81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden to Speak to Paltry Crowd in Northfield, Minnesota

photo courtesy of Star Tribune reporter Christopher Vondracek

Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Northfield, Minnesota to visit Dutch Creek Farms to boast about his administration’s investments in rural America.

He used the short stairs as he landed in Minnesota.

Biden still hasn’t paid a visit to East Palestine, Ohio after a train derailed and left behind a toxic mess. But he has all the time in the world to speak to a handful of people at a hog farm in Minnesota where he will talk about himself for about 20 minutes and shuffle away.

81 million vote recipient Joe Biden will speak to a paltry crowd at a family hog farm in Northfield. Biden ‘won’ Minnesota by a 7.12% margin in 2020 against Trump yet he has virtually no supporters at Wednesday’s speaking event.

No supporters are lining the streets to see Joe Biden – the most popular president in US history.

Just look at all those chairs lined up ready to seat all of Joe Biden’s supporters!

According to CBS Minnesota, Joe Biden will announce “more than $5 billion in investments to rural communities across the country.”

“The White House says of the $5 billion, $1.7 billion will go toward what is called “climate smart agriculture” — practices Dutch Creek Farms has incorporated. And the hope is it will catch on with more farmers in Minnesota and beyond to help create more economic opportunities while combating climate change.” the outlet reported.

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