Amazon’s Alexa Declares 2020 Election Was Stolen, Says Trump Won Pennsylvania – WaPo Reporter Forces Them to Change Responses

Amazon’s “Alexa” – a virtual assistant that uses AI technology to control smart devices in a home has been declaring the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Alexa has also been saying Trump won Pennsylvania.

President Trump was up by more than 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania at midnight on election night in 2020. The Democrats counted ‘mail-in ballots’ for Joe Biden for nearly two weeks AFTER Election Day without GOP watchers present. GOP election watchers were blocked from observing ballot counters in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Joe Biden was eventually declared the ‘winner’ of Pennsylvania.

The flood of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania was only possible after the left-leaning state supreme court obliterated the state constitution and allowed the secretary of state to send out millions of mail-in ballots.

There were mysterious midnight ballot drops all for Joe Biden in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in Georgia at midnight on election night. The Democrats in Georgia openly bragged about ‘ballot harvesting’ AFTER Election Day so they could collect more ballots for Joe Biden. Biden eventually ‘won’ Georgia, a bright red state that voted for the Republican candidate in every down ballot race.

Alexa accurately told users the 2020 election was stolen.

“The 2020 races were “notorious for many incidents of irregularities and indications pointing to electoral fraud taking place in major metro centers,” according to Alexa, referencing Substack, a subscription newsletter service. Alexa contended that Trump won Pennsylvania, citing “an Alexa answers contributor.”” the Washington Post reported.

A Washington Post reporter was so upset by the truth that they repeatedly reached out to Amazon and eventually forced them into a Mao struggle session.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post. WaPo’s interim CEO sits on the board of Amazon.

“Amazon declined to explain why its voice assistant draws 2020 election answers from unvetted sources,” WaPo wrote after its first contact with Amazon.

Amazon finally backed down.

“These responses were errors that were delivered a small number of times, and quickly fixed when brought to our attention,” Amazon spokeswoman Lauren Raemhild said in a statement. “We continually audit and improve the systems we have in place for detecting and blocking inaccurate content.”

Lauren Raemhild insisted Amazon only works with so-called “credible sources” like Reuters, far-left smear site Wikipedia and Ballotpedia to provide answers for Alexa users.

The Washington Post gloated after they forced Alexa to change her responses to questions about the 2020 election.

“After The Washington Post reached out to Amazon for comment, Alexa’s responses changed.” the paper wrote.

WaPo continued, “To questions The Post had flagged to the company, Alexa answered, “I’m sorry, I’m not able to answer that.” Other questions still prompt the device to say there was election fraud in 2020.”

Only the Democrats are allow to cry about a stolen election when they lose. Hillary Clinton to this day still claims Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to defeat her in 2016 despite two special counsel investigations that proved her claims to be false.

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