Amazon Prime BANS Oliver Stone Documentary ‘Revealing Ukraine’

Amazon Prime this week banned a popular documentary focused on the West’s coup in Ukraine and the lead-up to the nation’s current war with Russia.

2019’s “Revealing Ukraine” is “currently unavailable” on Amazon Prime after being hosted by the streaming service for the past four years.

The film’s director, Igor Lopatonok, posted on Twitter Tuesday, writing, “Another round of censorship-now it is #AmazonPrimeVideo censoring our documentary “Revealing Ukraine” Why is it? Film was distributed world wide from 2019 and suddenly…”

Lopatonok said he was experiencing “another round of censorship” because his films have been targeted by American media outlets in the past.

“Revealing Ukraine” and its prequel, 2014’s “Ukraine on Fire,” were both produced by legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone and were both heavily censored by the establishment.

YouTube removed “Ukraine on Fire” within a month of the Ukraine-Russia war beginning.

In February 2023, Infowars covered a Twitter thread posted by Lopatonok that caught the attention of the company’s CEO Elon Musk, who commented on a link to the documentary “Revealing Ukraine,” writing, “Interesting thread.”

Perhaps Musk’s comment on the link to the documentary’s Amazon Prime page gave the film too much attention and prompted the Bezos-run company to take action.

See “Revealing Ukraine” in full below, thanks to the free speech video platform

Watch “Ukraine On Fire” in full below, thanks to the free speech video platform

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