Trump VP Contender Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Democratic Establishment, DC Swamp, and Defends Trump in Fiery CPAC Speech (VIDEO)

Tulsi Gabbard addresses CPAC 2024
Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday to deliver a scorching critique of the Democratic establishment while also offering a robust defense of former President Donald Trump.
Gabbard, who has been on Trump’s shortlist of vice-presidential contenders during discussions on Fox News with Laura Ingraham, expressed a profound concern over the actions of the Democratic elite and what she termed as “swamp creatures” in Washington.
She accused them of systematically undermining the democratic process and the rights of American citizens in their pursuit of power.
“Our democracy is under attack,” Gabbard asserted. “The perpetrators of this attack are those who, in the name of saving our democracy, are destroying it.”
“Every one of us who loves this country and who cherishes peace and freedom should be very alarmed by those who, driven by their insatiable hunger for power, are actively undermining all that we stand for. And almost every single day, if you’re paying attention to the news and the headlines, there is some new assault and some new attack.”

She warned of the dangers posed by the Democrat elite and the deep state in Washington to decide the presidency irrespective of the popular will.
“Now, it’s the Democrat elite and the swamp creatures in Washington who are doing all that they possibly can to keep us, the American people, from a very simple thing: having the freedom to choose who we want to be our next president,” she said.
In her critique, Gabbard did not shy away from naming specific instances and figures complicit in these undemocratic practices. She referenced efforts in states like Colorado and Maine, among others, to remove Donald Trump from presidential ballots, actions she views as unconstitutional and deeply troubling.
Gabbard also criticized progressive Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) for attempting to influence the Federal Reserve’s policies with the aim of impacting Trump’s electoral prospects, a move she sees as indicative of the broader misuse of power by Democratic leaders.
Gabbard’s speech also touched on the legal challenges facing Trump, suggesting that the numerous charges against him are part of a concerted effort to prevent his re-election. She denounced these legal actions as politically motivated, arguing they represent a dangerous precedent for the country’s legal and political systems.
“They’re hoping and doing all that they can, that they can convict Donald Trump of some crime, any crime, to try to undermine his support and therefore prevent what they fear most, a second Trump presidency.”
“And there’s a reason why they’re so afraid of him. Because he poses a threat to this establishment which they draw their power from. When we take a step back and look beyond the personalities, look beyond Donald Trump and Joe Biden, what we’re facing is a threat of far greater magnitude. A very dangerous precedent is being set. Our democratic republic is being destroyed by the permanent Washington elite. And there are people in both political parties who truly believe they, and not the American people, have the right to decide who should be our president.”
Gabbard’s speech was not just a defense of Trump; it was a call for unity against what she perceives as the corrupt Washington establishment. She urged the audience to use their outrage and fear as motivation to take action and protect American freedom and democracy.
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El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Criticizes George Soros and Issues a Chilling Warning to America During CPAC Speech

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele during the CPAC 2024 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland
El Salvador President Nayib Bukele addressed attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2024, issuing a grave warning to Americans based on his country’s experience with internal strife and external influence.
During his speech, Bukele called for a decisive fight against globalism, urging for a collective awakening to the threats it poses to freedoms and rights around the world.
“If you want globalism to die here too, you must be willing to unapologetically fight against everything and everyone that stands for it. Fight for your freedoms, fight for your rights.”
“The next president of the United States must not only win an election; he must have the vision, the will, and the courage to do whatever it takes. And above all, he must be able to identify the underlying forces that will conspire against them. These dark forces are already taking over your country. You may not see it yet, but it’s already happening.”
He also criticized both non-governmental organizations and the left’s favorite billionaire, George Soros.

He decried the involvement of these “unelected bureaucrats” in setting public policy, questioning their democratic legitimacy.
“Who elected them? They don’t have a democratic mandate,” said Bukele. “If they want a seat at the table, they should run for office. Let the people vote.”
He proudly recounted his own country’s pushback against foreign influence, claiming “Soros and his cronies hit a brick wall in El Salvador.”
“Salvadorans are now immune to his influence. No one believes his lies anymore over there. We just had free and fair election,” he added.
Earlier this month, Nayib Bukele was reelected in a landslide, with somewhere around 85% of the votes, and electing almost all legislative seats.
Sure enough, the world’s globalist MSM is displeased that he changed or otherwise bypassed the country’s constitution to remain in power and favor his political party.

El Salvadoran President Bukele is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT:
“Who elected Soros to dictate laws?”
— E (@ElijahSchaffer) February 23, 2024

The President’s warning to the U.S. was clear and ominous: “As your friend, I want to issue this warning so you don’t make the same mistakes we did. It is not easy to pull yourself back once you’re in boiling water.”
He likened societal decline to illness, suggesting that symptoms ignored could develop into something fatal if unchecked.
The heart of Bukele’s message was a dire caution against the perceived decline of societal values and the increase in crime and drug addiction in American cities.
Reflecting on El Salvador’s painful experience with gang warfare and its consequences on society, Bukele drew parallels to current trends in the United States, suggesting that America is on a similar trajectory toward decay.
Bukele cited cities like Baltimore, Portland, and New York as examples of urban decline where crime and drug use have surged. He asked the audience to consider the number of young Americans lost to the streets and drugs, particularly fentanyl and projected a dire future if current trends continue.
“Big cities in decline, like Baltimore, Portland, New York…where crime and drugs have become the daily norm. And even accepted and promoted by the government,” Bukele said.

WOW!! El Salvador President Nayib Bukele issues a chilling warning to America
“We can clearly see signs of a declining society” pic.twitter.com/QCMQQCA1sw
— George (@BehizyTweets) February 22, 2024

As the U.S. grapples with its own issues of crime, drug epidemics, and political unrest, President Bukele’s speech at CPAC 2024 stands as a cautionary tale from a leader who has confronted the abyss of societal collapse and is now offering a narrative of turnaround, implying that the U.S. should be vigilant to avoid a similar fate.
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MUST WATCH: Leaked Recordings Reveal Democratic Strategists and Soros Linked Operatives Caught in MASSIVE Global Political Influence and Election Interference Operation (VIDEO)

In a series of explosive videos released by @MagaBabe on X/Twitter, high-profile figures have been caught on camera discussing behind-the-scenes activities related to U.S. foreign policy. The recordings reveal a concerted effort to influence political outcomes in Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, and beyond.
The leaked conversations feature shocking admissions from several key players, including retired General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO.
General Wesley Clark, a key figure in NATO’s history, is seen discussing his involvement with billionaire financier George Soros in Ukraine back in 2014. Clark’s revelations provide an unprecedented glimpse into the covert operations and strategies deployed in the region, which have long been subject to speculation and debate.
The spotlight also falls on Action for Democracy, an enigmatic organization with the stated goal of promoting the Democratic Party’s foreign policy agenda across the globe.

Action for Democracy, a Chicago-registered 501(c)(4) non-profit, purportedly received contributions totaling over $11 million, as detailed in a recent IRS filing (https://www.ag.ky.gov/Resources/Consumer-Resources/charity/Documents/charity.pdf).
According to its website:
Democracy while a local affair governed independently within the confines of the nation-state is an idea that has global consequences and that we believe requires global attention. The idea is simple. To express and make local democratic concerns global concerns.
Whether it’s anti-LGBT laws in Poland or cracking down on independent media in Brazil, A4D functions as a global platform for amplifying the voices and raising awareness of critical national struggles against anti-democratic forces.
Our mission is to activate the power of our citizens and build a global pro-democracy solidarity movement committed to promoting democratic values and institutions and pushing back against the rising threat of autocracy worldwide.
​United we mobilize material and financial support for and advocate for more robust support of pro-democracy actors on the ground in the battleground states in the global fight for democracy.
Key battleground states are places in the world where we think democracy is most threatened and where there are elections to take place within the next year that will determine the fate of those democracies.

The organization has been accused of using its status to conceal major donations from George Soros while participating in the manipulation of electoral outcomes across various countries, including Poland and Hungary.

The leaked footage features in-depth discussions with David Koranyi, the board president, and the executive director, alongside insights from Kati Marton, a member of the advisory council and widow of the renowned diplomat Richard Holbrooke.
The Gateway Pundit has written about Koranyi and his links to Soros funding in the past.
Hungarian Opposition Was Given More Illegal US Funds than Previously Reported – Weeks After Group’s Leader Koranyi Met with Alex Soros

Their conversations between Koranyi and Marton reveal that the organization, secretly bankrolled by George Soros, has been at the forefront of shaping political landscapes far beyond the United States’ borders, operating under the radar with a “dark money” agenda.
The videos expose a concerted effort by Democratic operatives, including Erich Koch, Julia Ager, and others, to establish a parallel foreign policy network.
This network’s activities, aimed at meddling in foreign elections and launching aggressive media campaigns in the U.S. against foreign conservative leaders, highlight a deliberate strategy to advance the interests of the Democratic Party’s major donors.

“EXCLUSIVE: Check out what Soros is up to in Europe. His own Democrat operatives reveal how Soros throws around money to topple national governments and unleash chaos in the Ukraine! Watch them admit it all, then you’ll understand his Texas plans,” citizen journalist Magababe wrote.
In the video below, Clark said, “[George Soros] was spending $500 million a year on the Open Society Institutes in Eastern Europe in the 1990s. Think about that. I mean, when I did my work in Ukraine in 2014, I did it with George. I was on the International Crisis Group trustee board. That’s how I know a lot of Europeans. Also, George was funding the Open Society Institute in Ukraine.”
When asked if there are many Americans and others who are supporting the opposition in Hungary, Clark said, “Not as many as I’d like. None like George.”
Kati Marton, the Chairperson of Action for Democracy, admitted George Soros as their primary donor, emphasizing the preference to keep his involvement discreet.
Watch — Original video link here:

“The Democratic Establishment runs a parallel foreign policy network to meddle in foreign elections, use American media to attack conservative opponents, and push a sick ideology abroad!” Magababe wrote on X.
In this video, Clark shared insights from a high-level diplomatic mission involving Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, and Kamala Harris to Africa. He recounted a particularly revealing conversation with President Museveni of Uganda.
According to Clark, Museveni expressed frustration with the American approach. Museveni critiqued the U.S. delegation for imposing American cultural values rather than understanding his country’s priorities.
Clark highlighted that, contrary to expectations of fostering American investment, the discussions led by Yellen and others predominantly focused on human rights, gender equality, and “fair elections.” This, Museveni implied, demonstrated a misalignment with the immediate economic building efforts he deemed crucial for Uganda.
This video also featured Julia Ager, the founder and president of Sapphire Strategies, who shed light on a paradoxical initiative in the United States.

Ager discussed the formation of a new group targeting anti-democratic dictators, which intriguingly received backing from funders with anti-democratic leanings themselves. This group embarked on creating a new Political Action Committee (PAC) with the intent to garner financial support from both Turkish and non-Turkish individuals residing in the U.S.
“So they wanted to raise money in the US so that they could use the money to send ballots to Turkish people. But they had funders that were giving, I think they started with $300,000 that were major gift funders kind of bankrolling the project,” Ager said.
Also, in this video, Eric Koch, a Democratic operative, admitted that they tried to ruin Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s reputation in the US after Trump endorsed him.
“The American right-wing loves him. I was interested in doing something to muddy him up in the United States, at least. As in tarnish his reputation in the United States that he was such a cult hero amongst the conservative mainstream, conservative movement,” Koch said.

The Democratic Establishment runs a parallel foreign policy network to meddle in foreign elections, use American media to attack conservative opponents, and push a sick ideology abroad!Part 2: pic.twitter.com/8E2B6aSssW
— MagaBabe (@MagaBabe2024) January 31, 2024

“Look how Soros funds the astroturfed oppositions in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and others, trying to overthrow any conservative who stands up to Globalism!” Magababe wrote on X.
In the recordings, David Koranyi, executive director of Action for Democracy, discusses the targeting of conservative governments and support for civil society organizations critical of such administrations. Koranyi express strong criticism to leaders such as Jair Bolsonaro, Viktor Orban, and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, as well as their respective governments in Brazil, Hungary, and Poland.
With explicit reference to the ongoing political situations in these countries, Koranyi hints at the funding and strategic support provided to entities that may align with the opposition.
Kati Marton, is also heard emphasizing the importance of upcoming elections in Poland, Brazil, and Turkey.
“We’re interested in salvaging democracy wherever we can. So, right now, a lot of effort is going into Poland because they’re about to have elections that are really critical, really critical. And Poland would have a huge impact on the EU if Poland goes far right, but also Brazil and Turkey. We recently traveled to Warsaw, and I set up the meetings because it was easier for me to get a meeting with Ambassador Brzezinski [US ambassador to Poland],” said Marton.
Erich Koch, another figure in the recordings, outlines his role in garnering U.S. media attention for foreign elections. By securing high-profile coverage on platforms such as Yahoo News, the aim is to elevate the international profile of these elections and the associated democratic narratives.
“My goal was to get as much attention on the election as possible in the United States markets. I got them a nice big profile on Yahoo News, which is like the big, which is randomly the most-read US news site. And the guy who’s the White House correspondent for them is a former soviet refugee named, Alex Nazaryan,” said Koch.
Former General Wesley Clark, in his segment, discusses broader geopolitical issues, such as the EU’s border policies and their impact on countries like Hungary. His conversation presents a view on the popularity of nationalist policies and the effectiveness of border security measures

Look how Soros funds the astroturfed oppositions in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and others, trying to overthrow any conservative who stands up to Globalism!Part 3: pic.twitter.com/g0YSSIoO4g
— MagaBabe (@MagaBabe2024) January 31, 2024

This video was previously reported on The Gateway Pundit, where retired General Wesley K. Clark was heard discussing past interference in European elections.
“For years, we interfered in the Italian elections. We made sure that the communists never won in Italy and in Greece. And we did not engineer the coup in Turkey against Erdogan. Had we done so, I’m told it would. He would like to think that we did and say that we did. But this mutual interference stays on everywhere,” Clark said in the video.
When questioned about Hungary, he confirms, “Hungary, sure,” and later adds, “It’s not the US government, it’s just private individuals that are interfering in other countries’ elections.”
Clark then blasted Soros for his interference in Hungary’s election, stating, “He funded the efforts in Bosnia; he funded the efforts in Hungary. That’s why Viktor Orbán hates him because he doesn’t. George Soros would say Victor Orban is the guy. But who’s George Soros? He’s an American. He happened to grow up in Hungary. Why is he controlling the politics of Hungary? We don’t want that.”
The Gateway Pundit reported in 2022 that Soros-backed NGO spent $4 million to oust Viktor Orban in Hungary.
David Koranyi, Executive Director at Action for Democracy, while cautious in his statements, hints at the scale of donations the nonprofit receives. “I would say 2 million. I think that’s actually a number that [would] bring you into the pantheon of the biggest donors of Action for Democracy.”
“Come up with a list of priorities and action items and programs. Like, for example, this chunk of money will be earmarked towards supporting the Venezuelan democratic movement. This chunk of the money will be supporting Polish civil society grants. So it would be quite specific as far as, I would say, 80% of the grant amount would go.”
The implications of these revelations are far-reaching, raising concerns about the integrity of democratic processes and the role of George Soros in undermining sovereign elections.

BREAKING Part 4: A Soros-financed non-profit called Action for Democracy is interfering in elections across the globe and manipulates American media coverage against conservative leaders in Europe…In this major exposé, General (Ret.) Wesley K. Clark, Action for Democracy… pic.twitter.com/gOsry1zePQ
— MagaBabe (@MagaBabe2024) February 15, 2024

Kati Morton, president of Action for Democracy, has been recorded discussing her recent visit to Poland with colleague David Koranyi.
David Koranyi, another key voice within the Action for Democracy, elaborated on the strategic efforts in Hungary, particularly focusing on Budapest.
“In the case of Hungary, what we have been doing with the city of Budapest is to essentially apply pressure also on the government and on the European Commission, as they were negotiating the national envelope, the national plans for the country. I do have connections to US government people, to Brussels, European commissioners, etc. So, obviously, we do also because we engage in policy advocacy. So, that’s obviously a big piece of the puzzle for us,” Koranyi said.
Eric Koch’s contributions highlight a different aspect of the organization’s strategy: media engagement. By disseminating far-left approved statements, memos, and notes to a vast network of reporters and editors, and tapping into advisory boards with influential writers like American-Polish journalist Anne Applebaum, Koch ensures widespread visibility for their agenda.
“I was hammering the US media, probably every other day, with statement after statement, memos, notes. We had an advisory board with people like Annie Applebaum and other prominent writers who would write about the issue. Rather than having them write about it and it goes into the Atlantic, I blasted it out to like 1,500 different reporters and editors. Those were reporters who were in Eastern Europe,” said Koch.
“So, like the reporters from the Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, AFP, New York Times, Washington Post, whatever, because they all have people over here. So, I made sure to hit them so that they’d see all the stuff. I was in David Chalian’s ear at CNN every other day, like, “Know when the time comes. Hungarian election is a big deal.” His name’s escaping me at NBC, but the president of NBC News, I was emailing him, saying, “This is going to be a big deal; you got to cover it eventually.” NBC covered it in a big way.”
WATCH: […]


Get Woke, Go Broke — Far-Left Vice Media to Stop Publishing on Vice.com, Announces Massive Layoffs, Confirms CEO

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images
Vice Media will stop publishing on its flagship website, Vice.com, and lay off several hundred employees as the digital media company grapples with financial challenges, CEO Bruce Dixon revealed in a company-wide memo on Thursday,
Dixon outlined the plans to transition Vice Media from a self-publishing entity to a “studio model” that will produce and sell content to other media outlets.
“Several hundred” employees will be affected by the layoffs. Dixon emphasized that Vice will intensify its presence on social media channels and pursue partnerships with established media companies for broader content distribution.
“We create and produce outstanding original content true to the Vice brand,” Dixon stated. “However, it is no longer cost-effective for us to distribute our digital content the way we have done previously.”
Refinery29, acquired by Vice Media in 2019, will reportedly continue to operate as an independent entity, focusing on its digital publishing and social-first content. The company is currently in advanced talks to sell this branch of the business, with updates expected in the coming weeks, according to Variety.

“This decision was not made lightly,” Dixon wrote, acknowledging the significant impact on staff. Affected employees are to be notified of the next steps early in the following week.
Read Dixon’s full memo obtained by Variety:

As we navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, we need to adapt and best align our strategies to be more competitive in the long term. After careful consideration and discussion with the board, we have decided to make some fundamental changes to our strategic vision at Vice.
We create and produce outstanding original content true to the Vice brand. However, it is no longer cost-effective for us to distribute our digital content the way we have done previously. Moving forward, we will look to partner with established media companies to distribute our digital content, including news, on their global platforms, as we fully transition to a studio model. As part of this shift, we will no longer publish content on vice.com, instead putting more emphasis on our social channels as we accelerate our discussions with partners to take our content to where it will be viewed most broadly.
Separately, Refinery 29 will continue to operate as a standalone diversified digital publishing business, creating engaging, social first content. As you know, we are in advanced discussions to sell this business, and we are continuing with that process. We expect to announce more on that in the coming weeks.
With this strategic shift comes the need to realign our resources and streamline our overall operations at Vice. Regrettably, this means that we will be reducing our workforce, eliminating several hundred positions. This decision was not made lightly, and I understand the significant impact it will have on those affected. Employees who will be affected will notified about next steps early next week, consistent with local laws and practices.
I know that saying goodbye to our valued colleagues is difficult and feels overwhelming, but this is the best path forward for Vice as we position the company for long-term creative and financial success. Our financial partners are supportive and have agreed to invest in this operating model going forward. We will emerge stronger and more resilient as we embark on this new phase of our journey.
Thank you for your continued dedication to Vice and support during this time of transition. Together, I am confident that we will overcome any challenges and achieve our shared goals.

The shift comes amidst the company’s relocation of its strategic focus under new private equity ownership.
Last year, Soros bought Vice Media in a transaction valued at $350 million. The Gateway Pundit reported last year that the far-left Vice Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to enable a sale to Soros Fund Management.
It was reported the company, once valued at $5.7 billion, was struggling to find a buyer.
Vice filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York to enable the sale to Soros Fund Management.
“The consortium’s bid includes a commitment of $20 million in cash to enable Vice’s operations to continue throughout the sale process. It is expected to conclude within two to three months, the company said.” – according to CNBC. […]


Chris Cuomo’s Personal Physician Destroys COVID-19 ‘Safe & Effective’ Narrative on Live TV (VIDEO)

Screenshot: News Nation/Youtube
Dr. Robin Rose, Chris Cuomo’s personal physician and a double board-certified physician with expertise in treating long COVID at Terrain Health, destroys the prevailing narrative about COVID-19 vaccine safety on live TV.
During the segment, Cuomo introduced the topic by highlighting a groundbreaking study by the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN), which analyzed the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in a pool of 99 million vaccinated individuals across several countries, including Denmark, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Finland, Australia, and Scotland.
Here’s what the study found about how certain health issues showed up after people got their COVID-19 vaccines:
Neurological Conditions:

After getting the first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, there was a noticeable increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), where the body’s immune system attacks its nerves.
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a rare brain and spinal cord inflammation, also popped up more than expected after the first Moderna vaccine dose.
Other neurological issues like transverse myelitis (spinal cord inflammation), Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), and seizures also occurred more than usual after some doses of these vaccines.

Blood Clot and Platelet Conditions:

The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine first dose was linked to more cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), a type of blood clot in the brain, than expected.
There were also more instances of low platelet counts and pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) after some doses of Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines.
Some vaccines also led to an increase in splanchnic vein thrombosis (SVT), another type of blood clot, after certain doses, but these findings didn’t signal a major safety concern according to the study’s criteria.

Heart Conditions:

Cases of myocarditis (heart inflammation) were significantly higher than expected after the first, second, and third doses of mRNA vaccines (like Pfizer and Moderna).
Pericarditis (inflammation of the heart’s outer layer) cases also exceeded expectations after some doses of the Moderna vaccine and after the third dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.
These heart-related findings were considered important safety signals that need attention.

What this means: The study noticed that after getting certain COVID-19 vaccine doses, some people experienced health issues like nerve and heart problems, or blood clots more than what was expected by the so-called experts.
Screenshot: News Nation
During the live broadcast, Cuomo introduced the topic with cautious optimism, highlighting the rarity of increased risks for certain disorders identified in the study. However, Dr. Rose quickly pointed out the gravity of the findings.
“The study identified significant issues that were neurologic, cardiac, or hematologic. What we saw was that certain safety signals were two to three times higher than expected,” Dr. Rose said.
Cuomo sought clarification on what Rose meant by “expected versus observed,” to which Rose explained that the observed serious side effects were higher than what researchers had anticipated when rolling out a vaccine or therapeutic.
Dr. Rose highlighted a discrepancy in how healthcare and society respond to rare events, drawing a parallel between the screening for cancers and the monitoring of vaccine side effects.
She noted that millions are screened for cancers with much lower incidence rates than some of the adverse events observed post-vaccination, questioning why similar caution is not applied to vaccine safety monitoring.
“When the headlines come out about vaccines versus COVID, they’re often downplayed in various ways, or the headlines themselves minimize what’s happening. Okay. And the issue is that, in our society and in healthcare in general, we do care about the few or the rare occurrences, right? Thus, we conduct screenings for everyone 45 years and older, encompassing hundreds of thousands or millions of people who need to be screened because we’re concerned about the 32 out of every 100,000 people who get it per year.”
“The same applies to women and cervical cancer: 7.7 females out of every 100,000 per year get cervical cancer. These are rarer, fewer events that occur. But we care about them. We don’t downplay them, and we screen these individuals, trying to prevent it from happening. That was my point.”
Dr. Rose criticized the study for not investigating a wider range of symptoms reported by vaccinated individuals, which, though less severe, significantly impact daily life. Symptoms such as chest heaviness, persistent headaches, brain fog, and new onset cardiac arrhythmias have been reported by many, yet their prevalence and connection to the vaccine remain underexplored.
“There are tens of millions of people out there who are screaming from the rooftops, saying that after they had the vaccine, they have suffered from just basic symptoms, or not that basic, but not as severe as this, but symptoms that have impaired their activities of daily living.”
“They can’t live the way they used to live on a daily basis. And those are things including chest heaviness, persistent headaches every day, brain fog, post-exertional malaise, neuropathy, weakness, new-onset cardiac arrhythmias, structural heart damage, autoimmune conditions, all these different things. I can name 100 other things, probably. Why are we not looking at those things? The things that we are looking at in this study, particularly, are things that are super rare and very serious and life-threatening.”
When Cuomo asked about the suggestion that vaccination reduces the risk of long-term COVID-19, Dr. Rose dropped a truth bomb.
“In our personal experience, what we’re seeing is that’s a mixed bag. It’s a mixed bag. We need a lot more data on that. But it seems that many patients that had long Covid that got vaccinated actually got worse instead of better.” Dr. Rose said.
“In my experience, and in a lot of my colleagues’ experiences who are taking care of these patients across the country, so I think that really has to be looked at a little closer.”
“And, Chris, there was a study, too, that just came out about pregnant women last week. And when you look at that study, over 51% of the women who were pregnant and went on to have long Covid were vaccinated, and there it was a little bit more, hedged more towards those patients who were vaccinated, went on to develop long Covid versus not. So, this is something that, again, is multifactorial. There are multiple things at play. People have had multiple vaccines and multiple exposures to the virus.”
WATCH: […]


This Is Weird: City Officials Warn Residents in Elyria Township, Ohio to Stockpile Supplies and Stay at Home During the Total Solar Eclipse in April

Creator: Lisa Zins (Flickr)
Elyria Township Fire Department is urging the local community to make unusual preparations for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse scheduled for April 8.
The statement released by the officials highlighted the importance of being well-prepared weeks in advance of the eclipse. It recommended that residents stock up on food, ensure they have a sufficient supply of their prescriptions picked up the week before, keep cell phone batteries charged, and schedule any necessary appointments for before or after the eclipse weekend.
The message was clear: PLAN TO STAY HOME IF POSSIBLE!
Elyria Township Fire Department issued the following statement:

It is in the best interest of our residents to prepare for this event in the weeks prior. This includes stocking food, picking up prescriptions the week before, keeping your cell phone battery charged, and scheduling all appointments before or after the event’s weekend.
If you plan to view this event, please get the best eye protection for you and your family. Solar eclipse glasses are available online and may be available at local retail outlets as we get closer to the event.
Like most Fire Departments in this area, we will plan for the worst and hope for the best. We would rather over-prepare than explain to our residents why we were underprepared. We will always exhaust all measures to keep our residents and visitors safe. I encourage our residents to research this event online and its effects on local communities in the past.

Officials have not suggested any other impending event but have cited traffic concerns as a significant issue.

According to Daily Reporter, the 2017 total solar eclipse saw a considerable influx of visitors in areas within the path of totality, and local law enforcement wants to ensure that residents are not caught unprepared.
Deputy Chief Chuck McMichael of the Greenfield Police Department in Indiana stated, “We want to make sure people are prepared for what we believe will be very heavy traffic.”
Indiana, in particular, is expecting around a million visitors to observe the eclipse, and preparations are underway to manage the crowds and traffic effectively.
“Traffic will be very heavy immediately after the event is over,” McMichael said. “We want people, especially those who are traveling, to be prepared and expect to be stuck in traffic.”
“Have ways to charge your portable electronics and have water and snacks,” McMichael said. […]


Landmark Decision: Appeals Court Strikes Down NYC Law Permitting 800K Noncitizens and Illegal Alien “Dreamers” to Vote as Unconstitutional

In a groundbreaking ruling, the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division: Second Judicial Department, has overturned a New York City law that would have allowed noncitizens to vote in municipal elections.
The ruling issued Wednesday affects an estimated 800,000 legal residents who are not citizens and illegal alien “dreamers,” thwarting the city’s efforts to expand the electorate in local races.
Dreamers are illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children, lived, and attended school here.
This decision upholds a lower court ruling issued by Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio in June 2022. The ruling, which Mayor Eric Adams and the City Council had attempted to overturn, stands as a significant rebuke to the city’s legislative body and its executive.

The law, passed in December 2021 but faced with immediate legal challenges, aimed to create a class of “municipal voters” consisting of noncitizens who reside in New York City.
“The local law created a new class of voters called “municipal voters” who would be entitled to vote in municipal elections for the offices of mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president, and council member. The law defines a “municipal voter” as “a person who is not a United States citizen on the date of the election on which he or she is voting,” and who meets the following criteria: (1) “is either a lawful permanent resident or authorized to work in the United States”; (2) “is a resident of New York [C]ity and will have been such a resident for 30 consecutive days or longer by the date of such election”; and (3) “meets all qualifications for registering or pre-registering to vote under the election law, except for possessing United States citizenship, and who has registered or pre-registered to vote with the board of elections in the city of New York under this chapter.”
The case, Vito J. Fossella et al. v Eric Adams etc. et al., centered on the interpretation of Article II, Section 1, and Article IX of the New York State Constitution, which references “citizens.”
The court’s decision, outlined in a 43-page document, delves into the intricate legal arguments presented by both the defendants and defendants-intervenors.
In his ruling, Judge Wooten suggested that the law is unconstitutional.
“We determine that this local law was enacted in violation of the New York State Constitution and Municipal Home Rule Law, and thus, must be declared null and void,” Judge Wooten said in the 3-1 majority decision.
The judges concurred that the state constitution explicitly defines the right to vote as pertaining to citizens only, referencing Article II, section 1, which grants voting eligibility exclusively to citizens. […]


Pharmacies Across the U.S. Report Widespread Outages Following Cyberattack

Photo: AHL Pharmacy
Change Healthcare, a prominent healthcare technology company based in the United States has fallen victim to a cyberattack, leading to widespread outages and delays in prescription processing at pharmacies nationwide.
Owned by UnitedHealth Group, Change Healthcare is critical in the healthcare infrastructure, facilitating the processing of orders and payments for patients across the country.
The cyberattack, which was first detected on the company’s East Coast network early Wednesday morning, has caused enterprise-wide connectivity issues, severely disrupting the usual operations of local pharmacies. These delays in prescription processing are not just inconveniences; they represent a direct impact on patient care and access to necessary medications.
Change Healthcare, which merged with Optum, a healthcare services giant, in 2022, has been proactive in communicating about the incident.
In an update at 11 am EST, Change Healthcare wrote that it is still “experiencing a cyber security issue, and our experts are working to address the matter. Once we became aware of the outside threat, in the interest of protecting our partners and patients, we took immediate action to disconnect our systems to prevent further impact. At this time, we believe the issue is specific to Change Healthcare and all other systems across UnitedHealth Group are operational. The disruption is expected to last at least through the day. We will provide updates as more information becomes available.”

Security Week reported:
In the afternoon, Change Healthcare also disclosed that the disruption was caused by an outside threat and that it had disconnected its systems to contain the incident.
While Change Healthcare did not say what type of cyberattack it fell victim to, ransomware might have been involved, given that the typical response to such an attack is to disconnect the affected systems from the network.
In 2022, Change Healthcare merged with Optum, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, creating one of the largest healthcare technology companies in the US. The organization handles payment processes for healthcare providers and payers across the country.
The company has access to the medical records of roughly one third of US patients, handling billions of healthcare transactions per year, and the disruption has had a significant impact on the healthcare system, with some pharmacies being unable to process prescriptions.
“Due to a nationwide outage from the largest prescription processor in North America, we are currently unable to process prescriptions at any of our four locations of Scheurer Family Pharmacy. We are still able to accept prescriptions, but unable to process them through your insurance,” Scheurer Health announced.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Thursday that tens of thousands of cell phone users have experienced outages this morning for their home phone, internet, and mobile phone services. The shocking number of interruptions is sparking fear of a possible cyber attack.
The outages reportedly began around 4 am Eastern time and also affected thousands of customers with Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. Cricket, which is also part of AT&T, reported having 11,000 customers affected.
The most significant number of issues, though, was reported by AT&T users, which spiked at 31,931 reports at 4:30 am before again jumping to 71,000 at 8 AM. […]


Turmoil at CBS — Catherine Herridge’s Firing Escalates as Network Seizes Files that May Expose Confidential Sources: Report

CBS reportedly seized files from Catherine Herridge, the network’s recently laid-off senior investigative correspondent. This action included materials that may reveal information about confidential sources, according to an article by Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, in The Hill.
Catherine Herridge, an Emmy-winning and nominated reporter known for her work on national security and intelligence, was among the 800 employees Paramount Global laid off in a bid to streamline operations amid financial strain. Her firing has since escalated into a broader controversy.
In his article titled “CBS faces uproar after seizing investigative journalist’s files,” Turley sheds light on the concerns that have emerged within the journalistic community at CBS.
Herridge’s colleagues are reportedly alarmed by the company’s unprecedented steps to take possession of her work materials, including sensitive information on sources promised confidentiality.

“There is trouble brewing at Black Rock, the headquarters of CBS, after the firing of Catherine Herridge, an acclaimed investigative reporter. Many of us were shocked after Herridge was included in layoffs this month, but those concerns have increased after CBS officials took the unusual step of seizing her files, computers and records, including information on privileged sources.”
The seizure of Herridge’s files, which span her impressive career at both CBS and previously at Fox News, has sent a “chilling signal” through the ranks, suggesting a potential crackdown on journalistic freedom and source protection.
Turley wrote:
” position of CBS has alarmed many, including the union, as an attack on free press principles by one of the nation’s most esteemed press organizations.
I have spoken confidentially with current and former CBS employees who have stated that they could not recall the company ever taking such a step before. One former CBS journalist said that many employees “are confused why [Herridge] was laid off, as one of the correspondents who broke news regularly and did a lot of original reporting.”
That has led to concerns about the source of the pressure. He added that he had never seen a seizure of records from a departing journalist, and that the move had sent a “chilling signal” in the ranks of CBS.
A former CBS manager, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said that he had “never heard of anything like this.” He attested to the fact that, in past departures, journalists took all of their files and office contents. Indeed, the company would box up everything from cups to post-its for departing reporters. He said the holding of the material was “outrageous” and clearly endangered confidential sources.”

The move has led to speculation about the motives behind the seizure, with some suggesting that it could be a response to Herridge’s recent investigative work, which has been critical of the Biden regime.
Turley, who has known Herridge for years, expressed shock at the handling of the situation, highlighting the potential breach of trust between journalists and their sources. He pointed out that traditionally, journalists are permitted to retain their files, which are critical for their ongoing work and the preservation of source confidentiality.
Turley wrote:
“These files may contain sources who were given confidentiality by Herridge. The company is suggesting that the privilege of confidentiality (and the material) rest ultimately with CBS. As a threshold matter, that cannot be the case with regard to files that were generated during Herridge’s long stint with Fox News. Yet CBS appears to be retaining those files, too.
When sources accept confidentiality assurances, it is an understanding that rests with the reporter. It is a matter of trust that can take a long time to establish on a personal level between a reporter and a source.
It is certainly understood that the network stands behind that pledge. However, most sources understand that their identity and information will be kept protected by the reporter and only disclosed to a select group of editors or colleagues when necessary. It is the reporter who implicitly promises to go to jail to protect confidentiality — and many have done so. Such agreements are less likely to occur if sources are told that any number of unnamed individuals, including non-journalists, could have access or custody of these files.”
A source within the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) confirmed to Turley that the union is extremely concerned about CBS’s actions and is considering all available options to address the issue.

My column in the Hill is out on a controversy brewing at CBS. I have been hearing from journalists are alarmed over the company effectively seizing the files of acclaimed investigative journalist Catherine Herridge. https://t.co/AfPQNbFIJl
— Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) February 22, 2024

It can be recalled that in August, the US District Court for the District of Columbia, Christopher Cooper, ordered Herridge to sit down for a sworn deposition regarding a confidential source she used for a 2017 story she covered on a Department of Defense-funded school that was at the center of federal investigations over Chinese military ties while she was at Fox News.
The judge ordered Herridge to turn over her source(s) in response to a lawsuit that was filed by Chinese-American scientist Yanping Chen against the FBI. Chen subpoenaed Herridge in an effort to find out who her sources were.
Herridge argued she should not be forced to disclose her source because of her First Amendment rights.
Judge Cooper, an Obama appointee, disagreed and forced Herridge to unmask her source.
“The Court recognizes both the vital importance of a free press and the critical role that confidential sources play in the work of investigative journalists like Herridge,” Cooper wrote in the ruling in August. “But applying the binding case law of this Circuit, the Court concludes that Chen’s need for the requested evidence overcomes Herridge’s qualified First Amendment privilege in this case.”
Herridge refused to disclose her source during the deposition and faced contempt charges and potential jail time, The Epoch Times reported.
“With contempt proceedings now teed up, one of two outcomes appears likely: either Herridge will be held in contempt in the near future and can immediately appeal that order, or, as sometimes occurs in these cases, the sources may release Herridge from the privilege rather than watch her undergo the consequences of contempt,” Judge Cooper wrote in an order. […]


New Zealand Politician Who Pushes for Mass COVID Vaccination Dies Suddenly After Collapsing at Charity Run

Manukau Councillor Efeso Collins (1News/Youtube)
Efeso Collins, a member of the New Zealand House of Representatives for the Green Party and a vocal proponent of COVID-19 mass vaccination efforts, tragically passed away on Wednesday morning.
Collins, 49, was participating in a charity run to support ChildFund’s initiative to provide safe drinking water to communities in the Pacific when he collapsed unexpectedly.
Despite the immediate medical attention provided by emergency services at the event, which took place at Auckland’s Britomart, efforts to resuscitate the MP were unsuccessful.
Privacy screens were erected to maintain dignity and privacy around the scene as CPR and defibrillators were employed for about an hour before his passing was confirmed by event organizers to the Herald.
The news outlet reported that the MP died on the scene.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, and there has been no confirmation that it is related to his vaccination status or advocacy efforts.
Collins was known for his outspoken support of mass COVID-19 vaccination, particularly within Māori and Pacific communities. He had recently been vocal about a “Vaxathon” event, which he described to RNZ as a crucial “call to action” to encourage vaccination.
Despite initial concerns about low booking numbers for the Vaxathon—with only 3,000 of the 12,500 invitees securing a spot—Collins attributed this to communication challenges rather than vaccine hesitancy.
He emphasized that engagement with community leaders was essential for successful outreach and criticized the health ministry’s approach as disconnected from the realities of the communities in South Auckland.
Below is a video of Efeso Collins explaining how the second COVID jab is important.
[embedded content] […]