INSIDERS: Kevin McCarthy Does Not Have the Votes for House Speaker

Kevin McCarthy currently does not have enough votes for Speaker.  
This is a very good thing. 

While Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are destroying the country like never before Kevin McCarthy is way too weak to stand up against this destruction of the USA.  This is because McCarthy has never shown strength.  He’s Paul Ryan’s puppet in the House.
Yesterday Congressman Bob Good from Virginia reported that after two years Kevin McCarthy there is no indication that McCarthy will suddenly stand up against the Biden regime.

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Good shared:

Tell me on what basis Steve, if you were looking at the 220 members of Congress based on their merits, their skills, their qualities, their leadership demonstration that you would settle on Kevin McCarthy at the expense of the other 219 or so Republicans.

We need someone who represents the conservative center of the conference.  We need someone who will truly stand up and fight with nerves of steel.  We need someone who will hold every Republican accountable to fight againts the Schumer – Biden agenda.
We didn’t have that in the minority.  There’s no way we’re going to have that in the majority [if it’s McCarthy].  And there are more than enough of us who are resolved not to vote for him that we need to get past a denial of the reality that he’s going to be Speaker.

MUST SEE: Hero Representative Bob Good (R-VA) Argues Against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker (VIDEO)

Rep. Good is right.
Yesterday on Bannon’s War Room, Natalie Winters, Executive Editor, Co-Host for War Room, shared more on McCarthy being the right guy for Speaker of the house at this time in history.

Winters shared:

You not going to actually drain the swamp if the person leading the crusade is, and I’ll call it what it is, controlled opposition.  We have an unprecedented opportunity right now and the appetite to actually have meaningful investigations but if the person leading this charge is someone who really has no backbone, is just weak to the core, you’re not going to see that happen.  So it’s imperative we make sure he [McCarthy] is not a speaker. […]


Biden Admin Sends Out His First Two Year’s Accomplishments – Responders Point Out the Truth

Joe  Biden’s corrupt and dishonest Ron Klain made up some garbage to pass around the Thanksgiving table.  Most families thankfully passed on the advice.
Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff, is one of the most dishonest politicians in the US today. This is why he has a position in the Biden Administration.

Klain sent out a tweet where he attempted to put together some positive points from Biden’s first two years. For example, the first positive think about Biden that Klain shares is “gas prices are down $1.35/gallon since June and inflation is moderating”.
The fact is gas is way up since Biden took over. The price of gas under President Trump, when the country was energy independent was $1.87 a gallon. Now it’s near $5.00 a gallon. The price is down from June but it’s due to Biden stealing from the national reserves which is now almost depleted. Prices can’t stay down using that strategy since the reserves are now gone.

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Inflation is at a 40-year-high. Moderating at this level is horrible.
Others on Twitter called lying Klain out on his BS. One guy pointed out the price of an average turkey dinner.

Actual facts here for that uncle: The average cost of Thanksgiving meal has skyrocketed under Joe Biden.
2020: $46.90
2021: $53.31
2022: $64.06
— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) November 23, 2022

Another response pointed out some of the numerous lies from this Administration, terrible polices, terrible outcomes and record-setting horrible results.

— Kevin B. Deplorable Ultra Maga (@Kabktb) November 23, 2022

Another individual used pictures to point out Biden’s first two years in office. These pics showed everything you needed to know.

— The Right To Bear Memes (@grandoldmemes) November 23, 2022 […]


Steve Cortes on the War Room – Biden’s Economy Is “Teetering on the Edge of a Depression”

Today is Black Friday but it may not be so prosperous for retailers this year. 
With inflation at 40-year-highs, Americans don’t have a lot of money left over for presents and even Thanksgiving dinners.
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TGP reported yesterday that the average turkey meal this year cost nearly 20% more than last year.
Joe Biden Plans Celebration of “Inflation Reduction Act” then Inflation Rate Comes in Hotter than Expected at 8.3% Annual Rate — Markets Crash


Stever Cortes was on Bannon’s War Room earlier this week and he shared his thoughts on the current status of the Biden economy.
Cortes shared:
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My point here is the used car market is in an absolute free fall.  Let’s stop with the acedemic debates about whether or not we’re in a recession.  We are in a very deep recession for working class Americans.  A recession that is teetering on the edge of a depression if we don’t start to take action, and that’s the reality.

Listen to Cortes’s comments below: […]


After Raging a War Against MAGA, Kevin McCarthy Now Wants MAGA Votes for Speakership

GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy worked to crush the MAGA movement in Congress but now he wants their votes for speakership. 
Only a week ago we uncovered that McCarthy was using funds from FTX to take out GOP Representative Madison Cawthorn who was a fan of President Trump and the MAGA movement.

Kevin McCarthy Used FTX Funding to Sway GOP Primaries and Take Out MAGA Favorite Madison Cawthorn

But Cawthorn wasn’t the only MAGA candidate that McCarthy went after.  He also went after many more.

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Attorney Anthony Sabatini in Florida was one of them.  Sabatini was a MAGA candidate that McCarthy worked against in the primary.  The Florida House member lost in part due to McCarthy’s money used against him.
Sabatini reports:

McConnell’s sabotage of his own side in the Senate races won’t come as a surprise to most Republicans, but many are unaware that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy used similar tactics in several House races during the same period. McCarthy’s behavior is even worse than McConnell’s in light of the extremely underwhelming House election results. Although observers expected a “red wave” that would yield a strong Republican majority in the House, Republicans are likely to have just a five-vote advantage in the end.
According to The Washington Post, the political machine around McCarthy directed millions to be spent against Republican candidates in GOP primaries associated with the America First movement. Yes, you read that correctly. McCarthy surrogates, including Amazon lobbyist Jeff Miller, directed four political action committees to attack key candidates to McCarthy’s right in primary elections around the country.
Here are just a few examples: $1.7 million against Freedom Caucus member Madison Cawthorn in NC-11; $2 million in WA-3 against Joe Kent, and $2 million to prop up Kent’s primary opponent; $1.5 million spent against Carl Paladino in NY-23; $1 million against Christian Collins in TX-8; at least $1 million against Karoline Leavitt in NH-1; various amounts against J. R. Majewski in OH-9 and David Giglio in CA-13; and finally, $1.5 million against me in FL-7, a safe Republican seat, where McCarthy surrogates ran false and negative ads through “American Liberty Action PAC,” one of the four McCarthy attack PACs controlled by his surrogates. The list goes on.
It is remarkable that McCarthy’s main focus was not always on defeating Democrats, but to safeguard himself against challenges to his leadership within the GOP from incoming America First candidates. It is hard to escape the conclusion that, had these resources been spent on helping instead of undermining anti-establishment Republican candidates, the GOP would have won a stronger hold over the House.
McCarthy—like McConnell—cares more about being surrounded by Republican colleagues aligned with the establishment than winning elections for Republicans. His actions show he would rather his side lose than reflect the popular will by letting in new-right Republicans who think differently than he does about immigration, trade, war, and the managerial state.

McCarthy has emerged as worse than a mere establishment stooge: he has effectively declared war on the America First movement and has proven willing to use party resources to fight against new candidates. But he may have overplayed his hand. With the House Speaker vote just around the corner in January, McCarthy is in a precarious position as a backlash to his leadership mounts.

Sabatini is right.  McCarthy currently doesn’t have enough votes to be Speaker so he is making bold promises about what he would do as the next Speaker.
Unfortunately, McCarthy is a pawn of corrupt former Speaker Paul Ryan.  McCarthy is about party before America just like Ryan.
What America needs at this moment in time is a very strong and courageous House Leader who will deal with the crime and corruption within the DOJ and FBI, the corruption leading to stolen elections, corruption at all levels and in all government entities, and in dealing with those in America who are trying to destroy this great country.

McCarthy is not the Speaker that America needs.  […]


The Process of the Formation of the State of New California Is Well Under Way

The State of New California is gearing up for statehood.  
This idea seemed strange until it was mentioned that it is following precedent.  The state of West Virginia was formed during the Civil War when citizens of the new state didn’t agree with the unconstitutional actions of the state of Virginia which seceded and formed a new country.

The courageous men and women in West Virginia stood strong and created a new state according to the US Constitution.   The new state was granted statehood during the Civil War.
The state of New California shares the following on its website.

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The Need for New California

The U.S. Declaration of Independence of 1776, the Alta California Declaration of Independence of 1836 and the Sonoma Proclamation of 1846 declared the Right of the People in the states of Alta California and California respectively to throw off the bonds of tyranny.

Constitutional Authority to Act

The current state of California has become governed by a tyranny, which rivals those expressed in the above documents. Therefore the United States Declaration of Independence of 1776, the Constitution as adapted in 1783 by the Congress of the United States of America, the Alta California Declaration of Independence of 1836, the Sonoma Proclamation of 1846, and the California State Constitution of 1848 Mandate the Right, the Responsibility, the Duty of the People who are suffering the long train of abuses and usurpations at the hands of a tyrannical government to abolish and make new a government by the People and for the People under GOD.  

Article IV Section 3 of the United States Constitution

“New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

United States Declaration of Independence

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such Principles and organizing its Powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”.

The State Splitting Process

The Precedence was set in 1861 when West Virginia was split from Confederate Virginia as Virginia tried to secede the Union.  The process begins when a state’s legislature first votes to split the state. Once the measure in the form of a resolution passes both the State Assembly and Senate it is submitted to Congress.  Both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate must vote to pass the resolution in order to split the state.  
​No State has been brought into the Union who could not demonstrate their ability to self govern.  New California will demonstrate a governance system as modeled by the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights…
​…​New California will be the 6th largest State behind New York (bigger than Illinois and Penn),    It’s Estimated 25-27 seats in the US House of Representatives will go to New California.   Old California will become the 2nd most populous state behind Texas and ahead of Florida, losing 25-27 seats in the  US House of Representatives   The 5 Southern New California counties have a population of just over 11million If they were to break away they would be a state the size of Ohio, probably larger as some other counties might join.  

Below is a summary of the New State of California:
[embedded content] […]