RFK Jr.: “Mega-Billionaires” are Using Climate Change to Usher in Totalitarian Controls of Population (Video)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joined Kim Iverson for an exclusive interview this past week after announcing his official run for US President in Boston late last week.
RFK Jr. is not your typical communist Democrat. Democrats must by very worried as RFK Jr. starts making the media rounds. The noted environmentalist is not a globalist totalitarian. He is a free market capitalist. That makes him unique on the current Democrat platform.
During his recent discussion with Iverson, Kennedy said the “mega-billionaires” are using climate change to usher in totalitarian controls of the population.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by, you know, the the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big, you know, mega billionaires. The same way that COVID was exploited to use it as an excuse to clamp down top down totalitarian controls on society and to and then to give us engineering solutions. And if you look closely, as it turns out, the guys who are promoting those engineering solutions are the people who own the IPS, the patents for those solutions. It’s a way they’ve given climate chaos a bad name because people now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip by the wealth of the poor and to enrich billionaires. And I, for 40 years, have had the same policy on climate and engineering. You can go check my speeches from the 1980s, and I’ve said, the most important solution for environmental issues? Not top down controls. It’s free market capitalism.
He could be running as a MAGA Republican with that agenda.

Democrats must be very worried about RFK, Jr. His message makes too much sense. Will they be able to hide him in the basement from the Democrat base?

RFK Jr. Makes Powerful Statement On The WEF And Climate Change During Kim Iverson Interview
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Tucker Carlson’s Maine Neighbors Rally Around Him After Fox Ousting as They Share What He’s Really Like

When Tucker Carlson’s Maine neighbors talk about him, it has nothing to do with the show that rocked the media and political worlds during Carlson’s stint with Fox News.
“He is one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met who was so-called famous,” Neil Olsen, 75, said, according to the Daily Mail.
“I’m a layman, let’s just say. I’m a nobody, and I’m out there doing some fishing and trapping, and Tucker’s spending time with me,” he said.
“And I could just tell, he just wants to be a down-to-earth person. I haven’t met anyone who’s been around this guy that didn’t like him,” he continued.
Carlson has a home in Bryant Pond, located within the town of Woodstock in western Maine. Carlson has largely worked from Maine in the summer since the days of the pandemic when he had a studio built there. He also owns a home in Florida.

Susan Hatstat, 37, who works at a convenience store, called her frequent customer “just a really good guy, always super polite.”
“He’s normal when he’s here, nice to everybody. He doesn’t act like a celebrity. He comes here, grabs snacks, gets treats for his dogs. I like him, and his family’s really nice,” she added.
“You go around some people and they’re stuffed shirts, if you know what I’m saying. Tucker isn’t what people think he is,” Olsen said, recalling a conversation he and Carlson had about religion.
“So I said to Tucker, there are like eight different religions, and everybody thinks theirs is the best, so seven of them have got to be wrong,” he said he told the former Fox News host.
“And his quote to me was something I’m going to live by the rest of my life: He said, ‘Neil, for me, in all religions, we all know that there’s something special out there,’ and for him it’s God. I just thought that was a great answer,” Olsen said.
Olsen recalled one time when Carlson invited him and his family to watch a show at the studio.
“One of my daughters really, let’s just say, wasn’t a Tucker fan,” he said.
“When she left there, he didn’t necessarily win her over with all the political aspects, but she left there knowing, hey, he’s actually a nice guy,” he continued.

EXCLUSIVE: Tucker Carlson’s shocked neighbors in his quaint Maine town rally behind him https://t.co/u6XygGMvYV pic.twitter.com/WofFq63Icy
— Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) April 28, 2023

Patrick Feeney, a carpenter who cares for Carlson’s property when he is not there, called him “very generous, very honest — super honest. Wouldn’t do anything dishonest,” according to the Sun Journal.
Feeney said that on the day he was fired, “Tucker did not seem upset or nervous at all. I don’t think it’s going to be a hiccup in his life.”
Perhaps the best testimony to the way Carlson has become a fixture in Maine life was a headline from the Bangor Daily News on the Associated Press story that announced Carlson had been fired.
“Maine man loses television job,” the headline read.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal. […]


Buccaneers Linebacker Shaquil Barrett’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Drowns in Pool

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Shaquil Barrett’s 2-year-old daughter, Arrayah, drown in the family’s pool Sunday morning.
Officers responded to a call about the little girl falling in the pool Sunday morning.
Arrayah was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Arrayah was one of Shaquil Barrett’s 4 children with wife, Jordanna.

“Today’s tragic news is heartbreaking for all members of the Buccaneers family,” the Bucs said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Shaq, Jordanna and the entire Barrett family during this unimaginably difficult time. While no words can provide true comfort at a time such as this, we offer our support and love as they begin to process this very profound loss of their beloved Arrayah.”

— Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) April 30, 2023

The Tampa Bay Times reported:
Bucs linebacker Shaquil Barrett’s 2-year-old daughter, Arrayah, drowned in the swimming pool at the family’s south Tampa home Sunday morning.
According to the Tampa Police Department, officers responded to Barrett’s home in the Beach Park area of Tampa just before 9:30 a.m. in reference to a child who had fallen into a pool. The child was transported to an area hospital. Despite lifesaving measures taken, the child was pronounced deceased a short time later.
The investigation is ongoing. It is not believed to be suspicious in nature at this time, but a purely accidental and tragic incident, according to a statement released by TPD on Sunday.
Barrett and wife Jordanna, who were high school sweethearts, have three older children: Shaquil Jr., Braylon, Aaliyah. Arrayah was born two months after Barrett and the Bucs beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55. He had just signed a four-year, $72 million contract with $34 million guaranteed. […]


County Councilman Triggers Woke Liberals and Gets Them to Protest Their Own Ideology by Proclaiming He Is Now a Lesbian “Woman of Color” (VIDEO)

Credit: David Penticuff/Muncie StarPress
An Indiana Republican politician caused woke leftists to lose their minds when he reintroduced himself as a “woman of color” and “a lesbian” because he is attracted to women.
Earlier this month, Delaware County council member Ryan Webb posted a photo to his Facebook account showing him with a pistol in his waistband. The caption read “Ready for an awesome day! Hope everyone has a great day!”
The “awesome day” he was referring was him “coming out” as a black, transgender female.
The Muncie Star-Press reported Webb posted the following message:
After much consideration I have decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self, It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman and not just any woman but as a woman of color as well. I guess this would make me gay/lesbian as well, since I am attracted to women.

Ryan Webb, a white councilman in Indiana, now identifies as a woman of color
The best part? The media being forced to take him seriously: pic.twitter.com/pM5PZsy2OH
— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) April 30, 2023

Last Tuesday, hordes of woke leftist students stormed the city council meeting and demanded Webb resign. One student whined that Webb was making the process of discovering who is trans more difficult.
Here’s a photo of the pouting students.
Credit: David Penticuff/StarPress
A morbidly obese trans woman named Charlize Jamieson also angrily blasted Webb, claiming that he was being disingenuous and “his words not only embarrass himself, but you, the county council.”

Webb, however, had an epic retort.
Do you think you have the password to the forbidden world of coming out? When you decided to become a woman did people tell you that it was unbecoming.
Sorry pal but you don’t get to be the decider of who is acceptable and who isn’t. I was hoping that you and I could be friends now that we are both ladies who used to be men. I’ll give you some more time.
This brutal reply lays bare the utter fraud of the whole trans movement. The truth is Webb is every bit the “woman” Jameison is.
Webb made this apt point after his detractors finally stopped complaining. He also pointed out that they made rules and now must accept the results.
To clarify, I never claimed to be trans anything. “I simply expressed my own gender identity … I’m being dead serious. This isn’t a joke. I said what I said. I don’t know what to tell you.
You don’t get to question me. You do not get to require proof from me. You were part of the movement that helped establish these rules and set the bar, OK? You don’t get to come later when someone else joins the club that you don’t want in … You don’t get to question how I identify.
Webb told the News-Press after the council meeting that he is unmoved by the triggered leftists’ demands and would never resign from the council.
I would never resign my position on the county council. That would be an enormous disservice to the thousands of voters who chose me to be their representative.
Webb also stated that how he identifies has nothing to with his job performance.
The whole radical trans movement will become even more obvious to the general public if more people follow Webb. And that is precisely what they are afraid of. […]


Texas Mass Shooter Francisco Oropesa is a Previously Deported Illegal Alien – Manhunt Still Underway – $80,000 Reward

Francisco Oropesa is considered armed and dangerous and could be anywhere, the FBI said on Sunday.
Oropesa shot and killed 5 neighbors, including a child in the Houston area on Saturday.
Law enforcement found Oropesa’s abandoned cell phone and a few articles of clothing, but tracking dogs lost his scent.

FBI Houston on Sunday published new photos of the mass shooter with a prominent arm tattoo.

The FBI also said it would spell Oropeza’s name “Oropesa” going forward.

Here are the newest images of Francisco Oropesa and a prominent tattoo on his left forearm.
Going forward, the subject’s last name will be spelled “Oropesa” to better reflect his identity in law enforcement systems. This remains a fluid investigation. #ClevelandTXShooting pic.twitter.com/ZWUu0FqoMF
— FBI Houston (@FBIHouston) April 30, 2023

“The multi-agency search for suspect Francisco Oropeza continues this morning. Reminder, if you see him DO NOT approach him. He is armed and dangerous. If you have a tip about his whereabouts call the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office at 936-653-4367.”” the FBI said in a tweet early Sunday morning.
Francisco Oropesa is a previously deported illegal alien, according to Fox News.
Fox News reported:
The FBI in Houston released new photos of a fugitive who allegedly killed five people Friday night in an execution-style mass shooting.
A manhunt continued Sunday afternoon, more than 24 hours after Francisco Oropesa, 38, allegedly shot five of his neighbors in their home, including an 8-year-old boy in Cleveland, Texas.
Oropesa is in the country illegally and has been deported previously, an ICE source told Fox News Digital. He has re-entered the U.S. illegally “multiple” times and ICE last encountered him in 2016, the course said.
In a Sunday afternoon press conference, San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers and FBI Houston Special agent in charge James Smith announced there is an $80,000 reward from the governor’s office, state agencies and the FBI for tips leading to an arrest.
“We do not know where he is that’s why we’ve come up with this reward,” Smith told reporters, adding there’s he’s sure Oropesa has contacted friends, they just need to find out who. “We have zero leads,” he added.
A criminal history search uncovered at least one DUI charge from 2009 to a man of the same name and age. Capers said deputies had been called to Oropesa’s home at least once before about “shooting his gun in the yard,” which isn’t necessarily illegal if a person is firing on their own property. […]


Utah Biotech Company Implants Brain Chips In 50 People To Cure Depression, Blindness, Paralysis

A Utah-based biotech company implanted brain chips in dozens in dozens of patients in an effort its owner claims will cure depression, blindness and paralysis.
The chip, known as NeuroPort Array, is manufactured by Blackrock Neurotech.
Blackrock’s device attaches 96 arrays, small needle-shaped brain chips, that decipher and stimulate electrical signals generated by someone’s thoughts.

Recipients of the NeuroPort Array chip are also able to control prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs, play video games and feel sensations.

The signals produced by the thoughts are decoded by machine learning software into digital commands used to control prosthetics and computer equipment.

The implant can be placed anywhere on the surface of the brain.
“Multiple devices can be placed on the same person’s brain,” Daily Mail reports. “After implantation, the chip detects electrical signals generated by the wearer’s thoughts.
“Machine learning software decodes these signals into digital commands such as cursor movements, which can be used to control prosthetics and computer equipment.”
The first chip was implanted in a human in 2004. Approximately fifty people have since been implanted with Blackrock’s brain device.
No other brain chip on the market utilizes similar brain-computer interfaces,  explains Marcus Gerhardt, Blackrock’s co-founder.
“We are the only company with direct-brain BCI implants in humans,” Gerhardt said. “Our implantable arrays have enabled people to connect directly to computers, control robotic arms and wheelchairs, play video games, even regain sensation — with just their brain signals.”
Neuralink, a company founded by tech mogul Elon Musk, is also creating implantable brain chips, but the US Food and Drug Administration rejected Neuralink’s application in March. The agency listed dozens of “deficiencies” the company must address before human trials and questioned whether the device could be removed without damaging brain tissue.
Blackrock is now awaiting FDA approval for the devices to be used outside the lab.
“We are pursuing regulatory approval of the world’s first-ever BCI designed specifically for at-hom use: MoveAgain,” Gerardt said. “This medical device aims to increase inpedendence and mobility, and ultimately, quality fo life, for people with paralysis.”
BCIs will become as widely used for paralyzed patients as pacemakers for people with heart issues, the Blackrock chief continued.
“Once home-use BCIs are available, they’ll help people build new lives that may have seemed impossible following their disability; we think we’ll see people return to work, establish greater independence, and engage with the world in powerful new ways,” he said. “Our long-term vision is that our implants will become as readily available to people with paralysis as pacemakers are for people with heart issues.”
While the device purportedly treats memory loss, PTSD and mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, the device will usually require removal after five years as the arrays, microneedles decay over time. In as little as two years, the signal quality degrades. Recipients of the brain implant would be required to undergo another surgery to extract the device and replace it. […]


Celtics-76ers: Eastern Conference Semifinals Playoff Preview

The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers will meet in an Eastern Conference semifinals series. The two historic rivals last met in the playoffs during the 2020 playoffs in the bubble. The Celtics swept that series. The series schedule is as follows:
· Game 1 – Monday May 1 at Boston – 7:30 PM ET – TNT
· Game 2 – Wednesday May 3 at Boston – 8:00 PM ET – TNT
· Game 3 – Friday May 5 at Philadelphia – 7:30 PM ET – ESPN
· Game 4 – Sunday May 7 at Philadelphia – 3:30 PM ET – ESPN
· Game 5* – Tuesday May 9 at Boston – Time/TV TBD – *if necessary
· Game 6* – Thursday May 11 at Philadelphia – Time/TV TBD – *if necessary
· Game 7* – Sunday May 14 at Boston – Time/TV TBD – *if necessary
During the regular season the teams met four times, with Boston winning the season series 3-1.
· Boston 126 – Philadelphia 117
· Boston 106 – Philadelphia 99
· Boston 110 – Philadelphia 107
· Philadelphia 103 – Boston 101
The first matchup was an opening night blowout by the Celtics over the Sixers. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown each scored 35 points, while Malcolm Brogdon and Grant Williams combined for 31 off Boston’s bench. James Harden scored 35 points, while Joel Embiid added 26 points and 15 rebounds.
In the second game, the Celtics were missing both Al Horford and Marcus Smart, and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown had poor shooting nights. Boston was carried by 19 points apiece for Malcolm Brogdon and Derrick White, while Blake Griffin and Grant Williams combined for 30 points as fill-in starters. Joel Embiid scored 28, and James Harden 26 points and 11 assists.
The third matchup saw Jayson Tatum hit a buzzer-beating, game-winning three-pointer, as Joel Embiid’s 70-footer was just late, despite going in. The Celtics had six players in double-figures in points and shot 50% for the game. Embiid was terrific with 41 points and 12 rebounds. James Harden added 21 points, while P.J. Tucker grabbed 16 rebounds.
The final matchup saw Boston play without Jaylen Brown and Rob Williams. Joel Embiid ran wild with 52 points and 13 rebounds. James Harden added 20 points 10 assists. The Celtics were led by 26 points from Derrick White, while Jayson Tatum added 19 points despite an off-shooting night.

Health Outlook

Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Boston comes in relatively healthy. Several Celtics are dealing with bumps bruises, but they should all be available to play.
The big injury to watch is Joel Embiid. Embiid is recovering a sprained LCL in his right knee. Because Embiid didn’t play in Game 4 of the Sixers first-round sweep of the Brooklyn Nets, he’ll have had 11 days off before Game 1. Recovery time from a sprained LCL varies, and the 76ers haven’t said what grade of sprain Embiid is dealing with. At the very least, Embiid is likely to be somewhat limited at the start of the series, if not out entirely. Beyond that, this will be a game-to-game thing to monitor, until Embiid shows he’s at or near full health.
Starting Guards
Marcus Smart and Derrick White vs James Harden and Tyrese Maxey

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We’ll start this by saying that we feel pretty confident that both Derrick White and James Harden will be solid in this series, given some history, including this season. Marcus Smart and Tyrese Maxey are a bit less of a solid projection, again given some recent history.
White was effective against Philadelphia in a number of different ways. He was good as a spot-up shooter and on his pullup threes. White also excelled in transition (Philadelphia’s awful transition defense is going to be a running theme), where he pushed pace for layups and floaters at will. On defense, White guarded a little bit of everyone, but he was the primary defender against Tyrese Maxey, who he helped keep in check.
Harden did what he does to everyone against Boston. He got inside for layups or drew free throws. He hit threes at a solid rate (worth noting: Harden was better on spot-ups than step-backs) and he picked the Celtics apart in a couple of games with his passing. On defense, Harden spent as much time floating, as he did guarding any single Celtic. For the most part, Smart was Harden’s matchup, but he was sort of Philadelphia’s designated helper against Boston’s wings.
Flipping to the other starters, the Celtics need Marcus Smart to be better than he was in the regular season matchups. He really struggled to hit outside shots. Philadelphia is content to let him be the shooter, and they regularly bend their defense away from Smart when he’s handling the ball. Smart will be the primary defender on Harden, as he’s better served to deal with Harden’s physicality than Maxey’s quickness. But he’ll see plenty of time on Maxey, as well as every Sixer, when Boston is switching everything.
Maxey was terrible against Boston this season. The Celtics were content to let him take jumpers, while loading up against Harden and Joel Embiid. White’s size and ability to block and contest shots also seemed to bother Maxey. On defense, Maxey was someone that Boston tried to find to attack for baskets in the halfcourt.
Ultimately, this one will come down to who makes shots. All four players can go through pretty wild swings as three-point shooters. Whoever makes more shots will have a big advantage here.
Advantage: Even. Philadelphia has the best player of the group in James Harden, but both Derrick White and Marcus Smart have been better than Tyrese Maxey in this particular matchup, and by a pretty wide margin. All of that said, Maxey was excellent in the first-round, while Harden had some struggles.
Harden’s inability to get himself to the line or finish on drives, so far in the playoffs, is concerning for Philadelphia. That put a lot of pressure on Maxey to be the second scoring option, especially with on-ball creation. He was up to that task, but he didn’t draw the caliber of defenders that he will from Boston.
White and Smart were both excellent against the Hawks. Both shot it well and made plays inside the arc to score or pick out teammates. Look for both players, and Malcolm Brogdon off the bench, to push the ball. Whether that’s to get all the way to rim themselves, to kick to a shooter or find a teammate at the basket, Boston is going to want to run a lot in this series.
Again, if Smart and White are making shots, the Celtics will win this matchup, because they won’t give back nearly as many points on the other end of the floor. But if they aren’t, or if Harden is able to finish inside or get to the line with regularity, this will become a potential tipping point.
Starting Forwards
Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown vs P.J. Tucker and Tobias Harris

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are probably the second- and third-best players in this series. They might be the first- and second-best, pending how hobbled Joel Embiid is.
Tatum tends to draw P.J. Tucker on defense. Going back to last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, that’s been to Boston’s advantage. Tucker has struggled to stay with Tatum off the bounce. Tatum has also been content to get to his spot and to shoot over Tucker. In last season’s playoff matchup, Tatum did a nice job getting Tucker into foul trouble with somewhat regularity as well. That would be key, as Tucker not only starts, but also functions as Embiid’s backup.
Brown has a chance to be a transition monster in this series. Philadelphia doesn’t exactly bust back on defense. Boston’s best transition players have been Brown and Derrick White this season, and in the playoffs. In the halfcourt, Brown is too quick for most anyone that Philadelphia puts on him. He did struggle from three in the regular season matchups, but Brown got to the rim or to his midrange pullup almost whenever he wanted.
Both Tatum and Brown will toggle who they are guarding, as well as picking up Harden at times. When Boston is in a double-big lineup, look for Brown to guard James Harden, while Tatum will stick with Harris, with Rob Williams or Al Horford floating off Tucker.
Harris needs to be the guy he was in the first-round sweep of the Nets. He was scoring with regularity and making an impact. Against Boston, Harris’ shooting numbers were fine, but he wasn’t aggressive enough. When guarded by Jaylen Brown, Harris can do a good job of getting to the mid-post area for his turnaround. That’s something that Atlanta was able to do with their forwards. On defense, Harris has to be better than he was in the regular season against Boston. Too often, he was caught flatfooted and Celtics ballhandlers beat him off the dribble.
Tucker is the guy the Celtics will shade help off of, if they bring extra size against Joel Embiid. That’s usually Tatum, or a big when the Celtics are in a double-big lineup. That means Tucker has to make shots, which he did against Boston in the regular season. But it also means Tucker has to take shots, which he didn’t do much of against Boston in the regular season. On defense, Tucker is better served in lineups when the Celtics play two bigs, as he’s more solid as an interior defender than out on the perimeter.
Advantage: Boston. This is Boston’s single biggest advantage in the series. Philadelphia doesn’t have good answers for guarding Tatum or Brown, unless Tucker is allowed to be overly physical.
This matchup, more than any other, is where the Celtics can win the series. Tatum and Brown can’t settle for too many three-pointers, unless they’ve got it going. Getting into the midrange area, against Joel Embiid in drop coverage or all the way to the rim when Embiid is sitting, is huge for Boston.
On the other end, Tatum and Brown need to be disciplined on defense. They can’t overhelp off Tucker, or he can make them pay. And Harris is someone they’ll want to get into on defense. But those two are rarely the focal points of the 76ers offense, so Tatum and Brown will have opportunities to help and double off them.
Starting Center
Al Horford vs Joel Embiid

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

(Note: We’re going to approach this as if Joel Embiid will be healthy enough to play and will be a good version of himself. If that’s not the case, then this is a massive advantage for Boston. Philadelphia’s backup options aren’t making up that big of a difference.)
Embiid is the best player in this series. He’s nearly unstoppable on offense when he’s making jumpers. On defense, he can wreck any chances you have around the rim. He’s also greatly improved as a passer against double-teams.
The Celtics approach to guarding Embiid in the past has been to try and make him a jump-shooter. If he hits a bunch of jumpers, Boston tips their cap and moves on. Another part of that strategy is that it has often tired Embiid out, and he doesn’t have the legs left deep into the fourth quarter.
On defense, the Celtics don’t shy away from making Embiid work. That’s part of their strategy to tire him out, and to occasionally get him in foul trouble. Whether it’s a guard or a wing, look for a heavy dose of Boston going at Embiid in pick-and-roll actions.
When Embiid is in drop coverage, which is most of the time, Boston will get to pullup shots. Those can be threes, but midrange shots are often there too, because Embiid tends to drop deep. Picking out the right shot, will be a key for the Celtics.
When Embiid is up at the level of the ball, whether hedging (more often) or switching (less often), Boston will make Al Horford a big part of the offense. They like to get Horford shots as he spots up or pops off screens. Horford is also adept at slipping the screen and getting into the paint to make a play for himself or to find a shooter as Philadelphia rotates.
Over the last two months, the Celtics have also experimented with using Horford as a movement shooter. They’ll set inverted pin-down screens for Horford to get catch-and-shoot looks. That seems to have been with these types of matchups in mind. If Horford is making shots, and forcing Embiid to play in space, then this matchup becomes slightly closer.
On defense, Horford will do everything he can to frustrate Embiid. He’ll play up on him one play and dropped off on the next. Horford will swipe at the ball one time, then play straight up on the next play. Horford is also very good at shading Embiid to the Celtics designated helpers.
Advantage: Philadelphia. As much as Al Horford and Boston have defended Joel Embiid better than anyone, there is no world where they have the advantage here. Embiid is that good.
If Embiid can’t play, or he’s significantly impacted by the sprained right knee, then this becomes a mess for the 76ers. For them to have a chance in this series, Philadelphia has to have a dominant Embiid. Not a good Embiid. Not a great Embiid. A completely dominant Embiid. And even then, as we’ve seen a lot over the years, it might not be enough.
Malcolm Brogdon, Rob Williams, Grant Williams, Sam Hauser vs De’Anthony Melton, George Niang, Paul Reed, Jalen McDaniels, Shake Milton

Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Boston’s depth is better than Philadelphia’s, almost man for man. Malcolm Brogdon is the best player of this group, even if De’Anthony Melton has had an outstanding season. Rob Williams is more impactful than anyone the Sixers can bring in behind Joel Embiid. And Grant Williams and Sam Hauser should at least match whatever production Georges Niang and Jalen McDaniels bring to the floor.
Brogdon is going to play a lot in this series. His pullup shooting ability against Embiid in drop coverage is huge. Look for that to be a regular weapon for the Celtics. Brogdon will also be asked to guard James Harden quite a bit, and his physical defensive style is a nice matchup to the force Harden plays with.
Rob Williams assignment here is simple: match Paul Reed’s energy and attack the rim on both ends of the floor. Whether that be for dunks on offense or blocks and rebounds on defense, that’s what Williams has to do. Reed is going to play hard and get after it on the glass. The Celtics have to account for him whenever a shot goes up, or it will be a repeat of Onyeka Okongwu causing issues on for Boston on the boards.
Grant Williams and Georges Niang are kind of carbon copies of each other, at least on offense. Both are mostly spot-up shooters and good ball-movers, who will occasionally find themselves finishing around the rim. On defense, Grant Williams’ ability to guard Embiid, and to make him work, will be big. Especially if he’s paired with Rob Williams, which allows Rob to roam and help around the rim.
Hauser and McDaniels are kind of wild-cards. If Hauser is hitting shots, he’ll be a big part of the series. If he’s not, he’ll probably lose playing time to others. McDaniels size and quickness combo might be needed against Boston’s wings on defense, but he’ll also need to make shots to stay on the floor.
There are others who could factor in here. If Embiid is overpowering the Celtics bigs and forcing fouls, Blake Griffin, Luke Kornet and Mike Muscala could all see minutes. On the Sixers side, if Embiid can’t go or is very limited, Montrezl Harrell and possibly Dewayne Dedmon could find themselves with bigger than expected roles. Shake Milton has also been in and out of the rotation too, so that’s something to keep an eye on.
Advantage: Boston. Brogdon is the best player of this group. Boston’s collection of backup bigs is better than Philadelphia’s, even if Paul Reed could cause the Celtics some issues.
The major thing here is that the Celtics have to win non-Embiid minutes. And they have to win them in a major way. That’s arguably one of the biggest keys to who will win this series.
Joe Mazzulla vs Doc Rivers

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Former Celtics coach against current Celtics coach. It’s a matchup where fans of both sides often feel at a disadvantage. But it’s never really as bad as it’s made out to be either.
Mazzulla was both good and bad in his first playoff series leading Boston. He called out his own failures at the end of the Game 5 collapse, and he made some odd rotation decisions, especially with not playing Grant Williams much. But Mazzulla did get Williams in for key minutes in Game 6, and he changed up matchups and coverages against the Hawks too. He also directed some different stuff on offense, including putting Marcus Smart in the middle of the floor late in close games, where he could act as the playmaker when Jayson Tatum was double-teamed.
Rivers is what he is. He runs a fairly rigid rotation, and he goes to all-reserve, or almost all-reserve lineups, far more than anyone is comfortable. But there’s nothing Rivers hasn’t seen at this point of his coaching career. He’ll have his team prepared and he gets them to play hard.
Advantage: Philadelphia. It’s hard to pick against the guy who has won a championship and 108 playoffs games vs the guy who has won one series.
But it’s not like Doc Rivers is going to run circles around Joe Mazzulla. Mazzulla has the better options to go to, and his roster is far more versatile. Mazzulla will probably have to make different adjustments throughout the series, whereas Rivers will run what he runs and hope his team executes at a high enough level.

Celtics in six games.
This is where Joel Embiid’s status comes into play. If Embiid is out or hobbled, the 76ers don’t have a chance at beating the Celtics. They don’t have the depth, nor the matchup advantages elsewhere to overcome missing the likely MVP.
But here’s the thing…the Celtics are a better team than the Sixers by a decent margin even if Embiid does play. It took a monster Embiid performance for Philadelphia to escape with a win against a shorthanded Celtics team. Prior playoff history between the two teams is also a factor here. This is a matchup the Celtics have owned for years now.
That said, Boston can be inconsistent. Their focus still tends to wane when they get too comfortable. Late-game execution has improved, but is still a pretty big work in progress. If shots aren’t falling, and they probably won’t in a game or two of this series, the defense tends to slip.
One major advantage for the Celtics should be in transition. The Sixers improved their transition defense in the first-round just slightly, but that basically went from atrocious to simply bad. If the guys in green run, off turnovers, misses and makes, they should find plenty of scoring opportunities.
If the Celtics play up to their potential, and they should be more focused against a good 76ers team then they were against an overmatched Hawks team, they should win these games. If Embiid misses games, or is ineffective, Boston should really roll in this series. This prediction was a lot closer to “Celtics in five games” than it was “Celtics in six games”. But Boston’s inconsistency, and respect for Embiid and James Harden, necessitated the extra game. […]


George Russell: ‘I’m not just going to wave him by because he’s Max Verstappen in a Red Bull’

The war of words between George Russell and Max Verstappen continued into the Baku evening air.
On the opening lap of Saturday’s Formula One sprint race, Russell and Verstappen battled in one of the first corners on the Baku City Circuit, a left-handed turn near the start. Russell had the inside line, and as the two drivers executed the turn, Verstappen fought on the outside to keep position. Russell made contact with the left side of Verstappen’s RB19, and the defending Drivers’ champion had to fight hard to avoid colliding with the barrier.
You can see the incident from both onboard cameras in this clip from F1:

Verstappen eventually fought back, overtaking Russell after a restart and finishing ahead of the Mercedes driver, in P3. But the incident was not forgotten. Shortly after the finish cameras caught this exchange between the two drivers, with Verstappen still heated after the contact, which ripped a hole in the left sidepod of his RB19:

Verstappen also spoke about the incident following the race:

“Yeah, he’s very good in explaining and creating excuses. I mean, everyone had cold tyres, and I think I had every right to be on the outside. I also didn’t really risk anything too much, I gave him enough space, you know, because I knew we were going side-by-side. But, you know, you need two guys to work together, you know, to make the corner clearly.”
For his part, Russell did not back down from his position post-race, that because he was on the inside at the apex of the corner, he was entitled to the spot on the track:

“I was quite surprised. I thought he was coming over to say ‘good battle’ to be honest. You know, from my side, I was on the inside. The position was already lost from him, and I was really quite surprised he was still trying to hold it on the outside. You know, ever since we’re eight years old in go-karting, if you’re on the inside at the apex of a corner, it’s your corner. And if you try and hold it on the outside, you’re taking the risk.
“You know, I’m here to fight, I’m here to win. I’m not just going to wave him by because he’s Max Verstappen in a Red Bull … I thought the move was on, and that’s about it, really.”
Not surprisingly, the team bosses reflected the viewpoints of their respective drivers.
“George and Max’s contact was a racing incident. One was trying to go around the outside and that is never going to be easy,” said Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff in a statement released to the media, including SBNation. “He picked up damage and that was sub-optimal for his race. It’s understandable that he would be upset but George was defending his position.”
After the race, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner noted that Verstappen is an “elephant,” who will not forget the incident anytime soon. “I think he voiced his opinion to George, it’s probably a good idea he left his crash helmet on!” Horner said of that post-sprint chat between the two drivers.
“But you can understand that, he’s a competitive driver and when you get damage to your car and it affects your race, I’d be disappointed if he was just happy with that,” continued Horner. “He’s like an elephant, he’ll remember that, he’ll bank that for a while.”
How long Verstappen holds onto the memory is anyone’s guess, and the incident could linger beyond Baku. While Verstappen is starting in P2 on Sunday, Russell, who failed to advance to Q3 in Friday’s qualifying sessions, begins the Grand Prix in P11. […]


600,000 Patriots March in Jerusalem to Save the Holy Land from Biden Regime Insurrection!

Photo: Regavim

An estimated 600.000 patriots demonstrated in Jerusalem in favor of the conservative government Thursday as left-wing radicals were arrested for attacking economics minister Nir Barkat in Tel Aviv.
Patriotic NGOs Im Tirtzu, Regavim and others had called for a “Million Man March”  on the day after Israel’s 75th birthday to show support of the right-wing government’s attempts to clean up the Justice System, which has been highjacked by far-left activists.
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich spoke at the demonstration outside the Knesset:  “Look how much strength we have. They have the media and tycoons who finance demonstrations. We have the majority of the people, who demand and give us full backing to fix what needs to be fixed. The people demand judicial reform and they will get it. We will not give up,” Smotrich said.

“It’s amazing to see here all the hundreds of thousands of people who came to say: ‘Reform now! Reform now!’”, said National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir:  “You are patriots! You are lovers of the people of Israel! You are the beautiful people of Israel! Those [left-wing protest] organizers – like (former Prime Minister) Ehud Barak – don’t just care about the reform, they care that the right is in power. They did not accept that we won the elections, they are not ready to accept it, they will do everything to damage us and harm the State of Israel.”

I thank the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who came to Jerusalem tonight to support our government. Your passion and patriotism moves me deeply. pic.twitter.com/F0aC0ETAFd
— Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו (@netanyahu) April 27, 2023

Economics Minister Nir Barkat was attacked by anti-government protestors while he was walking to his car in Tel Aviv Thursday evening. “The rioters confronted and physically Barkat’s security guards while attempting to reach the minister and harm him. A police officer who attempted to protect Barkat was injured and taken to the hospital. Several attackers were arrested”, Arutz Sheva reported.
“There is no excuse for violence. Violence undermines the foundation of democracy and may lead to the destruction of the country and our transformation into a country without law and order. I wish a speedy recovery to the policeman who was injured and was taken to the hospital. Everyone has the right to demonstrate, but no one has the right to act violently.” Barkat said.
The far-left “Color Revolution” insurrection in Israel is backed by George Soros’ New Israel Fund and the Biden Regime, as Gateway Pundit has reported. Fortunately, patriots are standing strong in the Holy Land.

[embedded content] […]


ABC News Host Tells RFK Jr. He’s Too Critical of the CIA, Proceeds to Censor Him While Speaking About Vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently sat down with ABC News host Linsey Davis to talk about his 2024 presidential run.
At the beginning of his ABC News appearance, Davis asked Kennedy, besides working as an environmental lawyer for three decades, “What do you feel qualifies you to have the highest position in the land?”
Kennedy responded, “I think I know more about how to fix regulatory agencies than any other politician in this country because I spent 40 years suing them.”
Davis asked, “How would you do that? You have been very critical of multiple government agencies from the CIA, EPA, DOT, CDC the FDA… How would you run those?”
RFK Jr. replied, “The problem is the people who rise to power in those agencies are usually the people who are in the tank with industry and are willing to carry water for industry.”


ABC Host Says RFK Jr. Is Too Critical of the CIA #Kennedy24 pic.twitter.com/YjgHyKpBMH
— The Triune Times (@TriuneTimes) April 28, 2023

Later in the interview, Davis changed the topic to vaccines and stated Kennedy’s claims that some vaccines lead to autism has been “debunked.”
Kennedy asked, “Who debunked it?”
Davis stated,  “We have not seen any scientific connection from the CDC and the WHO.”
Robert Kennedy Jr. shot back, “Those organizations are captive agencies.”
To conclude the interview, Davis noted they censored Kennedy in some parts of the interview and said, “During our conversation Kennedy made false claims about the Covid-19 vaccines… We’ve used our editorial judgement and not including extended portions of that exchange in our interview.”

NEW – ABC News Censors Robert F. Kennedy Jr During His Primetime Interview, Citing ‘False Claims’ About Vaccines
“During our conversation Kennedy made false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines…We’ve used our editorial judgement and not included extended portions of that… pic.twitter.com/6cxCZV8QBk
— Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) April 28, 2023

Watch the full interview here:
[embedded content] […]