo wasn’t the exciting choice for fans. Big names like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson were talked about as possible Carr replacements but the Raiders went with the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback in the end. McDaniels hasn’t had a chance to say much about the Garoppolo signing but he was able to speak about it at the 2023 NFL Annual Meeting.“We kind of took it from the ground up approach, and those four years were really good,” McDaniels said of Garoppolo. “Really, you got to know the kid, how he learns best, and he really came a long way, and then obviously what he’s done since he’s gone to Kyle [Shanahan] and John [Lynch] in San Francisco, played in a lot of big games, really performed well under pressure in a lot of those. He’s been in a really good winning culture.”
“I’m excited actually to learn from him. … Looking forward to eventually getting a chance to sit down when we can actually sit down and talk about football, and hear from his perspective, where he’s at in his growth and development, and then trying to piece this thing together as we go forward. Very excited about going forward with him.”Will Garoppolo Be an Improvement Over Carr?Garoppolo is not as talented as Carr. He’s not as athletic, he isn’t as durable and doesn’t have as good of an arm. There are things that Carr is far better at than Garoppolo but there are also things the latter is better at. Garoppolo has won 70.2% of his starts over his career while Carr has only won 44.4%.Many would point out the fact that Garoppolo has played with much better rosters but there’s no denying the 49ers were better with him on the field until last season. He’s also very good in the red zone. He has a 100.4 passer rating in the red zone, which is among the best in the NFL while Carr only has an 89.7 passer rating in the red zone, which is among the worst in the league. Garoppolo may not be the better quarterback but he could be a better fit with the Raiders, which could lead to the offense taking a step forward.Dave Ziegler Addresses Garoppolo SigningGeneral manager Dave Ziegler also hadn’t addressed the signing of Garoppolo. He finally touched on the subject and is excited about the addition.“Simply put: Proven leader, proven winner,” Ziegler said in an interview with Tashan Reed of The Athletic. “I think he’s won 70 percent of his starts. And you can caveat that with the whys and all that stuff but, at the end of the day, he was a part of winning a lot of football games. He’s a proven leader, he’s a proven winner and the next part of that is obviously he’s been steeped in the offensive system that we run. And so, there’s an advantage in that, too. Simply put, that’s what it was.” […]