AMD Radeon RX 7600 Specs Seemingly Leaked

Renowned leaker momomo_us took to Twitter to share a screenshot of what may very well be the production specs for AMD’s upcoming RX 7600, the company’s foray into the midrange GPU pricing segment. As seen by TechPowerUp!, the typeface and general design of the screenshot looks in-line with what we’d expect from marketing materials straight out of AMD; nevertheless, take the news with a healthy dose of salt for now.

Alleged tech specs for the AMD RX 7600

(Image credit: momomo_us via Twitter)

According to the leak, the RX 7600 will pack in 32 RDNA3 Compute Units, working out to 2,048 Stream Processors – that’s the same as last generation’s RX 6600 XT, but more than the card it supposedly replaces, the RX 6600, which shipped with only 1,792 SPs. It seems that AMD’s bet on this segment’s performance increase is based on the architectural improvements of RDNA3. Paired with increased computing resources; AMD could have opted to increase the chip’s Infinity Cache compared to its previous-gen RX 6600 series, but it seems the company chose to stick with the 32 MB cache pool. There’s no guarantee, but keeping the 32 MB Infinity Cache may mean that AMD will keep the 128-bit bus as well.

Gigabyte recently listed a number of RX 7600 cards with the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC), a step usually taken within a few weeks of release. The card has already been listed in Singapore (with a stocking date for May 26th) for around $410, but we expect that to be a placeholder price with the usual mark-up for an as-yet unreleased product. It’s expected that the RX 7600 will offer around 25% better performance than AMD’s RX 6600. Today’s market isn’t the same as those before it, and with the slump in consumer spending, it’d be wise for AMD to bring its cards towards a more attractive price-point.

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