Adrian Newey through the eyes of former Red Bull drivers

MIAMI — The main character during Thursday’s media sessions at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix was not a driver.

It was an engineer.

With the confirmation that Adrian Newey, the greatest designer in F1 history, would be stepping away from Red Bull in early 2025 coming earlier this week, Newey’s name was a frequent topic of conversation around the paddock on Thursday. A number of drivers addressed the Newey news during their media sessions, including former Red Bull drivers Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly, and Daniel Ricciardo.

“So obviously we don’t really know where he’s gonna go and what he’s gonna do, but, obviously, his time there was amazing,” described Ricciardo to the media, including SB Nation. “And it was a privilege to work with him, [I was] privileged to drive several of his race cars.

“Even, you know, my dad, when I saw him with Red Bull, and [my dad’s] like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna get to work with Adrian,’ Like that was exciting for him as well.

“We’ll see what he does, but obviously, I wish him well.”

Gasly also shared fond memories of his time at Red Bull working with Newey.

“I’ll say it. Extremely talented, most successful engineer in the history of our sport, very, you know, particular approach,” said Gasly to the media, including SB Nation. “I still remember going to Milton Keynes and like drawing all sorts of stuff on this board. And I thought ‘[i]s that how we draw an F1 car these days?’

“And it’s just very impressive and actually probably my best memory from [then], like working with such a special individual and learning from him.

“I had a very good relationship with [him], a very humble guy and down to earth and straight to performance. And obviously his knowledge and his way of approaching F1 is very efficient, but it was a lot of good memories,” continued Gasly. “I always found it very amazing to just walk in his office and just see like the type of things you’ll see on his desk and on his board, it was very unique.”

Albon also shared his memories of his time working with Newey at Red Bull.

“He was very connected to the driving,” described Albon to the media, including SB Nation. “He really wanted to know how it felt. I think in some ways he still understood that cars need to be set up a certain way to get most out of it.

“Yeah, just very, very inspiring.”

Albon also noted that he appreciated how Newey would come to him with questions about the car following a race.

If it was something that he felt was important, he’d always come to me after a Sunday,” described the Williams driver. “And want my opinion about it, which was, which was nice to have that relationship with someone.”

In the end, perhaps Gasly described Newey best.

“A unique genius.”

Now the F1 world wonders where that unique genius will take his talents next.

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