Ukrainian Frontline Colonel Admits Country Will Have To Cede Territories to Russia in Peace Negotiations – Calls It ‘A Victory’

Long gone are the days when Ukraine was at least winning the war on the western news sites’ headlines.
Now, slowly but surely, the MSM has had to face the fact that the outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered Ukrainian forces will not win this war on the battlefield, will not get back to pre-war borders, much less reincorporate the Crimean peninsula.
And up until a minute ago, to state the obvious fact that Ukraine will have to cede territory during peace negotiations with Russia got you branded as a ‘Kremlin stooge’ or worse, and only the most courageous politicians, such as Hungarian Viktor Orbán, Slovak Robert Fico as well as American Donald Trump, dared utter these words.
But now, that exact same unavoidable fact has been splashed on ABC News, and voiced by a frontline leader from the Ukrainian army – someone who can’t be shaded as a ‘Vladimir Putin’s shill’.

We are talking about the leader of Ukraine’s 57th Motorized Brigade, an infantry unit battling the new Russian offensive North of Kharkov.
Colonel Oleksandr Bakulin was interviewed by ABC News in the presence of a ‘senior Army leader’ at a secret location.
I’m stressing this fact because I believe it shows that Bakulin has not ‘gone rogue’ in the surprising thing he said.
The situation in the Northern Kharkiv region is ‘quite difficult’, Bakulin says, but Ukrainians ‘managed to slow down the enemy’.
(Of course, as reinforcements for North, Kleesheva, Andreevka and other localities further south are falling prey to Russian advances – which was always Moscow’s plan.)
Furthermore, Bakulin said that the Russians still have reserves [in Belgorod near Kharkov] and are poised to bring these reserves into the battle when the time is ripe.
ABC News reported:
“’We do understand how crucial this [US] aid is’, Bakulin said. ‘The whole the world understands. Yes, our soldiers are brave and courageous, but without this aid, these weapons, shells, everything, without this we would not be able to keep fighting in a war against Russia, just because we are way smaller than Russia‘.”
Bakulin called the Ukrainian army retreating ‘a normal part of the ebb and flow of warfare’. But he introduces the ‘novel’ idea that ‘Ukraine has already won’.
“Despite the advances made but the Russians, he pushed back at the idea that Ukraine is losing the war, saying, ‘I personally think that we have already won this war. The question is at what point it is going to end, and at what stage’.
Bakulin said he predicts that in the end this war will be ended by a deal, saying, ‘Every war ends in peace talks and deals’.”
This is unprecedented, and introduces the new narrative: by merely surviving the war, Ukraine wins.
But Bakulin wasn’t done: he accepted that territory will need to be given up during negotiations, citing the experience of nearby Finland.
“’Little Finland once fought against big USSR’, Bakulin said. ‘Yes, it lost some territories. But it still does exist as a country and Russia doesn’t even look in that direction. We are in a similar position, but I hope we will not lose our land’.”
Now, let me reming you that a ‘senior Army leader’ was present at the interview, showing that this line of narrative ‘Ukraine wins the war merely by surviving’, has authorization to be floated.
“The war is far from over and the lack of heavy weaponry is still operationally critical. He put it succinctly when asked about the casualties caused by the lack of armaments, saying ‘The sweat of the artillery soldiers saves the blood of the infantry soldiers. But if there is only sweat without the shells, then infantry soldiers pay it with their blood’.”
Bakulin’s interview it’s just a cope, but also introduces a new ‘objective’ that is actually perfectly obtainable.
Let’s see if this will become the new mantra: ‘Ukraine already won’.

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DEATH THREAT: Georgian PM Says EU Commissioner Menaced Him With ‘The Fate of Robert Fico’, as the US Increases Pressure Against ‘Foreign Agent Law’

Just between you and me – behind all the international controversy involving the Soviet Republic of Georgia lies legislation that is absolutely common sense and has equivalents in the US and many other Western countries.
So calling it ‘Russia Law’ or saying it’s ‘Russian-inspired’ is disingenuous.
The proposed law mandates that media and NGOs must register as ‘pursuing the interests of a foreign power’ if they receive over 20% of their funding from abroad, not unlike the US’ Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).
We started covering the issue with: WATCH – Major Brawl Erupts in Georgian Parliament as Members Exchange Blows Over ‘Foreign Agents’ Bill.

Georgia seems primed for a color revolution.
Later, as the protests escalated, it became clear what was happening, and the international puppet masters leading the crowds: COLOR REVOLUTION IN GEORGIA – Globalist NGOs Foment Mass Protest Against ‘Foreign Agent Bill’ That Would Mandate Disclosure of Funding Sources of These Same Organizations.
The foreign agents law was approved in three parliamentary votes and was vetoed by Pro-EU President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili, a ‘traitor to the Caucasian nation’ in the words of the conservative Prime Minister. The Parliament is widely expected to overrule the Presidential veto in yet another vote.
Demonstrations have become quite smaller.
For now, the riots in front of Parliament are becoming smaller, but the political pressure is stepping up like crazy: threats of US sanctions, the threat of EU severing the ascension prospects of the country, and now – it appears – even assassination threats are in the game.
It turns out that one of the European Commissioners, the Hungarian Oliver Varhelyi, Commissioner for neighborhood policy and enlargement, threatened Georgian PM Kobakhidze with the fate of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who recently suffered an assassination attempt.
This was posted in Georgia government Official Facebook page: “Even against the background of years of blackmail, the threats that were voiced in a telephone conversation with one of the European Commissioners were striking.
In particular, in his conversation with me, the European Commissioner listed a number of measures that Western politicians could take after overcoming the veto on the transparency law, and said while listing these measures – ‘You saw what happened to Fiсo, you should be very careful’, the post claims.”
Reuters reported:
“Oliver Varhelyi, EU commissioner for neighborhood policy and enlargement, said his comments on the attack on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico were taken out of context.”
There you have it: the European Union is using scare tactics to increase pressure on Tbilisi to drop the law, then acts like it was ‘misunderstood’.
“Varhelyi said in a statement he wanted to tell Kobakhidze not to inflame passions and the assassination attempt in Slovaka “was made as an example and as a reference to where such high level of polarization can lead in a society even in Europe”.
‘I regret that one part of my phone call was not just fully taken out of context, but was also presented to the public in a way which could give rise to a complete misinterpretation of the originally intended aim of my phone call’, Varhelyi said.”
Fight in Parliament: majority expected to override Presidential veto on the law.
The ruling Georgian Dream party has the numbers in parliament to override President Zourabichvili’s veto in a vote next week.
Georgian Dream, which says it still wants to join both the EU and NATO, maintains that the law is necessary to protect Georgian sovereignty.
The West wants Georgia to open a ‘second front’ against Russia. Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze stated this.
Intel Slava reported:
 “’Since the beginning of 2022, there has been serious interest in opening a ‘second front’ in Georgia, which would weaken Russia’s position, but this would destroy our country. Such interest remains today’, Kobakhidze said, commenting on the West’s dissatisfaction with the Georgian law on foreign agents.
He believes that in today’s world there is a ‘global war party’ that ‘is not interested in the fate of Georgia and its interest lies only in weakening Russia’s position’.”
Washington has started firing from all cylinders in their effort to get the Georgian government to nix foreign agents bill.
Sputnik reported:
“US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said Washington is ‘gravely disappointed’ by the law. White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby cited deep concerns, claiming that the bill could ‘stifle’ dissent and free speech. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan wrote on X that the US is ‘deeply alarmed about democratic backsliding in Georgia’.
Twenty-nine American lawmakers penned a letter to Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze on May 10 urging him to withdraw the legislation since it will ‘impose control over the very same partners’ who assisted Georgia’s transatlantic integration. The letter expressed support for the nationwide ‘peaceful protests’.
US congressmen have threatened to reconsider US financial assistance, expand visa bans, and impose financial sanctions on Georgian officials if the bill is not withdrawn, in a colonial-style violation of Georgia’s sovereign right to adopt its own laws and pursue independent policies.”
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Days After Creepy King Charles Portrait Was Unveiled, a Horrible Painting Depicting Princess Kate Is Published in Magazine, Generating Public Outrage

There seems to be some parallel fate befalling King Charles III and his daughter-in-law, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.
They both got fingered by the author of Prince Harry’s train-wreck memoir ‘Spare’ as the two ‘racist royals’ who questioned ‘how dark’ would his son Archie’s skin be.
Shortly after, they both became mysteriously ill, and in both cases it surfaced they are battling Cancer.
Now, right after King Charles unveiled a creepy, controversial portrait of him that generated more than the usual polemic, a Princess Kate portrait has been published in a magazine, and… guess what? It’s ‘ruffling feathers and angering the public.’

NOT a masterpiece.
Painted by artist Hannah Uzor, the Princess of Wales’ new look is reportedly not an official portrait, and it was revealed in the latest issue of Tatler magazine.
The New York Post reported:
“The portrait shows Middleton, 42, in a white gown with a blue sash and a tiara. The artist told the outlet that she ‘spent a lot of time looking at [Catherine], looking at her pictures, watching videos of her, seeing her with her family, seeing her in diplomatic visits, seeing her when she’s rowing or visiting children in a hospice’.”
Royal fans and watchers were horrified, saying that it does not resemble the princess.
“’This is dreadful – somehow, I’m not sure the artist is a fan of the Princess – it looks like a bad [high school] project!’ one remarked, while another said, ‘Is this a joke?’”
Hellish King’s portrait generated controversy.
Less than two weeks ago, Charles unveiled a new portrait that showed the monarch against a red background, leaving people to wonder if it was blood on his hands.
It was almost unanimously agreed that the new Middleton ‘portrait’ doesn’t resemble the princess.
“Referring to Middleton being out of the public eye since January, before she announced her cancer diagnosis, another said, ‘Kate Middleton (aka current Princess of Wales) has been out of sight since Christmas last year. The artist, like many people, has only a vague recollection of what she looks like?’ 
Another keyboard art critic deemed the portrait, ‘hilariously terrible’ while someone else called it ‘absolutely horrible’.”
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As Slovakia’s PM Fico Recovers, His Government Approves Public TV Overhaul in First Parliament Vote – Prosecutor May Treat His Shooting as Terrorism

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico may still be bedridden, recovering from the shots he received during his assassination attempt, but his government is plowing along vigorously with his agenda.
Fico’s coalition pushed his overhaul of public broadcaster RTVS through an initial parliamentary vote today (22).
The new oversight council and leadership for RTVS still must clear debate and a final vote in the coming weeks, but it is expected to be approved by the government’s majority in parliament.
Fico’s government is at odds with ‘independent’ (a.k.a. Globalist) media outlets and have accused broadcaster RTVS of not being impartial.

Reuters reported:
“The law ‘aims to restore to broadcasting true attributes of public service, balance, independence, objectivity, truthfulness and transparency’, Culture Minister Martina Simkovicova told parliament.
Under the legislation, RTVS’s director will be replaced years before his term expires, and a nine-member council – appointed by the government and parliament – will be responsible for filling the position.”
Opposition parties complain that the law ‘would stifle criticism of the government, curtail freedom of speech and undermine media independence’.
European Commission Vice-President Vera Jourova alerted that the overhaul would bring public media under direct government control.
“Fico remains in hospital after an attack that officials say was politically motivated, but the leftist-nationalist government has said it would not retreat from its policies.
[…] The government has adjusted its TV overhaul proposal, removing a part that would have installed a programming board, which raised censorship worries, and the possibility that the director could be fired without cause. But criticism has continued.”
Meanwhile, the investigation of Fico’s shooting may take an unexpected turn.
TVP reported:
“The attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico could be treated as terrorism, Slovakian prosecutor general Maroš Žilinka said on Wednesday.
[…] During an unprecedented appearance at the Security Council of the Slovak Republic meeting, Žilinka said that the potential reclassification was based on gathered evidence, allowing military special services to assist in the investigation.”
Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák also mentioned that the government is considering harsher penalties for hate speech.
“Interior Minister Matúš Šutaj Eštok noted 50 ongoing cases of verbal attacks and glorification of the assassination attempt, with the number expected to double as new reports come in.
Slovakian President Zuzana Čaputová and President-elect Peter Pellegrini, who will take office on June 15, met with religious leaders to discuss calming national tensions.”
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Called Out by Milei for His Wife’s Alleged Corruption, Spanish Socialist PM Sanchez Keeps Victimizing Himself and Escalating Diplomatic Feud With Argentina

Diplomatic spat: Milei, Sanchez and wife.
Argentine President Javier Milei was cheered in Madrid as he called out Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for allowing corruption to fester – including by his own wife.
If that was not enough, #PedroVigilaATuEsposa began trending on X to the despair of the Spanish socialist apparatus.
Crowds took to the streets to protest him: ‘Pedro Sanchez, son of a b*tch!’
In this context, Socialist PM Sanchez did what leftists do: he victimizes himself with full force.
He already pulled this card earlier in the month when he took 5 days of leave to decide if he should renounce his premiership and mandate – but of course, he did not.

Now, the Spanish government declares that the withdrawal of its ambassador to Buenos Aires – which was initially ‘for consultations’ – is now “permanent”.
Spain demanded an apology after Milei ‘insulted’ Sanchez’s wife, Begona Gomez, during a visit in which he also snubbed usual protocols of meeting the king and prime minister.
Read: Argentina’s Milei Cheered in Spain’s Vox Party Mass Rally – Calls PM Sanchez’s Wife Corrupt – Spanish Government Recalls Ambassador as Diplomatic Spat Intensifies
Reuters reported:
“Gomez has been the subject of a court investigation into accusations of influence peddling and business corruption by an activist group, though Madrid’s prosecuting authority has appealed to drop the case due to lack of evidence.
‘The ambassador will permanently stay in Madrid’, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares told reporters, using stronger diplomatic parlance than in previous days. ‘We have no interest in nor desire for any escalation, but it’s the government’s obligation to defend the dignity and sovereignty of Spanish institutions, especially when the aggression occurs in the capital of Spain’.”
The embassy in Argentina will be headed by the ‘charge d’affaires’. In an interview, Milei said the move was ‘an absurdity in diplomatic terms’.
“‘What’s happening is literally a folly typical of an arrogant Socialist, who personally took a comment that didn’t contain any names as an allusion and nonsensically decided to go for a diplomatic escalation, so it’s Pedro Sanchez’s problem’, he said.
‘Does he believe he’s the state? That’s very totalitarian,” he added, complaining that Sanchez had endorsed his rival in Argentina’s election and not congratulated him for winning’.”
Milei still insists that Spanish officials are the ones that should apologize to him, after insults included a suggestion that he was a drug user.
“In his speech, Milei said global elites should beware the destructive ideas of socialism and the ‘kind of people’ and ‘levels of abuse’ it can generate before making an obvious allusion to Gomez’s case when he spoke of ‘a corrupt wife’.”
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BREAKING: British PM Sunak Triggers General Election for July in Surprise Announcement – Falling Inflation and Fear of Tory Rebellion May Have Precipitated the Move (VIDEO)

British media is in an uproar after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak triggers a General Election for the 4th of July.
UPDATE: The announcement happened as the Premier walked out in the drizzle a little after 5pm, London time (11am ET).
Sky News: PM confirms election for 4 July

“Rishi Sunak confirms he spoke to the King earlier today to request the dissolution of parliament ahead of a general election on Thursday, 4 July.

“‘Now is the moment for Britain to choose its future. To decide whether we want to build on the progress we have made, or risk going back to square one with no plan and no certainty’.
The election, he says, will ‘take place at a time when the world is more dangerous than it has been since the end of the Cold War’.”

Sunak: ‘I’m guided by doing what is right for our country’

“Concluding his speech, Rishi Sunak says: ‘I hope that my work since I became prime minister shows that we have a plan and are prepared to take bold action necessary for our country to flourish. I’ve stuck with that plan, and always been honest with you about what is needed, even when that’s been difficult, because I’m guided by doing what is right for our country, not what is easy. I can’t say the same thing for the Labour Party, because I don’t know what they offer, and in truth, I don’t think you do either’.
He argues that Labour does not have a plan, saying ‘the future can only be uncertain with them’.
Mr Sunak says the Labour leader has ‘shown time and time again that he will take the easy way out and do anything to get power’.”

UK rules specify that an election has to be held until December 17. So far, Sunak had repeatedly stated that the vote will happen in the ‘second half of the year’.
But now, ‘Election fever is gripping Westminster today’.
This comes across as rather surprising since the opposition Labour has a big lead in the polls, and has just handed Sunak an astounding defeat in the local council elections.
Daily Mail reported:
“Lord Cameron is cutting short a trip to Albania to be back in time for a Cabinet meeting at 4.15pm, while Jeremy Hunt has cancelled an appearance on ITV tonight. 
[…] The drama is threatening to set the Tory tinderbox ablaze, with MPs telling MailOnline that Mr Sunak has a ‘death wish’ and the Parliamentary party will go ‘nuts’ if he tries to call an election.”
Sir Keir Stammer’s Labour is still well ahead in the polls.
Rumors say letters of no confidence are being drafted and delivered to the Conservative Party’s ‘1922 Committee’ tasked with this function.
Others want to prevent the writ being moved to ‘dissolve Parliament’ and call the next elections.
“The rumors gathered pace after Mr Sunak hailed a ‘major milestone’ with inflation tumbling to the lowest level in nearly three years.
Sunak recently stated in the Commons:
“There is, Mr Speaker, spoiler alert, there is going to be a general election in the second half of this year. At that moment, the British people will in fact see the truth about the honorable gentleman opposite me, because that will be the choice at the next election Mr. Speaker, a party that is not able to say to the country what they would do, a party that would put at risk our hard-earned economic stability, or the Conservatives that are delivering a secure future for our United Kingdom.”
Sunak with Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt: tax cuts before election?
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate fell from 3.2 per cent in March to 2.3 per cent in April – which is near the Bank of England’s 2 per cent target.
Other economic indicators were not as good, as many question whether Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will have room to cut taxes before the election.
Watch as Sunak stands in the drizzling rain to announce General Elcetions for July 4th:
[embedded content] […]


ESCALATION: Russia Begins Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drill Near Ukraine’s Border ‘To Counter Militant Statements by Western Officials’ (VIDEO)

The world is getting more and more dangerous by the day.
With NATO, the EU and Russia entangled in an European conflict that keeps escalating, it is very bad news that nuclear weapons are now the talk of the day.
The Russian Federation forces have begun the ‘first stage’ of exercises to simulate preparation for the launch of tactical nuclear weapons.
Ordered by recently reelected President Vladimir Putin, the exercises are reportedly linked to what Moscow calls ‘militant statements’ by Western officials that ‘create security threats for Russia’.

Reuters reported:
“Nuclear analysts say the exercises are designed as a warning signal by Putin to deter the West from wading more deeply into the war in Ukraine. Western countries have provided weapons and intelligence to Kyiv but have refrained from sending troops.”
The Russian Defense Ministry said this first stage of the drill involves Iskander and Kinzhal missiles.
“It is aimed at ensuring that units and equipment are ready for ‘the combat use of non-strategic nuclear weapons to respond and unconditionally ensure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Russian state in response to provocative statements and threats of individual Western officials against the Russian Federation’, the ministry said.”
The exercises are led by the Southern Military District, which lies adjacent to Ukraine and newly annexed territories.
The situation has escalated so much that Reuters feels it has to try and guess the results of such an attack – which unfortunately is not unthinkable anymore.
“In theory the use of such a weapon could deliver a stunning shock to the West without necessarily triggering a full-blown nuclear war, though the risk of triggering a cycle of escalation would be huge.”
Russia is reported to have about 1,558 non-strategic nuclear warheads.
Watch: Video released by the ministry showed missiles being transported in a convoy of military vehicles and placed in position ready for firing.

⚡The Southern Military District has begun the first stage of an exercise involving practical training in the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, the Defence Ministry said.
As part of non-strategic nuclear weapons exercises, the Russian missile formations are… pic.twitter.com/xhe8Dg5qUu
— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 21, 2024

“When Putin ordered the drills this month, Russia’s Foreign Ministry linked them to comments by France’s Macron, who floated the possibility of sending European troops to fight Moscow in Ukraine, and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who said Kyiv had the right to use weapons provided by London to strike targets inside Russia. It also cited the provision of long-range British, French and U.S. ATACMS missiles to Kyiv.”
Asked about the timing of the different phases of the drill, the Kremlin said that the military exercises for practicing the use of tactical (or non-strategic) nuclear weapons will be conducted ‘at the appropriate time’.
Sputnik reported:
“These drills will focus on the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, aimed at ensuring Russia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in response to provocative statements and threats from certain Western officials.
President Vladimir Putin referred to the exercises involving the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons as routine work, with nothing unusual. He also mentioned that the drills would be conducted in three stages, with Belarus joining Russia in the second stage, as Belarus hosts non-strategic nuclear weapons.”
In this first stage of the exercise, the Russian missile formations are practicing such tasks as: obtaining special ammunition for the Iskander complex, equipping missiles with it and moving covertly to a position area to prepare for launch; equipping special warheads for air defense systems, including Kinzhal missiles, as well as flights to designated patrol areas.
The Chinese publication Sohu (reported by Slavyangrad), wrote about this. According to the Chinese journalists authors, ‘the Kremlin gave Britain an ultimatum, deciding to forever determine how the provocations would turn out’.
 “’This is not a joke, Putin has given Great Britain an ultimatum’, write the authors of the Chinese publication. They note that the president’s actions, including ordering exercises using non-strategic nuclear forces, have led Britain to soften its rhetoric.
[…] Earlier, British Foreign Minister David Cameron said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could attack Russian territories with British weapons. After this, the British Ambassador to Moscow, Nigel Casey, was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry.”
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As French Post-Colonial Power Crumbles, Macron Flies To Chaotic New Caledonia Territory – Pro-Independence Leaders Blame Him for Electoral Reform That Triggered Riots

French President Emmanuel Macron is heading to the chaos-ridden Pacific territory of New Caledonia in a bid to keep the last remnants of post-colonial power intact after getting kicked out of the African Sahel region in a major geopolitical blow for Paris.
For once, Macron will be busy with his own considerable problems instead of going around the world war-mongering or pontificating on themes like his climate alarmism obsession.
It’s been a week after riots erupted in the French overseas territory, killing six.
Australia and New Zealand have started evacuating tourists from the island away from the looted shops, torched cars and road barricades.

Reuters reported:
“The protests were sparked by anger among indigenous Kanak people over constitutional reform approved in Paris that would change who is allowed to take part in elections. Local leaders fear the change will dilute the Kanak vote.
Macron will meet elected officials and local representatives on Thursday for a day of talks focused on politics and on the reconstruction of the island, aides said.
Macron ‘will discuss with all the forces in New Caledonia’, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said. ‘The objective is to … prepare and anticipate reconstruction’.”
Can Macron jeep New Caledonia from breaking away from France?
To re-establish dialogue in the island will not be an easy task, since pro-independence leaders blame the riots on Macron and his insistence on pushing through the electoral reform despite local opposition.
“‘Here comes the fireman after he set the fire!’ Jimmy Naouna, from the Front de Liberation Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS) of New Caledonia, wrote on X in response to news of Macron’s visit.
France annexed New Caledonia in 1853 and gave the colony the status of overseas territory in 1946. New Caledonia is the world’s No. 3 nickel miner but the sector is in crisis and one-in-five residents live below the poverty threshold.”
12 thousand miles away from France, New Caledonia is dealing with long-established by pro-independence movements, but past week’s violence has been the worst there in 40 years.
Now, more than 1,000 gendarmes and police from France were on patrol and another 600 would soon be added, France’s High Commission said.
But while Macron is flying in, just about everybody that can fly out is doing so.
Associated Press reported:
“The Australian military has flown 115 passengers on two flights from the restive French Pacific territory of New Caledonia and a French government flight was expected to evacuate another 100 stranded passengers on Wednesday, an Australian government minister said.”
The unrest is raising new questions about Macron’s handling of France’s colonial legacy.
“’We’ve prioritized the elderly, the pregnant and the most vulnerable’, Conroy told Nine Network television. ‘We’ll continue to work with the French government to make sure we get every Australian out of New Caledonia who does want to leave’.”
Conroy said France was planning more flights to Brisbane on Wednesday.
“’The French have indicated they intend to continue repatriating foreign nationals, particularly tourists so the primary plan is more French flights but … we do have contingency plans and we do have planes on standby should there be an issue with that course of action’, Conroy later told Australian Broadcasting Corp. ‘A French plane is expected to leave for Brisbane this afternoon or this evening and we expect around 100 Australians to be on it’.”
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Prince Harry Turned Down King Charles’ Offer To Stay on a Royal Residence During London Visit Because of Ongoing Dispute Over Taxpayer-Funded Security: REPORT

Dysfunctional families are a fact of life.
But when we’re talking about one of the most powerful and consequential families in the Western world, all the drama and bickering rise above the tabloid-level irrelevancy to a sphere of geopolitical importance.
And that’s precisely the case with the British Royals from the House of Windsor.
King Charles III waited 70 years to take the British throne, but 15 months after ascending to the throne he was diagnosed with cancer. How’s that for drama?

Meanwhile, his disgruntled son Prince Harry, the Duke of Essex, is a constant pain in the Royal neck.
Harry’s charities? Harry and Meghan’s Charity Declared ‘Delinquent’ in California, Must Stop Spending and Fundraising Immediately. Or else Prince Harry’s Charity in Africa Accused of Widespread Torture and Rape.
Earlier in the month, we had this: Prince Harry Goes to London for His Charity Invictus Games’ 10-Year Celebration – But Despite His Reaching Out, King Charles and Prince William Seem To Be Ignoring Him.
Harry’s team let out this: ‘TOO BUSY’: King Charles Snubs Prince Harry’s Presence in London and Will NOT Meet Him.
A more complete picture started to appear with this: King Charles Snubbed Prince Harry and Decided NOT To Meet Him After His Son Insisted That Queen Camilla Not Be in the Room: REPORT.
And now, the Mail suggests that the real story of the father-son non-meeting was the inverse of what was first divulged.
Daily Mail reported:
“Prince Harry turned down an invitation by the King to stay at a royal residence when he visited the UK earlier this month because he had ‘security concerns’, it has been claimed.
He is said to have declined his father’s offer because it did not come with any taxpayer-funded personal security provision, which would leave him staying in a ‘visible location with public entrance and exit points and no police protection’.”
Everyone – including me – was left wondering why Harry would stay at a Hotel. Now we know: he chose to.
Allegedly because it meant he ‘could come and go unseen’, but possibly out of sheer spite.
Harry is still up in arms about the withdrawal of his automatic right to police protection.
So it seems Harry put out the version of being keen to meet the King but that he was ‘too busy’ to see him to provoke his father.
“It has since become clear that while His Majesty did indeed have a packed program of engagements that week, the King had made conciliatory overtures that would have enabled him to see his son. In all Harry spent three nights in the capital without seeing any family members before meeting his wife, Meghan, at Heathrow airport and flying onto Nigeria for a quasi-royal tour.
The prince has since accused the Home Office of subjecting him to ‘unlawful and unfair treatment’ and claims he has been singled out and treated ‘less favorably’ than other family members as ‘punishment’.”
Harry ‘does not feel safe’ bringing his wife and children to the UK ‘under the current arrangements’.
“The prince has only been permitted police protection when taking part in royal events, such as the late Queen’s funeral, or when he was transported to meet the King from Heathrow in February after his cancer diagnosis.”
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UKRAINE DARKNESS: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Spike Among the Collapsing Defenders

All is fair in warfare, as nations many times use whatever substances they can to gain the ‘upper’ hand in the war.
In WW2, the widespread usage of amphetamines started a trend that hasn’t ended more than eighty years later.
The Germans were particularly fond of a methamphetamine called Pervitin, distributed in the millions to their troops. They nicknamed it ‘Stuka tablets’ or ‘Panzer-chocolate’.
The British and American forces weren’t too  behind in this ‘pharmaceutical arms race’. They also used amphetamines, under a different name: Benzedrine.

Even in Japan, soldiers and workers in war industry used ‘senryoku zokyo zai’, ‘drugs to increase fighting spirit’ – methamphetamine.
Amphetamines were widely used for reducing the need for sleep, combating stress, and boosting morale. And these substances are still used today.
In the battlefields of Ukraine, the abuse of alcohol and drugs is escalating, as the situation on the front lines has taken a disastrous turn for the worse for the Ukrainian defenders.
Without any way to decompress from the horror of war, many soldiers are turning to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope.
The Daily Beast reported on the issue:
“Some of those defending Ukraine are also abusing illegal substances that they buy through shady online businesses run by the country’s mafia. [Some get] so drunk or high that they have killed civilians, soldiers, and animals in a blind rage or while driving under the influence.”
Some of these soldiers have not been taken off of frontline rotation in as much as eight months.
“In Kyiv—far from the front lines—nationalism and the belief that Ukraine will win the war are ever-present, but in Donbas The Daily Beast has witnessed a far darker mood where drunken soldiers aimlessly wander the markets in Kostyantynivka, dead dogs line the streets, and some soldiers say Ukraine is headed for defeat.”
One soldier told the paper that forcibly conscripted people ‘don’t know how to do anything, and they get into a crisis situation’.
“In Kharkov, a soldier who only wanted us to use his first name said that he never drank alcohol in the trenches where he was fighting, but he has heard stories of soldiers lashing out when they are drunk. Valerii, 32, claimed that last summer, one soldier shot and killed two colleagues and a dog while he was drunk. Although he did not drink in frontline positions, Valerii said that he did use amphetamine, a drug he has been abusing since he was 18, to stay awake. ‘Everyone used it there, every day. You have to stay awake for a long time’, said Valerii.”
Valerii would take up to half a gram, 500 milligrams daily. dozens of times more than the usual medical prescription of the drug. His frontline rotation could be anywhere from five to 25 days without rest.
Another soldier, who has long been a drug addict and who lost both legs to a mine explosion also weighed in the problem:
“Andrey likened his use of MDMA to that of American veterans who returned from Vietnam and used LSD and said that he has heard of similar stories of U.S. soldiers using the drug now.
[…] Andrey spends the time playing video games on his phone and using MDMA, which he said has helped him relax from a concussion he received during the time he lost his legs and the post-traumatic stress disorder he developed over his time as a soldier.”
While TDB does not go near it, there’s of course a good point to be made that the example comes from above, right? But that is an altogether different story.
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