3D-Printed LED Wall Clock Does Lots With Little

This wall clock built by [Alf Müller] is lovely, using two NeoPixel rings to mark the time by casting light onto a 3D-printed ring. The blue shows the minutes, made more discrete by a grid inside the ring. The green shows the hours.  [Alf] has provided the code so you can rework the color scheme.  It might be interesting to add seconds with the red LEDs, or perhaps a countdown triggered by a touch sensor…

The clock is built from two Adafruit Neopixel rings, each with 60 LEDs. These are mounted on a 3D-printed shield that directs and softens the light to create the time elements. It is all driven by an ESP8266 controller, running a program that grabs the time from an NTP server and translates that into LEDs. The code is provided, and [Alf] has documented it nicely so you can easily change the time zone, colors, or other elements.

This does remind us of [andrei erdei]’s time strip clock, but it is a bit easier to read.

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