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Brain Implant Uses Graphene Instead of Metal Probes

Implantable electrodes for the (human) brain have been around for a many decades in the form of Utah arrays and kin, but these tend to be made out of metal, which can cause issues when stimulating the surrounding neurons with an induced current. This is due to faradaic processes between the metal probe and an electrolyte (i.e. the cerebrospinal fluid). Over time this can result in insulating deposits forming on the probe’s surface, reducing their effectiveness.
Graphene-based, high-resolution cortical brain interface (Credit: Inbrain Neuroelectronics)
Now a company called InBrain claims to have cracked making electrodes out of graphene, following a series of tests on non-human test subjects. Unlike metal probes, these carbon-based probes should be significantly more biocompatible even when used for brain stimulation as with the target goal of treating the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.
During the upcoming first phase human subjects would have these implants installed where they would monitor brain activity in Alzheimer’s patients, to gauge how well their medication is helping with the symptoms like tremors. Later these devices would provide deep-brain stimulation, purportedly more efficiently than similar therapies in use today. The FDA was impressed enough at least to give it the ‘breakthrough device’ designation, though it is hard to wade through the marketing hype to get a clear picture of the technology in question.
In their most recently published paper (preprint) in Nature Nanotechnology, [Calia] and colleagues describe flexible graphene depth neural probes (gDNP) which appear to be what is being talked about. These gDNP are used in the experiment to simultaneously record infraslow ( […]


Exploring Cheap Tantalum Caps of Mysterious Provenance

We’ve all heard about the perils of counterfeit chips, and more than a few of us have probably been bitten by those scruple-free types who run random chips through a laser marker and foist them off as something they’re not. Honestly, we’ve never understood the business model here — it seems like the counterfeiters spend almost as much time and effort faking chips as they would just getting the real ones. But we digress.
Unfortunately, integrated circuits aren’t the only parts that can be profitably faked, as [Amateur Hardware Repair] shows us with this look at questionable tantalum capacitors. In the market for some tantalums for a repair project, the offerings at AliExpress proved too tempting to resist, despite being advertised alongside 1,000 gram gold bars for $121 each. Wisely, he also ordered samples from more reputable dealers like LCSC, DigiKey, and Mouser, although not at the same improbably low unit price.
It was pretty much clear where this would be going just from the shipping. While the parts houses all shipped their tantalums in Mylar bags with humidity indicators, with all but LCSC including a desiccant pack, the AliExpress package came carefully enrobed in — plastic cling wrap? The Ali tantalums were also physically different from the other parts: they were considerably smaller, the leads seemed a little chowdered up, and the package markings were quite messy and somewhat illegible. But the proof is in the testing, and while all the more expensive parts tested fine in terms of capacitance and equivalent series resistance, the caps of unknown provenance had ESRs in the 30 milliohm range, three to five times what the reputable caps measured.
None of this is to say that there aren’t some screaming deals on marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay, of course. It’s not even necessarily proof that these parts were in fact counterfeit, it could be that they were just surplus parts that hadn’t been stored under controlled conditions. But you get what you pay for, and as noted in the comments below the video, a lot of what you’re paying for at the parts houses is lot tracebility.

[embedded content] […]


REPORT: Democrats Have Put Corrupt Obama AG Eric Holder in Charge of Vetting VP Candidates for Kamala Harris

Democrats have reportedly put Obama’s corrupt attorney general Eric Holder in charge of vetting VP candidates for Kamala Harris.
What could possibly go wrong?
How much do you suppose Democrats are paying Holder’s law firm for this service?
Politico reports:

Eric Holder is running Harris’ veep vetting process

Former attorney general Eric Holder is in charge of vetting of running mates for Vice President Kamala Harris, Reuters reported.
The news that Holder and his law firm would be overseeing the operation was confirmed to POLITICO by a person with knowledge of the process.
RedState has more:
Those corrupt, racialized, and radicalized embeds never went away, of course. They rested comfortably under new Obama AG Loretta Lynch, then no doubt wreaked havoc during the Trump administration—which is why Jeff Sessions and William Barr could not do much of anything that was actually productive. Then, Merrick Garland simply picked up where Holder left off. Holder was successful in seeding the ground, and we have been reaping the harvest since 2016. That’s the Deep State in a nutshell.
His involvement in the vetting process may reassure Democrats that a longtime political and legal hand is helping to ensure Harris’ pick, should she win the nomination, is free of major conflicts. Any choice needs also to be suited to help her beat Republican Donald Trump and potentially to assume the presidency some day if she were to triumph in November but then at some point be unable to complete her duties.
Potential names that have been floated as possible running mates for Harris include Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, U.S. Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

Holder has apparently been cashing in on the left’s DEI craze.

Since 2018, Eric Holder and his law firm, Covington & Burling, have been conducting “civil rights audits” of Fortune 500 companies.
For as much as $2,295 an hour, Holder told the companies to adopt race-based DEI policies.
Then the companies got sued.
— Aaron Sibarium (@aaronsibarium) July 22, 2024

RedState is right. These people never go away. There’s too much money to be made in the system. […]


FOX News Scores Major Legal Victory Against Former ‘Disinformation Czar’ Nina Jankowicz

Do you remember Nina Jankowicz? She is the singing left-wing loon that the Biden Administration wanted to embed in the Department of Homeland Security as a ‘disinformation’ czar.
Jankowicz sued FOX News, singling out a handful of hosts who criticized her on the air. Jankowicz claimed it was defamation.
Now a judge has thrown out her case, in a major win for FOX and a big blow for Jankowicz.
Mediaite reported:

Fox News Scores Court Victory as Defamation Lawsuit Tossed

Fox News claimed legal victory on Monday when the defamation lawsuit filed by former “disinformation czar” Nina Jankowicz was dismissed.
A federal judge in Delaware, Judge Colm F. Connolly, dismissed Jankowicz’s complaint that several Fox News hosts — including Maria Bartiromo, Sean Hannity, and former host Tucker Carlson — targeted her during their shows and that she “was repeatedly demeaned and defamed in highly personal language,” according to The New York Times‘ coverage of her lawsuit last year.
Jankowicz, a specialist in Russian disinformation, was the former executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s now-defunct Disinformation Governance Board. She claimed that the hosts’ commentary accusing her of enforcing government-backed censorship of free speech — which she denied — threatened her personal safety as well as her career, and it resulted in her resigning from the panel.

For her part, Jankowicz is still pushing the disinformation narrative about social media. Watch:

“The environment has become a lot more polluted when it comes to disinformation,” The American Sunlight Project CEO Nina Jankowicz says on social media. “It’s a crowded environment. It’s one that’s fast-moving, and frankly, it’s one that voters need to kind of watch out for…”
— Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) July 22, 2024

This was a win for FOX News and free speech.

Fox News Media and its parent Fox Corp won a ruling dismissing a lawsuit by a former Biden administration official who accused the media giant of defaming her as a proponent of censorship
— Reuters Legal (@ReutersLegal) July 22, 2024 […]


Megyn Kelly Rips Kamala Harris: ‘America is Not Going to Elect This Nimrod, as its First Female President’ (VIDEO)

Former FOX News host Megyn Kelly is apparently not a fan of Kamala Harris, who is now the presumptive Democrat nominee for president.
During a recent episode of her podcast, Kelly said that she likes the idea of a strong female president, but referred to Harris as a nimrod.
Millions of Americans, including even some people on the left would agree with Kelly’s assessment.
The New York Post has details:

Megyn Kelly on Kamala Harris: ‘America is not going to elect this nimrod as its first female president’
Megyn Kelly likes former President Donald Trump’s chances of returning to office this November, saying that Vice President Kamala Harris is a “nimrod” who will be rejected by voters as she emerged as the likely Democratic Party nominee in the wake of President Joe Biden’s decision not to seek re-election.
“I am telling you, America is not going to elect this nimrod as its first female president. I trust in them too much for that,” Kelly said during a special Sunday broadcast of her SiriusXM show “The Megyn Kelly Show.”
Kelly said that voters are “not that dumb” and “they’re not that open to a female president to where they’d be like, anybody will do.”
The former Fox News prime time host said that as the mother of a daughter, she thought it was “effed up” that there has yet to be a woman elected president of the United States.
Watch the clip below:

“I am telling you, America is not going to elect this nimrod, as its first female president.”@MegynKelly reacts to the immediate push to make Harris the definitive candidate. Watch the livestream ➡:
— The Megyn Kelly Show (@MegynKellyShow) July 21, 2024

Harris is a disaster of a candidate. It is obvious that Democrats embraced her because they really have no other choice. […]


Mechanical Intelligence and Counterfeit Humanity

It would seem fair to say that the second half of last century up till the present day has been firmly shaped by our relation with technology and that of computers in particular. From the bulking behemoths at universities, to microcomputers at home, to today’s smartphones, smart homes and ever-looming compute cloud, we all have a relationship with computers in some form. One aspect of computers which has increasingly become underappreciated, however, is that the less we see them as physical objects, the more we seem inclined to accept them as humans. This is the point which [Harry R. Lewis] argues in a recent article in Harvard Magazine.
Born in 1947, [Harry R. Lewis] found himself at the forefront of what would become computer science and related disciplines, with some of his students being well-know to the average Hackaday reader, such as [Bill Gates] and [Mark Zuckerberg]. Suffice it to say, he has seen every attempt to ‘humanize’ computers, ranging from ELIZA to today’s ChatGPT. During this time, the line between humans and computers has become blurred, with computer systems becoming increasingly more competent at imitating human interactions even as they vanished into the background of daily life.
These counterfeit ‘humans’ are not capable of learning, of feeling and experiencing the way that humans can, being at most a facsimile of a human for all but that what makes a human, which is often referred to as ‘the human experience’. More and more of us are communicating these days via smartphone and computer screens with little idea or regard for whether we are talking to a real person or not. Ironically, it seems that by anthropomorphizing these counterfeit humans, we risk becoming less human in the process, while also opening the floodgates for blaming AI when the blame lies square with the humans behind it, such as with the recent Air Canada chatbot case. Equally ridiculous, [Lewis] argues, is the notion that we could create a ‘superintelligence’ while training an ‘AI’ on nothing but the data scraped off the internet, as there are many things in life which cannot be understood simply by reading about them.
Ultimately, the argument is made that it is humanistic learning that should be the focus point of artificial intelligence, as only this way we could create AIs that might truly be seen as our equals, and beneficial for the future of all. […]


MSNBC Host Floats Idea of All Female Dem Ticket to Push Back on All the ‘Machismo’ of the GOP Ticket (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Katy Tur pushed the idea of an all female Democrat ticket while speaking to Joe Scarborough on the phone on the air on Monday.
Tur suggested Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as a VP for Kamala Harris, saying that an all female ticket could push back on all of the ‘machismo’ of the Republican ticket.
This is like, the most MSNBC thing, ever.
FOX News reported:

MSNBC host floats all-female Harris and Whitmer ticket: ‘Push back on all that machismo energy’ from GOP

MSNBC host Katy Tur suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could run together as an all-female ticket to push back against GOP “machismo” on Sunday.
“I’m curious what you think of a full female ticket, a Harris-Whitmer ticket,” Tur said in a on-air conversation with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.
Harris is working to consolidate Democratic Party support and has yet to announce a running mate after President Biden announced Sunday that he would withdraw from the race and endorsed her as the party’s nominee.
“Just go big on the Democratic side and push back specifically on all that machismo energy that we got out of the RNC,” Tur said. “Hulk Hogan on the stage. Donald Trump yelling ‘fight, fight, fight.’ It’s a very masculine ticket over there.”
“What about going with two women?” the MSNBC host asked.
Watch the clip below:

Katy Tur: I’m curious what think of a full female ticket, a Harris-Whitmer ticket…Push back on all that machismo energy that we got out of the RNC. Hulk Hogan on the stage. Donald Trump yelling fight, fight, fight. It’s a very masculine ticket over there.
— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) July 21, 2024

Democrats can do this if they want, but it won’t help them. Even James Carville has admitted that Democrats are struggling with male voters because their party has too many ‘preachy females.’

James Carville accurately points out the Democrat party’s ‘preachy female’ problem:”Democratic culture has too many preachy females. Too much ‘Don’t eat Hamburgers, don’t watch football, wear a condom’. Man, shit, leave me alone.”
This is why James married a Republican.
— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) June 13, 2024

No one tell Katy Tur. Let’s allow her to figure this out on her own. […]


Explosive Move: Nancy Mace Forces Impeachment Vote on Secret Service DEI Director Kim Cheatle Within 48 Hours!

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) announced the filing of a privileged motion to impeach Kim Cheatle, the Director of the United States Secret Service, on Monday night.
Mace sharply criticized the performance of U.S. Secret Service DEI Director Kim Cheatle during a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing.
Mace accused Cheatle of being evasive, dodging critical questions, and displaying a lack of transparency.
The heated exchange between Mace and Cheatle can be viewed here. Below is a transcript of some of the key moments:

Congresswoman Mace: Director Cheatle, the American people are watching and they’re wondering if there are any questions you can answer honestly today. So Director Cheatle, I have a series of questions very specific questions. I want very specific answers. Most of my questions are going to demand a yes or no answer. Do you understand? I do. OK, my first question. Both sides of the aisle today have asked for your resignation. Would you like to use my 5 minutes to draft your resignation letter, yes or no?
Director Cheatle:No thank you.
Congresswoman Mace: This is a colossal failure. It was a failure. Yes or no? Was it a colossal failure is the question, yes or no. I have admitted this is a yes or no series of questions. Was this a colossal failure? Yes or no?
Director Cheatle:Yes.
Congresswoman Mace:Was this tragedy preventable? Yes or no.
Director Cheatle:Yes.
Congresswoman Mace:Is the Secret Service fully cooperating with our committee?
Director Cheatle:Yes.
Congresswoman Mace:OK, you say you’re fully cooperating with this committee, um, on July 15th, this committee sent you a list of demands of information that we wanted has the Secret Service provided this committee a complete list of all law enforcement personnel that were there that day. Have you done that? Have you provided a list to the oversight committee. Yes or no?
Director Cheatle:I’ll have to get back to you on that.
Congresswoman Mace:That is a no. Have you provided all audio and video recordings in your possession to this committee as we asked on July 15th, yes or no?
Director Cheatle:I would have to get back to you.
Congresswoman Mace:That is a no. You’re full of shit today. You’re just being completely dishonest…
According to the Oversight Committee, here are some key findings:
1. Nine days after an assassination attempt on President Donald Trump’s life, the director of the U.S. Secret Service DOES NOT have a comprehensive timeline of events.
2. She HAS NOT visited the site in Butler, PA.
3. The roof the shooter used was OUTSIDE the perimeter the Secret Service was monitoring.
4. She thinks that the assassination attempt was “the most significant operational failure at the Secret Service in decades,” yet she still believes she is the best person to lead the Secret Service.
5. She was more forthcoming with her TV interview appearances than our hearing and even had her opening statement “leaked” to journalists hours before our committee received a copy.
6. She believes this tragedy, which claimed a life, almost killed President Trump, and injured two others, WAS preventable.
7. She ADMITS to multiple lapses in security under her leadership of the law enforcement agency.
8. She believes there were SUFFICIENT resources given to President Trump on the day he was shot.
9. She COULD NOT answer whether or not the gunman acted alone.
Following the hearing, Mace announced on Monday evening that she had filed a privileged motion to impeach Kim Cheatle. This move will force a vote within the next 48 hours.
The privileged motion Mace filed requires the House of Representatives to hold a vote within 48 hours, ensuring that the matter will be addressed immediately. This procedural maneuver is designed to bypass the usual lengthy process of committee reviews and debates.

Just filed a privileged motion to impeach Kim Cheatle, Director of the Secret Service. This will force a vote within the next 48 hours.
— Nancy Mace (@NancyMace) July 23, 2024 […]


Dissident Dem Senator Might Challenge Kamala Coronation, Fight Her for Nomination

It was supposed to go so smoothly.
On Sunday afternoon — as good patriotic Americans were doing literally anything else but following political drama out of Washington — President Joe Biden artfully dropped the news that he wasn’t going to be seeking a second term, after all.
A few hours later, he officially endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris, seemingly precluding an ugly convention fight.
Except the two biggest names in Democratic politics not named Harris and Biden — former President Barack Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — didn’t endorse Harris when they paid tribute to Biden’s decision to withdraw.

And then, hours later, news broke that retiring independent Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia was so alarmed by the prospect of a Harris candidacy that he was considering rejoining the Democratic Party and challenging Kamala for the nomination.

So, yeah — this is going just about as smoothly as literally everything else that’s led to this moment.
“It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as your President,” Biden said in the letter that seemingly was inevitably coming in the slow-motion car wreck that’s unfolded since the debate from hell on June 27.
“And while it has been my intention to seek reelection, I believe it is in the best interest of my party and the country for me to stand down and to focus solely on fulfilling my duties as president for the remainder of my term,” he said.
— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 21, 2024

A half-hour later, Biden officially endorsed Harris to take his place atop the ticket.
“My very first decision as the party nominee in 2020 was to pick Kamala Harris as my Vice President. And it’s been the best decision I’ve made,” he wrote.
“Today I want to offer my full support and endorsement for Kamala to be the nominee of our party this year. Democrats — it’s time to come together and beat Trump. Let’s do this.”

My fellow Democrats, I have decided not to accept the nomination and to focus all my energies on my duties as President for the remainder of my term. My very first decision as the party nominee in 2020 was to pick Kamala Harris as my Vice President. And it’s been the best…
— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 21, 2024

And while plenty of elected Democrats were ready to “do this” — inasmuch as to not “do this,” for them, would be tantamount to career suicide — both Obama and Pelosi, who are beyond having to care about their ambitions and legacies, declined to do so in their statements.
And then there was, bless his wonderful heart, Joe Manchin.
The retiring West Virginia stalwart was almost the first senator to call on Biden to step aside after the June 27 debate. The independent, who left the Democratic Party in May over its leftward lurch, had to be persuaded not to appear on the Sunday morning political chat shows days later and step aside, The New York Times noted.
Manchin ended up formally calling on Biden to drop out just hours before the president did on Sunday.
“I came to the decision with a heavy heart that I think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation,” Manchin told host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
“I want him to be the president in the last five months of this presidency of his term, to do what he can do is unite our country, to calm down the rhetoric and be able to focus attention to peace in the world,” he said.
However, the quick shift to Harris was not exactly to his liking.
“Sources close to Sen Joe Manchin, independent of WV, say he’s considering re-registering as a Democrat and throwing his hat into the ring,” Tapper reported in a Sunday post on X.

Sources close to Sen Joe Manchin, independent of WV, say he’s considering re-registering as a Democrat and throwing his hat into the ring
— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) July 21, 2024

Why would the senator do so? Well, for one, he told Tapper he was “very hopeful” that the nominee would be chosen via an “open process.”
“I think that we have a lot of talent on the bench, a lot of good people,” Manchin told Tapper.
“And I’m partial to governors, because a governor can’t afford to be partial. They can’t afford to be partisan strictly because that pothole or that bridge doesn’t have a D or an R on it.”
He also had his preferences.
“I’ve got two tremendous governors right next door to me, Andy Beshear in Kentucky and Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania, who are operating with legislatures either evenly split or completely opposite their party affiliation,” Manchin said.
“They haven’t divided their state. They haven’t made you pick a side and demonize the other side.”
[embedded content]
According to The Wall Street Journal, Shapiro has already endorsed Harris. Beshear hadn’t made it clear where he stands as of Sunday night, but the Kentucky governor is being mentioned in Harris’ veepstakes, should she become the nominee. Getting into the race for the nomination would torpedo those ambitions.
And so, while Manchin isn’t a governor, he is a moderate and someone with a reputation as an infrastructure guru on Capitol Hill, often convincing Republicans to sign onto projects that, in all fairness, they probably shouldn’t have. (To be fair, he also has done a great deal to hold the line on spending when the Biden White House has tried to get him to go along with larded-up “infrastructure” deals that are little more than trillion-dollar boondoggles.)
Thus, again with no legacy left to prove, he could do what any sane person should: Make things as hard as possible for Kamala Harris to get the nomination.
Granted, Manchin’s role would likely be as a spoiler, not as a serious choice given the party’s lurch to the left.
However, faced with another likely faction at the convention making things difficult for whoever gets nominated to stay grounded in reality — the pro-Hamas activist leftists, who will, if they have their way, be partying like it’s 1968 in 2024 Chicago — a moderate revolt could be enough to sink Harris.
Whether that means they would end up with someone more to Manchin’s liking (or, improbably, Manchin himself) or it would simply push Harris or another progressive nominee further into the arms of the party’s far left remains to be seen.
However, anyone who thinks this drama is over has quite a few things coming, courtesy of one of the biggest flies in the Democrats’ ointment during the Biden administration’s spending sprees.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal. […]


DEVELOPING: Joe Biden Abruptly Cancels NINE TRIPS, Extends ‘Covid Isolation’ at Delaware Beach House After Dropping Out of 2024 Race

Top Democrats behind the scenes would play guessing games on how dead Joe Biden was. In public they lied to the American public and pretended he was fine.
Joe Biden abruptly canceled NINE trips and extended his stay at his Rehoboth Beach house after he dropped out of the 2024 race on Sunday.
We still have no proof of life.
Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 race on Sunday in an announcement on X.
We still haven’t seen a photo or video of Joe Biden.

According to The New York Post, Biden canceled nine trips and will hide out at his beach house for a few more days.

Biden’s next trip is tentatively scheduled for July 31.
The New York Post reported:
President Biden has canceled nine trips that were scheduled for the next two weeks after suddenly dropping out of the 2024 race, The Post can reveal.
Biden was scheduled to leave Monday for the West Coast, where he was to make stops in California, Denver, Houston and Austin – but all of those trips have been suddenly canceled, a White House source told The Post.
Biden, who has been isolating with COVID-19, was set to leave his home in Rehoboth, Del., on Monday, but extended his stay until Wednesday after announcing the end of his campaign the night before.
“They started canceling stuff when he announced he wasn’t seeking reelection,” the source said, adding that the trips were a mix of campaign and official presidential stops.
“He was supposed to leave today to start the West Coast trip, but they extended his stay in Rehoboth until the 24th,” the source added. […]