Unhinged Climate Activists Hijack Beethoven Concert and Glue Themselves to a Conductor Stand (VIDEO)

The climate extremists who have been vandalizing artworks and cars in recent months have now glued themselves to a conductor’s stand at a Beethoven concert on Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany.
Climate activists from the radical group Last Generation interrupted a Beethoven concert at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, one of Germany’s grandest venues, and glued themselves while lecturing the audience about climate change.

Law enforcement officials quickly removed and arrested the two activists, and the show went on as scheduled.
The Times reported:

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The stunt at the €866 million Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg was the latest in a string of attention-grabbing antics from Last Generation, a group of radical campaigners whose members have previously thrown substances over paintings by Monet and Klimt.
Minutes before the state orchestra of Saxony was to strike up the first notes of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D major, an unidentified man and woman in fluorescent vests clambered on to the stage and stuck their hands to the stand with fast-drying glue, which induced groans from members of the audience.

In a brief speech the woman warned that there would be no more concerts in Hamburg if the low-lying port city were to be submerged beneath rising waters. “If we do nothing now, we will be complicit in the greatest catastrophe humanity has ever suffered,” she said. “Just as there is only one Beethoven violin concerto, we only have this one planet, whose boundaries we’re abusing so badly that catastrophes caused by climate change are getting more frequent and deadly.”
She added: “I always wanted to have children but now I’m so afraid to place a child in this world and look on as it dies in a war over resources or water.”

Watch the video below:

Climate activists glue themselves to a conductor stand at Beethoven concertSource: The Telegraph (Youtube) pic.twitter.com/s0OTQtxdjH
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VIDEO: Angry Trans Twitter Censor Speaks Out After She Is Fired from Her Job

Angry trans Melissa Ingle was fired from Twitter earlier this month. Her job at Twitter was to “check” content. She was a censor at Twitter.
Melissa says over time the site will become more abusice, more extreme, and less reliable without crackpot censors like her quashing free speech.
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Ingle was a contract employee and now she is speaking out.
It will break her heart that conservatives may have a voice on the platform once again.

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Angry Greta Thunberg Sues Her Home Country Sweden for its Lackluster Climate Change Policies

Legal action has been taken against the Swedish government by a group of children and young adults led by conspiracy theorist Greta Thunberg for failing to take appropriate steps to combat “climate change.”
On Friday, hundreds of activists, led by Greta Thunberg, marched through the Swedish capital to a Stockholm district court to sue the government for allegedly not doing enough to address climate change, NBC reported.

The 87-page document filed with the Stockholm District Court was signed by over 600 people under the age of 26 who are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.
The group argued that Sweden’s climate policies violate its constitution as well as the European Convention on Human Rights.

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“The Swedish state has never treated the climate crisis as the crisis it is, and the new government has clearly signaled that it won’t do that either,” said Anton Foley, a member of Aurora who prepared and filed the lawsuit. “Sweden is failing in its responsibility and breaking the law.”
“The Swedish state fails to meet the constitutional requirement to promote sustainable development leading to a good environment for present and future generations,” the group said in a statement.

Bloomberg reported:

In 2017, Sweden adopted a climate law that requires the government to work to reduce emissions of planet-warming gases toward a net-zero target set for 2045.
Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is key to meeting the 2015 Paris Agreement target of keeping global warming below 2C by the end of the century.
However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February triggered a scramble for energy that’s set back efforts and this year’s UN-sponsored climate talks in Egypt failed to step up ambitions.
In an interview with Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, Thunberg said she believes climate laws should be tightened.

“We don’t have laws that provide long-term protection from the consequences of climate and environmental crises, but we need to use the methods at our disposal and do everything we can,” she said.
The lawsuit, which has been in the works for two years, comes as the new Swedish government’s policies on climate change face intense scrutiny. […]


Don Lemon Tries to Rewrite the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Myth in Absurd Knock on Elon Musk (VIDEO)

Earlier this week Elon Musk admitted on Twitter that “Hands up, Don’t shoot” was a myth pushed by the liberal media.
Elon rightly pointed out, “According to Obama’s DoJ the Ferguson shooting was unequivocally self-defense. so the Ferguson protests were – if you believe Obama’s DoJ – based on a false premise.”

This statement of fact caused CNN propagandist Don Lemon to suffer a meltdown on live TV.

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Don Lemon somehow justified the lie by pointing out that a DOJ report on the Ferguson Police Department found that three offensive emails were sent out out by members of the police department to their friends in their extensive investigation.  At the time there were 74 employees at the Ferguson Police Department. Three sent out offensive emails. That is 4% of the police force. And Eric Holder used this to claim racism is endemic in the department.
Don Lemon repeated this lie again this week to defend the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

Lemon called the “hands up, don’t shoot” meme a righwing talking point.
CNN is actually promoting Don’s segment.
[embedded content]
Oh, don’t forget, and CNN promoted the myth on their channnel!

FOX News reported:

Lemon, after declaring, “facts first,” told viewers that “some said” Brown was trying to surrender when killed by Wilson. He then said that the DOJ report “cast doubt” on that account in a clip flagged by conservative media watchdog NewsBusters.
“The DOJ did not find grounds to charge the officer but in a separate report that same day, it did find evidence of systematic racial discrimination in Ferguson at the hands of the city’s police department and municipal court,” Lemon said, noting that Blacks were far more likely to be searched in vehicle stops than Whites and the overwhelming majority of those ticketed were Black.
“So remember, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ after Ferguson became a nationwide protest symbol for police mistreatment of minorities. It was about more than the shooting of Michael Brown. It was about the pattern of police shootings and brutality in this country,” Lemon said.

He then appeared to stumble over the teleprompter, saying, “And #StayWoke, which mocked — Musk mocked, was how Twitter wanted … called out racial justice, was how they wanted to call out racial injustice.” […]