LDO Voron 0.1 Kit Review: Build Your Own 3D Printer

Today’s best LDO V0-S1 Voron 0.1 3D Printer Kit deals (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)$629 (opens in new tab)View (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)Printing a Voron is a dream project for many makers, requiring skill, time and a good chunk of change. Unlike regular 3D printers, Vorons are built by the user following Open Source blueprints provided free of charge by the volunteer Voron Design Team. These precision machines are meant to be fast, fun, quiet, and most importantly, reliable. They can be fully enclosed in order to print temperamental materials like ABS and Nylon.Because Vorons are a community project rather than a for-profit product, they are infinitely customizable and unbeholden to the whims of a corporate bottom line. The Voron Design Team’s mission is to make affordable precision 3D printers with no compromises for quality. The end user gets to shop around for parts, and can choose where they want to skimp or splurge. The printer we’re reviewing is the Voron 0.1, a small Core XY machine that is portable and fits on any desktop. Although you can source your own parts from a list found on the Voron Design website, our machine was built using the LDO Motors kit and provided by Matterhackers (opens in new tab). This is a premium package with stainless steel rails and wires that are pre-cut and pre-assembled. The kit included an all metal Phaetus Dragonfly BMO Hotend.Vorons are undoubtedly a project for advanced makers. In order to build one you need to have a 3D printer that can produce quality ABS or ASA parts. You also need to be handy with a soldering iron and have a basic understanding of electronics. Once it’s assembled, you have to install Klipper and tune the printer following directions online.While it’s possible to purchase pre-printed parts – or even a whole machine – that’s not in the spirit of the Voron project. We took several weeks to print and build this machine before putting it to the test. Despite the small size it was able to print precision parts for two RC vehicles we’ll be racing at this year’s RepRap Festivals. The LDO Voron 0.1 kit is $629 from Matterhackers. This price does not include a Raspberry Pi or the filament you need for parts. Matterhackers provided two rolls Pro Series ABS (opens in new tab) for this build and we scrounged around the workshop for a spare Raspberry Pi. We also added an optional display screen, which we purchased from Printed Solid. The complete price of this printer as shown is $805, assuming a retail price of the $45 for a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.Specifications: LDO Voron 0.1Swipe to scroll horizontallyBuild Volume120 x 120 x 115 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 4.5 inches)MaterialPLA/PETG/TPU/ABS (up to 300 degrees)Extruder TypeDirect DriveNozzle.4mm V6Build PlatformPEI spring steel sheet, heatedBed LevelingManualFilament Runout SensorNoConnectivityWiFiInterfaceHeadless, optional screenMachine Footprint250 x 360 x 365 mm (9.8″ x 14.2″ x 14.4″)Machine Weight5.6 kg (12.5 lbs)Laser1.6 WattLDO Voron 0.1: Included in the Box(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)The LDO Voron 0.1 is a printer kit that arrives completely unassembled. This project is for advanced makers and only comes with a few basic tools for printer maintenance, such as hex keys and a wrench. It does include a soldering tip for brass heat set inserts.You get all the non-printed parts for making a 3D printer, like metal rails, stepper motors, screws, springs, fans, all electronics (minus the Raspberry Pi), wiring, and a Dragon Fly BMO hotend. You will need to provide your own Raspberry Pi (any Pi 3 or 4) and all the printed parts. Parts should be printed in ABS or ASA for heat resistance and will take around 2 spools of filament.  Build instructions are online at VoronDesign.com.Design of the LDO Voron 0.1(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)Vorons are unlike any other FDM printers we’ve reviewed. These machines are made of 3D printed parts, off the shelf components and good ol’ sweat equity. You don’t “buy” a Voron; you make one. You choose what color and material your printer will be made from, as well as what hotend it will get and which build plate material you will use. Because Voron Design is an Open Source project, you can also choose to customize your printed parts with your own logo, design tweaks and upgrades.A colorful Voron 2.4 created by 3D Maker Noob demonstrates that printers don’t have to be boring. (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)The Voron 0 is the smallest printer from the design team, created as a tiny parts factory. Its lower price, when compared to the rest of the Voron family, also makes it an “entry level” machine for people who want to build the printer more for bragging rights than practical printing.This is a belt driven Core XY machine, which promises extra speed and precision. Like the Bambu Lab P1P, the bed moves along the Z axis while the tool head zips around the X and Y at the top of the frame. More familiar Cartesian style printers, like the Ender 3 S1 Pro, have a tool head that moves on the X and Z axis and a bed that moves on Y. We were able to run the Voron 0.1 without tuning at 150mm/s while achieving superior prints.The printer is very bare bones. There’s no auto leveling, no buttons beyond a power switch, no SD card slot, no USB slot and no screen. It has a direct drive with an all metal hotend, a reverse Bowden to get filament from the rear mounted spool holder, through the back of the machine and into the enclosed space.The Voron 0.1’s lack of a display, control buttons and file access is quite maddening. The machine is using a Raspberry Pi to run Klipper, which is tucked away inside the machine and is not accessible. The only way to get files to the printer and control any of its functions is through Mainsail, a web based interface. While this is fine in a home or workshop, it makes the printer difficult to use away from home base.Also, trying to use Mainsail to load filament, level the bed or even stop a print in a hurry is impossible unless the machine is sitting right next to a computer. You could use Mainsail on a smart device, but it’s not really optimized for small screens. We solved part of the problem by purchasing an optional LDO Motors Voron Display from Printed Solid. We found directions on how to print a case, install and configure the screen on Greg’s Maker Corner.We chose black and red for our color scheme and opted for a Mini After Sherpa tool head, rather than the traditional Mini Afterburner. This is a more open design that’s easier to service and was a little easier to print. It still used the direct drive Phaetus Dragonfly BMO that came with the kit.(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)The kit came with precut acrylic panels to form two sides, a removable “top hat” and a door that snaps shut with a magnet. The back is a black acrylic panel to hide the electronics. The enclosure retains heat and prevents drafts, making ABS and Nylon easier to print.The acrylic can be difficult to keep clean, especially while you’re setting the printer up and moving it around a lot. The top hat is removable to provide air flow while printing PLA, which doesn’t do well in a heated chamber. There is no heater or air filter inside the chamber.The tiny 120×120 mm print bed is not the smallest we’ve worked with; those honors go to the ToyBox, but it’s surprisingly useful. We printed a lot of small parts for RC cars, as well as some toys and models. The kit came with two PEI coated flexible beds – a powder coated surface that gripped PLA well and a smooth PEI surface that was very good with ABS and Nylon.Assembling the LDO Voron 0.1(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)Unlike other printers on the market, Vorons are a DIY project built from scratch. You can source your parts from a Bill of Materials provided by the designers or buy a kit from several different manufacturers. Our test printer came from Matterhackers (opens in new tab), who sells a premium LDO Motors Kit. LDO is considered a superior kit for its high quality parts from LDO Motors, Bondtech and other well known brands. This kit also includes stainless steel rails, a Meanwell power supply, and a PCB wire duct.All the wires are pre-crimped and marked, which is something you won’t find in cheaper kits. This can save you hours, if not days, of work. It also comes with T Nuts for the linear rails which don’t require printed spacers, another massive time and frustration saver. All the parts in the Voron 0.1  (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)Building Voron 0.1 is a project that can take days of printing and assembly time, especially if you’re taking your time to make good-looking, functional parts. ABS or ASA is recommended for much of this build as PLA or even PETG will melt under the high temperatures of a Voron in action. Some of the parts further from the hotend and heated bed can be printed in PLA. Since we only had one enclosure – the Ender 3 S1 Pro camped out in a Creality tent (opens in new tab) for this build – we could speed up the print time by letting other printers work on more decorative parts. The Bambu Lab P1P printed the skirts, and the Anycubic Kobra Max printed the top hat in one piece.It’s also recommended to make each part very solid, with four walls and 40% infill at a minimum.Complete assembly instructions are beyond the scope of this review. Directions for building this machine are available from VoronDesign.com. We relied heavily on tutorials from YouTuber Modbot and Klipper advice from Youtuber Nero 3D, who is a member of the Voron Design team.Tuning the LDO Voron 0.1(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)Unlike other printers you’ll need to tune your Voron after it is built to get the best performance. Since the LDO Voron 0.1 is running Klipper, you can access your printer’s functions through the Mainsail interface on your PC. There are a number of tests you can run which are all outlined in the Klipper Manual.One of the advantages of Klipper is being able to use Input Shaping and Pressure Advance tuning. Input Shaping compensates for the mechanical vibrations behind ringing and ghosting, while Pressure Advance tweaks the flow of filament during acceleration and deceleration movements. Directions for tuning your machine are included in the Klipper Manual but if you need easier to understand directions, check out Ellis’ Print Tuning Guide.Leveling the LDO Voron 0.1The Voron 0.1 doesn’t have auto bed leveling, but the surface area is so small that it’s not much of a problem. It has three adjustment screws under the build plate. If you haven’t installed a Klipper Screen, you’ll need to type a series of commands into Mainsail to move the tool head around the build plate.The command is: Bed-Screws-Adjust to move the nozzle to hover over a bed screw. Then you slide a piece of paper under the nozzle and adjust the screw until you start to feel friction. Tap Adjusted to move the nozzle to the point and complete at least two passes around the bed. When you are happy with the position, tap Accept for each point.Bed leveling is made simpler when a screen is installed as there is no need to type commands.Loading Filament on the LDO Voron 0.1The filament path goes through the electronics. (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)Loading and unloading filament with Mainsail controls is a little complicated. You’ll need to warm up the extruder from the Temperatures menu – there are presets, but you’ll need to set them up yourself from the Interface Settings. Push the filament into the Bowden tube until it reaches the hotend. Take the lid off, push the lever on the extruder to release tension, then push filament into the hotend.Once the Extruder is over 180, you can click “load filament” in the Macros section, which will pull filament into the hotend. Put the Bowden tube back into the extruder, put the lid on and you’re done.If you install the display screen you will have ordinary temperature and advance filament controls at your fingertips.Preparing Files / Software for LDO Voron 0.1(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)The Voron 0.1 doesn’t come with slicing software of its own, but there are plenty of free options that you can download from the internet. Cura, PrusaSlicer and Bambu Lab all have profiles for the Voron 0.1.Files are sliced in the normal manner, saved, then loaded into Klipper’s Mainsail interface to upload to the printer. There’s a handy Klipper app called Moonraker that you can install on your Raspberry Pi that sends files directly from Cura to Mainsail, along with a thumbnail image.Printing on the LDO Voron 0.1After weeks of printing, reprinting, building, wiring and tuning, the Voron 0.1 was ready for its first test print. The kit doesn’t come with any filament, so you’ll definitely want to check our guide to the very best filaments here to stock up.It’s tradition to start with the Voron Design Cube, which can be found on GitHub with the rest of the Voron files. The cube shows how well your printer is calibrated. The cube should measure 30x30x30mm and the upper hole can fit a standard 625 2rs bearing (if you have one). There’s bridging in the middle of the cube, overhangs in the lettering and of course you can check for ringing or ghosting in the print. Our cube was printed in Matterhackers Pro Build Red ABS (opens in new tab) and turned out pretty dang nice without any tuning.(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)We printed a lot of practical parts on the Voron for an RC drag racer we’re taking to the Rocky Mountain RepRap Festival. These were printed in Overture Easy Nylon (opens in new tab), using a .2mm layer height, with a beefy 4 walls and 20% infill. The parts are strong and light, and only took 1 hour and 9 minutes to print at 150mm/s.Edge of 3D’s Top Fuel Drag Racer (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)For PETG, I printed Aria’s Dragon, which was actually too tall at 100%. This version is shrunk down to 88%, making it the full 115mm build height. There’s a couple little zits on the neck and very little stringing. The detail in the claws look great. This took two hours and 28 minutes with a .2 layer line and a conservative 65 mm/s and uses MicroCenter’s Inland Green PETG. (opens in new tab)Loubie3D’s Aria the Dragon (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)For a PLA print, I picked my favorite bounty hunter, Mando. This is a support free print that can look a little rough if the cooling isn’t perfect. This is a very good print that’s only 4 inch tall with crisp details, and few droops. The camera really picks up the layer lines, which is a shame, because it looks much smoother in person. It printed in 3 hours and 9 minutes with a .16mm layer height and 120mm/s. This used MicroCenter’s Inland Silver PLA (opens in new tab).Iczfirz’s The Mandalorian Support Free Remix Pose 3/5 (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)TPU didn’t work out on this printer. Its direct drive should have worked, but I wasn’t able to get it to feed. This may be a problem with the build, and a hazard of hand building your own extruders.Bottom Line(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)The Voron 0.1 is a great little machine once you’ve gotten over the trials and tribulations of building it. As our first Voron build – and first project using kilos of ABS – it was quite the challenge. It was a great teaching experience and now I know a bit more about practical prints, electronics and Klipper. The prints are fantastic and I can keep it loaded up with ABS to print strong practical prints while my Ender sticks to silly dragons.The LDO Motors Voron 0.1 Kit brings the goods when it comes to quality, but really lacks in quality of life features, like a display screen and place to plug in your stl files. We were able to fix the screen by purchasing one from another source, but we’re still left without a way to load new files when we take it on the road to festivals.If you’re not building this printer for the knowledge and bragging rights, a Voron is no longer the most affordable option for a quality machine. With a retail price of $629 ($805 with filament for parts, a screen and a cheap Raspberry Pi) you might want look at the pre-built Bambu Lab P1P for $699. Another option for a similar price would be adding a Creality Sonic Pad (opens in new tab) to an Ender 3 S1 Pro, one of the best 3D printers.MORE: Best 3D PrintersMORE: Best Resin 3D PrintersMORE: Best Filaments for 3D Printing […]


Trans Day of Vengeance Protest at Supreme Court Canceled Over Safety Concerns; Other ‘Queer and Trans Youth’ Marches Still on for Friday

The organizer of the Trans Day of Vengeance protest scheduled for Saturday at the Supreme Court announced Thursday night the protest has been canceled “due to a credible threat to life and safety” in the wake of the deadly attack on a Christian school in Nashville by a deranged transgender shooter. Meanwhile protests called “March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy” are still on for Friday at the Capitol and locations around the country.
Reporting on the Trans Day of Vengeance was censored by Twitter, but not the promotion of the protest by the organizer. Numerous conservative accounts were suspended this week for reporting on or posting this image posted by the organizer:

Our Rights DC posted to Twitter:
“This action will not be taking place Saturday due to a credible threat to life and safety. The safety of our trans community is first priority. This threat is the direct result of the flood of raw hatred directed toward the trans community after the Tennessee shooting…Individuals who had nothing to with that heinous act have been subjected to highly serious threats and blamed only because of their gender identity. This is one of the steps in genocide, and we will continue our efforts to protect trans lives…While we wholeheartedly believe in the mission and message we put forth for trans day of vengeance, we must prioritize the safety of our community and the people that make it up…In an ideal world we would have continued on in defiance of the attempt to silence our right to free expression. However, we lack the resources to ensure the safety of the protest and cannot in good conscience move forward with it…In our continued efforts to preserve trans and non binary life we have notified the appropriate agencies.”

1/x: This action will not be taking place Saturday due to a credible threat to life and safety. The safety of our trans community is first priority. This threat is the direct result of the flood of raw hatred directed toward the trans community after the Tennessee shooting.
— Our Rights DC (@OurRightsDC) March 30, 2023

3/x: While we wholeheartedly believe in the mission and message we put forth for trans day of vengeance, we must prioritize the safety of our community and the people that make it up.
— Our Rights DC (@OurRightsDC) March 30, 2023

5/5: In our continued efforts to preserve trans and non binary life we have notified the appropriate agencies.
— Our Rights DC (@OurRightsDC) March 30, 2023

March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy protest set for Friday at the U.S. Capitol:

Happening tomorrow on Trans Day of Visibility! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by joining Queer Youth for a March in the Nation’s Capitol. #TDOVhttps://t.co/XOaGqNbPow pic.twitter.com/r4Zri7LG38
— Woodhull Freedom Foundation (@WoodhullFreedom) March 30, 2023

All 50 states:

FRIDAY: ALL 50 STATESMARCH FOR QUEER & TRANS YOUTH AUTONOMY.The fight for bodily autonomy affects us all. @QYouthAssemble
See details about marches in your state: https://t.co/C21PfGWHF0 pic.twitter.com/Jx7TqZUp6O
— Housing Not Handcuffs (@HNHCampaign) March 30, 2023

And in Canada:

1/4The NEW Students forQueer Liberation (SQL) presents:
March 31st, 12PM-1PMUS Consulate, TorontoMasks or face coverings mandatory
See original post and follow: https://t.co/EOxeMKlfg3 pic.twitter.com/lyEI08PeTW
— Javier Dávila #FreePalestine #NoOneIsDisposable (@XjusticeXpeace) March 22, 2023

Pray for the children. […]


“Grandma of the Police Officers Association” in California Arrested for Importing Fentanyl From China and Other Countries

As the drug crisis in America rages on as opioids and fentanyl pour across our unsecured border from the Mexican drug cartels supplied by Chinese “pharmaceuticals,” an unsuspecting trafficker has emerged.
San Jose Police Officers Association police union executive Joanne Marian Segovia was arrested on Wednesday for attempting to import a synthetic opioid called Valeryl fentanyl.  If convicted, she faces up to 20 years in federal prison.
Police union president Sean Pritchard told the New York Post that Segovia was like “the grandma of the POA…this is not the person we’ve known, the person who has worked with fallen officers’ families, organized fundraisers for officers’ kids…”
Segovia was allegedly importing packages of drugs from China, Canada, India and other countries and disguising them as common items such as makeup, chocolates, and food supplements.  She has received at least 61 packages at her home from 2015 through 2023.

JUST IN: Executive Director of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association Joanne Marian Segovia charged with IMPORTING fentanyl..
“I also believe the use of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association shipping label indicates that Segovia USED HER OFFICE as part of her purchasing…
— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) March 31, 2023

The complaint alleges that Segovia even used the POA’s UPS account to make one shipment to someone in North Carolina and continued to import drugs even after being questioned by federal agents in last month.
From the New York Post:
Joanne Marian Segovia, who has worked for the San Jose Police Officers Association since 2003, was charged on Wednesday with attempting to unlawfully import a synthetic opioid called Valeryl fentanyl.
She faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison if convicted, authorities said.
Police union president Sean Pritchard was shocked by the charges, telling NBC Bay Area, “She’s been the grandma of the POA.”
According to the 13-page complaint, the 64-year-old allegedly received at least 61 packages at her San Jose home from various countries — including China, Canada and India — between October 2015 and January 2023.

On Wednesday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledged that fentanyl is the “single greatest challenge we face as a country” to a Senate panel.  Based on the Mockingbird Media though, and the “insurrection” that took place yesterday in Tennessee’s Capitol, you’d assume it was gun violence, specifically those killed by “assault weapons”.
But the data tells a different story:  according to gunviolencearchive.org, 2022 saw 20,200 deaths from gun violence.  For the purpose of their data, they separate gun violence from suicides, which are consistently higher than deaths from malice or by accident.
Fentanyl deaths alone are responsible for over three times the number of deaths of people maliciously using firearms.  And yet, rather than secure our borders with a $5B border wall to stymie the drugs (and human trafficking) from pouring over, we sent $110B to Ukraine and insist on banning assault weapons…again. […]


Wisconsin Cyber Security Expert Shocks Audience – Admits Wisconsin’s Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Compares This to Act of War (VIDEO)

Guest post by Jefferson Davis

Pewaukee – The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week that the Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff were participating in a minimally publicized “Trusted Election Forum” on the eve of the most historic Supreme Court Race in Wisconsin’s history.
SCANDAL IN WISCONSIN: Democrat SCOTUS Nominee Janet Protasiewicz Used the N-Word When Referring to Blacks in Court Cases

The Supreme Court Race will determine the control of the Court that currently consists of 3 constitutional conservatives, 3 radical liberal progressives and one swing vote that rules with the conservatives the majority of the time.

With constitutional conservative Justice Roggensack retiring, it is critical that this open seat be filled with another constitutional conservative in the form of Justice Dan Kelly (2016-20) who is running an excellent campaign under very trying circumstances as the Big Tech Billionaires and their friends are funneling millions of dollars into the race to further their efforts of the “great reset” for America by hopefully winning this key race.

Radical liberal progressive candidate, No Jailtime Janet Protasiewicz, continues her attack on shredding the constitution and judicial ethical standards by promising to legislate from the bench, if by a miracle she is elected to the Supreme Court in Wisconsin, that will automatically unwind many of the highly successful legislative reforms passed in Wisconsin since 2010.

The Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff rarely, if ever, make public appearances unless the event is highly controlled and scripted by limiting their exposure to the public.

The administration of Wisconsin elections has come under very heavy scrutiny since 2020 when the Presidential election was supposedly decided by 20,682 votes with a middle of the night voter dump.  The Gateway Pundit has disclosed many of those highly questionable aspects of that election.
Fun Fraud Fact: Wisconsin Added 29% of Their ENTIRE VOTING POPULATION to Voter Rolls in 10 Months Prior to 2020 Election — 957,977 New Names!

It came as a huge surprise then and the timing was highly questionable, when it was learned that the Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff would appear with a group of expert election panelists earlier this week at two “Trusted Election Forums” after assuring Wisconsin voters for over two years how safe and secure elections were administered, especially on the eve of the April 4th statewide election.

To the shock and amazement of attendees, near the end of the forum, a widely respected and highly credentialed cyber security election expert domiciled in Wisconsin, Dave Schroeder, finally disclosed, after many years of direct and indirect denials by Wisconsin election administrators, that Wisconsin voting machines can be hacked and that this could be considered an “act of war”.

Schroeder’s background involves Wisconsin Army National Guard Cyber Warfare and an Information Warfare Officer with the Navy for Cryptologic Warfare and Space Cadre.

Schroeder went on to compare these hacks as a threat to the national critical infrastructure of America similar to attacks on the power grid, ports and dams.

Schroeder concluded that America’s “constitutional federal republic” is under threat from foreign forces.

How refreshing that someone finally states the obvious regarding voting machines in Wisconsin.

Let’s hope the legislators in Wisconsin are listening and will immediately ask to meet with Dave Schroeder to learn how the machines can be hacked, to see if they have been hacked and what can be done to implement election integrity firewalls for all Wisconsin voters.

A 4-minute video of Schroeder’s admission that Wisconsin’s voting machines can be hacked is below.

Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016. […]


OUTSTANDING! Kari Lake Appears to Take Swipe at Ron DeSantis After His Statement on Trump Indictment Doesn’t Mention Trump by Name

Kari Lake spoke out yesterday against the indictment and political persecution of President Donald J. Trump and later appeared to take a shot at Ron DeSantis for his smugness on the issue.
Lake tweeted last night, “if your consultants are going to write a statement about President Trump being indicted, please make sure they have the decency to use his name.”

If your consultants are going to write a statement about President Trump being indicted, please make sure they have the decency to use his name.
— Kari Lake (@KariLake) March 31, 2023

She did not call DeSantis out by name, which is fitting given the circumstances.
As The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued a statement on the reported indictment of President Trump by a Manhattan grand jury in the alleged Stormy Daniels hush money probe–but didn’t even mention Trump by name.
“Florida will Not Assist in an Extradition Request” DeSantis Statement on Trump Indictment

He likely did not mention President Trump because the negative media coverage continues to help Trump’s favorability.
Lake also tweeted a meme of President Trump laughing at the newspapers for their backfired attempts to destroy his image.

Mood. pic.twitter.com/wWQg8JZ0sl
— Kari Lake (@KariLake) March 31, 2023

Previously “Ron DeSanctimonious” took a swipe at President Trump after finally responding to reports that a corrupt Soros-backed DA who lets criminals go in New York was planning on arresting President Trump on bogus charges–two days later. Many thought it was tacky and uncalled for, and ever since Ron did this, he has lost respect and is sinking in the polls.
His response to federal thugs coming into his state of Florida to arrest President Trump was four lines–enough to fit in one tweet.
Compare this to the statement by Kari Lake, who wrote a whole page, defending “the 45th and 47th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump,” and slamming the deep state for targeting an innocent man.
“You want to beat President Donald Trump? Get more votes than him in November 2024… I unequivocally stand beside President Donald J. Trump and in defense of the rule of law,” said Lake.
“The Only Crime That Donald Trump Committed was Beating Hillary Clinton” – Kari Lake Speaks Out Against SHAM Trump Indictment

Unlike Ron, Kari Lake has faced stolen elections, genuine mainstream media harassment, and threats of political persecution. She understands what they are doing to President Trump because she’s been through it all!
Ron DeSantis recently sat down with Newsmax host Eric Bolling and said he is not interested in being Vice President, stating, “I think I’m probably more of an executive guy.” President Trump put the idea to bed last Friday, telling Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt that he’s never even thought about picking DeSantis as a running mate and “that would be a very unlikely alliance.”
Kari Lake would be a much better choice for a running mate if the corrupt courts refuse to do the right thing and overturn the stolen election for Arizona Governor. According to the recent CPAC 2023 straw poll, Conservatives agree! […]


Flashback: Rush Limbaugh Was Right – Democrats Are Through with Elections – And Now We have to Live with the Results

In October of 2020, days before the 2020 election and the most controversial election in US history, the now-late and great Rush Limbaugh shared one of his most prophetic observations.
Rush shared this with his audience, “They [the Democrats] resent the whole premise behind elections. They don’t believe they should have to persuade anybody to agree with them. ” 
Rush knew Democrats were eliminating free and fair elections.  There simply was no broad public support behind Democrat ideas.  And there still isn’t.
Democrats pushed a candidate in 2020 who could not complete a full sentence, who hid in his basement, and when he did hold a public “rally” he could only get a few dozen supporters to show up in a parking lot to honk horns.
But Democrats were never worried for some reason. You never saw Democrats in full-on panic mode. This was a huge “tell.”
They weren’t campaigning. They weren’t nervous. Their plan was to cheat.
Today Americans are living through the tyranny that follows stolen elections.  Democrats are charging hundreds of Trump supporters and raiding their homes.  They are holding political prisoners without trial.  They are threatening to raid the homes of another 1,000 Trump supporters.  They spread fear across the land. Will you be next? Democrats indict a former president on junk charges while they ignore the BANK STATEMENTS that prove Joe Biden and his family were involved in a massive illegal fraud scheme.  This is what you get with stolen elections
Rush Limbaugh called this out in October of 2020. The great American radio host told his vast audience what Democrats were up to. And he was right.
Via the Rush Limbaugh Show:
They resent the whole premise behind elections. Look, they don’t believe they should have to persuade anybody to agree with them. Therefore, they don’t believe in campaigns. They don’t believe in the free, open exchange of ideas. There aren’t any legitimate ideas outside of their own.
They don’t believe in giving legitimacy to anybody who is not already on their side. So if this is who they are psychologically — if they have no interest in persuading people, if they have no interest in acquiring power as a result of massive public support — then who are they? What are they? They want power simply to have it. They don’t want it to derive from the people.
They don’t want it to derive from persuading people that their ideas are the best — and where is all of that codified? All of that thinking, all of that behavior is codified in elections. What are elections about? Elections are about trying to persuade people to support you, to vote for you. Based on what? Well, it could be any number of things.
It could be you’re better looking than the other guy. You’re gonna give away more welfare than the other guy. You’re gonna beat our enemies better than anybody else. Whatever it is, elections are the result of persuading millions of people to support you. They resent having to do that. One reason is they’re a minority. They can’t persuade a majority of people.
They can’t persuade a majority of Americans to support Black Lives Matter. They can’t persuade a majority of Americans to support burning down American cities and private property. They can’t persuade a majority of Americans to go along with their ideas on guns and eliminating free speech. They can’t persuade anybody to agree with that!
Those are things they’re gonna have to force on people, and they are more than willing and eager to force that stuff on you, but they need the power to do it. So they have to go through the motions. The modern-day Democrats have to go through the motions of campaigning, and they have to go through the motions of trying to win the hearts and minds of voters.
But they resent the hell out of it. And in their world, it’s the one thing standing in their way: This need, this requirement to win elections. And I’m just telling you: As soon as they can figure out a way to eliminate elections, they will do it, ’cause they resent the hell out of it. This is… (interruption) Mr. Snerdley, the program observer, just said to me over the IFB.
He said, “I gotta admit something. When I first heard you say that the left and Democrats ultimately want to do away with elections, I thought you were going insane. I thought you were mad. I thought that all of this had finally gotten to you.” Well, that has to be some years ago now when I first advanced the theory. But now you say you can see it?
(interruption) “They’re doing it in front of our faces.” They really are. They are attempting to win elections without broad public support. That’s what they’re trying to do. That’s just another way of phrasing what they’re doing. How do you win elections without broad public support?
You have to cheat. […]

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Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Value Falls to Record Low – Close to Filing for Bankruptcy

The struggling retail chain Bed Bath & Beyond saw its stock tumble to a record low this week.
Unless the company can secure a staggering $300 million on a stock offering, they are likely to declare bankruptcy, something that they have been warning about for months.
Conservatives point to the discontinuing of ‘My Pillow’ products as the beginning of their downfall. It’s a classic ‘Get woke, go broke’ story.
The FOX Business Network reports:
Bed Bath & Beyond warns again of filing for bankruptcy, to sell $300M in stock
Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond fell to a record low Thursday after the company warned that it will “likely” file for bankruptcy if it’s unable to secure funding from a $300 million stock offering.
“If we do not receive the proceeds from the offering of securities covered by this prospectus supplement, we expect that we will likely file for bankruptcy protection,” the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The stock, now trading below $1, has lost more than 70% of its value during the past 12 months.
This isn’t the first time the retailer has warned that it might have to file for bankruptcy protection.
The beleaguered retailer first issued a warning in January as it struggled to attract shoppers and compete with behemoths such as Walmart, Amazon and Target.
At the time, it announced that it was looking into options, including selling assets or restructuring its business in bankruptcy court. However, it acknowledged that even those efforts may not be successful. Meanwhile, the company continued to shutter dozens of stores to try and turn around its business.
In addition to 150 store closures announced in 2022, the company said it will close 87 additional Bed Bath & Beyond stores and five BuyBuy Baby stores. The company is also shutting down its health and beauty discount chain Harmon.
They made a huge mistake.

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) March 30, 2023

Bed Bath & Beyond again warns of bankruptcy if new stock offering doesn’t pay off https://t.co/HynRGzlzKt
— CNBC (@CNBC) March 30, 2023

Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond dropped by more than 15% Thursday morning following an announcement it plans to offer and sell up to $300 million in common stocks in its latest bid to stave off bankruptcy. https://t.co/m0QlE6amb3
— Forbes (@Forbes) March 30, 2023

They’re probably not going to make it. They’re just rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic now.
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Corrupt AG Garland Remains in Hiding After DA Braggs Indicts President Trump on Bogus Charges

The corrupt Attorney General of the Biden Administration remains in hiding after corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg indicted President Trump on bogus charges in New York showing his cowardice and corruption.
President Trump became the first President ever indicted on a crime in US history yesterday.  The corrupt actors behind the sham are in hiding, including the head of the Department of Justice, Merrick Garland.
Last night it was announced that President Trump is being indicted on bogus charges in a corrupt court in New York.  The city is going to hell with crime skyrocketing but the corrupt DA Alvin Bragg spends his time on indicting President Trump on made up garbage charges.
Attorney Mike Davis shared his thoughts on the bogus crimes brought by DA Bragg.  On Thursday, Davis explained what was going on with the Bragg case against President Trump.
It Is completely bogus. It’s a bogus charge that he’s binging. It’s laughable and it’s actually going to backfire spectacularly both in court and politically for Bragg.
This may make Bragg a hero among the limousine liberals in Manhattan but this is really going to damage the Democrat Party because Alvin Braggs is going to do the impossible here.
Listen to his observations from a legal point of view at the War Room.

The Head of the DOJ has yet to comment on his team’s actions.  Attorney General Garland remains in hiding.
What disgusting and cowardly people this DOJ is being led by.  They are overtly corrupt putting innocent Americans in jail for years without crimes or court dates.  Now they sit silent as a good man and President is indicted on BS charges.  Disgusting. […]

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“I Have No Comment on Trump” – Joe Biden Responds to Question on Junk Indictment of President Trump

A Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict President Trump on 34 garbage charges on Thursday.
The exact charges are not known at this time and the jury announced on Wednesday that they are going on a month-long break.
The exact same case was tossed from at least two previous courtrooms. And Stormy Daniels was previously ordered to pay President Trump $300,000 in legal fees.
Trump was accused of a misdemeanor for paying porn star Stormy Daniels that was elevated to a felony under the Soros-funded New York City DA.
Joe Biden was asked about the junk charges on Friday morning.
Peter Doocy was the only mainstream reporter who thought to ask him.
Peter Doocy: Mr. President, do you think the charges against Trump are politically motivated?
Joe Biden: I have no comment on Trump.

BREAKING: Joe Biden responds to Donald Trump’s indictment: “I have no comment on Trump.” pic.twitter.com/Nqir3SKeV1
— ALX 🇺🇸 (@alx) March 31, 2023 […]


Keep Fighting Mr. President – Americans Rally Around President Trump

America and President Trump will never stop fighting for our God given rights to freedom.  They can’t stop us.  
An excellent video by MAGA Trump was shared last night by Donald Trump, Jr.  Take a look.

President Trump won’t back down. He’s going to keep on fighting to Save America #MAGApic.twitter.com/e0u1KiUWSl
— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 31, 2023

Greg Kelly from Newsmax shared that President Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981, 42 years ago to the day.

Catturd says good morning:

Mark Levin shared the following on the corrupt acts by the Deep State against President Trump.

Mark Levin: “This is a war on the party. It is a war on conservatism and MAGA. It is an effort, an effort, to ensure Donald Trump can never be president again.” pic.twitter.com/GDmWanzc6T
— MAGA War Room (@MAGAIncWarRoom) March 31, 2023

Below is a discussion with Mark Levin and Leo Terrell. […]