King Nigel I.: Farage Overtakes Rishi Sunak’s Tories in UK, Slams Globalist David Cameron, Announces “I Will Be Prime Minister 2029”

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

”Mr. Brexit“ and Trump-Bannon ally Nigel Farage is once again trouncing the British Conservative Party out of nowhere, overtaking the Tories just two weeks after throwing his hat in the ring for the July 4 elections. Tory hardliner Suella Braverman invited Farage to join the Conservative Party, while RINO Foreign Secretary David Cameron accused Farage of wanting to “destroy” the Conservatives.
Current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called snap elections in May, hoping to avert further erosion in Tory support over his failed globalist agenda. Now, the ploy seems to be exploding in his face as Sunak’s Conservatives come in third in the latest YouGov poll at 18%, led by Farage’s Reform Party (19%) and Keir Starmer’s Labour Party (37%).
That would mark the first time in their 190-year history the Conservatives faced a serious electoral challenge from the right.

Good morning @RishiSunak. pic.twitter.com/xXagHHH2AT
— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) June 14, 2024

This is the third time Farage has founded a party that upset the Tories after the UK Independence party (UKIP) forced the Brexit Vote 2016, and the Brexit Party forced the resignation of PM Theresa May 2019.

Rishi Sunak doesn’t want you to share this clip. It would be a shame if you did. pic.twitter.com/M4ae6ySctz
— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) June 14, 2024

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman urged Farage to join the Conservatives, telling the London Times: ‘”We need to, in the future, to find some way to work together because there shouldn’t be big differences between us.”
However, Foreign Secretary David Cameron accused Farage of wanting to “destroy” the Conservatives.
Writing in the Telegraph, Farage called Cameron “A disgrace to Britain”.
“Cameron has the nerve to claim that, after 14 years of failure, the Tories now have a plan to deal with Britain’s immigration crisis. By contrast, he says, all I offer is “inflammatory language and hopeless policy,” Farage wrote. “By “inflammatory language”, does he mean my stating the fact that 3.5 million immigrants have come to the UK over the past three years alone? Or that, under the current Tory Government, one more migrant enters the UK every minute?”
Farage reminded readers how his “Brexit Party” drove Theresa May from office 2019 and forced the election of Boris Johnson on the promise to “get Brexit done”.
“Yet five years and three Tory prime ministers later, we are patently no nearer to taking back control of our borders and our laws,” Farage chided Sunak’s Conservatives.
“That betrayal of Brexit is ultimately why millions of furious voters have turned their backs on the remains of the Conservative Party. It is why Keir Starmer’s Labour is set to win on July 4th, despite the lack of public enthusiasm for his party, his personality or his six big election pledges – which do not include a word about migration.
It is also why I decided to stand for election. In two weeks, Reform UK has breathed life into this zombie general election and overtaken the Tories in major opinion polls, winning the support of millions of people across the country who have simply had enough of the establishment parties.
In his lowest personal insult at the weekend, the Tory Foreign Secretary accused me of using “dog whistle” politics to play on popular prejudices. As ever, the biggest insult here is directed at the voters, who snobs such as Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton see as dumb mutts to be herded into pens. I trust the good judgement of the British people to see through such Tory prejudice.
Cameron is right about one thing. There is “no place for Farage” in this divided, sinking hulk of a Conservative Party. My place is leading the real opposition to Labour, and building the resistance to the threat of a one-party state over the next five years. The last conservatives in the Tory Party, such as Suella Braverman, are very welcome to join the revolt.”
Farage said he intended to use the 2024 election to establish a “bridgehead” in the House of Commons and become prime minister 2029.

I’m taking on the establishment and something is happening out there.
We have overtaken the Conservatives in the most recent YouGov poll.
Please support or donate what you can to our campaign. https://t.co/1q9s5Igeln pic.twitter.com/FHE3TCtQnO
— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) June 14, 2024 […]


FRENCH REVOLUTION: “Republican” Party Leader Barricades Himself in Office as Maréchal and Zemmour Feud over Forming Right Wing Nationalist Campaign

“We need to form a coalition to beat Macron”, Marion Maréchal said on X

Open warfare has erupted between French RINOS and Patriots as France prepares for snap elections after the triumph of the French right in EU elections. The head of the center-right “Republicans” is reported to have barricaded himself in party headquarters after announcing a deal with Marine Le Pen’s “National Rally”, while Le Pen’s niece Marion Maréchal fights with the leader of her  “Reconquest” party, Éric Zemmour.
On Tuesday, Éric Ciotti, head of Nicolas Sarkozy’s former ruling party “Les Republicains” (LR), agreed on a joint list with presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and party leader Jordan Bardella of the right-wing “Rassemblement National” (RN) at secret talks for the parliamentary elections in two weeks.
On Wednesday, the RINO Republican party council voted to expel Ciotti.
Ciotti then barricaded himself in the “Republicans” party headquarters and sent an email to all party members, seeking to rally the party base behind a right-wing “National Union” campaign.

Ciotti refuses to accept his ouster from the party, he said, posting a video of himself in his office on X.
The outcome of the confrontation is uncertain at this time.

Au travail pour la France ! pic.twitter.com/rtOwR4WfkP
— Eric Ciotti (@ECiotti) June 13, 2024

Ciotti called the left-wing alliance the true enemy in the battle over the future of France.
The far-left alliance of Communists, Socialists, and eco-fanatics poses a danger of “anti-Semitism, police hatred, and the flags of foreign contries flying in our parliament,” Ciotti said.
Ciotti flatly rejected cooperating with EU election loser Emmanuel Macron.
RN spokesman Sébastien Chenu said  Ciotti has the support of his base, but is being undermined by Republican party leaders “who have been sabotaging the right for years,” “who are not courageous people,” and “do not want change.”
“I can make a list of LR deputies who had hoped for an agreement with us behind the scenes,” said National Assembly spokesman Sébastien Chenu (RN).
LePen’s niece Marion Maréchal, who was elected to the sham “EU parliament” for the “Reconquête” party on June 9, 2024, also announced a joint campaign with the “National Rally” along with her colleagues Nicolas Bay, Guillaume Peltier, and Laurence Trochu.

Je veux rester fidèle au moteur de mon engagement politique : défendre l’union des droites. Notre responsabilité historique est de ne pas affaiblir le camp national et de défendre nos idées, notamment la lutte contre l’immigration. #UnionNationale pic.twitter.com/S0x4QzENsS
— Marion Maréchal (@MarionMarechal) June 13, 2024

However, apparently Maréchal’s announcement was not coordinated with “Reconquête” founder and presidential candidate Éric Zemmour.
Maréchal accused Zemmour of torpedoing the right-wing alliance:
“Éric Zemmour has decided to send as many of his own candidates as possible into the race,” said Maréchal. “That’s a mistake for the National camp.”
Zemmour accused Maréchal of  betraying him and wanting to lead a Reconquête takeover by her aunt’s  “Rassemblement National”.
Maréchal left the party founded by her late grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2019 and joined Zemmour’s party.
“I have been fighting for a “National Bloc” for 30 years,” Zemmour said, saying he was ready to withdraw Reconquête candidates if an agreement with RN could be reached.
Maréchal denied she was seeking a career in the “Rassemblement National”.

These have undoubtedly been the wildest 72 hours in French politics in my lifetime. Pretty incredible stuff.
— Arnaud Bertrand (@RnaudBertrand) June 13, 2024 […]


MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN: King Willem-Alexander to Convene Dutch Right-Wing Goverment as Geert Wilders Visits Brussels to Plan Saving the Continent

Geert Wilders and Marine LePen in Brussels Wednesday

Dutch right-wing leader Geert Wilders has reached a deal with three other parties to form a right-wing government led by former Dutch spy chief Dick Schoof. While patriot Wilders agreed to step aside as Prime Minister for the sake of his country, his Freedom Party will get the most cabinet-level positions, including immigration and security.
After a half-year’s negotiations with the RINO People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), conservative New Social Contract (NSC) and Farmer’s Citizen’s Movement BBB, Wilders’  Freedom Party (Partij voor Vrijheid PVV) has reached a deal that will allow patriots to resume control of their country and end the out-of-control mass immigration that has turned cities like Rotterdam into gang war zones.
Since he could not get the other parties to accept him as Prime Minister despite leading the strongest party in Holland, Wilders picked Dick Schoof, former National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism and former secretary-general at the Ministry of Justice and Security, as Prime Minister. Schoof is a former Social Democrat who became disillusioned with the Left – and left.
Dutch King Willem-Alexander is expected to soon appear on the palace stairs for the traditional photo with the Netherlands’ first patriotic right-wing cabinet.

The Freedom Party will supply five ministers and four state secretaries in the new government, Wilders wrote : Minister of Asylum and Migration, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.
The Freedom Party will also post state secretaries for Justice and Security, Kingdom Relations and Digitalization, Public Transport and Environment, and Long-term and Social Care.
On Wednesday, Wilders traveled to Brussels to meet with Marine LePen and other delegates of the right-wing “Indentity and Democracy” caucus. After the EU elections on June 9, LePen’s “Rassemblement National” became one of the largest parties in the joke “EU Parliament”

Brussel (2) ❤️ pic.twitter.com/Z7ZB2Kbdpd
— Geert Wilders (@geertwilderspvv) June 12, 2024

The sham “EU Parliament” cannot propose laws, only rubber-stamp them, and therefore wields almost no real power.
Except if a powerful right-wing bloc achieved a majority.
In which case it could bring the whole bleepshow to a grinding halt with its only power: A blanket veto on the Commission or the budget.
So Brussels may get interesting yet. […]


German Police Officer Rouven L. Who Was Stabbed by Islamic Assassin Dies in Hospital

Police officer Rouven L. died of his wounds Sunday
The German policeman who was stabbed by an Islamic terrorist in Mannheim Friday has died from his wounds. The intended victim, leading German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger, shared a GoFundMe for the officer’s family.
Police officer Rouven L. (29) died in hospital Sunday after being stabbed in the neck by Afghan assassin Sulaiman (25). He had been put into an artificial coma and received emergency surgery but was reported to be only kept alive because he was an organ donor.

A German police officer who was stabbed repeatedly at a mass attack by a Muslim Afghan migrant suspect has died. In response, a conservative party organized a memorial event in Mannheim but Antifa tried to shut it down violently in support of migrants. https://t.co/IH4fLs5LKq
— Andy Ngô ️‍ (@MrAndyNgo) June 3, 2024

Six people were injured in the attack, including Civil Movement Pax Europa (BPE) activists Stürzenberger and Konrad, who has been located in a clinic after having his phone confiscated by police, Stürzenberger said. Konrad was stabbed in the chest and had to be operated on as well.

The 25-year-old Afghan who carried out a bloody knife attack on Michael Stürzenberger, his comrades and police officers, killing one, in Mannheim had been in Germany illegally for nine years.
His asylum application had already been rejected in 2014.
The whole system is f*cked,… https://t.co/zc6ACjRcTl pic.twitter.com/hzrk4b7iBS
— Tommy Robinson (@TRobinsonNewEra) June 3, 2024

Thirty officers of the Mannheim police have called in sick, possibly in protest against a German political leadership that refuses to address the dangers of radical Islam. Two dozen of the officer’s colleagues paid tribute to their fallen comrade, removing their hats during a gathering Sunday at the site of the attack, The Independent reported.
The video of the attack shows clearly that the police officers were not deployed in an effective way to protect Germany’s leading Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger, at his rally, who has received countless death threats and been the victim of several attacks. Local officials often see Stürzenberger as the problem and not his attackers. Officers are presumably discouraged from actively protecting the brave activist.
“We are all deeply saddened and shocked by the death of the brave police officer who lost his life on duty in Mannheim on Friday at the hands of the Afghan knife attacker,” Stürzenberger said. “Our thoughts are with his family, his relatives and his police colleagues. If you would like to donate to the family, please do not do so via the BPE, but via this donation site, which was confirmed to me by the police.”
“It is terrible that this likable person was suddenly taken from this life at the age of 29.”
The German government has persecuted Stürzenberger for years over bogus charges, as The Gateway Pundit reported. Critics charge the government is complicit in creating an atmosphere that encourages violence against the Islam expert.
The death of Rouven L. forced pro-Islam appeasers like Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Interior Secretary Nancy Faeser to express their hypocritical condolences while avoiding mentioning the assassin’s target Stürzenberger by name.
It remains to be seen how the assassination attempt will affect the EU elections on June 9.

Look at their headline , absolute scum . “Police officer dies after illegal afghan migrant commits act of Islamic inspired jihad “ https://t.co/KxBH8j7Vpf
— Tommy Robinson (@TRobinsonNewEra) June 3, 2024 […]


German Islam Critic Michael Stürzenberger Sends Thanks from His Hospital Bed After Terrorist STABBING ATTACK

Afghan “refugee” Sulaiman attacks Michael Stürzenberger with a knife Friday
Leading German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger was attacked by a crazed Muslim with a knife and nearly killed at a rally in Mannheim Friday. A police officer was also seriously injured after tackling the wrong person and turning his back on the terrorist. A total of 6 people were injured.
Michael Stürzenberger has been raising awareness of the threat posed by what he calls “political Islam” since a friend of his was killed in the Mumbai Hotel Attack 2008. Stürzenberger rejects the use of terms like “radical Islam” and “Islamism,” claiming that Islam is not merely a religion but a political ideology that always seeks to assume power once in the plurality.
Thoroughly censored and defamed by legacy media, he holds street rallies with supporters of the Civil Movement Pax Europa (BPE), where he often debates with angry young Muslim men in amazingly cool-headed fashion.
The German government has sought to jail him on ridiculous charges, even though Stürzenberger takes great pains to obey the law and refrain from attacking “all Muslims.”
The Gateway Pundit has reported on the campaign against Stürzenberger for years.

Donald Trump Jr. shared a video of Stürzenberger and fellow Islam critic Irfan Peci 2023, in which a young Muslim man stated “we must use violence to institute an Islamic state once Muslims are a majority”.

Anyone with a brain knew this was coming but the woke morons in charge will continue to welcome in their own demise till it’s too late. https://t.co/Gpx6WbH9iL
— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 5, 2023

Stürzenberger and his supporters have continued their brave work despite constant death threats and occasional attacks.
Now, after pro-Hamas protestors have taken to the streets in Germany unopposed, calling for the institution of Sharia law and a caliphate in Germany, an Afghan man identified as Sulaiman (25) felt emboldened enough to attack Stürzenberger with a combat knife in Mannheim Friday, May 31.
The video makes clear the police, who are usually tasked with harassing Stürzenberger and supporters rather than defend him, did not know how to respond.
The first officer to intervene tackled a Stürzenberger supporter and was then stabbed in the neck after turning his back on the terrorist. One of six officers looking on finally opened fire after 15 seconds, injuring the terrorist.
Complete livestream of BPE event in Mannheim:
[embedded content]
The Gateway Pundit is in touch with Michael Stürzenberger in his hospital bed, from where he sends thanks to all his supporters. He was stabbed in the face from the cheek to the lips, the chest near the lungs, and the thigh near an artery.
Fortunately, he is now in stable condition and vowing to continue the fight for freedom with a smile:
“It was really close call yesterday. Just now, four doctors came for the ward rounds.”
“The stab wound to the side of the chest, which went towards the lung, could have been life-threatening.”
“The stab wound to the thigh hit veins and caused significant blood loss.”
“There was also a second stab wound to the leg above the knee, fortunately without injuring the tendon.”
“The injury to the upper arm is relatively minor. It’s different with the stabs to the face.”
“I have staples in the side of my jaw. The upper lip was stitched, I had a gaping open wound up to the teeth.”
“A big thank you to all the doctors and the facial surgeons who came especially from a specialized clinic.
“What a single Afghan “refugee” can do with a knife…“

It was really close call yesterday. Just now, four doctors came for the ward rounds.
The stab wound to the side of the chest, which went towards the lung, could have been life-threatening.
The stab wound to the thigh hit veins… pic.twitter.com/6nHwxqTZAf
— Naomi Seibt (@SeibtNaomi) June 1, 2024

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders expressed his support for Stürzenberger:
‘”Terrible! Michael Stürzenberger – who has interviewed me several times – is now the victim of a cowardly act of terror.”

Verschrikkelijk! Het slachtoffer Michael Stürzenberger – die mij vaker heeft geïnterviewd – is nu het slachtoffer van een laffe terreurdaad. https://t.co/PnSf8RAXWI
— Geert Wilders (@geertwilderspvv) May 31, 2024

Qur’an 47:4: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…”https://t.co/EdnZczNw33 pic.twitter.com/xjFdeGb0S7
— Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) May 31, 2024 […]


Pray for Brazil: Chief Serere Threatened with 5 to 10 Years in  Prison for Crime of Protesting

Brazilian Chief Serere Xavante is in danger of being sent back to prison for the crime of protesting. He asks our readers to pray for him.
Chiuef Serere Xavanta was illegally detained for the crime of free speech and protesting Brazil; crickets from so-called human rights defenders
Gateway Pundit readers helped secure the release of the Chief and Pastor in September 2023 after 9 months in prison, for which he expressed his thanks.
Currently, the Brazilian Supreme Court is cracking down on free speech again, after Elon Musk and journalist Michael Shellenberger helped raise awareness of the assault on democracy in the largest country in South America.
Now, Chief Serere is in danger of being sent back to prison for 5 to 10 years for the crime of opposing the government. Many indigenous Brazilians support President Jair Bolsonaro, who protected their rights against colonialist Western “environmentalists” who want to force the indigenous to live in the Stone Age.  Indigenous Brazilians are protected by law in Brazil, which the Lula  government regularly ignores.
Indigenous José Acácio Serere Xavante, known as Cacique Serere, was one of the organizers of the mass popular protests in Fall 2022, in which millions of Brazilians took to the streets to peacefully protest the elections they saw as plagued by fraud. In several Amazon districts, where many indigenous support President Bolsonaro, there were zero votes recorded for  Bolsonaro.
Chief Serere was arrested at gunpoint in the capital of Brasilía in front of his family Dec. 12, 2022 by the private “Federal Police” force of the head of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes, and imprisoned for 9 months.

He was released in September 2023  on supervised release, using an Electronic Anklet that monitors his steps and prohibited from interacting with his people in the tribal villages, being forced to remain within the limits of the electronic anklet’s range, his lawyer Geovane Veras Pessoa writes, who represents 46 political prisoners.
Currently, Chief Serere has to stay at his home in the municipality of Aragarças, in the State of Goiás, without being able to work. “Serere is unfairly accused of committing the offense of Incitement to Crime, provided for in article 286 of the Brazilian Penal Code, whose penalty is 3 to 6 months of detention or a fine,” his lawyer writes. He has already served 9 months, exceeding the maximum provided by law.
‘On April 29, Chief Serere had his Parole Hearing, where he argued he did not commit a crime, since the Brazilian Constitution guarantees Free Speech and Free Assembly. To the surprise of the defense, the Federal Supreme Court added another crime to the charges, Criminal Association, without any proof for the new accusation, his Veras Pessoa said.
“In truth, Serere was arrested because he criticized Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes and President Lula over the lack of transparency in the 2022 presidential elections“, his lawyer wrote.
Serere’s health worsened in prison because he did not receive proper medical care or adequate food for his type 2 diabetes. His kidneys and p vision are currently compromised and he needs expensive diabetes medicines, but he does not have the financial resources to support his family. Serere is currently under house arrest, and cannot visit his people or work to support himself and his family of 6 children and his wife.
Also, the ankle bracelet is causing wounds and swelling on Serere’s left leg, which further worsens his health condition. his lawyer wrote.
“Brazil today is experiencing a dictatorship of the Judiciary, in which the Justices of the Supreme Court are violating the elementary Rights of Defense, Due Process and Contradiction,” his attorney said. “It is imperative that Brazil returns to the Democratic Rule of Law and the Freedom guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.”
Western leftist journalists who claim to be concerned about the plight of the indigenous people in Brazil are shamefully ignoring the plight of Chief Serere and other indigenous political prisoners. […]


SMURFGATE: Interview with 16 Year Old German Girl Loretta Reported by Principal, Yanked From Class and BUSTED for Posting Smurf Video

Loretta (center) was arrested and issued a warning by police for sharing a video that said, “Smurfs are blue – and Germany is too!” (the AfD colors)
German police pulled a 16-year-old schoolgirl out of class and arrested her for sharing a video expressing political sympathies with the right-wing AfD party in a harmless “Smurf video”, as Naomi Seibt reported yesterday on Gateway Pundit. The girl was reported to police by her principal, who issued a “formal police warning” against “incitement.” The incident has become a national scandal in Germany.
Loretta and her mother spoke out publicly for the first time in an interview with conservative weekly Junge Freiheit.
The girl feels humiliated, and her mother fears for political freedom and civil rights in Germany.
Mrs. B. (surname abbreviated to protect her privacy), as a mother, would you ever have thought such a thing possible?
Annett B.: No, never in my life. It’s unbelievable what was done to my daughter here!

Loretta, how are you?
Loretta: I’m doing well again now. I’m overwhelmed by the solidarity I’ve received on social media from complete strangers.
Mrs. B., Christian Pegel (SPD), Interior Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, said in the state parliament on Thursday that the police operation against Loretta was “proportionate“.
Annett B.: Please, my daughter was virtually taken away in front of everyone! And Mr. Pegel says that she wasn’t put in handcuffs after all. That’s really cynical!
Loretta: “All the voices fell silent and everyone stared at me – it was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.“ 
When confronted with the allegations, the police defended themselves by saying that the classmates in Loretta’s class “didn’t even notice the officers.“
Annett B.: Numerous pupils were eyewitnesses. At no time did they seem to have thought about how the matter could be discussed discreetly and anonymously.
Loretta, what was it really like?
Loretta: My mother is right. I felt everyone’s stinging eyes on me. It was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me.
Annett B.: You can criticize our conservative political views, you can reject them, find them wrong and reprehensible, we respect that. But to call the police because of a pupil’s opinion – that’s simply unbelievable!
And then to take her out of class and escort her through the school like a criminal and, on top of that, to spread the word in the press afterwards that it was necessary to conduct a kind of “endangerment talk“ (Preventive police measure) with her and thus portray a completely innocent minor as a potential criminal in front of the whole world – do these people actually realize what they are doing?
According to Section 13 of the police law of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where you live, such an “endangerment talk“ is justified in order to „ward off dangers that threaten public safety or order.“
Annett B.: My daughter’s political opinion does not threaten “public safety or order“ of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern! My God, she posted a Smurf video and a map of Germany on Tiktok several months ago!
“The AfD is being put down everywhere else – I think that’s unfair“
Loretta, why did you do that?
Loretta: Because I wanted to support the AfD a little bit, because they’re being put down everywhere else. I think that’s unfair. So I posted a few Smurfs together with a map of Germany on which the federal states are colored different shades of blue depending on the AfD state election results and wrote: “The Smurfs are blue – and so is Germany!“
That can’t possibly be everything.
Loretta: I also posted on TikTok that Germany is not just a place, but that Germany is home – and even for many nationalities living in this beautiful country.
Please Loretta, if a 16 year old thinks that Germany is her home, then, your mother is right, it is not a threat to public safety. So: what about, for example, calls for violence, subversion, hatred of minorities or incitement to hatred?
Annett B.: Excuse me, what kind of person do you think Loretta is?
Something must have happened to justify such a police operation.
Loretta: The police spoke of “incitement to hatred.“
In what way?
Loretta: Well, because of the Smurfs, the map of Germany and “Germany is home.”
That doesn’t make any sense.
Loretta: I posted other things on Tiktok, like that AfD party leader Alice Weidel is my role model, or AfD-politician Björn Höcke’s quote, “You raise your children to be sheep and let wolves into the country“, because that’s exactly what I’m afraid of as a girl! But they weren’t mentioned by the police.
“No, what the police are saying is not true“
Why don’t you tell us from the beginning, what exactly happened?
Loretta: It was on February 27, a Tuesday, just before ten: We were having chemistry lessons, acids and bases. We saw a police car drive up through the window. Three officers got out. They enter the school. Shortly afterwards, school principal Zimmermann is standing in the doorway.
That means, contrary to what this newspaper initially reported online, the officers didn’t enter the room?
Loretta: No, they stayed in the hallway and Mr. Zimmermann asked me to come out.
Did the officers really stay so discreetly in the background that they were not visible to your classmates, as the police claimed?
Loretta: No, that’s not true. There was a knock at the door and Mr. Zimmermann came in, opening the door so wide that the rest of the class could clearly see that there were three officers standing there. We all thought, what’s going on now? And then my name came up – I immediately realized what it was all about.
Why, if your Tiktok videos were harmless?
Loretta: Because they’re the only thing I could be accused of, since they were my posts for the AfD and many like to denounce them as “anti-constitutional“. So I walked out and then I went to the staff room: one policeman in front of me, one behind me, one to the side and Mr. Zimmermann on the other side at an angle.
Like a suspect who might trying to run off?
Loretta: I felt a bit like that.
Did the police officers perhaps position themselves like that by chance?
Loretta: Maybe, I don’t know. It’s possible.
Or, on the contrary, were they demonstratively emphasizing the severity of the police action?
Loretta: That’s also possible, I really don’t know. I only know what I experienced and that was being led through the school, surrounded by police officers, through the atrium where at least two senior classes were sitting: All voices fell silent and everyone stared at me – it was really, really uncomfortable.
Thank goodness we finally reached the staff room. But unfortunately, Mr. Zimmermann’s secretary, our janitors and a teacher were still there, which was again very embarrassing for me, because what would they think if I was led in like that?
“Incitement of hatred, anti-constitutionalism and ‘too much national pride’“
What exactly did the police officers say to you?
Loretta: That what I would have done had no criminal relevance.
So you didn’t give any reasons for the whole thing?
Loretta: Yes, as I said, there was talk of incitement of the people and, I think, anti-constitutionality.
What now? It was just said that there was no criminal offense?
Loretta: I didn’t understand that either and said that the AfD is not an anti-constitutional or right-wing extremist party. When I said that, I noticed in the corner of my eye how Mr. Zimmermann just rolled his eyes. One of the police officers also said that I had already shown „too much national pride“ on Tiktok.
So you weren’t really accused of anything other than expressing your opinion?
Loretta: Yes.
And with what consequences, I mean, what did that amount to? What did the police officers want?
Loretta: Well, that I shouldn’t do that in future.
To express your political opinion freely?
Loretta: Yes, on the Internet.
Annett B.: Look, I can’t believe that! So much for freedom of expression and democracy.
“My pro-AfD videos were deleted – but ‘Kill AfDers’-videos were not“
So there’s nothing wrong with you, yet the police pull you out of class in front of everyone and demand that you renounce your basic constitutional and civil right to freedom of expression in future. Is that really the whole story, Loretta, surely you haven’t left anything out?
Loretta: They then took my personal details and wanted to know where they could find my mother, her phone number and so on.
And you demanded their names and service numbers and told them you were going to lodge a legal complaint for “harassment“ and “discrimination“?
Loretta: No, I promised them what they wanted.
Why did you do that? If your description is correct, it was extra-legal, political intimidation.
Loretta: Because I stopped making the videos anyway.
Loretta: Because they kept getting deleted months ago, even though I had read up on them and made sure I didn’t accidentally post anything unauthorized. But it didn’t help and it’s no fun when everything you’ve worked hard to create disappears again. While, by the way, AfD criticism and anti-AfD agitation remains on Tiktok, for example: “AfDler töten“ (“Kill AfDers“)
Excuse me?
Loretta: At one of the many anti-AfD-demonstrations in recent weeks there was a banner with this demand. A photo of it was uploaded to Tiktok by a number of people, others even wrote it there themselves.
“My child now stands before the whole world as a ‘right-wing extremist perpetrator of violence’“
What about the “formal police warning” the police spoke of? What threat to the security of the state and order did they use to justify the measure?
Loretta: They said they didn’t know what kind of person I was, whether I might “kick the shit out of others. “
Was it difficult to convince the officers that you weren’t planning to knock other people’s teeth out?
Loretta: No, that’s why they then said it was for my own protection.
Oh, so you’re supposed to give up your freedom of expression for your own good. Because otherwise something might happen?
Loretta: Well, otherwise something could happen to me.
They threatened you?
Loretta: No, I think they meant third parties.
Annett B.: After they did everything they could to make my child look like a right-wing extremist perpetrator of violence in public, I now actually have this fear! Loretta is a great person with a strong character who, as we have taught her, treats others with respect and is tolerant of other beliefs and opinions. I have never seen Loretta insult, put down or even bully anyone for no reason.
And otherwise I’d be the first one on the pinnacle! But I don’t need to worry about that, she simply wouldn’t do anything like that! And that’s why it’s completely out of the question that my daughter would ever have posted anything even remotely right-wing. Even the principal could have recognized that. Incidentally, people always talk about right-wing extremism, but nobody talks about left-wing extremism being just as bad.
“They wanted to make an example of Loretta“
Mrs. B., was your daughter to be publicly humiliated and paraded in order to set an example or do you think this interpretation is exaggerated?
Annett B.: I think they wanted to make an example of her: “Look, we’re doing this with pupils who aren’t politically in line with us!“ After all, the school had just launched the „Strengthening Democracy“ project, which is supported by the „Friedrich Ebert Foundation, “which is close to the SPD. But politics also includes an opposition, because without different opinions there is no democracy. In my opinion, democracy was trampled underfoot in our case.
So will you take legal action against the police?
Annett B.: For me, the real blame lies with Mr. Zimmermann, the police couldn’t ignore his call and, despite all the criticism of their actions, were basically just doing their job. But how could he even call them instead of contacting the parents first, if there had been a problem at all?
Especially as the school rules state in black and white that in the event of misconduct, a discussion must always be sought with the parents first! It also states that all measures must be checked for proportionality. Both were ignored to the detriment of our daughter!
Annett B.: I asked Mr. Zimmermann the same question after I was finally able to reach him by phone.
That means he didn’t even contact you in the second step – although he said the case was so serious that even the police had to be involved?
Annett B.: No, he didn’t. My phone call with him was also fruitless, he was hiding behind the fact that the Ministry of Education had issued an instruction a few weeks ago that he had to follow.
“People are angry that even children are now being attacked like this“
What kind of instruction?
Annett B.: To inform the Ministry of Education of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the state education authority in suspected cases and to notify the police in order to have the respective suspected case checked for right-wing extremist, anti-constitutional content. But why don’t we parents know about this?
I now hope that the AfD in the state parliament might be able to clear this up. It is very important to me for my daughter and all other children and their parents that it is clarified who is responsible for this approach at the school and that consequences are drawn from it.
Because the fact is, if there are such guidelines, anyone can make malicious or false allegations about a classmate and get them into trouble – if it’s even worth a Smurf post that the police are called out: this is a free pass for bullying. If schools call the police without at least involving the parents at the same time, then the red line has clearly been crossed!
The great solidarity we are now experiencing shows how angry people are that the state is apparently already politically attacking and persecuting children.
What do you want from the principal?
Annett B.: After it turned out that my daughter had done nothing wrong, I would have expected him to apologize to her publicly and to make it clear to her classmates that the initial suspicion of right-wing extremism was unfounded.
Loretta: What really scares me is that I did the TikToks in my free time. So why am I being publicly reprimanded by him and at my school? Because the “occasion“ has nothing to do with it! Because at school I consistently remain neutral and keep my opinions to myself.
Annett B.: Isn’t that terrible? We’ve already come that far! The “Beutelsbach Consensus“ applies in Germany, according to which it is the duty of schools to educate pupils in a politically neutral way and not to “overwhelm“ them. Above all, they should be enabled to form their own opinions, to express them freely and to accept dissenting opinions.
Loretta, what would happen otherwise?
Loretta: I would be labeled as right-wing again.
“Respect and tolerance, not just when it comes to gender“
What does that mean, would you be disadvantaged, graded lower, maybe even threatened by classmates?
Loretta: I can’t say that, because apart from Mr. Zimmermann’s police action against me, I’ve only had experiences like that once before, when a teacher asked me after class if I didn’t want to reconsider my political stance because her husband was of a different nationality. She said whether I really wanted her husband and his family to be sent back to their country of origin. I told her that wasn’t true! Nobody who lives here legally, works and has integrated will be sent anywhere, that’s not what AfD stands for.
Your whole school knows now, what does that mean for you?
Loretta: I was really scared at first, but apart from the fact that some politically left-wing classmates don’t like me, fortunately everything is the same as before. Even on the part of the teachers, even though – apart from two or three who are neutral – they all think left-wing and make no secret of their opinion on the AfD in front of us students. In my class, on the other hand, most of them even like the fact that I had the courage to speak my mind openly, at least on Tiktok.
Mrs. B., as a mother, what do you hope for the future?
Annett B.: I would like to see schools advocate more for mutual respect in dealing with each other and tolerance towards other political opinions – as long as they are not extremist in either direction – and not just shout for tolerance when it comes to gendering and different genders.
Annett and Loretta B.*: The 41-year-old clerk and the 16-year-old schoolgirl live with their 40-year-old father in Ribnitz-Damgarten (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), between Rostock and Stralsund, where the ninth-grader attends the Richard-Wossidlo-Gymnasium (High school).
Interview courtesy of Junge Freiheit
Loretta’s video:

Das Corpus DelictiWegen dieses TikTok Clips wurde eine Schülerin von der Polizei aus dem Unterricht geholt und bekam eine Gefährderansprache.
Legale Meinungsäußerungen, die nicht rotgrün sind, werden gnadenlos verfolgt. Ich rechne jetzt mit einer Hausdurchsuchung.
MSM-Link:… pic.twitter.com/Ck6aWelhYW
— Stefan Homburg (@SHomburg) March 14, 2024 […]


DING DONG: Victoria Nuland Steps Down After Gateway Pundit FOIA Request

Victoria Nuland passing out sandwiches at Maidan Square 2014
Victoria Nuland, the architect of the disastrous US Ukraine policy since 2014, will be resigning “in the coming weeks” after Gateway Pundit filed a FOIA request to find out what her role was in the death of US journalist Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine, an outspoken Nuland critic who was subsequently arrested and tortured in Ukraine.
“Victoria Nuland has let me know that she intends to step down in the coming weeks as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – a role in which she has personified President Biden’s commitment to put diplomacy back at the center of our foreign policy and revitalize America’s global leadership at a crucial time for our nation and the world,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said today.
No reason for the decision was given, but it came on the heels of massive Ukrainian casualties in this summer’s failed “Crimea Offensive” with a death toll that Russia estimates at 444,000 Ukrainians, and Gateway Pundit’s FOIA request to find out what Victoria Nuland’s role was in the death of US journalist Gonzalo Lira in the Ukraine,  who died Jan. 11. in Kharkiv prison.
Gonzalo Lira had charged that Victoria Nuland  “hates my guts” and was responsible for his arrest, and made a video in 2022 outlining Victoria Nuland’s role in Ukraine:
[embedded content]

As Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs under the Obama Regime, Nuland was instrumental in plotting the violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government 2014 together with Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan and Joe Biden.
She was notoriously intercepted on a phone call with then-Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, discussing who the next ruler of the country should be after the $ 5 billion US-led coup.
On March 15, 2016, she was the first to demand that Ukraine fire Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Hunter Biden’s corrupt company Burisma.
Joe Biden then used $1 billion in US loan guarantees to force President Viktor Poroshenko to fire Shokin.
Nuland was also at the heart of the “Russiagate” conspiracy to stop President Donald Trump when she passed on the so-called “Steele Dossier” by former MI-6 Spy Christopher Steele to the FBI.
Nuland had met Steele during the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014.
“[Steele] passed two to four pages of short points of what he was finding, and our immediate reaction to that was, ‘This is not in our purview,’”  Nuland told CBS 2018. “‘This needs to go to the FBI, if there is any concern here that one candidate or the election as a whole might be influenced by the Russian federation. That’s something for the FBI to investigate.’”
Naturally, Gateway Pundit will still pursue our FOIA request to hold Nuland accountable for her role in the death of journalist Gonzalo Lira. […]


Mass Protests in Brazil, USA and Europe Next Sunday to Defend Bolsonaro as Lula Regime Targets and Arrests Opposition Leaders

President Jair Bolsonaro calling on supporters to demonstrate for Brazilian democracy Feb. 25

Brazilian patriots plan to demonstrate against the far-left Lula government’s coup Sunday Feb. 25 after former President Jair Bolsonaro and members of his “Liberal Party” are raided by police and threatened with prison.
Argentine President Javier Milei, Italy’s Matteo Salvini and André Ventura from Portugal are expected to attend.
Brazilians are hoping President Donald Trump will attend as well.
The president of Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party Valdemar Costa Neto was arrested on February 8 after a search of his Brasilia home turned up an unregistered flamethrower. Flamethrowers are usually considered novelty items and not illegal weapons. Elon Musk sold 20.000 under the name “Not-A-Flamethrower” as a gag in 2018.  However, the Lula Regime will use any excuse to lock up the political opposition, it seems – much like the Biden regime in the US. Costa Neto was provisionally set free on Saturday Feb. 10.

Former Bolsonaro aide Colonel Bernardo Correa Neto was arrested at Brasilia’s airport when he arrived from exile in the United States Feb. 11 and put in detention at an army garrison after a custody hearing, Reuters reports.
Army colonel Mauro Cid, who served as Bolsonaro’s personal secretary, was arrested May 5, 2023 for  exchanging messages with exiled journalist Allan dos Santos, allegedly plotting a “coup” in 2022. Cid has allegedly “confessed”. His mobile phone records allegedly reveal compromising WhatsApp conversations between various suspects, including Bolsonaro, his former Minister of Defense, four generals, an admiral, and around 20 civilians, BNN reports.
The Federal Police, the private police force commanded by Brazil’s de facto “Supreme Leader”, Justice Alexandre de Moraes, raided Bolsonaro’s beach house and political party office Feb. 8, confiscated his passport and accused him of “trying to overturn the election result as part of an alleged military coup”.
In reality, however, Jair Bolsonaro did not do any such thing, despite hundreds of thousands of Brazilians thronging the streets in the largest pro-Democracy protests in world history in November and December of 2022. Bolsonaro was at pains not to do anything that could be construed as violating the constitution, as his supporters beseeched him to order a military intervention to stop the Lula Coup. The Gateway Pundit was the only news outlet in the world outside of Brazil following the protests.
Bolsonaro’s son Carlos, a Rio de Janeiro city councilman was raided by Alexandre de Moraes’s Federal Police goon squad on Monday, January 29 at both his residence and parliamentary office, as Gateway Pundit reported.
President Jair Bolsonaro has been banned from running for office again until 2030 and will face a hearing Thursday, Feb. 22 on orders of Alexandre de Moraes. On Monday, de Moraes finally granted Bolsonaro’s lawyers access to the records of his alleged coup attempt, Antagonista writes.
President Jair Bolsonaro “was summoned to give testimony next Thursday, 2/22, in Brasília, as part of petition 12100, resulting from the investigations/operations that took place the week before last. His lawyers will take the necessary measures to ensure the President receives all the broad defense constitutionally provided for”, Bolsonaro attorney Fabio Wajngarten wrote on X.

O Presidente @jairbolsonaro foi intimado para prestar depoimento na próxima 5f dia 22/2, em Brasília, no âmbito da petição 12100, decorrente das investigações/ operações ocorridas na semana retrasada.Seus advogados tomarão as devidas providências afim de assegurar ao Presidente…
— Fabio Wajngarten (@fabiowoficial) February 19, 2024

Jair Bolsonaro will lead a massive protest on Sunday on Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil, calling on his supporters to wear yellow and green and “protest peacefully for the protection of democracy.”
Argentine President Javier Milei, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and the leader of Portuguese Chega party André Ventura are also expected to attend. Brazilian patriots are also hoping President Donald Trump will attend on Sunday.
[embedded content]

Brazilian patriots have scheduled world-wide protests on Sunday. Feb, 25, including in Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta and Washington, D.C., as well as Toronto, Canada; Rome, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; London, UK, Frankfurt, Germany, Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France.

As lideranças mundiais participarão desse evento histórico de retomada das grandes manifestações patrióticas pelo resgate do Estado Democrático de Direito, repercutindo no mundo o épico encontro mundial na Avenida Paulista.@Zambelli2210 @jairbolsonaro @Beatrix_vStorch pic.twitter.com/jlVQKEJBwP
— Liga Conservadora Brasil-Alemanha (@FarajSittel) February 20, 2024 […]


South Africa: 4 Afrikaner Activists Arrested for “Protesting While White” Released on Bail as Accused Father and Son Remain in Prison

Francois van der Merwe, Willem Petzer, Devon Hofmeyr and Tewie Wessels thank the Lord for his mercy after being released on bail today

Four Afrikaner activists on trial for the crime of “inciting public violence” were granted bail today in Groblersdal, South Africa, while the farmer and son originally charged with sic’ing a dog on a violent farm worker were not granted bail (Gateway reported).
YouTuber Willem Petzer (27), Bettereinders co-director Devon Hofmeyr (29), the son of South African country music star Steve Hoymeyr, fellow activist Tewie Wessels (32) and the other Bettereinders co-director Francois van der Merwe were granted bail on Monday.
The court released them on bail of 5 000 Rand each (approx. $260).  The four hugged each other in court after the verdict and prayed together in a circle. The bail hearing was originally scheduled for Thursday but had to be postponed due to electrical blackouts. A Friday hearing was postponed again.
In the small farming community of Groblersdal, former North Transvaal province, farmer Piet Groenewald (63) and his stepson Stephan Greef (23) are on trial for allegedly sic’ing a dog on a black farm worker Jan. 17. Groenwald and Greef claim the farm worker was drunk and destructive, and attacked them with a panga (machete) and an axe handle. Using dogs against black people is a culturally fraught act in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Groenewald and his stepson were refused bail in Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court on Monday Feb. 12 and remain in prison.
The Bittereinders youth movement rallied in support of Groenewald and Greef Jan. 24 outside the courthouse. Hundreds of radical leftist ANC and EFF supporters also rallied outside the courthouse demanding prosecution of the white farmers.
However, only white protestors were accused of “inciting public violence” for the crime of protesting. On Monday, Feb. 12, three of the accused reported to the police in an orderly fashion with their travel bags beside them: YouTuber Willem Petzer, Devon Hofmeyr, the son of top country music start Steve Hofmeyr and fellow activist Metheys “Tewie” Wessels. The fourth accused, Dries Olivier, submitted a sick note.  Bittereinders co-founder Francois van der Merwe had been arrested Feb. 8.
Local residents complained of “clear double standards” as hundreds of radical left-wing ANC and EFF supporters were not arrested for protesting Jan. 31.

ACDP toi-toi-ing with EFF in Groblersdal against farmer that was attacked and allegedly used his dog in self defense… pic.twitter.com/gq9pu6eB9t
— Willem Petzer (@willempet) January 31, 2024

On July 30, 2023, the leader of the radical Marxist “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) Julius Malema sparked protest worldwide for singing the “struggle song” “Kill the Boer” before a crowd of 90.000 in Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium. The rally was followed by several gruesome farm attacks, including one report of the attackers singing “Kill the Boer” (Gateway reported). However, Malema was not held liable for “inciting public violence”.
“Our prayers have been heard and again I have seen the brilliance of Farmers generosity, faith and dedication”, Country star Steve Hofmeyr wrote  on Facebook after the bail hearing. “Giving up and surrender is never an option again. I am talking to my son with tears in my eyes. In this messing paradise, anything could have happened. He is enlightened. His priorities are right. His eyes are always on his God and his faithfulness belongs to his mates and his people. But now, he says, he wants to shower!”
Hofmeyr expressed his thanks to the leader of the Freedom Front Plus party Dr. Pieter Groenewald, who spoke up in parliament Feb. 13 about the events in Groblersdal.

Suid-Afrika is ʼn regstaat en elke landsburger moet gelyk voor die reg staan. Maar met die hofsaak in Groblersdal waar twee persone aangekla word van aanranding, gaan woon die ministers van polisie en justisie self die borgtogaansoek van die beskuldigdes by.
Dit is uit en uit met… pic.twitter.com/1bRKu7ApnI

“South Africa is a state governed by the rule of law and every citizen must be equal before the law. But with the court case in Groblersdal where two persons are accused of assault, the ministers of police, Bheki Cele, and justice, Ronald Lamola, will attend the bail application of the accused themselves. Don’t they have work to do? Why do they go there? They go there because they have a political motive and that motive is to intimidate the presiding judge. They were denied bail,” Groenewald said.
Groenewald noted he had filed two complaints against the EFF leader Julius Malema regarding his direct incitement to kill whites. “Why isn’t he also arrested? Let him also apply for bail. You are working under your leadership to create inequalities. These men went and surrendered themselves. They are entitled to bail.”
“Political parties, such as the ANC and EFF, are attempting to opportunistically exploit and escalate the tense situation that prevails in Groblersdal in the run-up to the 2024 elections in order to extract cheap political mileage from it. There is an undeniable attempt to destabilize the community,” said Llewelynn Hemmens, Northern region head of security for AfriForum civil defense group.
It is problematic that only protesters in support of the accused are being prosecuted, Hemmens said, while ANC and EFF protestors escape prosecution.
“Those who break the law, incite violence and lawlessness and sow chaos in the community must be consistently prosecuted. Double standards are indefensible and only increase the tension further,” Hemmens said.
Devon Hofmeyr, Willem Petzer, Tewie Wessels and Francois van der Merwe (clockwise)

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