Jim Keller suggests Nvidia should have used Ethernet to stitch together Blackwell GPUs — Nvidia could have saved billions

As a strong supporter of open standards, Jim Keller tweeted that Nvidia should have used the Ethernet protocol chip-to-chip connectivity in Blackwell-based GB200 GPUs for AI and HPC. Keller contends this could have saved Nvidia and users of its hardware a lot of money. It would have also made it a bit easier for those customers to migrate their software to different hardware platforms, which Nvidia doesn’t necessarily want.When Nvidia introduced its GB200 GPU for AI and HPC applications, the company primarily focused on its AI performance and advanced memory subsystem, telling little about how the device was made. Meanwhile, Nvidia’s GB200 GPU comprises two compute processors stitched together using TSMC’s CoWoS-L packaging technology and the NVLink interconnection technology, which uses a proprietary protocol. This isn’t an issue for those who already use Nvidia’s hardware and software, but this poses a challenge for the industry in porting software from Nvidia’s platforms.There is a reason why Jim Keller, a legendary CPU designer and chief executive officer of Tenstorrent, an Nvidia rival, suggests that Nvidia should have used Ethernet instead of proprietary NVLink. Nvidia’s platforms use proprietary low-latency NVLink for chip-to-chip and server-to-server communications (which compete against PCIe with the CXL protocol on top) and proprietary InfiniBand connections for higher-tier comms. To maximize performance, the software is tuned for both technologies’ peculiarities. For obvious reasons, this could somewhat complicate software porting to other hardware platforms, which is good for Nvidia and not exactly suitable for its competitors. There is a catch, though. Ethernet is a ubiquitous technology both on the hardware and software level, and it is a competitor to Nvidia’s low-latency and high-bandwidth (up to 200 GbE) InfiniBand interconnection for data centers. Performance-wise, Ethernet (particularly next-generation 400 GbE and 800 GbE) can compete with InfiniBand. However, InfiniBand still has some advantages regarding features for AI and HPC and superior tail latencies, so some might say that Ethernet’s capabilities don’t cater to emerging AI and HPC workloads. Meanwhile, the industry — spearheaded by AMD, Broadcom, Intel, Meta, Microsoft, and Oracle — is developing the Ultra Ethernet interconnection technology, poised to offer higher throughput and features for AI and HPC communications. Of course, Ultra Ethernet will become a more viable competitor to Nvidia’s InfiniBand for these sorts of workloads.Of course, Nvidia needs to develop data center platforms to use here and now, which is probably at least part of its desire to spend billions on proprietary technologies. If open-standard technologies like PCIe with CXL and Ultra Ethernet will outpace Nvidia’s proprietary NVLink and InfiniBand technologies regarding performance and capabilities, Nvidia will have to redevelop its platforms, so Keller advises (or trolls) that Nvidia should adopt Ethernet. However, this may be years away, so for now, Nvidia’s designs continue to leverage proprietary interconnects.Join the experts who read Tom’s Hardware for the inside track on enthusiast PC tech news — and have for over 25 years. We’ll send breaking news and in-depth reviews of CPUs, GPUs, AI, maker hardware and more straight to your inbox. […]


Shocker: Federal Judge Refuses to Toss Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges

Photo by Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images
In January federal prosecutors urged the judge in charge to reject Hunter Biden’s efforts to dismiss the gun charges brought against him.
This came after the prosecutors revealed that the brown leather gun pouch used by Hunter Biden tested positive for cocaine residue.
This case against Hunter delves back to 2018 when an investigation into Hunter Biden led to the discovery of the questionable substance on his gun pouch. The analysis, carried out by an FBI chemist, authenticated that the residue found was indeed cocaine. This alarming find was part of a broader court filing that was intended to bolster the case against Hunter Biden.
Last year, Hunter Biden was indicted on federal gun charges. He faced indictment in a Delaware court on three counts relating to his possession of a firearm while using drugs.
These charges include one count of making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm, one count of making a false statement related to information required to be kept by a federal firearms licensed dealer, and one count of possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.

Two of these counts carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the third count has a maximum of five years.
Hunter Biden, a member of the favored class in America today, pleaded not guilty to three firearms charges at his arraignment.
Special Counsel David Weiss brought these charges after the DOJ’s sweetheart plea deal, which was initially expected to be a part of Hunter Biden’s resolution for the case, fell apart last August.
The Gateway Pundit was fist to report back in October 2020 that Hunter’s then-lover and deceased brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, tossed the gun in the trash. Hunter admitted this in an online conversation with his family when they accused him of inappropriate conduct in front of a child.
Hunter filmed himself naked with a gun and kept the video on his laptop from hell.
Hunter Biden walks free today. He comes from a family of Democrats.
On Friday, a Delaware judge refused to toss Hunter Biden’s gun charges. This must have come as a surprise to the family.
The AP reported:
A federal judge in Delaware refused Friday to throw out a federal gun case against Hunter Biden, rejecting the president’s son’s claim that he is being prosecuted for political purposes as well as other arguments.
U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika’s ruling increases the prospect that Biden could face trial in the case as early as June, in the midst of his father’s reelection campaign. His efforts to scuttle the other criminal case he faces in California involving tax allegations have also failed.
Norieka denied several defense requests to dismiss the case charging Biden with lying about his drug use in October 2018 on a form to buy a gun that he kept for about 11 days.
His lawyers had argued the case was politically motivated and asserted that an immunity provision from an original plea deal that fell apart still holds. They had also challenged the appointment of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss as special counsel to lead the prosecution.
Noreika, who was appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump, has not yet ruled on a challenge to the constitutionality of the gun charges. […]


Southern Nevada Health District Issues Health Alert After Las Vegas Visitor May Have Spread Measles

The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) has issued a health alert after it was confirmed that a visitor to the Las Vegas Strip may have spread measles, a highly contagious virus.
This case comes on the heels of recent warnings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the rise in measles cases both nationally and globally.
The person who tested positive for measles traveled from out of state and was present in Las Vegas from April 1 to April 6, KTNV reported.
During this time, the individual visited several locations where others may have been exposed to the virus.

Potential exposure sites, as identified by the SNHD, include:

MGM Grand
Grand Wok Noodle Bar, April 1 at approximately 5 p.m.
International Smoke Restaurant, April 2 at approximately 5 p.m.
MGM Fitness Center, April 2 at approximately 9 a.m.
Cirque du Soleil’s Ka, April 2
Food court at MGM, April 3
Harry Reid International Airport (Terminal 1), April 6 arriving at approximately 6 a.m. and departing from the A7 – A15 Gate area at approximately 9 a.m.

The SNHD release stated that “in addition to these known locations, the individual visited various places throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.”
Health officials warned that the measles virus can linger in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves an area. Symptoms typically develop within seven to 21 days after exposure and include fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes, and a distinctive rash that usually appears soon after the initial symptoms. Individuals can transmit measles for about four days before and after the rash appears.
During January 1, 2020–March 28, 2024, CDC was notified of 338 confirmed measles cases; 97 (29%) of these cases occurred during the first quarter of 2024, representing a more than seventeenfold increase over the mean number of cases reported during the first quarter of 2020–2023
The CDC blamed the “renewed threat” of the highly contagious airborne disease, which was completely eliminated in the United States in 2000, due to people not getting vaccinated.
“The U.S. measles elimination status will continue to be threatened by global increases in measles incidence and decreases in global, national, and local measles vaccination coverage,” the CDC said in a report.
“Risk for widespread U.S. measles transmission remains low because of high population immunity. However, because of the increase in cases during the first quarter of 2024, additional activities are needed to increase U.S. routine measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination coverage, especially among close-knit and undervaccinated communities. These activities include encouraging vaccination before international travel and rapidly investigating suspected measles cases,” it added. […]


Supporter Who Warmly Embraced President Trump at Chick-fil-A Rips into the Media’s False Narrative: “Isn’t Honest About Black Community’s Support” (Video)

On Wednesday, President Trump arrived in Atlanta for a high-dollar fundraiser. On the way, he stopped at a local Chick-fil-A, where he was warmly received by workers and HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) students. 
One of the students who greeted President Trump was Michaelah Montgomery, founder of Conserve the Culture.
Montgomery shouted to the President, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you,” before a smiling Trump invited her for a picture and an appreciative hug.
Montgomery joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss her experience and had harsh words for the media.
Speaking to Lawrence Jones, Montgomery said, “The general consensus or social media would have you thinking that if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] campuses … that like, some angry mob would form or a riot would ensue and that he would not be welcome, and clearly the sentiment in that room the other day was the complete opposite.”

“He was very welcome. People were excited to see him. People showed up in support of him, and people, of course, were from all four institutions within the AUC [Atlanta University Center], the local HBCU community in Atlanta, and they all showed up in support of him,” she added.
Recalling the interaction she said, “I really appreciate that we were able to not only let him know that regardless of what social media says… I know they’re trying to make us think we’re supposed to hate you, but we don’t.”
“And additionally, it was a learning experience for my students because they were able to see and experience firsthand how the media can warp that perception of an opinion or a person.”
“Because, like I said, to think that these students who attend these illustrious institutions aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions, so much so that they would only show support for Trump because he bought chicken sandwiches and milkshakes… that in itself is the most disturbing part of it all.”
She continued, “Especially when you think about the fact that it was mainly urban media outlets that were doing everything in their power to turn other Black people against these young Black kids who simply were not shy to explore other options.”
Montgomery points to his rump’s authenticity and his ability to communicate clearly regarding his agenda for his rising poll numbers in the Black community.
In 2020, Trump made significant gains among black voters and in 2024, the numbers are even greater.
According to a new Wall Street Journal poll, Trump’s support among black men and women has doubled since 2020.
“They feel like he’s honest. They feel like this is somebody who, while we might not agree with how he says things, how he goes about things, at least he’s telling us what it is,” Montgomery shared.
“We don’t feel like this is a snake in the grass waiting for his chance to bite us. This is somebody who’s telling us this is what my plan is. Here’s how I plan to execute it. Here’s the people involved, and here’s how you can get involved.”
She continued, “They just feel like he’s more relatable. They really feel like this is somebody who’s talking to them and not just saying what they want to hear.”
[embedded content] […]


Mike Benz on the FBI’s Lawless Use of FISA Spying: “This Is the Most Corrupt Agency, the Most Lawless… We Will Know There Are Checks and Balances When We See Them in Jail” (VIDEO)

Natalie Winters and Mike Benz on The War Room.
Mike Benz the founder and executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online joined Natalie Winters on The War Room on Friday evening to discuss the House vote to recertify FISA spying on American citizens.
Benz believes the FBI is the most corrupt agency, the most lawless in the country.  And the only way “we will know there are checks and balances is when we see them in jail.”
So true.  The more the lawless government agencies are allowed to abuse the American public with no consequence – the more the lawless government agencies will continue to abuse Americans without concern of any consequence.
Where are the good guys in the GOP?
Via the War Room.

Mike Benz: I share an identical rage that I feel emanating from you here. For him to take to the press conference like that and pivot to the border on exciting all the principles. If we don’t have a border, we don’t have a country. – This idea that, Oh, don’t worry about it, there’s checks and balances on it now. No, there’s not. It’s an empty check. It’s a blank check for the FBI to do whatever it wants, and it’s bluster instead of balances. FISA is, as Senator Mike Lee said it best, “Federal investigators stalking Americans.” And there’s something very sick and twisted about what’s happening right now with the FISA fight vis-a-vis the Republican Party. The Republican Party is in the middle of a civil war between the internationalist sect of the GOP, the blob sect of it, versus the Nationalist wing of the GOP, the populist faction. And FISA will not be used on the blob side, the internationalist side of the GOP. That side of the GOP associated with big international businesses is associated with the energy market, associated with the military.
In that empire managerial class of the GOP, FISA is not an issue to them. It won’t be used on them, but it will be used on their opposition in the GOP Civil War. Every single right wing populist, nationalist, Republican is a target of FISA.
FISA is this idea that you can get around the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and use the Department of Dirty Tricks Power that our foreign policy establishment has to spy on foreigners, to spy on Americans, if you simply use the word counterintelligence instead of intelligence. We’re not doing intelligence spying on our own people. We’re doing counterintelligence spying on our people because they might be being spied on by Russia.
The foreign policy establishment, the Blob, has an in-process plan to seize Eurasia from Russia. Anyone who is nationalist populist, who decides United States has a high-profile voice or any political power, who wants to undermine Ukraine funding, who wants to roll back the ability to carry out war in Eurasia, they are immediately a counterintelligence target of FISA. Any crooked FBI agent can make the argument that if you do not support another 60 billion this year, 100 billion later this year, a trillion over the next five years to Ukraine, then you are helping Russia. Well, why are you helping Russia? Well, we better find out to decide if you have Russian contacts.
So boom, now they can tap your WiFi device. They can listen to your phone while you’re on the toilet or while you’re making love to your spouse. This is the most corrupt agency, the most lawless. We will know there’s checks and balances when we see them in jail. Peter Strzock was the head of counterintelligence for the FBI, and he tapped dance in front of the world after saying, “We have an insurance plan to make sure that the duly elected President doesn’t become President.”
This FISA trick is a thumby war between the two sides of the GOP and using this foreign-facing, dirty power to basically do that cheap thing with the pinky finger. That’s what’s going on here, and that’s why Mike Johnson is behind it.
Natalie Winters: I’m just curious how you think FISA, taking a step back from the actual current battle at hand right now, but how FISA fits into the broader weaponization that you’ve talked about, particularly on the censorship, the misinformation, disinformation front. How important of a fight is this in the context of all the ways that they have weaponized against us?
Mike Benz: Yeah. What it is, it is the FBI’s toolkit side of when you are losing in a fair fight in terms of voters and the electorate so you need to resort to dirty tricks like censorship or like prosecution or like mass domestic spying on everything to find the crime because every minute of life you’re being monitored by the FBI.
Just like with censorship, the only faction that was ever censored were populace, which was in this country, that’s MAGA Republicans, Nationalist populist Republicans, not Dick Cheney Republicans. It’s all one side because the blob side of the GOP is losing the Civil War within the party, losing power to the populist faction. And they’re also losing in the general with all the polls now showing Trump up 5-7 points in each of the seven battleground states. So as they continue to lose harder and harder in a fair fight, they are resorting to the rigging, basically loading up the gloves with a weight to try to win it in a rigged way. And FISA is rigging it through, essentially, the tortuous process of an American secret police.
Natalie Winters: I mean, how rich is it that you have Mike Johnson standing up there thinking that, oh, well, if I just say the words border security and I loop it together with election integrity, the MAGA base, they’re going to be happy. The War Room posse, they’re not going to call. They’re going to see that we’re actually doing… No, we’ve seen through you on day one. You guys have done absolutely nothing on the Southern border except a performative impeachment of Mayorkas, which you guys couldn’t really even follow through. And it was cagey if you could even really get there. Didn’t see Mike Johnson Wilson going down to Mar-a-Lago doing press conferences on that. I didn’t see him calling conference-wide calls or meetings on that. No, it’s only been on Ukraine aid and FISA that shows you what his priorities are. Mike, I really think you are in some ways, I would say, one of the leading experts on the government censorship, this dark money that is funneled through the government to skirt the First Amendment to use these various NGOs to then go after, like you said, the MAGA movement. I’m just curious in your estimation, we’ve focused a lot on this show as of late, how they know Trump’s going to win, right? Or at least in the polls, he’s dominating. And they’ve been cutting out these various ways, whether it was reupping the ad hominem attacks. They try to pretend like they’re tough on immigration, of course, the law fare.
But do you think that this doubling down on FISA, the spying on American citizens, of course, this dovetails quite nicely, I think, with a lot of their talk about cyber security your domestic terrorist threats because you voted for President Trump. Do you think that this is a marker for how they’re going to try to start shaping the narrative ahead of the 2024 election? In other words, they’re basically treating us like foreign terrorists. It’s not even domestic ones, right? They’ve upped the level. How do you think this fits into the 2024 election narrative?
Mike Benz: Yeah. I mean, say it with me now. Russiagate now, Russiagate tomorrow, Russiagate forever. Russiagate will never die, and And FISA is the ultimate weapon to be able to skewer anybody ensnared in a RussiGate allegation because the Atlantic’s Foreign Policy Faction’s goal is to seize Eurasia from Russia and using US taxpayer funds to fund that war. And if Americans decide, you know what? We want to focus on ourselves. We want to build our own roads. We want to be able to have affordable housing, affordable health care. We want to be able to build our own beautiful kingdom. And what’s happening in Eurasia is basically for the benefit of a bunch of oil and gas companies and a bunch of military contractors and a bunch of chamber of commerce companies that don’t even have their manufacturing here anymore. And while that fragile quasi-military, quasi-political campaign is being waged, and we are in decade, I don’t know, seven of that. As long as that is the plan of the Atlantacist’s foreign policy blob, Russiagate will always be here as the ghost hanging over everyone who wants to focus on our own domestic priorities because of the dirty trick power of being able to use a FISA-type power, a foreign-facing, dirty trick power, in order to knock out a domestic political opponent who is undermining support for that Atlanta’s foreign policy blob.
And so they’re intricately interconnected. The Internet censorship apparatus in this country was established through RussiaGate. And then once RussiaGate basically temporarily died in the summer of 2019 with the Muhler probe having nothing to back it up, then they simply transitioned to a democracy predicate, which is the same foreign policy watchword used to overthrow governments. It’s the same dirty trick except FISA arms the FBI. So as soon as RussiGate 3.0 breaks out in full, FISA is going to be weaponized to try to purge the Republican Party of any dissidence to clear the way for a Nikki Haley or Dick Cheney type Republican to take the helm again. […]


SILENCER SATURDAY #324: Countries Where The Suppressors Roam Free

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the brand new YHM 338 Bad Larry Suppressor. Last week Pete discussed suppressors with defined borders. This week I am taking over, in Pete’s absence, and the subject is countries where the suppressors roam free, with a focus on the “suppressor” belt in the Nordic.
Suppressors Made In The Nordic @ TFB:

A JP Rifles .22LR NC22 with a Jaki suppressor, shooting steel at 200 yards. Cheap, silent and super-fun!
In Norway, Sweden and Finland suppressors, silencers, sound moderators or whatever you like to call them are basically not regulated, as long as you legally own a compatible firearm. The initial background check is already done with the firearms permit, and continuously monitored by the Police. If you commit a serious crime, you will loose the permit and cannot own the suppressor either.
Glock 45 MOS FS TB. TB stands for Threaded barrel. One has a Norwegian A-Tec suppressor, the other will soon.
To my knowledge, no research has been done to see if crime rates increase, decrease or change at all due to suppressors being (more or less) unregulated for gun owners in these Nordic countries. I have certainly never seen anything in the media suggesting an increase in gun violence due to free suppressors. This leads me to a conclusion that the existance of suppressors has no effect on the crime rates.
One of the solutions I’m looking at for DMR competitions. An A-Tec Marksman PRS suppressor, with a ported exit. I love this look!
Very important note: To avoid this article becoming too massive, here’s a brief explanation of the rules for sound suppressors or silencers for each country. As you surely can understand, this is a vast and complex subject, with possible exceptions (especially for travelling, importing and exporting), so make sure you check out the exact details if you have a specific case.
A-Tec Carbon Wave for .22LR Rimfire. This suppressor also fits pistols like the SIG Sauer P322.
All the translations are done from the original language into English by Google Translate, but some parts are in bold to stand out.
The Norwegian legislation:
Silencers and sights are not considered weapon parts and you can get them without applying for the police’s permission.
It is forbidden to own or possess silencers for firearms subject to registration without the police’s permission. The requirement for police permission does not apply to the holder of a valid weapons card who, by presenting this together with valid identification, can acquire a silencer, directly from a dealer or manufacturer, for weapons listed in the weapons card. 
The requirement for the police’s permission also does not apply to the holder of a valid firearms license who manufactures a silencer for his own use for a weapon listed in the firearms license when the person concerned notifies the police before the manufacture starts, or for silencers that were acquired before 1 January 2001 for legally registered firearms.
The Swedish legislation:
A success story, since most gun laws rarely change for the better. Suppressors were regulated as a part of a firearm until 2022, when the law changed. The basic rule is now that if you own a legal firearm with permit, and the suppressor fits the firearm, no further permit is needed. You can buy a suppressor at a gun dealer and leave with it in the same moment. The first few days the sales of suppressors increased like crazy, but the drama is over and back to normal levels.
Rules for silencers
Silencers should not be equated with firearms, but instead regulated in basically the same way as ammunition.
Transfer of silencer
Transfer may only take place to the person who has permission or the right to possess silencers. Anyone who wants to hand over a silencer is therefore obliged to check that the buyer has permission or the right to possess it. The transferor must check that the silencer fits the receiver’s weapon, which normally means that both the weapon and the weapons license (or loan document) must be available to the transferor. Merely presenting a weapons license is normally not enough because it cannot be determined from this whether the silencer fits the weapon.
To clearify, to purchase ammunition in Sweden you have to present a firearms permit to buy the corresponding ammunition. With a suppressor, you need to have a threading (and caliber, although it isn’t clearly mentioned), or attachment system which is compatible with your firearm.
The Finnish legislation:
The possession and use of a sound suppressor is regulated by the Firearms Act (Asetus Aseista ja Ampuma-aseista) and the Firearms Decree (Laki ampuma-aseista ja ampumaradoista).
Suppressors are considered firearm components, but can be used without requiring any separate licensing.
Section 3
Weapon parts
Weapon part refers to a frame, upper and lower frame, box, barrel, casing, cartridge drum, cartridge chamber, cylinder or another breech piece with frame, a breech head, a silencer and parts that functionally correspond to these.
In Iceland and Denmark, also part of the Nordic area, it seems that suppressors are still regulated and need a specific permit. Do you know of more countries where suppressors are free? Let us know in the comments.
Over the years I have taken several images, where suppressors have been used with success. Here you’ll find some examples in various situations.
Below: Precision Rifle Series. Here shooting 50 cm round steel at 899 meters. In my opinion, you get a nicer, and somewhat softer recoil with this setup. It’s also much nicer for the people in the near vincinity, as well as those living nearby, or just passing the area.

Below: The new Kestrel KST-1000 shot timer has no problems picking up a suppressed .223 Rem. Most timers also work with suppressed 9 mm and .22LR, if you change the sensitivity.

Below you can see the inside of the Finnish Jaki suppressor. Simple, yet very efficent sound reduction. The Jaki rimfire suppressor is about 100 USD, including 25% VAT, so some consider it a consumable instead of cleaning it.

Below: The Barrett M107A1-S with a Pulsar thermal riflescope and one of the biggest suppressors I’ve ever seen. Here shooting steel at 1000 yards.

Below: B&T APC9 with an A-Tech three-lug SMG suppressor and a Glock 45 with an A-Tech PMM-6. With 9 mm subs these firearms become fairly quiet, but I would still certainly recommend hearing protection., specially if there are walls and other reflecting objects nearby.

Below: Hera Arms 18″ hunting legal in Sweden, but used for DMR competition here. Suppressor from Silent Steel (Finland).

Gas gun DMR, running suppressed. All Ranger Officers will approve this concept.

Below: The A-TEC SMG (I wonder where they got the name from…) with three-lug attachment. The new Schmidt & Bender 6-36x riflescope is quite overkill for this gun.

Below: Fully automatic firearms for Full Auto Friday, with a suppressed M4 at the Republic Gun Club in Waco, Texas. Great place!

Below: Solvent traps or suppressors free? Photo from a recent Gun Show in Ft. Worth.

Below: A Midsummer dream! Shooting the JP rifles rimfire with a Jaki suppressor at an event. The action and the ringing from the steel sounds more than the rifle itself. Events like this are great for beginners, as it takes most of the noise and recoil out of the equation and people can focus on the basics instead.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you liked my guest appearance. If not, my excuse is that I was left unsupervised. Pete should be back next Saturday, and put things back in order. Until then, and forever, stay safe.

DEALERS: If you want your link to buy YHM suppressors included in future Silencer Saturday […]


Illegal Alien Tries to Rob Bank in Ohio Using a Translator App Because He Couldn’t Figure Out How to Say “Put the Money in the Bag” (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez handing his phone to the bank tellers. (FOX 8)
In a bizarre twist to bank robbery attempts, an alleged illegal immigrant tried to rob a bank in Sandusky, Ohio using a translator app on his phone to demand money from the tellers.
The suspect, identified as 20-year-old Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez from Venezuela, found himself in the grips of the law shortly after his failed attempt.
The incident happened on April 4, when local police were alerted to a suspicious individual inside a bank who was attempting to communicate with the tellers via his phone, without speaking, FOX 8 reported.
According to Sandusky Police Chief Jared Oliver, the security footage from the bank clearly showed Brito-Gonzalez using the translator app to convey messages such as “get the money” and “put the money in the bag” to the bank staff.
Despite his efforts, the tellers did not comply with his demands, leading Brito-Gonzalez to leave the premises empty-handed. His departure from the scene was short-lived, however, as Sandusky officers apprehended him nearby shortly after the incident.

Screenshot: Sandusky Police Department
“This is certainly a first for us,” Chief Oliver commented to FOX 8. “In my over 20 years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen someone attempt to use a translator app as a means to commit a crime like this.”
Upon his arrest, a Spanish-speaking officer communicated with Brito-Gonzalez, who revealed that he had recently lost his job and was in desperate need of money. Despite his dire financial situation, Brito-Gonzalez denied any intention of robbing the bank, claiming instead that he had merely asked the bank to give him money.
Now, Brito-Gonzalez is facing charges including attempted robbery, attempted theft, and criminal trespassing. The case has also caught the attention of federal authorities, with Chief Oliver disclosing that customs and border control have placed a hold on Brito-Gonzalez, raising questions about his legal status in the country.

An illegal migrant from Venezuela tried to rob a bank in Sadusky, Ohio.
The only problem?
He couln’t figure out how to say “give me your money” so he had to type it into a translator app…
By the time he was done, police arrived. pic.twitter.com/bGn1tffdGy
— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) April 12, 2024 […]


HUGE! Georgia State Election Board Now Admits to Violations of Election Law in 2020 Election – Hearing on May 7 – Emerald Robinson Weighs in (VIDEO)

Emerald Robinson and investigator Joe Rossi from Georgia on The Absolute Truth.
The Georgia State Election Board admitted to violation of election law in the 2020 election.
The State Election Board admitted to this in a recent letter to investigator Joseph Rossi.
The Georgia Election Board says in their letter to Rossi, “The matter is in the violation found category.”
Here is the letter below.

Emerald Robinson at The Absolute Truth on Frank Speech reported late Friday that the long awaited report from an investigation (SEB2023-025) into errors found in both the hand count & a machine count from the 2020 presidential election in Fulton County is officially on the agenda for a May 7th State Election Board meeting.
The investigation found violations into both the hand audit and machine count according to citizen investigator Joe Rossi.
Emerald spoke with Joseph Rossi this week.
Emerald Robinson: It looks like a new subpoena to the Secretary of State’s office as part of the Fannie Willis RICO case, might just force the board’s hand. Here to give us all the details as the source of these developments, Mr. Joe Rossi, who is the concerned citizen investigator who prompted the investigation into the discrepancies in the 2020 election count in Fulton County, Georgia. Joe, it’s good to see you. Tell us what you’re learning.
Joe Rossi: …As of last night, I also learned that it is now going to be on the agenda for the May seventh State Election Board hearing. As you may recall, as you mentioned, it got pulled at the last minute. It was noted as complete with violations found. It was pulled at the last minute before the December 19th hearing. And then for reasons, I don’t know why, it never got put on the February hearing. But now it looks like Between the subpoena or other pressures, it looks like it’s going to finally be on the agenda, or at least we hope so, for the May seventh SEB hearing. That’s the status of the hearing.
Emerald Robinson: Just a reminder, our viewers, now we’re talking about defendants in the Fannie Willis RICO case. There were 18 defendants along with Donald J. Trump. We don’t know which one of those defendants has subpoenaed the Secretary of State’s office, but look, it’s relevant. This report is relevant to pretty much every defendant’s case who has not yet pleaded guilty or done some deal with the county. This machine count, the count cannot be reconciled with the recount on December third. You know, you had heard before the meeting was scheduled in December that it shows that there were errors, and it points to errors, lies, and a cover up, correct?…
Watch the entire segment below.

BREAKING: The long awaited report from an investigation (SEB2023-25) into errors found in both the hand count & a machine count from the 2020 presidential election in Fulton Co. is officially on the agenda for a May 7th State Election Board meeting!
The investigation found… pic.twitter.com/zwm3wNyy7E
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Intel’s latest CPUs run so hot that delidding has become common — EKWB introduces world’s first AIO liquid cooler designed for delidded CPUs

Thanks to the rise of sky-high modern-day CPU power consumption, EKWB has built the world’s first All-In-One liquid cooler tailored specifically for delidded Intel 12th,13th, and 14th Gen CPUs. EK says the new cooler was inspired by the huge surge of PC users delidding their CPUs to enhance performance. The company has also redesigned its direct-die AMD and Intel waterblocks for custom loops and is offering free replacement parts for its existing lineup to improve performance. The company is also offering a 15% discount on the newer models for impacted customers, which we’ll cover a bit further below.The AIO, known as the EK-Nucleus CR360, is a 360mm AIO designed only for delidded LGA 1700 Intel CPUs. The contact plate on the bottom of the pump block has been modified to support delidded CPUs featuring a large indent in the middle to cool the CPU die. The cooler comes with three EK 120mm RGB illuminated fans, an RGB-illuminated pump block, and sleeved cables. EKWB’s new AIO lowers the entry barrier for direct die CPU cooling massively. Its price is only $183.99, which is a lot cheaper than most custom loops, even ones that only factor in the CPU. An All-In-One solution is also substantially simpler to install since the entire system is put together as one whole unit. With custom loops, you have to build your setup from the ground up and fill up the system manually with coolant — which can potentially lead to a coolant leak for new builders.Image […]


UCLA Medical School Talk Titled “Depathologizing Resistance” Glorifies “Self-Immolation” as a Form of “Revolutionary Suicide”

UCLA Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry hosted a talk on April 2 titled “Depathologizing Resistance,” which glorified self-immolation as a form of “revolutionary suicide.”
The talk was delivered by two UCLA psychiatry residents, Drs. Ragda Izar and Afaf Moustafa who seemed to encourage and even celebrate suicidal ideation.
According to The Free Beacon, which obtained slides and video from the talk, the disturbing remarks were “centered on the suicide of Aaron Bushnell, the U.S. serviceman who set himself on fire in February to protest U.S. support for Israel—or, as Izar put it,’”indigenous Palestine.’”
The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Bushnell, an active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force, carried out the shocking act of self-immolation outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, according to officials from the Air Force and local law enforcement.

In the video, Bushnell, dressed in military uniform, said, “I am an active duty member of the United States Air Force, and I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I’m about to engage in an extreme act of protest. But, compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it’s not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.”
He then set himself on fire, shouting “Free Palestine.”
“Depathologizing Resistance” implied that a break from sane and normal behavior is less a sign of mental illness and more that an individual could be considered a “martyr who responded rationally.”
Via The Free Beacon:

Bushnell had shown signs of mental distress before he died,according to a police report, and was widely seen as a casualty of mental illness. The presentation argued he could also be considered a “martyr,” a man in full control of his mental faculties who had responded rationally to a “genocide” unfolding thousands of miles away.
“Yes, he carried a lot of distress,” Izar said, according to audio of the talk reviewed by the Free Beacon. “But does that mean the actions he engaged in are any less valid?”
Isn’t it normal, she continued, “to be distressed when you’re seeing this level of carnage” in Gaza?

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At UCLA, Izar and Moustafa, who are practicing psychiatrists, argued that self-immolation is a reasonable response to geopolitical events and that the taboo against it serves “the interests of power.” By “perpetuating the stigma of self-immolation,” they said, psychiatrists “discredit” resistance to “power structures” like “colonization,” “homophobia,” and “white supremacy,” framing legitimate acts of protest as signs of psychiatric dysfunction.
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Can’t believe this has to be said, but if you’re considering suicide no matter the method, please DON’T. If your psychiatrist encourages your suicidal ideation, run as fast as you can. Please, please, don’t kill yourself. There is hope and help. Suicide Hotline: Dial 988. https://t.co/hQ9TPqZ8Tr
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