Joe Biden Caught in Huge Lie About His Involvement in Rail Strike Negotiations (VIDEO)

Joe Biden got caught in another big lie about his involvement in rail strike negotiations.
Remember when Joe Biden bragged he negotiated a deal with the rail unions?

In September Biden said the deals were “a win for tens of thousands of rail workers and for their dignity and the dignity of their work.”

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CBS’ @ScottPelley doing journalism: “Mr. President, you have just averted a nationwide railroad strike that would have been crippling to the economy. How did you do that? And what were those last hours like in negotiations?” pic.twitter.com/fqdLhaO1US
— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 16, 2022

Biden’s Labor Secretary Marty Walsh helped negotiate a 24% pay increase over a period of 5 years to union workers.
The Biden Regime also helped negotiate ‘better working conditions’ and ‘caps on what they have to pay out of pocket for healthcare’ – AP reported.
Well those negotiations fell apart on Monday.
A crippling rail strike may happen in the next week.
On Tuesday, Karine Jean Pierre repeatedly insisted Joe Biden is “directly involved” in the rail strike negotiations.

On Thursday, Joe Biden told reporters in Nantucket, “I have not directly engaged” in rail strike negotiations.

This week, Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly insisted Biden has been “directly involved” in rail strike negotiations — but that’s not what Biden said yesterday.
More lies from the Biden administration! pic.twitter.com/Ro2eIrFUMI
— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 26, 2022 […]


Joe Biden Dines at Restaurant in Nantucket Called “Brotherhood of Thieves” (VIDEO)

Joe and Jill Biden are spending the Thanksgiving weekend at a $30 million estate in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
The Biden clan took Air Force One to Nantucket to enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend while many Americans skipped a traditional turkey dinner due to Bidenflation.
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President Biden, the First Lady and a gaggle of Bidens (including Hunter Biden) have arrived in Nantucket for their Thanksgiving holiday. pic.twitter.com/16DID438g8
— Josh Wingrove (@josh_wingrove) November 23, 2022

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Joe Biden on Friday had lunch at a restaurant called “Brotherhood of Thieves” located on Broad Street in Nantucket.
How fitting.
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The Bidens are having lunch this afternoon in the first floor of the Brotherhood of Thieves restaurant in downtown #Nantucket
— Nantucket Current (@ACKCurrent) November 25, 2022

Diners on the second floor watched Joe Biden enter the restaurant.

Diners watching @potus entrance from the 2nd floor bar pic.twitter.com/1gDpCVydWy
— Nantucket Current (@ACKCurrent) November 25, 2022

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HERE WE GO: Power Outages Possible in Parts of SoCal on Thanksgiving Due to High Winds

Power outages are possible in parts of Southern California on Thanksgiving due to high winds.
Gusty Santa Ana winds moved into the region late Wednesday into Thursday morning prompting Southern California Edison to consider power outages to avoid fires.

Wind gusts are expected to reach 70 mph in some parts of SoCal near canyon passes.
“More than 32,000 Southern California Edison customers in Los Angeles and Riverside counties could be without power for part of Thanksgiving Day as the utility considers measures to protect public safety in the face of low humidity and looming Santa Ana winds that will increase the chance of dangerous wildfires.” The Daily Bulletin reported.

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ABC News reported:

Residents in Southern California have more than heavy traffic to contend with this Thanksgiving.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for parts of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties on Thursday that lasts until Friday morning, indicating critical fire weather conditions
Wind gusts could approach 70 mph in some parts of Southern California, forecasts show. The dry wind, combined with the parched earth still reeling from a decades-long megadrought, could spread any fires that spark.
Temperatures are expected to reach 80 degrees in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, with the strong winds expected to pass through the canyons.
A high wind warning is also in effect for the hills east of Santa Barbara, including Burbank, Santa Clarita and Malibu.
Residents are urged to use caution with anything that can spark a wildfire. Power safety outages are possible in several regions, data from Southern California Edison shows.

Meanwhile California Democrats are busy banning gas-powered vehicles and diesel trucks even though the state can’t keep the lights on during heat waves and wind storms. […]


NEW: California to Ban Gas and Diesel Trucks by 2035

The Marxists on the California Air Resources Board are looking to ban all gas and diesel trucks.
The board boasted about being the first to adopt a rule requiring truck manufacturers to transition from diesel to electric beginning in 2024.

It is unclear how California will charge all of these vehicles when they can’t even keep the lights on during heatwaves and days with gusty winds.
There is no infrastructure to support this plan.

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And what about the logistics? How will trucks be able to stick to their routes when there aren’t enough charging stations?
“Many California neighborhoods, especially Black and Brown, low-income and vulnerable communities, live, work, play and attend schools adjacent to the ports, railyards, distribution centers, and freight corridors and experience the heaviest truck traffic,” the California Air Resources Board wrote.

“This new rule directly addresses disproportionate risks and health and pollution burdens affecting these communities and puts California on the path for an all zero-emission short-haul drayage fleet in ports and railyards by 2035, and zero-emission “last-mile” delivery trucks and vans by 2040.” the board added.
The trucking and construction industries are pushing back on this new insane push to ban diesel trucks.
SF Gate reported:

A controversial new proposal to ban diesel-powered trucks in California has sparked a divisive debate among the trucking industry, the state and environmentalists.
Many representing the trucking and construction industries said that there simply isn’t enough charging capability or grid capacity in the state to move fleets over to zero-emission vehicles so quickly. (The shift away from internal combustion engines in big rigs has largely moved to battery-powered vehicles, though hydrogen fuel cell technology is also being developed.)

“The infrastructure cannot be established in the timeframe given,” said Mike Tunnell of the American Trucking Association. “Fleets will have to deploy trucks that cannot do the same job as their current trucks.”
Others pointed to logistical problems in charging electric vehicles.
“This will do damage to us. We don’t really understand how to charge these vehicles,” said construction company CEO Jaimie Angus. “Those pieces of equipment go home with those men every day, so they’ll need to be charged from home? How do you compensate that person for that?”
Meanwhile, environmentalists, including a representative from the Sierra Club, urged that the timeline be expedited to rid the roads of internal combustion engines sooner rather than later.

In August California passed a law banning new sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2035.
The Biden Regime is impressed with California and said its ban on gas-powered vehicles is a model for the rest of the country.
In September Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm touted California’s ban on gas-powered cars even though the state issued a flex alert asking Californians not to charge their electric vehicles during a sweltering heatwave to avoid rolling blackouts.
This is what Joe Biden wants for all Americans, except for the elites.

The elites will be able to charge their EVs or still enjoy their gas-powered fleets while the peasants are unable to drive or travel. […]