21 new Red-Dot Optics Sighted at SHOT Show 2023

This year, the NSSF SHOT Show might as well have been called the DOT show. With optics-ready pistols becoming the norm, I expected that manufacturers would introduce electronic sights on a large scale. The showroom floor did not disappoint; kick-off 2023 with these 21 red-dot optics:

21 Red-Dot Optics at SHOT Show 2023

GPO – Spectra Reflex Dot

GPO - Spectra Reflex Dot.

Germany Precision Optics jumped into the game with its first reflex dot ever this year. And they did one heck of a job. By employing a lightweight polycarbonate lens, the unit tips the scale at just eight-tenths of an ounce. This ensures unimpeded performance with even the softest shooting pistols.

Other bonuses include auto-dimming and auto-off with motion-sensing technology that turns the reticle on the moment you touch your gun. Lastly, a side-mounted battery compartment makes for effortless battery swaps.

For more information, please visit GPO-USA.com.

Primary Arms – RS-15

Primary Arms – RS-15 - Red-Dot Optics.

This optic features a unique 250 MOA Vulcan dot reticle. When you hold the pistol directly in line with your eye, this large halo is outside of your field of view. The moment you cant the gun, you’ll see some portion of the corona telling you which way to drive the gun to get back in line.

A central 3 MOA aiming dot is displayed in the center of the lens, and as long as you’re running the gun right, it is the only thing you’ll see when shooting.

For more information, please visit PrimaryArms.com.

Primary Arms – MD-25 Gen 2

Primary Arms – MD-25 Gen 2.

Recently redesigned and upgraded to include the Autolive functionality, the MD-25 Gen2 is a large-platform red dot optic built for rigorous use on even the heaviest recoiling weapon systems.

The MD-25 comes with either a simple 2 MOA dot reticle or the ACSS CQB reticle. The ACSS CQB offers BDC for carbines and a large horseshoe to accommodate typical shotgun patterns. Half-MOA clicks expedite zeroing without losing precision, and the entire unit runs off a solemn 2032 battery.

For more information, please visit PrimaryArms.com.

Lucid Optics – E7

Lucid Optics – E7 - Red-Dot Optics

Red dot’s biggest criticism is the vulnerability of their emitters. If damaged or obstructed, you are left with nothing more than an in-the-way piece of glass. Closing it up is the natural answer, but in the past, that came with a price. Lucid Optics aims to put an affordable option on the table with its closed-emitter E7.

This unit mounts via the Aimpoint ACRO system and displays the M5 reticle, which is proven faster than conventional red dots. The E7 is equally at home on carbines as it is on pistol slides, as it can handle whatever recoil you wish to throw at it.

For more information, please visit LucidOptics.com.

Rival – X1

Rival – X1.

The Rival X1 utilizes the Trijicon RMR footprint and marks the company’s entry into the world of optics. This 3 MOA micro-reflex sight makes use of automatic on and off capabilities. As a result, battery life can only be estimated in years. When it is time to change that battery, a top-mounted compartment allows the user to do so without removal, preserving the weapon’s zero.

For more information, please visit Rival-Arms.com.

Holosun – 507 Comp

Holosun – 507 Comp - Red-Dot Optics

Big windows make for fast dot acquisition; such was the concept when the 507 Comp was being developed. With its huge 1.1” x 0.87” viewing window, Holosun’s new optic is going to be attractive to competitors who are looking to score the fastest hits possible when size is not an issue.

Available with either a red or green reticle system, users can toggle the 2 MOA dot to be displayed solo or with their choice of an 8, 20, or 32 MOA halo. There is also an option to run one of the larger halos by itself.

For more information, please visit Holosun.com.

Holosun – SCRS

Holosun – SCRS.

Holosun’s claim to fame is its solar charging system that is home to a number of pistol sights among its ranks. At the 2023 NSSF SHOT show, it introduced its first rifle sight bearing that function.

The SCRS (Solar Charging Rifle Sight) does not require any battery swaps and can run for 20,000 hours after seeing just a little bit of light. It’s 20mm tube delivers unlimited eye relief and is functionally parallax free.

For more information, please visit Holosun.com.


C-MORE – CRC - Red-Dot Optics

Known for its prowess in the competitive field, C-MORE is no stranger to red-dot optics. While many companies are just dipping a toe into this field, this Virginia-based think tank is merely branching out.

The CRC is optimized for compact pistols and is available with either a 3 or 6 MOA dot. A 50,000-hour battery life is the product of the automatic, shake-awake illumination. Likewise, the user gets to control the brightness setting via a 10-setting manual switch.

For more information, please visit CMORE.com.

Meprolight – Tru-Vision

Meprolight – Tru-Vision.

Intended for long guns, the Meprolight Tru-Vision exhibits a large, 1.14″ x 0.78″ window and a 2 MOA dot. You can dim or brighten this reticle manually or enable an auto setting. This allows the unit to decide based on the ambient light conditions.

The battery life of the single CR123 cell is conserved through an auto sleep mode that activates after 30 minutes of inactivity. Correspondingly, it is awakened by the first movement the user makes.

For more information, please visit Meprolight.com.

Bushnell RXM- 300

Bushnell RXM- 300 - Red-Dot Optics.

Not to be outdone by the competition, Bushnell has released a sight built for, well, competition. The RXM-300 is its largest open reflex sight to date, featuring a massive 28mm x 24mm window. Large enough to be considered for long-gun use.

For this reason, it includes a weaver-style base as well as a high-rise spacer for MSRs. A top-mounted 2032 battery powers the unit for 35,000 hours on the middle brightness settings, and shake awake tech helps to save juice when the gun is idle.

For more information, please visit Bushnell.com.

C&H – Duty

C&H – Duty.

You can only mill so many slides before you decide to take control over what mounts to them as well. In 2023 C&H rounded out its signature gunsmithing service to include its very own line of red dots.

The Duty represents the toughest of the batch, as it is a closed-emitter setup utilizing a side-clamping mounting system. C&H boasts a 50,000-hour battery life off a single 2032 button battery and preserves this through auto-on/auto-off motion sensing. Models are available with red, green, or variable reticles.

For more information, please visit CHPWS.com.

Shield – AMS

Shield – AMS - Red-Dot Optics.

As one of the first to kick off the red dot craze, there was much anticipation for this sight’s release. Needless to say, Shield did not disappoint. Throwing professionalism to the side, this is hands down the coolest-looking sight I came across during this show.

Aside from an aesthetic exterior, the AMS uses a multi-dot reticle system that is easy to find and place on the target. Additionally, it can run off of a variety of batteries, saving the day should you need to replace it on the fly. This is also the first optic in the industry to offer an interface to add accessories like lights, lasers, or cameras.

For more information, please visit ShieldPSD.com.

EOTech – EFLX Tan

EOTech – EFLX Tan.

Nothing shortens the learning process like familiarity, and fewer lenses are more familiar than an EOTech. When I first picked up the EFLX it was like looking through a baby 512, which helped me find the dot, stupid quick.

New for this year, it is offered in tan to match your gun’s finish. Carried over are the options of 3 or 6 MOA dots and a top-loading battery for a reenergizing process that won’t affect zero.

For more information, please visit EOTechInc.com.

Leapers – UTG Accu-Sync 2521R

Leapers – UTG Accu-Sync 2521R - Red-Dot Optics.

There are many misconceptions surrounding Leapers and UTG these days. For instance, did you know that much of its gear is made right in Michigan? Such is the case with this large format optic that provides an affordable solution for any MSR.

The 2521R utilizes a mini-ACOG footprint, lending itself to a wide variety of mounting brackets, with a QD riser included for a lower 1/3 co-witness. Its compact nature and snag-free turrets ensure that it won’t interfere with the rest of your kit. Additionally, the tempered glass lenses offer outstanding light transmission.

For more information, please visit Leapers.com.

ADE – Artemis

ADE - Artemis.

The ADE Artemis is claimed to be the only six-reticle micro red dot on the market. This unit gives users the choice of a 2-MOA dot, a 50-MOA circle, and a 60-MOA reticle in just about any combination imaginable.

It bears an RMR footprint, which makes it inherently compatible with nearly any slide cut. This is particularly true when you consider the widespread availability of these plates. A two-minute auto-off with shake awake makes for an extended battery life, which is provided by a 1632 button cell.

For more information, please visit ADEOptics.com.

Viridian- RFX 45

Viridian- RFX 45 - Red-Dot Optics

Green means go with the Viridian RFX 45 optic. Offering up a 5-MOA brilliant green reticle, the ERC instant-on system helps to deliver a 50,000-hour battery life. This is excellent for a green led.

This unit is built with closed-emitter construction and a profile that is small enough for handguns but large enough to make sense on long guns as well. Viridian includes a high-rise mount to accommodate either platform, leaving the decision up to you.

For more information, please visit ViridianWeaponTech.com.

Steiner – MPS FDE

Steiner – MPS FDE.

After the announcement that several LE agencies had adopted the MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) for duty use, its popularity soared. As guns come in colors other than black these days, Steiner introduced an FDE version of this bomb-proof closed emitter optic.

Utilizing the ACRO footprint, it can easily clamp to any firearm that wears this cut. Or, through the use of the included Docter plate, can easily be mounted to pistols bearing that cut as well.

For more information, please visit Steiner-Optics.com.

Athlon Optics – Talos EDC

Athlon Optics – Talos EDC - Red-Dot Optics.

Athlon’s Talos EDC is a tiny powerhouse that is large on battery life, 50,000 hours to be exact. It achieves this through the intelligent power management system and highly-efficient circuitry.

At just north of a third of an ounce in weight, the Talos EDC makes a perfect addition to a concealed carry weapon, as its presence will likely go unnoticed. Despite being light, this optic is built on a rugged one-piece aluminum chassis. As a result, it stands up to the beating that everyday carry items are subjected to.

For more information, please visit AthlonOptics.com.

Athlon Optics – Midas TSR1-M

Athlon Optics - Midas TSR1-M.

The Glock MOS optics cut is an ingenious design. However, it doesn’t accept many optics on the market. In an effort to fill that void, the Midas TSR1-M comes to the rescue for our friends who field the Austrian pistols with this cutout.

A larger, 6 MOA dot grabs the eye and is easier to put on short-range targets. In addition, the motion-sensing activation ensures that it is illuminated the moment the pistol is nudged.

For more information, please visit AthlonOptics.com.


SIG – ROMEO M17 - Red-Dot Optics.
(Photo by Kenzie Fitzpatrick)

While the military typically takes decades to adopt new technology, it’s hard to ignore how fast it is warming up to electro-optics. Devices like the SIG ROMEO M17 make it easy.

Between its under mounting system and its drop-tested, closed emitter construction, its sheer durability is quickly relaxing any apprehension towards running a dot in combat conditions. SIG’s latest is designed for direct mounting to the MHS contract pistol without having to sacrifice the standard sights. Look for a civilian version later this year.

For more information, please visit SigSauer.com.



There is no reason ever to stop improving. This is SIG’s motto, and we can see its embodiment in the ROMEO4XT-PRO. The PRO moves the controls to the top for better ambidexterity and protection from snagging on clothing or chest rigs.

SIG’s new rendition has a night vision override switch to deal with wide swings in ambient light. Additionally, it can run 50,000 hours off an everyday AAA battery.

For more information, please visit SigSauer.com.

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