2015 Video of Leftist Judge Engoron Who Is Presiding Over Trump Real Estate Trial Brags About How He Can Flip Jury Verdicts Based on Emotion

Credit: @JackPosobiec

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported yesterday regarding the disgraceful behavior of the leftist judge presiding over President Trump’s real estate trial in New York City. Now video has emerged raising even more alarm bells.

Trump on Monday flew to New York City where he was called to court in another junk lawsuit hurled at him by Democrats.

During the hearing in the Democrats’ continued lawfare assault against the Republican frontrunner in the 2024 election, Judge Arthur Engoron smirked and started laughing.

At that moment, any reasonable person could conclude that the fix was in against the 45th president.

In 2015, Judge Engoron gave a lecture to college students and told them he makes decisions based on emotions about a case. Engoron said he will use ‘judgment notwithstanding the verdict’ to overturn verdicts based on emotions.

This is called “judgment notwithstanding the verdict.” While this particular trial against Trump in not a jury trial thanks to New York Attorney general Letitia James filing a consumer protection order, the below video does provide valuable insight into the mind of this radical activist deciding the 45th president’s fate.


Here is the full video from March 9, 2015.  Engoron was speaking to an audience at CUNY.

Relevant transcript:

I’m going to say something controversial even though I know I’m being taped: juries get it wrong a lot (chuckling). That’s my own opinion.

I only do civil trials…but I’ve had situations like oh my Heaven’s sake how could they have thought that?

I have a tool that I can deal with that: it’s called judgment notwithstanding the verdict. I can say there is no possible way a reasonable jury could have reached that conclusion.

Am I following the law or am I making the law?…I’m an impartial referee but it’s impossible for me to factor out my own emotions.

As Cristina Laila reported, President Trump revealed that he won 80% of the case against James Monday yet Engoron refused to admit it.

“Why are we trying a case that the appellate division of New York state has just ruled recently that we won 80% of our case and this judge refuses to acknowledge the ruling, which is plain for all to see,” Trump said.

President Trump said Judge Engoron conceded that the statute of limitations are in effect. James forgot to do her homework on this.

A lawyer for Trump spoke on this: “Based on the judge’s comments at the end of the trial, it would appear that he is agreeing that all the transactions that closed prior to 2014 are now out of the case.”

Trump chimed in: “Which are about 80% of the case.”

So why has this case not been tossed out completely? Is the judge looking for something else to hang Trump on?

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