Americans Struggle The Most In Cities Controlled By Radical Democrats

A new Census Bureau survey highlights the 15 largest US metro areas where residents face the most financial difficulties, almost all of which are under Democratic leadership. This comes as no surprise as issues of elevated inflation, high taxes, soaring violent crime, and a migrant crisis are spiraling out of control across many blue cities.

The survey asked 70,000 respondents between March 5 and April 1 in major metro areas these three questions:

  1. Difficulty paying for usual household expenses,

  2. food scarcity, 

  3. and unable to pay energy bill. 

The survey’s findings are stark: Riverside, California; Houston, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois, are the top three metro areas with the most financial hardships. All three cities are under Democratic leadership. With the exception of Dallas (#4 on the list) and Miami (#6), the rest of the metro areas are under liberal control. 

In addition to the Census Bureau, the latest Beige book from the Federal Reserve found that consumer spending “barely increased” amid weakness in discretionary spending. The consumer is a lot weaker than the White House makes everyone believe with needless propaganda pushed on social media and at press conferences. 

Consumers are bearing the brunt of failed Bidenomics: reckless federal spending, disastrous green initiatives, and horrible foreign policy have created a toxic environment for consumers. And now inflation is on the rise.

The takeaway here is to leave blue cities.

The implosion is only going to get worse.  


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