“12 Fellas Down. 1 To Go”: Nikki Haley Has Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend On Social Media

The only thing more hilarious than Nikki Haley continuing to remain in the 2024 presidential race despite zero chance of winning is her completely inept social media team – which suggested she’s more than just a whore for the military-industrial complex.

In Sunday afternoon tweet, ‘Haley’ let the world know: “12 fellas down. 1 to go.”

While we’re sure whatever 22-year-old feminist wrote that had the best intentions, that’s not how it came off

And if that wasn’t bad enough – they don’t even know how to use X! Later that day, after the ‘I’m a huge whore’ tweet, a staffer using X Pro (formerly Tweetdeck), scheduled Haley’s entire week of pre-canned tweets (so very authentic!) in under an hour.


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