This Week in Security: Drama at the C-Level, Escape Injection, and Audits

There was something of a mystery this week, with the c.root-servers.net root DNS server falling out of sync with it’s 12 siblings. That’s odd in itself, as these are the 13 servers that keep DNS working for the whole Internet. And yes, that’s a bit of a simplification, it’s not a single server for any of the 13 entities — the C “server” is actually 12 different machines. The intent is for all those hundreds of servers around the world to serve the same DNS information, but over several days this week, the “C” servers just stopped pulling updates.
The most amusing/worrying part of this story is how long it took for the problem to be discovered and addressed. One researcher cracked a ha-ha-only-serious sort of joke, that he had reported the problem to Cogent, the owners of the “C” servers, but they didn’t “seem to understand that they manage a root server”. The problem first started on Saturday, and wasn’t noticed til Tuesday, when the servers were behind by three days. Updates started trickling late Tuesday or early Wednesday, and by the end of Wednesday, the servers were back in sync.
Cogent gave a statement that an “unrelated routing policy change” both affected the zone updates, and the system that should have alerted them to the problem. It seems there might room for an independent organization, monitoring some of this critical Internet Infrastructure.

ANSI Injection One
On to vulnerabilities, there were a pair of interesting ANSI escape sequence injection flaws discovered this week. ANSI escape codes are strings sent to the terminal that don’t get directly written to the screen, but instead instruct the terminal how to write to the screen.
Just for example, to get green text on the terminal, you can run:
printf ‘Hello 33[32mTHIS IS GREEN33[0m07’
The first vulnerability was in WinRAR, in the handling of the comments field of a RAR file. You may already see where this is going, but the problem is that ANSI escape sequences were blindly passed through as part of a comment, when doing something like listing the contents of a directory. This would be particularly useful to overwrite the file name to be extracted, to hide an executable or even path traversal attack. It’s worth noting that the rar and unrar had and have patched similar problems.
ANSI Injection Two
The second ANSI injection is a bit trickier. On the Mac, terminals like iterm2 can register as the default handler for URIs, like x-man-page://. The issue here is that some of those URIs aren’t necessarily safe, like the man link above, which supports the -P pager option. That flag specifies which paging utility to use to show multiple pages of text, like less, more, etc. Opening that from a browser will at least show a warning before launch. ANSI codes lets an attack be quite sneaky, hiding the full text inside an in-terminal clickable link. The terminal won’t warn the user about what they’re about to do, so instant execution on click. Clever.
QNAPping At The Wheel
QNAP has had its share of problems over the years. The fine folks at Watchtowr decided to pitch in and try to find a few more, and then do a responsible disclosure to try to fix them the right way. And they didn’t disappoint. The unofficial audit found fifteen issues, but this write-up focuses on CVE-2024-27130, an unauthenticated overflow leading to Remote Code Execution (RCE).
Given the history of vulnerabilities, this shouldn’t be a big surprise, but the source of QNAP OS is a mess. The underpinnings are a Linux system, but the web interface on top of that is a tangle of a custom web server written in C, CGI scripts also written in C, strange leftover code bits in languages like PHP, and at least one code snippet that looks suspiciously like a backdoor.
And that’s all before we get to the real vulnerability. The cgi-bin/filemanager/share.cgi endpoint segfaults when providing a valid “ssid” and then an overlong file name. Inside the vulnerable code, it’s a simple strcpy() call, that copies an arbitrary, user-provided string into a fixed-length buffer. Write past the end of it, and you overwrite local variables, and then the return address, too. And because of how returns work, you also get to set some registers, like r0, the traditional first argument register. So… what if you just set the return address to the system() function, and put a pointer to shellcode in r0? It’s pretty much that easy, except a real exploit would also need to overcome Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). Watchtowr researchers opted to leave that step out, to hopefully give QNAP users a few extra days before attacks happen in the wild.
Boost Got Audited, Too
And in a win for the Open Source way, the Boost C++ library came through an audit with mostly flying colors. The most severe finding was a CRLF injection in HTTP Headers, that’s only ranked medium severity. There are four low severity flaws, and two that only rank as informational. For the breadth of code that Boost covers, that seems pretty impressive. The entire report is available.
Where’d that come from?
The Justice AV Solution Viewer is an interesting new target for malware. It was discovered that the official javs.com website was hosting a backdoored installer for this software. The installer was signed by another valid signing key, and included an fffmpeg.exe binary that gets up to no good on install.
The malware then proceeds to steal authentication cookies and passwords. As this software is primarily used in courtrooms, it’s unclear what the exact motivation is. One possibility is that the viewer software is used by lawyers outside the courtroom, and a law office could be a very interesting target. For any computers infected, the recommendation is to re-image, and then also do a mass password rotation, to invalidate any stolen credentials.
Phishing Fire Drills
[Matt Linton], a “chaos Specialist” at Google has some thoughts about Phishing, specifically the style of phishing tests that get routinely aimed at users at larger companies. The TL;DR here is that phishing tests are a bad idea, and we should collectively stop it. A powerful argument he makes is that the Federally mandated phishing tests require existing anti-phishing protections to be disabled. A real attack is guaranteed not to look like the tests. And the data bears this out. Phishing tests are measurably counterproductive.
His suggestion is to stop doing phishing tests, and start doing phishing drills. Just an email to remind users that phishing is a thing, with links to more information, and instructions on what to do when the real thing comes along. And just for fun, take a look at Google’s slick phishing quiz, and see how you score. Let us know in the comments!
Bits and Bytes
It’s time again to update your GitLab installs. There’s a handful of medium severity bugs, as well as one high severity fixed with this round of updates. That last one is a weakness in the GitLab VS code editor, that can enable Cross-Site Scripting attacks. It’s unclear if that results in information exfiltration, or full account compromise, or perhaps the information loss can lead to compromise. Regardless, it’s worth pulling out your console and running the update.
Lastpass has finally fixed one of its longstanding weak-points, now encrypting URLs in your secure vault. When the service first launched, URLs were deemed to computationally expensive to encrypt. In the handful of security breaches at LastPass since then, it’s become very clear that unencrypted URLs was a terrible choice, as it gave that much more information away about users. Good for LastPass for continuing to work to right the ship.
And finally, you should go check out the FLOSS Weekly interview from earlier this week! We interviewed François Proulx, and talked about Poutine, a project from Boost Security, that scans code bases for vulnerable CI pipelines. If you work with GitHub actions or GitLab pipelines, it’s worth checking out! […]


Tickets to Raiders home games most popular in NFL on secondary market

Tickets to Raiders home games at Allegiant Stadium are once again the most popular in the NFL on the secondary market.
The team was tops in total sales 24 hours after the 2024 NFL schedule was released May 15, according to online ticket broker StubHub. The other clubs in the top five were the Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons and Packers.
The average price for tickets sold to Raiders games this year on StubHub is $358, the ticket broker said.
The team’s top-selling home game, before taxes and fees are included, is against the Steelers on Oct. 13. The average ticket-selling price for the contest is $513. The cheapest available ticket costs $355.
The Raiders’ next four top-selling games are against the Chiefs on Oct. 27 ($443 average), the Browns on Sept. 29 ($341 average), the Falcons on Dec. 16 ($322 average) and the Panthers on Sept. 22 ($313 average). The Browns, Panthers and Falcons are visiting Allegiant Stadium for the first time.
Raiders games have been a tourism touchdown for the city. They’ve become a go-to destination for NFL fans.
The Raiders’ one preseason and nine regular-season home games last year at Allegiant Stadium drew an average crowd of 56,972, according to Las Vegas Stadium Authority data tracked by the Review-Journal.
An average of 63 percent of those attendees were from out of town, according to the data. That means about 35,892 fans per game were not from Las Vegas.
“What it means is a continued economic shot in the arm for all Las Vegans who benefit from the tourism industry,” Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft said.
Naft, who also serves on the board of directors for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said those who attend events at the stadium tend to stay longer and spend more than the average visitor. That visitor spending generates valuable tax revenue that is used in a variety of ways in Southern Nevada.
“All of that fuels everything from education, to roads, to other public projects that benefit local Las Vegans,” Naft said.
Those visiting fans also contribute toward the hotel room tax set up to pay for the $750 million in public money used to construct the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium.
The 0.88 percent room tax on Clark County hotel rooms generated almost $6.6 million in February with Super Bowl 58 in town, according to stadium authority data. February 2023’s room tax revenue was $4.4 million.
The room tax was initiated in March 2017 and has since generated $329.7 million. That’s 7 percent higher than the $308.7 million budgeted for the first seven years of revenue collection.
Contact Mick Akers at makers@reviewjournal.com or 702-387-2920. Follow @mickakers on X. […]


2024 Prefontaine Classic preview: World’s track stars meet for Olympics prep

We’re just two months away from the start of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. While track and field may not hold mainstream popularity compared to other sports, it’s always one of the most anticipated Olympic events, and it’s where the likes of Usain Bolt, Michael Johnson, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Carl Lewis (among countless others) broke through as crossover stars.

There are so many interesting events to choose from that it’s hard to exclude any. With that said, here are five of the top races to watch at the picturesque Hayward Field, as well as the best athletes in those competitions.
Men’s 110-meter hurdles
Notable names to watch: Grant Holloway (USA), Hansle Parchment (Jamaica)
What does Grant Holloway have in common with NFL stars DK Metcalf, A.J. Brown, and Michael Pittman Jr?
They were all part of the 2016 high school wide receiver recruiting class. 247Sports’ composite ranking had Holloway at No. 77, well below those three, but Holloway nevertheless was recruited by Clemson and Georgia to play football. He opted for the Florida Gators to pursue his dreams of becoming an Olympic champion. Football’s loss has been track’s gain.
With his unique blend of speed, power, and technique to consistently clear those 42-inch barriers, Holloway has won countless NCAA indoor and outdoor titles, three World Athletics outdoor championships, and two indoor world titles. He also holds the world record in the indoor 60-meter hurdles, and is the second-fastest ever outdoors at 12.81 seconds. Holloway has won virtually everything there is to win in his discipline… except Olympic gold.
[embedded content]
Hansle Parchment pulled off one of the big shocks of the Tokyo Games when he chased down Holloway and handed him his only loss of 2021. After coming in second to Holloway in the 2023 Worlds, the Jamaican responded by winning last year’s Prefontaine Classic and Diamond League title.
This is one of the most compelling rivalries in all of track and field, and this race could be another Olympic final preview, one with unfinished business for Grant Holloway.
Women’s 100-meter hurdles
Notable names to watch: Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (Puerto Rico), Danielle Williams (Jamaica), Devynne Charlton (The Bahamas)
Unlike the men, the women’s competition is much more unpredictable. In fact, there’s never been a repeat Olympic gold medalist in the women’s 100-meter hurdles.
The current Olympic champion is Puerto Rico’s Jasmine Camacho-Quinn, fifth-fastest all-time at 12.26 seconds and sister of former NFL star Robert Quinn. The reigning world outdoor champion is Jamaica’s Danielle Williams, an incredible eight years removed from her previous gold medal. Bahamian Devynne Charlton is the 2024 world indoor 60-meter champion and newly established world record holder in the event, but she’s yet to win an Olympic or world outdoor medal.
There are four Americans slated to compete, including 2019 world champion Nia Ali. We know we won’t be seeing that many Americans in Paris; only a maximum of three entrants per race are allowed at the Olympics.
You can always expect the unexpected in the sprint hurdles, where even one marginal clip of the barrier could prove calamitous.
Women’s 100 meters
Notable names to watch: Sha’Carri Richardson (USA), Elaine Thompson-Herah (Jamaica), Julien Alfred (Saint Lucia)
After a controversial removal from the Tokyo Olympic team and an underwhelming 2022, Sha’Carri Richardson reminded everyone last year that she’s a uniquely gifted sprinter. The former LSU star won the 100m world title in a thriller over Jamaican legends Shericka Jackson and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, captured bronze in the 200 meters, and anchored the Americans to gold in the 4x100m relay. If you’ve been following NBC’s promos, you’ll recognize Richardson is one of the faces of Team USA.
While Jackson and Fraser-Pryce won’t be in Eugene, their fellow countrywoman is making her 2024 outdoor debut. Two-time Olympic champ Elaine Thompson-Herah was beset by injuries last year and missed most of the season. Now fully recovered, the 31-year-old is looking to recapture the form that saw her run 10.60 to win gold in Tokyo and the second-fastest time in history (10.54 seconds) at the 2021 Prefontaine Classic.
Jamaica doesn’t have a Caribbean monopoly on elite 100m sprinters. Saint Lucia’s Julien Alfred is in her first full year as a professional after an amazing collegiate career at Texas. A national champion at indoor 60 meters, as well as outdoor 100 and 200 meters, Alfred made history at the World Indoor Championships in Scotland in March by becoming the first Saint Lucian to win any track and field medal. The 22-year-old’s goal for Paris is to be the Saint Lucian Olympic medalist, and on current trajectory she’s poised to be a perennial medal contender.
It doesn’t get much more exciting than the 100-meter dash, and with these three in tow (plus Ivorian perennial contender Marie-Josee Ta Lou-Smith and Great Britain’s Dina Asher-Smith), this is the most compelling sprint race of the meet.
Women’s 800 meters
Notable names to watch: Keely Hodgkinson (Great Britain), Mary Moraa (Kenya)
Unfortunately, this race took a major hit with the late injury withdrawal of Olympic champion Athing Mu, who’s erring on the side of caution ahead of next month’s U.S. trials. On the plus side, it’s still an elite group of two-lap specialists.
Great Britain’s Keely Hodgkinson has almost been like the 1990s Buffalo Bills over the last three years. She finished with a silver in Tokyo behind Mu, then again at the 2022 Worlds, and after placing ahead of Mu in last year Worlds, it was Kenya’s Mary Moraa (and her unique, almost lean-backward running style) who bested them in the home stretch to take gold.
At just 22 and 23 respectively, Hodgkinson and Moraa represent the present and future of the 800 meters, and they’ll both be eager to make an early statement of intent that they’re aiming to unseat Mu atop the podium in Paris.
Bowerman Mile
Notable names to watch: Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway), Yared Nuguse (USA), Josh Kerr (Great Britain), Jake Wightman (Great Britain)
The mile is not an Olympic event, but most of the entrants will be competing in the 1500 meters in Paris. This is the traditional final race of the program and the organizers have truly saved the best for last.
Jakob Ingebrigtsen has emerged as the sport’s premier middle-distance runner and enters the Paris Games as the incumbent Olympic champion at 1500. However, he suffered upset losses to Great Britain’s Josh Kerr (2023) and Jake Wightman (2022) over the last two world championships and had to settle for silver. This will be the first time Ingebrigtsen has raced Kerr since last year’s championships, during which time Kerr won world indoors gold in the 3000m in his native Scotland. With Ingebrigtsen recently claiming he could beat Kerr blindfolded, a heated rivalry is already brewing that will be one of the main storylines in Paris.
The top American in the field is Yared Nuguse, who at just 24 is already the fastest American miler in history. In last year’s Bowerman Mile, Ingebrigtsen edged out Nuguse in a blazing time of 3:43.73, narrowly missing out on Hicham El Guerrouj’s now 25-year-old world record by just 0.6 of a second.
[embedded content]
Middle and long-distance running is typically much more about tactics than fast times, so don’t anticipate a world record attempt here. It should nevertheless be an epic race given the caliber of competition.

The Prefontaine Classic airs live on NBC and streams on Peacock at 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific. A full timetable of events (including pre-television events such as the Kenyan, yes, Kenyan Olympic trials in the men’s and women’s 10k) and the startlists can be found here. […]


Chinese Communist-Connected Orgs Are Crushing RNC Investments In Swing States (Video)

Guest post by Jay Valentine at Omega4America
Members of the Chiese Progressive Association hold a rally in San Francisco attacking President Trump.
The Fractal team released its long-awaited video on the Chinese-tinged organizations in the U.S. funding hundreds, to thousands of feeder orgs – to win 2024 for anyone but Trump
As the video below shows, these Communist Chinese-connected orgs were active in the swing states in 2020 – admitting to sending thousands of people into Pennsylvania and Arizona to stop Trump
These actions were invisible to the entire U.S. national voter integrity organizational infrastructure.
The Fractal team, using advanced quantum technology – not available via any of the national voter integrity organizations – is building the real-time database of every Chinese Communist-connected organization, in every swing state, and reporting their total investment.

Results will be published on Omega4America.com.
While the project is just beginning, the Fractal team can say conclusively Chinese Communist-connected entities are spending over 10 times more than the Trump Campaign and the RNC – COMBINED – in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin!
In calls this week with the on-the-ground voter integrity troops in those states, they reported they have close to zero communication with either the Trump Campaign or the RNC 150 days before the election.
Total silence on stopping the 2024 steal with mail-in ballots from ineligible addresses!
In these critical swing states, while the Chinese Communist-connected entities are running full tilt, the Republican infrastructure is issuing press releases about ballot harvesting.
The Chinese-related orgs’ spending is overwhelmingly on voter registration, get-out-the-vote efforts, technology and working in urban areas to harvest ballots from what are likely ineligible address farms.
Those ineligible address farms are completely invisible to the RNC, the Trump Campaign, and national voter integrity orgs.
These Chinese Communist-related organizations, some shown in this video, have deep roots in urban communities.  Some of them have been in operation for over a decade.
In some states, like Wisconsin, some of the largest voter-related NGOs are tied to the Chinese Communist-related organizations.
Some of these organizations are tied to Leftist illegal immigration movements – thus the Fractal analysis will continue its scrutiny about them loading up ineligible address ballot farms to which they will harvest mail-in ballots.
Working with teams in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and several other states, teams are working to fund the identification of these ballot-collection farms – enabling citizens to stop mail-in ballots from being mailed to them.
This is a citizen-driven effort, as not one elected official has stood up to stop mail-in ballots from being mailed to Walmarts, 7-11s, Manchurian restaurants, empty warehouses – where a voter cannot live, yet the voter roll shows it as an address for a mail-in ballot.
It is these ineligible addresses where illegal aliens are being registered – invisible to Secretaries of State who are wedded to relational technology.
The Fractal team and partners in the swing states are identifying ballot farms – by comparing property tax records with voter rolls – and trying to stop ballots from being mailed to empty buildings – thus challenging illegal alien votes before they are cast.
The Fractal team, while not political activists, is demonstrating that quantum technology can identify anomalies – like Chinese dough – hidden in plain sight for 20 years – giving citizens, not overpaid national orgs, tools to fight election fraud, in its many dimensions – locally.
As we show on the videos on Omega4America.com, 75% of all the mail-in ballot fraud can be stopped in its tracks by “outing” ineligible addresses like Walmarts, 7-11s, gas stations and strip malls.
Citizens are learning it is almost impossible to challenge a voter – but challenging a ballot being sent to a 7-11 is far more effective!
We encourage you to watch the video below to see how vast the Chinese-related election orgs are – see their reach, note their presence in virtually every state in America.
We will be releasing videos on a state-by-state basis – showing how NGOs, many tied to Chinese related orgs, are overwhelming the tepid Republican efforts to “out-ballot-harvest the Left.”
Only one Attorney General in America, Ken Paxton in Texas, is challenging these NGOs flooding the country with illegal aliens, registering them in swing states, and undermining the elections. 
49 states remain silent.
In this video – we did NOT show the entire scope of these Chinese-affiliated orgs – we only showed ONE organization, for ONE year – with its connections to the on-the-ground orgs in virtually state.
Fractal is using advanced artificial intelligence, running at 200 million transactions per second – to show the entire world of NGOs impacting American elections.
The Fractal team’s advanced technology is monitoring money shifts where the Chinese Communist-related entities are investing – to determine which states are getting special attention.
While the Fractal system can track all NGOs, across every state, dating back over 10 years – our focus is on NGOs whose “investments” are likely to be interesting to voters – and will impact 2024.
We will be updating these findings weekly via the Omega4America Substack.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the underlying technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  He can be contacted at Omega4America.com […]


New Vortex Razor UHD 8×32 & 10×32 Magnesium Chassis Binoculars

Whether it’s trying to spot targets for hunting purposes or just checking out your latest groups at the range, having a high-quality set of binoculars can do a lot to ease eye strain, and help you keep your eyes on the target. Vortex is excited to introduce its latest sets of high-end binoculars with two new additions to the Razor line: the Razor UHD 8×32 & 10×32 binoculars. Vortex says these two new premium options feature superior low-light performance and unmatched clarity. Constructed from a lightweight yet durable magnesium chassis, the Razor UHD line offers the user one of the most compact options for hunters, shooters, and enjoyers of nature.
More from Vortex @ TFB:

New Vortex Razor UHD 8×32 & 10×32 Magnesium Chassis Binoculars

For those who know unforgettable moments don’t happen by chance, Razor® UHD stands at the peak of the Vortex® optics technology—delivering the unmatched clarity and low-light performance once-in-a-lifetime hunts demand. Rugged construction. Smooth ergonomic controls. Spectacular glass that delivers superior brightness and all- around image quality. From dense, river-bottom bucks, to rams above the timberline, early dawn to the depths of dusk—Razor® UHD reveals opportunity otherwise hidden in shadow, giving you incredible viewing power every thrilling second of shooting light.

UHD Optical System
 Ultra high definition optical quality and prescription for unparalleled image resolution that cuts chromatic aberration; providing exceptional color fidelity, edge-to-edge sharpness, and light transmission.

XR™ Plus Lens Coatings
Ultimate anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces provide maximum light transmission for peak clarity and the pinnacle of low-light performance.

Magnesium Chassis
Decreases weight and increases strength.

Schmidt Pechan Prism
 Valued for greater durability and a more compact size.

True Open Hinge
Offers superior ergonomics while decreasing total weight and bulk.

Adjustable Eyecups
Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Center Focus Wheel
Adjusts the focus of both binocular barrels at the same time.

Locking Diopter
Adjusts for differences in a user’s eyes. Located on right eyepiece.

Plasma Tech
Cutting edge coating application process provides unparalleled coating durability and performance.

APO Chromatic
Index-matched lenses correct color across the entire visual spectrum.

 Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil and dirt.

Rubber Armor
Provides a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection.

Argon-Gas Purged
Gas purged and O-ring sealed for fogproof and waterproof performance in all conditions.

O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the binocular for reliable performance in all environments.

Argon gas purging prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures.

Designed to withstand the highest levels of impact.

Tripod Adaptable
Compatible with a tripod adapter, allowing use on a tripod or car window mount.

.btn {
text-decoration: none !important;
display: inline-block;
font-weight: 400;
text-align: center;
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.btn-warning {
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background-color: #ffc107;
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.btn:not(:disabled):not(.disabled) {
cursor: pointer;
margin-top: 6px;
margin-bottom: 10px;

This pair of high-end binoculars will set you back a pretty penny just like the rest of the Razor line. Both the Razor UHD 8x32s and 10x32s will retail for an MSRP of $2,149.99. However, as with any other Vortex product, this price comes along with their world-class American-based customer support, and their unconditional lifetime warranty – even if you’re not the first owner. For more information on the new Razor UHD binoculars, you can visit http://vortexoptics.com/.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more about how this works. […]


Biden administration plans to resume Trump tariffs on China-made GPUs and motherboards

The US Trade Representative (USTR) recommended to the White House that it maintain tariffs on GPUs, motherboards, and PC cases made in China. This recommendation was issued as “Billing Code 3390-F3” [PDF]. These tariffs will add a 25% duty on the aforementioned Chinese products. And while you may think that you’re not impacted by the news, you’re wrong! The import tax applies to all China-made GPUs and motherboards.The tariffs, along with others were first proposed under former U.S President Trump’s term back in 2020. But implementation of these taxes has been delayed by the previous Trump and current administration of U.S President Biden. This has happened several times, including in January of this year. However, it looks like these Chinese-made products will finally get higher taxes, especially with the USTR recommendation. Even if you buy an Asus or MSI graphics card, they will be hit by the additional import duty as long as the items were assembled in China. This will lead to higher prices for the consumer, especially in the affordable low-end spectrum of the market, where margins are slight, and any additional cost will likely be passed on to the end-user.While this was just a recommendation from the USTR to the White House, and no formal notice nor resumption date has been announced, the Biden administration has recently announced a doubling of the tariff rate on Chinese semiconductors from 25% to 50%. This does not bode well for PC manufacturers who rely on China’s massive manufacturing capability and established supply chains to deliver their products.According to PCMag, “the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has pushed the White House to end the tariffs.” But CTA VP of International Affairs Ed Brzytwa said, “They’re not getting rid of anything. There are only tariff increases.”This announcement by the USTR is another move in the on-going trade war between the US and China, with technology firmly in the crosshairs of both nations. Aside from tariffs and import duties, the United States has also blocked Chinese access to the latest technologies through sanctions, with the former encouraging its allies to do the same.China remains adamant that it will develop its own technology despite American roadblocks. The Chinese government released $27 billion dollars to its chipmakers to help them weather the storm of U.S. sanctions. Furthermore, major Chinese tech companies like SMIC remain on track with their revenues and research and development. And although homegrown Chinese CPUs still do not perform as well as modern Intel and AMD chips, they’re quickly learning and their tech advancements are taken in leaps and bounds.Get Tom’s Hardware’s best news and in-depth reviews, straight to your inbox.The US Presidential Election is coming in November 2024, with Trump seemingly challenging the incumbent Joe Biden. So, these recent tariffs and sanctions against China feels more like a political move to gain popularity among the American people instead of a well-thought-out policy decision. As Brzytwa said, “It seems like there’s a competition between the Republican Party and Democratic Party on who can be tougher on China, and who can be more protectionist.” […]


J6 Political Prisoner Writes Letter to The Gateway Pundit and MAGA Nation on Day of His Sentencing

Chris Quaglin attended the January 6, 2021, rally for justice and free elections in Washington DC in support of President Donald Trump.
Following the massive rally with approximately one million patriots, Chris went to the US Capitol. After police fired on protesters without warning, Chris is accused of shouting at officers and getting involved in a physical altercation with one officer.
For this, Chris was later arrested and held in prison for over three years now where he has been horribly abused by his government.
Since his arrest he has been shipped off to seven different jails, tortured by guards, beaten by gang members, been refused necessary medical treatment for months and housed in solitary confinement for weeks at a time for simply requesting he be provided proper food in compliance with his life sustaining, medically required diet.
Chris is currently housed in the Washington DC Gulag.

The Gateway Pundit previously wrote about Chris’s situation.
Chris missed the first birthday of his son while he has been held in jail as political prisoner.
“I Went There for You My Son” – J6 Political Prisoner Chris Quaglin Was Brutally Beaten in Jail and Denied Celiac-Safe Food – Here Is His Heartfelt Letter to His Son on His First Birthday — Please Donate

Chris Quaglin is being sentenced tomorrow in a Washington DC kangaroo court. He has already spent years in prison for his alleged crime of “physical altercation with one officer.”
Chris wrote this letter to The Gateway Pundit for publication today.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris Quaglin and all of Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s political prisoners who are suffering today, victims of a tyrannical regime.
** Please donate to Chris Quaglin here.
Chris Quaglin
Chris Quaglin writes:
For three years, all I wanted were a couple things: I wanted a diet that was celiac-safe, and a place that followed the federal guidelines. For three years, I have been denied all of the above. For three years, I have been denied a medically needed, celiac-safe diet. Multiple lawyers have told you about this on the record, Judge. There have been dozens of newspaper articles about this. It took two years to put a court mandated diet on the record. Meanwhile, some asshole who paints his face and wears a Viking helmet on January 6th, gets a court mandated diet within a week because he calls himself a shaman. Still today I’m being denied a safe diet. I might add my mother can’t be here today, because she is still recovering from cancer surgery, where she had half of her stomach, her colon, her small intestine and others removed. Then she had to go through months of chemotherapy. Meanwhile, I had a habeas corpus hearing where Northern Neck Regional Jail swore I didn’t even have Celiac Sprue. I have blood results since way before my incarceration on the record. I have proof I have been diagnosed 25 years ago. Yet, I have had to spend well over $20,000 in commissary just so I don’t break my diet as much and wind up with half my innards removed because of a cancer that shows up in 10 years, like my mother. I might add that you dismissed the habeas corpus without allowing me to add any grievances or even testify.
Thanks for that, Judge. I greatly appreciate it. Well, those hundreds of grievances are on the record now.
For 3 years I was denied the ability to work on my case. I was denied access to evidence.com. In fact today not one j6 detainee incarcerated in the DC jail has access to evidence.com You’re lying in your 10 page motion. True, some j6ers don’t want access to evidence.com and the 44,000 hours. Others like me have been asking for it since day 1. My lawyers have written many motions on it yet I’m still denied access.
For three years I saw constant abuse of prisoners. Now i added many statements from these prisoners on the record. I spent three years seeing our broken federal pre-trial system in action first hand. None of these facilities are worse than Northern Neck Regional Jail. However, D.C. is definitely second. All of our grievances are now on the record.
For three years you have denied me access to my lawyers. You denied me the right to be part of my defense. You denied me bond even though both of my co-defendants klein and cappuchio were given bond. They had the ability to meet with their lawyers. They had the ability to see their families. They had ability to work on their case view thousands of hours of January 6th footage when I couldn’t.
So, what did I do for 3 years, you ask? I kept my eyes wide open, my ears are always listening and I always kept pens and paper close by. I documented and documented and documented.
I could care less about what inmates did. I didn’t care if two inmates had gotten into a fight for example. I did care about what the jail did about it and how they handled the situation. I documented everything. The disgusting jail conditions, medical malpractice, HIIPA violations, inmates being beat by guards while they were still handcuffed. The constant disregard to human and Constitutional rights that I experienced.
Most importantly, I documented a broken grievance system that violated federal standards both Northern Neck Jail and D.C. Jail a like. I have over 3000 pages of daily notes and grievances that are now added on the record. They will also be available upon request on www.stophate.com. You denied my right to work on my case for 3 years. I’m going to make sure that my suffering doesn’t go unnoticed and ignored That at least some good comes from it. America has a broken pre-trial and prison system and it’s about time someone did something to fix it. The democrats have complained and swore to fix this broken system for 50 years. When Trump wins in 8 short months, we will have it rebuilt in under 4 years. If his team will have me, I’d be honored to be part of the rebuilding process. One thing is for sure. Some of the administration that runs these jails are definitely going to prison themselves.Lastly, I get to the 3 years of what the government was interested in. The list is simple, it only consists of one thing.
For 3 years, the government has made my life a living hell. Violated human and Constitutional rights, moved me 9 times from jail to jail without my discovery, refused me access to evidence.com and the 44,000 hours of January 6th footage, refusing bond without just reasoning, they broke apart my family for one simple reason. They wanted me to testify on others and “cooperate” with the FBI.
From the first day I was arrested, Special Agent Ben Fulp told me that, quote “he didn’t want care about Chris Quaglin”. He wanted the “groups”. At first I thought he meant the proud boys, oath keepers, and 3%ers like the main stream media said. Now, 3 years later I’m pretty sure he just wanted to make sure I Didn’t talk about the still ” unknown groups” that had “the rainbow bracelets” on their left wrists that I saw gathering on January 6th. These were the same bracelets that I know for a fact MPD and FBI were wearing. No one is talking about this to this day.
It might also explain why Ben full offered me a ride home that day and explained that I had not been charged yet and that this could all be over before it began. Otherwise, he promised me NO BOND until I had trial 18 months later. 18 months turned into 37 months and counting. I still refuse to cooperate.
It also explains in August 2021 why judge McFadden and the prosecution went into a break out room “exparte” and why the prosecutor Melissa Jackson asked the judge to “turn up the heat” or “tighten the screws” to get me to testify. That’s when I was moved to DC where my discovery was given to me a second time. The prosecution promised that the DC jail could handle my gluten free diet (which they still can’t by the way). It explains why I was 1 of only 3 January 6ers moved to another facility 2 months later. In fact one can only assume that the next 2 and a half years of movement and constant human, constitutional, and federal violations have been to get me to sign the NDA and “cooperate” like the feds asked my first attorney to tell me to sign.It even explains the video with no URL that was used to indict me. The one that was “taken off of my Facebook” when I “went live”. (Even though my Facebook was on restriction on January 6th. The same video that was saved on January 7th yet not sent over to the FBI for another 10 days later.
In fact, one can also assume that the numerous times the transcripts were changed throughout my court appearances was to cover up things that would make the Judge have to answer questions once it was time to appeal.One could assume that this also was the reason why the prosecution wouldn’t quit. 5 times they went to my lawyers every time and said, quote “if Quaglin doesn’t cooperate then we are going to add more charges”.It all makes sense now!
It makes sense now why the Judge even now refuses to unredact and unseal my whole file even though I demanded him to on the record, in person, and in writing. It makes sense why my 27 page letter, 24 page letter, and 1 page letter aren’t on the record even though I sent them certified mail. Guess what? They’re on the record now.
It makes sense that, on April 22nd the transcripts says to come to the bench “with the government” instead of “without the government” and then there is 4 pages of Redacted testimony. Testimony that talked about the abuses of the northern neck jail and my treatment.It makes sense now why McFadden would make me stay there and be mentally and physically tortured for another 8 months before e FBI did an investigation and ALL January sixers were moved from that jail and the superintendent, Ted Hull, was told “its time you retire” (which he did).
It makes sense that when I told you about this torture and all of the movements on the record, talking for 5 minutes, the transcripts later showed only who one word, “inaudible”.
It makes sense that on Emancipation Day I was locked up in a cell for 4 hours, instead of being allowed to go to video court because I was about to go Pro Se with attorney assistance. We know the prosecution knew this because they had been listening to and reading all legal emails. The DC Jail admitted to doing such. They listened to 44 lawyer phone calls. They later deleted all trace of these emails and phone calls but not before the prosecution listened to and saw them. The prosecution knew every thing my defense had planned.
It makes sense why after I told my lawyer, Maria Rodriguez, to retract my stipulated trial on July 20th the Judge later allowed her to to leave as my attorney without permission from me or without a status hearing.
This is after the judge let Joe McBride leave without a hearing which caused an absolute shit show in the courts and in the media alike.
It most certainly explains why after 5 super seeding indictments I am facing 17 years in federal prison for allegedly shoving a couple cops and spraying the same pepper spray that hundreds of officers used on patriots and themselves on January 6th.17 years for pushing a cop. 17 years for a “mostly peaceful protest” meanwhile during the “summer of love” democrats allowed half the country to burn. Vice President Harris said “the cause is greater then a few broken windows” remember that?
You stole an election. Patriotic Americans showed up to have their voices heard. The FBI had paid informants and agents there that I spoke about earlier. You claim that January 6th was an insurrection with zero proof or anyone being charged with terrorism or insurrection. The FBI and the Democrat party has ruined the lives of thousands of Americans over a “mostly peaceful protest”
Even after these 3 years of hell. I refuse to bow down to Biden’s illegitimate regime. I refuse to cooperate with his corrupt and weaponised DOJ and FBI.
This whole situation is ridiculous.Its absolute insanity.Its certainly unconstitutional and unAmerican.So I’m here to say this:
You can rip me away from my family.
You can poison me, starve me, and beat me.
You can hold me hostage as you have for the past 3 years, denying me medical.
You’re all tyrants and the history books will paint you as such.
I will net yield.
I will never surrender.
Chris Quaglin- 5/23/24 […]


RINO Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Betrays GOP — Calls Special Session to Include Biden in the November Presidential Ballot Despite Democrats’ Registration Failures

Screenshot: WBNS
RINO Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH) has called for a special legislative session aimed at circumventing state laws to place Joe Biden on the November ballot, despite clear registration failures by the Democratic Party.
This decision comes after Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued a stark warning to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) regarding their non-compliance with Ohio’s stringent nomination laws.
The Gateway Pundit reported that the Ohio law mandates that presidential candidates be officially nominated at least 90 days before the election, setting this year’s deadline at August 7.
However, the Democratic National Convention is slated for August 19-22, well past this cutoff. May 9 was the deadline for the Ohio lawmakers to take some action.
LaRose emphasized his commitment to uphold the law, noting that without a legal remedy or adjustment by the Democrats themselves, their nominee would be excluded from the ballot as per the stipulated regulations.

“I’ve said from here to Colorado that it’s in the best interest of voters to have a choice in the race for president. I’m also duty-bound to follow the law as Ohio’s chief elections officer,” LaRose wrote.
“As it stands today, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee will not be on the Ohio ballot. That is not my choice. It’s due to a conflict in the law created by the party, and the party has so far offered no legally acceptable remedy,”
“The Ohio House speaker said today there won’t be a legislative solution, so I’ve sent a letter to [Ohio Dems] chair seeking (again) a solution that upholds the law and respects the voters. I trust they’ll act quickly,” LaRose said on Wednesday.
The letter sent to Democratic leadership reads, “The conflict between the August 7, 2024 certification deadline and the date of your party’s nominating convention is well established. In my correspondence to you dated April 5, 2024, I offered two possible remedies: a change in the date by which your party formally nominates a presidential candidate or action by the Ohio General Assembly to create an exception to this statutory requirement. Today, the Speaker of the Ohio House told members of the media there would not be a legislative solution, as there is “just not the will to do that from the Legislature.”
“With a legislative remedy taken off the table, I must remind you that the deadline is fast approaching, and the matter remains unresolved. Unless your party plans to comply with the statutory deadline, I am duty-bound to instruct boards of elections to begin preparing ballots that do not include the Democratic Party’s nominees for president and vice president of the United States,” it added.
However, the backstabbing RINO governor criticized the Republican-led Ohio House for not passing legislation that would amend this requirement, thereby facilitating Biden’s appearance on the ballot.
“The Senate has passed several bills that would remedy this situation. However, the House of Representatives has failed to do this. The legislature had a session yesterday and again failed to take any action. This is simply unacceptable,” said the RINO governor.
“Ohio is running out of time to get Joe Biden, the sitting President of the United States on the ballot this fall. Failing to do so is simply not acceptable. This is a ridiculous, this is an absurd situation,” he added.
“Therefore, tonight, pursuant to Article 3, Section 8 of the Ohio Constitution, I am calling a special session of the Ohio General Assembly to begin this coming Tuesday, May 28th. The purpose of this session will be for the General Assembly to pass legislation ensuring that both major presidential candidates will be on the Ohio ballot in November, as well as legislation that would prohibit campaign spending by foreign nationals,” DeWine announced.
It’s the first special session called in Ohio since 2004, per WLWT. This is a slap in the face to every Republican in Ohio. While Democrats are busy filing lawsuits and indicting former President Donald Trump to keep him off state ballots, Governor DeWine is bending over backward to accommodate Biden.
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Ukrainian Frontline Colonel Admits Country Will Have To Cede Territories to Russia in Peace Negotiations – Calls It ‘A Victory’

Long gone are the days when Ukraine was at least winning the war on the western news sites’ headlines.
Now, slowly but surely, the MSM has had to face the fact that the outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered Ukrainian forces will not win this war on the battlefield, will not get back to pre-war borders, much less reincorporate the Crimean peninsula.
And up until a minute ago, to state the obvious fact that Ukraine will have to cede territory during peace negotiations with Russia got you branded as a ‘Kremlin stooge’ or worse, and only the most courageous politicians, such as Hungarian Viktor Orbán, Slovak Robert Fico as well as American Donald Trump, dared utter these words.
But now, that exact same unavoidable fact has been splashed on ABC News, and voiced by a frontline leader from the Ukrainian army – someone who can’t be shaded as a ‘Vladimir Putin’s shill’.

We are talking about the leader of Ukraine’s 57th Motorized Brigade, an infantry unit battling the new Russian offensive North of Kharkov.
Colonel Oleksandr Bakulin was interviewed by ABC News in the presence of a ‘senior Army leader’ at a secret location.
I’m stressing this fact because I believe it shows that Bakulin has not ‘gone rogue’ in the surprising thing he said.
The situation in the Northern Kharkiv region is ‘quite difficult’, Bakulin says, but Ukrainians ‘managed to slow down the enemy’.
(Of course, as reinforcements for North, Kleesheva, Andreevka and other localities further south are falling prey to Russian advances – which was always Moscow’s plan.)
Furthermore, Bakulin said that the Russians still have reserves [in Belgorod near Kharkov] and are poised to bring these reserves into the battle when the time is ripe.
ABC News reported:
“’We do understand how crucial this [US] aid is’, Bakulin said. ‘The whole the world understands. Yes, our soldiers are brave and courageous, but without this aid, these weapons, shells, everything, without this we would not be able to keep fighting in a war against Russia, just because we are way smaller than Russia‘.”
Bakulin called the Ukrainian army retreating ‘a normal part of the ebb and flow of warfare’. But he introduces the ‘novel’ idea that ‘Ukraine has already won’.
“Despite the advances made but the Russians, he pushed back at the idea that Ukraine is losing the war, saying, ‘I personally think that we have already won this war. The question is at what point it is going to end, and at what stage’.
Bakulin said he predicts that in the end this war will be ended by a deal, saying, ‘Every war ends in peace talks and deals’.”
This is unprecedented, and introduces the new narrative: by merely surviving the war, Ukraine wins.
But Bakulin wasn’t done: he accepted that territory will need to be given up during negotiations, citing the experience of nearby Finland.
“’Little Finland once fought against big USSR’, Bakulin said. ‘Yes, it lost some territories. But it still does exist as a country and Russia doesn’t even look in that direction. We are in a similar position, but I hope we will not lose our land’.”
Now, let me reming you that a ‘senior Army leader’ was present at the interview, showing that this line of narrative ‘Ukraine wins the war merely by surviving’, has authorization to be floated.
“The war is far from over and the lack of heavy weaponry is still operationally critical. He put it succinctly when asked about the casualties caused by the lack of armaments, saying ‘The sweat of the artillery soldiers saves the blood of the infantry soldiers. But if there is only sweat without the shells, then infantry soldiers pay it with their blood’.”
Bakulin’s interview it’s just a cope, but also introduces a new ‘objective’ that is actually perfectly obtainable.
Let’s see if this will become the new mantra: ‘Ukraine already won’.

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CROWD SHOTS From The Bronx Trump Rally Are AMAZING – Black-Hispanic Attendance Impressive – Line Goes On for Blocks (VIDEO)

Thousands of New Yorkers came out Thursday to see President Trump in the Bronx. It was historic.
THOUSANDS of New Yorkers turned out to see President Trump in the Bronx on Thursday.
** The Gateway Pundit covered the pre-rally crowd live earlier today.
The line to see President Trump in the Bronx was several blocks long.
Via Savannah Hernandez.

BREAKING: Local Bronx officials are estimating that the crowd at Trump’s rally to be between 25k- 30K. The number is continuing to rise. The original capacity was 3,500.
— Ian Jaeger (@IanJaeger29) May 23, 2024

Crowd estimates were as high as 25,000 to 30,000 supporters.
More crowd shots via the local Young Republicans Club.

MASSIVE CROWD for the Trump BRONX rally pic.twitter.com/kp63dNsp78
— Trump.AI (@Obielicious) May 23, 2024

The line was several blocks long – in the Bronx!

This is awesome! Look at this crowd in S. Bronx. Trump 2024! pic.twitter.com/vTbIxtpxZk
— (@Ann_Lilyflower) May 23, 2024

The demon lady was there and black Trump supporters totally demolished her.

JUST IN: ⚠️ Notorious liberal troll SCHOOLED by MAGA RAPPER Forgiato Blow and a group of Bronx Trump supporters after she tries to label them Racist..
THIS WINS THE INTERNET.. https://t.co/4hgc7QfiXL pic.twitter.com/XL3gYUwu58
— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) May 23, 2024 […]