21 perfect Stocking Stuffers this holiday season

Everyone loves a good stocking stuffer during the holidays, but finding the perfect item to add to your gift giving can be challenging. A stocking stuff has be small is size but thoughtful in execution. It can’t be too expensive, but shouldn’t be too cheap, either. The best stocking stuffers are things your friends and family would love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

With the holiday season just beginning, we thought it would be a right time to drop a list of our favorite stocking stuffers for 2022. From games to electronics to clothes, you are sure to find something good for your favorite people on this list.

Drake has been arguably the most popular figure in hip-hop for the past decade, and now with his new Nike line NOCTA he is venturing into the fashion industry. These socks are perfect for you if you want to show off your support as a Drake fan while working out or if you want to remind the people around you about that one person that got away without blasting his music.

It’s the holiday season so naturally we spend time with our friends and family and throw the pigskin around, but then it evolves into a full blown game of football. The problem is we all have that one family member that never admits they are down in two-hand touch. The SKLZ flag football set solves that problem with flags that mark when a person is down. This set not only includes flags, but also comes with cones to mark each end zone so now you don’t have to use those random trees that aren’t even parallel to each other.

Winter has come and that means the baseball season is over. While basketball, football, and hockey are in season, there is nothing quite like the experience and smell of a baseball game. With the Homesick Stadium Candle you can immerse yourself back into six stadium’s around the country: Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Oracle Park, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Busch Stadium. Now the constant smell of hot dogs, beer, and popcorn will fill your space and help bring you back to your happy place.

From our sponsor, this Gx bottle delivers a unique hydration experience for every athlete. The flip cap design and high-flow valve allow you to choose a formula pod, add to water, and drink without worrying about leaks or spills. Featuring a variety of colors and patterns — and even bottles designed by your favorite athletes — there is a design for everyone! Only customizable on Gatorade.

Tennis balls are a great gift because they are so versatile. You can use them to play catch, play fetch with your dog, or put them on the bottom of a walker. Now you may be asking why you would get these instead of the standard green tennis balls. Well, these tennis balls are very different from your normal ones. The first thing is that instead of being green they are white with really cool designs! Also, 15 percent of the core of the ball is made from recycled rubber which increases its durability for playing, and the tube and lid are developed to reduce plastics. This helps you not only preserve your tennis balls, but also the planet.

The Bucket Bag by Le Court is a 100 percent handmade tote with authentic basketball nylon netting. It’s also a wonderful conversation starter. This gift is the perfect bag to carry larger items, such as your basketball, clothes, or even a laptop helping you show off your passions while making a fashion statement. Not only can it be used as a tote bag, but you can use it to display pieces in your home by hanging it on your wall to showcase various things such as flowers, sneakers, or even books.

The Tabletop Bowling Set is the perfect mini game for the whole family. Not only can this be used at home, but the bowling set is small enough that you can bring it into the office and keep it on your desk. Now you can stop settling arguments with rock, paper, scissors when you and your cubicle partner have some down-time.

Everyone knows of Michael Jordan’s iconic free throw line dunk from the 1988 dunk contest, and now you can have it in funko pop form with Jordan donning his bright red Chicago Bulls jersey. This is the perfect item to display if you want to show your support for the greatest basketball player of all-time, or if you’re an undercover LeBron James stan just want to impress your boss or someone else who thinks MJ is the GOAT.

Arthur Ashe is one of the most iconic figures in tennis history. He was a three-time Grand Slam champion and the first Black player to win a men’s major singles championship. He was also an icon off the court, helping bring awareness to various social causes and inspiring the youth throughout his career. His style on the court was also impeccable. This jacket is inspired by the one Ashe wore during his historic win at Wimbledon in 1975.

This body spray by Off Court is one of the first men’s grooming products that includes probiotics in its formula. “fuel good bacteria, which in turn helps them fight bad bacteria and body odor. Continued use of prebiotic deodorant can help keep the skin’s biome in check while reducing the risk of skin irritations like eczema, allowing the skin to perform its role as a barrier to pathogens.” Not only are the probiotics a plus, the spray trio packs have wonderful scents that will last all day.

If you have a big Astros fan you need to check off your shopping list, there is probably nothing they would enjoy more than some Houston Astros World Series championship gear. A new beanie, t-shirt, or hoodie will keep them nice and warm this holiday season, and they will look like a winner, too.

With pickleball on the rise, and now the fastest-growing sport in America, give the gift of new experiences to your favorite sports fan this year. This is the best way to create an informal introduction to the game, especially with pickleball courts popping up all over the country.

This set is all-inclusive — a set of paddles, pickleballs, and a court bag to keep it all together. Did I mention you can customize your paddles too? Who knows, you might be responsible for creating the world’s next-best pickleball player.

The new Apple headphones have been all the rave over the past year. It comes with a sleek new design, much different than the previous AirPod models, but can also offer more comfort with its over-ear fit. The AirPods Max comes in more colors than ever before and features Active Noise Cancellation, which could be great for travel, workouts, or just your daily workflow. They’re also BlueTooth, which can offer even more flexibility in your day-to-day tasks. These just make for an easy gift-giving win, sports fan or not.

Video game lover, sports fan, virtual reality nerd, or all of the above? The new Meta Quest 2 checks off all the boxes. This is the best way to get your favorite esports fanatic immersed in the game.

The Meta Quest 2 includes a VR headset with two touch controls that can put you almost anywhere you can imagine — on the football field, snowboarding through snowy slopes, or tight roping across incredibly high buildings. There’s a game made for everybody, and it’s definitely worth the cost.

If you know a football lover, you really can’t go wrong with this one. The 2023 All-Madden edition has added an exciting new feature called FieldSENSE, which offers players more control overall throughout the game than ever before. Previous Madden players will be happy to know that the once-beloved franchise mode has been revamped to include more detailed scouting and free-agent signing factors.

It also features the all-new John Madden Legacy Game, which highlights the famed coach, teams inspired by All Madden rosters, and even some audio clips from Madden’s broadcasting days. This makes this edition more special than ever before, and a collectible to say the least.

Do you have any whiskey drinkers in your life that just so happen to love baseball too? This decanter set can be the perfect addition to any sports-lovers home. And it doesn’t just have to be whiskey, but it can be spilled with their drink of choice. You can also have it personally engraved for just a few dollars more. It’s a classy but sporty look, and you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park with this gift set.

This is the perfect gift for that hardcore golfer in your life. This killer headcover is twice as convenient — keep your clubs protected while keeping yourself (or your loved one) hydrated. Its suitable hand grip can hold your favorite can or bottle while switching between holes on the green. It’ll for sure be a head-turner among golf buddies.

Keep your favorite golfer merry and stocked this holiday season with this convenient beer sleeve. Help them hit the course with their favorite cans on the go — the more the merrier, right?

The Pins & Aces beer sleeve can stock up to seven cans at once, and can easily fit into your golf bag. The sleeve is fully insulated and has a concealed design, keeping your beverages ice cold and out of sight.

Every golfer needs one of these. The Pins & Aces golf ball stamp can be used as a marker for your own set of golf balls, so you can find them out on the course with ease. The ink is permanent, so it will never fade no matter rain or snow.

The marker also comes in different colors or designs, allowing your special someone to leave their mark on the course without doubt.

The Carhartt beanie makes for a great stocking stuffer, no matter who it’s for. It will be sure to keep your special someone warm all winter long. With 30 different colors to choose from, there’s no doubt this wouldn’t make the perfect gift for just about anybody.

We all know Giannis for his hilariously bad jokes. It seems like he can’t even complete a press conference without dropping one in before it’s over. But I do have to admit, as bad as they are I still chuckle a little bit.

Make your favorite sports-loving dad’s dream come true and gift him Giannis’s go-to joke book. He’ll be the talk of the holiday party, and could potentially elevate his jokes from “not so funny” to at least “he tried.”

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