Supporter Who Warmly Embraced President Trump at Chick-fil-A Rips into the Media’s False Narrative: “Isn’t Honest About Black Community’s Support” (Video)

On Wednesday, President Trump arrived in Atlanta for a high-dollar fundraiser. On the way, he stopped at a local Chick-fil-A, where he was warmly received by workers and HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) students. 
One of the students who greeted President Trump was Michaelah Montgomery, founder of Conserve the Culture.
Montgomery shouted to the President, “I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you,” before a smiling Trump invited her for a picture and an appreciative hug.
Montgomery joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss her experience and had harsh words for the media.
Speaking to Lawrence Jones, Montgomery said, “The general consensus or social media would have you thinking that if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] campuses … that like, some angry mob would form or a riot would ensue and that he would not be welcome, and clearly the sentiment in that room the other day was the complete opposite.”

“He was very welcome. People were excited to see him. People showed up in support of him, and people, of course, were from all four institutions within the AUC [Atlanta University Center], the local HBCU community in Atlanta, and they all showed up in support of him,” she added.
Recalling the interaction she said, “I really appreciate that we were able to not only let him know that regardless of what social media says… I know they’re trying to make us think we’re supposed to hate you, but we don’t.”
“And additionally, it was a learning experience for my students because they were able to see and experience firsthand how the media can warp that perception of an opinion or a person.”
“Because, like I said, to think that these students who attend these illustrious institutions aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions, so much so that they would only show support for Trump because he bought chicken sandwiches and milkshakes… that in itself is the most disturbing part of it all.”
She continued, “Especially when you think about the fact that it was mainly urban media outlets that were doing everything in their power to turn other Black people against these young Black kids who simply were not shy to explore other options.”
Montgomery points to his rump’s authenticity and his ability to communicate clearly regarding his agenda for his rising poll numbers in the Black community.
In 2020, Trump made significant gains among black voters and in 2024, the numbers are even greater.
According to a new Wall Street Journal poll, Trump’s support among black men and women has doubled since 2020.
“They feel like he’s honest. They feel like this is somebody who, while we might not agree with how he says things, how he goes about things, at least he’s telling us what it is,” Montgomery shared.
“We don’t feel like this is a snake in the grass waiting for his chance to bite us. This is somebody who’s telling us this is what my plan is. Here’s how I plan to execute it. Here’s the people involved, and here’s how you can get involved.”
She continued, “They just feel like he’s more relatable. They really feel like this is somebody who’s talking to them and not just saying what they want to hear.”
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UCLA Medical School Talk Titled “Depathologizing Resistance” Glorifies “Self-Immolation” as a Form of “Revolutionary Suicide”

UCLA Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry hosted a talk on April 2 titled “Depathologizing Resistance,” which glorified self-immolation as a form of “revolutionary suicide.”
The talk was delivered by two UCLA psychiatry residents, Drs. Ragda Izar and Afaf Moustafa who seemed to encourage and even celebrate suicidal ideation.
According to The Free Beacon, which obtained slides and video from the talk, the disturbing remarks were “centered on the suicide of Aaron Bushnell, the U.S. serviceman who set himself on fire in February to protest U.S. support for Israel—or, as Izar put it,’”indigenous Palestine.’”
The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Bushnell, an active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force, carried out the shocking act of self-immolation outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, according to officials from the Air Force and local law enforcement.

In the video, Bushnell, dressed in military uniform, said, “I am an active duty member of the United States Air Force, and I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I’m about to engage in an extreme act of protest. But, compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it’s not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.”
He then set himself on fire, shouting “Free Palestine.”
“Depathologizing Resistance” implied that a break from sane and normal behavior is less a sign of mental illness and more that an individual could be considered a “martyr who responded rationally.”
Via The Free Beacon:

Bushnell had shown signs of mental distress before he died,according to a police report, and was widely seen as a casualty of mental illness. The presentation argued he could also be considered a “martyr,” a man in full control of his mental faculties who had responded rationally to a “genocide” unfolding thousands of miles away.
“Yes, he carried a lot of distress,” Izar said, according to audio of the talk reviewed by the Free Beacon. “But does that mean the actions he engaged in are any less valid?”
Isn’t it normal, she continued, “to be distressed when you’re seeing this level of carnage” in Gaza?

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At UCLA, Izar and Moustafa, who are practicing psychiatrists, argued that self-immolation is a reasonable response to geopolitical events and that the taboo against it serves “the interests of power.” By “perpetuating the stigma of self-immolation,” they said, psychiatrists “discredit” resistance to “power structures” like “colonization,” “homophobia,” and “white supremacy,” framing legitimate acts of protest as signs of psychiatric dysfunction.
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Can’t believe this has to be said, but if you’re considering suicide no matter the method, please DON’T. If your psychiatrist encourages your suicidal ideation, run as fast as you can. Please, please, don’t kill yourself. There is hope and help. Suicide Hotline: Dial 988. https://t.co/hQ9TPqZ8Tr
— Joanne Mason (@JoanneMason11) April 12, 2024 […]


CNN Eulogizes Terrorist Who Commanded Group That Abducted, Tortured and Murdered a 19-Year Old Israeli Soldier as “Terminally Ill Palestinian Prisoner”

Walid Daqq
Terrorist Walid Daqqa died in prison earlier this week
Taking a page from Al Jazeera, which had an almost identical title, CNN eulogized Daqqa’s death with a story titled, “Terminally ill Palestinian prisoner dies after 38 years in Israeli custody.”
In the article, CNN says that Daqqa was “seen as a terrorist” after his arrest and sentence of life in prison after his group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) militant group, abducted and killed 19-year-old Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984.
CNN conveniently leaves out the details of Tamam’s horrific torture and murder.
Tamam was kidnapped and held for ransom.  When the ransom bid failed, he was murdered on Daqqah’s orders, but not before being tortured, including having his eyes gouged out and being castrated.

From The Jewish Chronicle:
Tamam, who was on leave from the military when he was murdered, vanished after accompanying his girlfriend to her home in the city of Tiberias and returning by bus to Tel Aviv.
His body was found four days later near the entrance to the town of Mevo Dotan in the West.
Tamam’s killers gouged out his eyes, mutilated his body and castrated him before taking him to an olive grove and shooting him dead, according to reports at the time.
CNN seemed to mirror Amnesty International’s (AI) lamenting of the terrorist’s death.  AI described Daqqa as simply “a writer,” leaving out the details of his barbaric cruelty.

The death in custody of Walid Daqqa, a 62-year-old Palestinian writer who was the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails after 38 years of imprisonment, is a cruel reminder of Israel’s disregard for Palestinians’ right to life ⬇️https://t.co/hSz0gdZgVj
— Amnesty International (@amnesty) April 8, 2024

This is who you’re memorializing pic.twitter.com/Pw1l8rehRF
— StopAntisemitism (@StopAntisemites) April 8, 2024 […]


Texas High School Teacher Allegedly Targeted Vulnerable Students to Build  ‘Prostitution Enterprise’

Kedria Grigsby, 42/Image: Harris County Sheriff’s Office
A high school teacher in Texas has been arrested and accused of child sex trafficking.
Cosmetology teacher Kedria Grigsby, 42, allegedly offered vulnerable runaway students a place to stay before then forcing them into prostitution.
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shared on X:

Today, the @HCSOTexas Criminal Investigations & Security Division corroborated with @kleinisdpd in arresting Klein ISD teacher, Kedria M. Grigsby (01-31-82) for allegedly trafficking of a child (3 counts) and compelling prostitution of juveniles (3 counts). The1/4 pic.twitter.com/AkcMHCDvSm
— Ed Gonzalez (@SheriffEd_HCSO) April 9, 2024

According to prosecutors, she was allegedly aided in her efforts by her 21-year-old son, Roger Magee, to build a “prostitution enterprise.”  The victims were 15, 16, and 17-year-old students and had been reported as runaways.

the three victims, ages 15, 16, and 17 were students and reported runaways. We believe Grigsby assisted her son, Roger Magee (11-1-2002) who was arrested 11-2022 for the Trafficking of Children and Compelling Prostitution. Magee remains in jail. It appears Grigsby recruited2/4
— Ed Gonzalez (@SheriffEd_HCSO) April 9, 2024

Gonzalez continued, “It appears Grigsby recruited troubled juveniles from local high schools by offering them a place to stay, which would be a hotel.”

troubled juveniles fromlocal high schools by offering them a place to stay, which would be a hotel. Addtl teen victims have come forward stating that Grigsby was also attempting to recruit them while attending school. The HCSO Human Trafficking Unit will conduct a follow-up3/4
— Ed Gonzalez (@SheriffEd_HCSO) April 9, 2024

KHOU-11 reports:

“The investigating officer evidently determined there’s at least one occasion where Ms. Grigsby had paid for a motel room that was used in the prostitution enterprise,” the judge said.

Grigsby is accused of transporting the victims, too. In court, prosecutors said an investigating officer was looking for evidence in a motel room that was allegedly paid for by Grigsby when one of the victims walked in and then ran out and got into a silver car believed to be driven by Grigsby. They said there was at least one other victim inside the vehicle.

In probable cause court, we also learned Grigsby and her son allegedly used Zelle to transfer money. Prosecutors said investigators found text messages between the two talking about payments and prostitution fees, as well as messages sent between her son and the victims. […]


“Judgment-Free Zone”: Man Strips Naked and Parades Around Planet Fitness Women’s Locker Room, Asks Woman to Shower With Him

Christopher Allan Miller
In March, The Gateway Pundit reported that Planet Fitness banned a woman for taking a photo of a “transgender” biological man shaving in the women’s locker room at a Fairbanks, Alaska, location.
Despite uproar for failing to protect women, the gym chain has stood by its decision, saying that a member’s “discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender member.” They are proud to be a “judgment-free zone.”
“As the home of the Judgement Free Zone, Planet Fitness is committed to creating an inclusive environment,” Planet Fitness chief corporate affairs officer McCall Gosselin told Fox News about its gender policy.
Their “judgment-free zone” has now led to the arrest of a man, sporting a beard but claiming to be a woman, at a location in Gastonia, North Carolina, for stripping naked and parading around the women’s locker room.
One woman called 911.

WSOC reports:
“And what’s he wearing?” the dispatcher said.
“Nothing, literally nothing,” the caller said.
“OK, so he is completely naked?” the dispatcher said.
“He is completely naked,” the caller said.
Sources told Channel 9 that Miller asked a woman to rub lotion and shower together.
“And is that man still there?” the dispatcher said.
“Yeah, he is still in the bathroom,” the caller said. “It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his — and he won’t leave.”

Ultimately, Christopher Allan Miller, aged 38, was arrested for indecent exposure.
Sources also told Channel 9 that Miller was harassing women in the gym before the arrest.

BREAKING: Male who identifies as female ARRESTED after stripping N*KED in a Planet Fitness women’s locker room.
“It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his — and he won’t leave” a caller told… pic.twitter.com/bWMXwCteH5
— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) April 10, 2024

Planet Fitness is getting pummeled financially.  A week after the incident in March, the company saw more than $400 million wiped from its value. […]


Seattle: Dance Team Told to Remove Their American Flag Shirts “Or Leave” Because Some Competitors Felt “Triggered and Unsafe”

Image courtesy of Borderline Dance/Facebook
The Borderline Dance team, a regional women’s country line dance team, was invited to the Emerald City Hoedown in Seattle last weekend to perform by event organizers, the Rain Country Dance Association.
Rain Country Dance Association describes itself as creating “a friendly environment for LGBTQ people and friends to meet and dance in the Pacific Northwest. We support this Country Western dance community by providing opportunities to dance, learn, and perform. We cater to the LGBTQ community of Seattle and Greater Puget Sound but are open to all.”
However, The Borderline Dance team’s American flag-themed shirts resulted in them being “effectively kicked out” of the event because some attendees felt “triggered and unsafe.”
The team shared a statement on Facebook:
Over the last two days, we have been answering dozens of calls and messages from friends and family. Feelings have ranged all the way from outrage to sympathy to disbelief. We want to make sure there is complete understanding and truth surrounding the events of Saturday.
I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Our Dance Team along with a few others were scheduled to perform at the Emerald City Hoedown in Seattle on Saturday. They’ve been asking us for three years to perform but because of their Covid restrictions, we have been unable to until this year. Dance teams work their boots off preparing for performances like these. Extra practices, babysitters, ferry rides, hours upon hours of practice and commute time and time away from their families. We all were very excited to perform for this event. Unfortunately, what our team was met with upon arrival was that our flag tops were offensive to some of the convention goers. There was a small group that felt “triggered and unsafe”. They had several claims for this reasoning. Mostly associated with the situation in Palestine and the Trans community in America. At first we were told we would just be boo’d, yelled at and likely many of them would walk out. This did not deter us. But then we were given an ultimatum. Remove the flag tops and perform in either street clothes (which most didn’t bring as they traveled there in their uniforms) or they would supply us with ECH shirts from years past… Or, don’t perform at all, which effectively was asking us to leave. Also, here is a link to their website that shows the pictures of our teams in our uniforms. So they would have known what we were going to wear.
We don’t speak for our team, we speak on behalf of them so the choice was theirs. As we knew would happen because there really was no choice in our minds, it was a unanimous NO.
We were not alone in this. Our friends, West Coast Country Heat, who were also scheduled to dance for the convention that evening also did not perform as they too proudly don the colors of our country in the same spirit of patriotism that we do. Both of our teams stood in solidarity and put actions to words.
Now, for the silver lining. Firstly, watching these teams band together was the greatest performance I’ve ever seen. These people are strong, resolute and unwavering in their patriotism. They are the families and friends of people who have suffered the unimaginable so that we may all have our own opinions and sleep soundly in our beds at night. THAT is why we wear the colors. Because although we may not always agree with the current state of things, we recognize that being an American means true FREEDOM. We all understood and accepted this and walked out with class and dignity despite the discrimination we had experienced.
Secondly, the support that we got from the majority of the community and even several of the organizers was amazing. We had individuals from ALL walks of life approach us and the message was clear “we want you”. The outpouring of love and respect was inspiring. There was also a lot of disappointment there. Disappointment in the community they are supposed to feel safe in. Disappointment that the spirit of this event, which is to share our love of country dance, was overshadowed by the political opinions of a small percentage. We only wanted to entertain. We didn’t get to do that but we did get to make new friends and build some bridges that maybe wouldn’t have been possible without this incident.Ill leave it with this. May you never find yourself in a position where your freedom truly is taken from you. May you always have the choice to agree or disagree with whatever situation you find yourself in. And may you always protect someone else’s freedom to do the same. Whether it be in your favor or not.

Rain Country Dance Association shared a statement on Facebook addressing the controversy.
Hi y’all! After the close of another amazing Hoedown weekend, we know there are some questions about the Saturday night performance line-up. We appreciate y’all giving us the time to clear up misunderstandings and address the situation with people directly involved. We will be posting a follow-up statement later this week once we are able to have those conversations.
Board president Ziadee Cambier responded to a critic on Facebook saying, “Hello Rose, thank you for your feedback. This is Ziadee, Board President. We will be in continued communication with the captains of the dance teams that were slated to perform Saturday. To clarify, as this was not a competition, no one was disqualified and no one was asked to leave. While we are mending our relationships directly with the dance teams we will be disabling comments on this post. We will be sharing more information later this week, to hopefully clear up any misunderstandings.” […]


UK Report: Children Are ‘Failed’ by Gender Clinics and Lack of Research and Evidence for Transgender Medical Interventions

Pediatrician and consultant Hilary Cass conducted a comprehensive and lengthy review of international research into gender medicine for children for NHS England.  She concludes that a lack of research and evidence on transgender medical interventions such as puberty blockers and body-altering surgeries is failing children.
“The pillars of gender medicine are ‘built on shaky foundations,’” Dr. Cass has said, and evidence was found to be severely lacking on the impacts of puberty blockers and hormone treatments on children.
Dr. Cass further stated that healthcare for people questioning their gender “needs to be improved across the board.” Still, there is a marked and essential distinction “between having a trans identity and medically transitioning.”
In a piece for the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Dr. Cass stated that while medicine is usually based on the pillars of integrating the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values and preferences, she “found that in gender medicine those pillars are built on shaky foundations”.

In compiling the comprehensive report, she envisioned a six-month part-time review. But it became a “24-hour-a-day obsession to try to help improve things.”
Cass’s prior findings led to the banning of puberty blockers from children outside of clinical research in the UK.
Overview of key findings in the final report:

There is no simple explanation for the increase in the numbers of predominantly young people and young adults who have a trans or gender diverse identity, but there is broad agreement that it is a result of a complex interplay between biological, psychological and social factors. This balance of factors will be different in each individual.
There are conflicting views about the clinical approach, with expectations of care at times being far from usual clinical practice. This has made some clinicians fearful of working with gender-questioning young people, despite their presentation being similar to many children and young people presenting to other NHS services.
An appraisal of international guidelines for care and treatment of children and young people with gender incongruence found that that no single guideline could be applied in its entirety to the NHS in England.
While a considerable amount of research has been published in this field, systematic evidence reviews demonstrated the poor quality of the published studies, meaning there is not a reliable evidence base upon which to make clinical decisions, or for children and their families to make informed choices.
The strengths and weaknesses of the evidence base on the care of children and young people are often misrepresented and overstated in scientific publications and social debate.
The controversy surrounding the use of medical treatments has taken the focus away from what individualized care and treatment are intended to achieve for individuals seeking support from NHS gender services.
The rationale for early puberty suppression remains unclear, with weak evidence regarding the impact on gender dysphoria and mental or psychosocial health. The effect on cognitive and psychosexual development remains unknown.
The use of masculinising / feminising hormones in those under the age of 18 also presents many unknowns, despite their longstanding use in the adult transgender population. The lack of long-term follow-up data on those commencing treatment at an earlier age means we have inadequate information about the range of outcomes for this group.
Clinicians are unable to determine with any certainty which children and young people will go on to have an enduring trans identity.
For most young people, a medical pathway will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress. For those young people for whom a medical pathway is clinically indicated, it is not enough to provide this without also addressing wider mental health and/or psychosocially challenging problems.
Innovation is important if medicine is to move forward, but there must be a proportionate level of monitoring, oversight and regulation that does not stifle progress, while preventing creep of unproven approaches into clinical practice. Innovation must draw from and contribute to the evidence base.

You can read the full report here.
Author J.K. Rowling offered insight into the implications of the study.

Over the last four years, Hilary Cass has conducted the most robust review of the medical evidence for transitioning children that’s ever been conducted. Mere hours after it was released to the press and public, committed ideologues are doubling down. 1/6 https://t.co/J4fA4JYgkC
— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) April 10, 2024

Whining by child mutilation fans led to a brutal community note on X.
Chair of the Chair of Scottish Labour Students, Emma Russell, wrote on X, “The Cass Review is a methodologically flawed, ideologically led study that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. The Labour Party, and Wes Streeting, must stand against the erosion of trans rights and trans healthcare provisions. This is absolutely vital.”
Community notes hit back hard, “Far from being ‘methodologically flawed’ and ‘ideologically led’ the study by Dr Cass has been 4 years in the making and was conducted by a former President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The poster is the idealogue.”

[embedded content] […]


Gun Grabber David Hogg’s PAC Raises $3 Million, Spends Almost a Third on Travel and Consultants, Little on Candidates

According to Breitbart News, gun-grabber David Hogg, who rose to fame on the tragedy of his dead classmates, is under scrutiny for expenditures of his Leaders We Deserve PAC.
The organization spent almost half of the $3 million-plus it brought in last year on travel expenses, political consultants, and legal fees despite the PAC’s claimed focus on electing leftist Gen Z candidates.

David Hogg got exposed https://t.co/xktuVxgeAX
— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) April 10, 2024

One of the expenditures includes a payout to former Clinton campaign general counsel and Trump-Russia hoax cheerleader Marc Elias.

However, Breitbart reports that their stated initiative comes second to supporting Hogg’s travel itinerary and enriching consultants, with expenditures of only $263,000 on campaigns and candidates.
Via Breibart:
Of the more than $3 million raised in its first year of operations, the Leaders We Deserve PAC spent only about $263,000 on its stated mission of electing candidates from Generation Z to office combined with donations to other Democrat Party committees and groups—and instead spent more than $1.4 million on disbursements to themselves for payroll and to political consulting firms and legal fees, in addition to travel and entertainment expenses like hotels, flights, and meals.
The FEC records show that Hogg’s group spent more than $51,000 across several payments to a group called Accelerate Political Advisors and another more than $25,000 across several payments to a firm called Bee Compliance, LLC. In addition, the group spent more than $83,000 on legal fees to Elias Law Group, the firm headed by Democrat lawyer Marc Elias. Leaders We Deserve spent another more than $28,000 over two payments, the records show, for “Communications Consulting” from a group called “Liftoff Campaigns” and yet another $60,000 for “Strategic Consulting” from a firm called “Lim Consulting Services.”

Hogg is blessed with the ability to financially enrich himself and with political fame and all he had to do was stand on the bodies of his dead classmates to do it. https://t.co/xJW8zns5sH
— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) April 9, 2024

Read the full analysis here. […]


New State Department Diversity Chief Calls America a “Failed Historic Model” with ‘Colonizing Past’ (Video)

The State Department’s new chief diversity and inclusion officer, Zakiya Carr Johnson
Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the appointment of Zakiya Carr Johnson as the State Department’s chief diversity and inclusion officer.
Carr Johnson has previously called America a “failed historic model” and demanded the destruction of traditional structure “at every juncture.”
Blinken touted Carr Johnson’s prior experience as a senior adviser to Barack Obama and director of the first Race, Ethnicity, and Social Inclusion Unit at the State Department.
“Her previous work promoting entrepreneurship and access to opportunity for underrepresented populations, as well as her commitment to inclusive leadership, make us stronger, smarter, and more innovative,” he said.
Fox News reports that Carr Johnson’s prior experience includes ” running two relatively obscure companies – Odara Solutions, a DEI consulting firm, and Black Women Disrupt, an initiative in which Carr Johnson interviewed Black women involved in creative spaces around the world. Its YouTube channel had 125 subscribers.”

In a now-deleted article, Carr Johnson wrote:
“In those board rooms, in the tight knit working group, in the advocacy and activist spaces and in grand bureaucracies, there are mechanisms and cultures which dispute the humanity and ability of people like me to be trusted to lead.  This happens, not because we are unprepared or unwilling, but because the rules created in our organizations and baked into their very foundations, are often riddled with racism, patriarchy and exclusion.  These are chinks in the armor of traditional leadership that refuse to reconcile with a colonizing past, or recognize that time has run out for experimentation and tweaking of a failed historic model.”

Carr Johnson has also complained that “female-directed” initiatives have a downside….too many White women are able to advance.
Via Fox News:
In another Facebook post, Carr Johnson’s Odara Solutions complained that female-directed diversity initiatives allow too many White women to advance, purportedly “at the expense of women of color.”
This idea was reiterated in a June 2020 letter Carr Johnson signed with Fair Share which outlined a series of antiracist commitments.
“We strongly believe that feminist leadership must be anti-racist in order to transform our societies. Today we call for… long-term transformation… We will do our part to uplift and amplify feminist leaders of colour, counter White-centered feminism trends and narratives, and share Black and Brown feminists’ wisdom and recommendations,” it said.

The State Department’s Chief DEI Officer Zakiya Carr Johnson:
“We’ve got to be about dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture.”
Your tax dollars are hard at work destroying the most successful country in the history of the world. pic.twitter.com/l8rXuqv4lT
— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) April 4, 2024 […]


Another Leftist Insurrection: Screaming Anti-Israel Protestors Shut Down Senate Cafeteria

Anti-Israel protesters shut down Senate cafeteria (Image: video screenshot)
On Tuesday, an anti-Israel mob with faux-bloodied hands swarmed and shut down the cafeteria in the Dirksen Senate Office building.
The group sang and chanted, “Senate can’t eat until Gaza eats!”
Demands from the protesters include the Senate endorsing a ceasefire, the restoration of UNRWA funding, and an end to military aid to Israel.
According to Fox News, at least 50 people were arrested and removed.
The U.S. Capitol Police confirmed to Fox News that those arrested inside the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., were charged with Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.
“It is illegal to demonstrate inside any of the Congressional Buildings,” Capitol Police said in a statement.
A video obtained by Fox News shows demonstrators walking through the hallways of the building, raising their hands and saying, “Children are starving in Gaza” and “People are dying in Gaza.”

At one point, according to a Fox News source, Capitol Police shouted, “Everybody out or be placed under arrest,” to which a protester replied, “This is the house of the people!”

Activists from an organization called Christians for a Free Palestine claim at least 30 of those arrested are “members of the clergy.”
Code Pink’s perennial tantrum queen and Hamas terrorist apologist, Susie Benjamin, was also front and center. 


The pro-Palestine mob has entered and shutdown the Senates cafeteria chanting ‘the Senate can’t eat until a Gaza eats!’
What a sad, empty life they lead..
Arrest them all! pic.twitter.com/gdGZiEMLVh
— ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) April 9, 2024

Will anyone be charged with insurrection?

Will they be treated like #January6th defendants, a Marine dad or let go immediately?
“The U.S. Capitol Police confirmed…arrested inside the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., were charged with Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.”https://t.co/ohyk3KeerE
— David Webb (@davidwebbshow) April 9, 2024

USCP: Approximately 50 people were arrested for illegally demonstrating inside the Dirksen Senate Office Building this afternoon. It is illegal to demonstrate inside any of the Congressional Buildings. The charge is D.C. Code § 22–1307 – Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding
— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) April 9, 2024

Never forget that these protesters have earned the public and vocal praise of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah who recently threatened Lebanese Christians.

Head of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah threatened Lebanese Christians in his most recent speech.
He spoke about the situation in the Christian city of Jbeil from which a Lebanese Forces (Christian party) official was kidnapped & murdered.
Via @Anthonioseo pic.twitter.com/JsakIUk1PV
— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) April 9, 2024 […]