Another WaPo Report Goes Bust: Accused Ukrainian General Allegedly Behind Nord Stream Attack Was AWOL from Military at the Time of Explosion

Ukrainian Colonel Roman Chervinsky – Photo: Radio Svoboda

As reported on Saturday, a recent report from the far-left Washington Post alleges that Ukraine, not Russia, could be behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

The news outlet revealed that senior Ukrainian military officer Colonel Roman Chervinsky played a central role in the bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline in 2022. The bombing shut down Russian oil transfers to Europe and caused gas prices to skyrocket in Western Europe.

The officer in question, Roman Chervinsky, a decorated colonel in Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces, was accused of coordinating the sabotage operation.

WaPo reporter that Chervinsky, 48, managed logistics and support for a six-person team that carried out the attack, planting explosive charges on the Nord Stream pipelines via a sailboat operating under false identities.

According to the sources cited in the report, Chervinsky did not act alone but took orders from more senior Ukrainian officials, ultimately reporting to Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s highest-ranking military officer.

This covert operation resulted in three explosions that caused significant damage to the pipelines, leaving only one of the four gas links intact as winter approached.

Chervinsky said he was not responsible for the attack and calls his arrest and prosecution political retribution for his criticism of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Now, just hours later after its publication, the Washington Post’s latest bogus report is falling apart.

Reporter Jordan Sather utterly destroyed the WaPo report with information missed by the paper’s crack investigative team that blows holes in their latest narrative.

in April 2023, Interfax Ukraine reported that Colonel Chervinsky was under investigation by State Security Service of Ukraine for abuse of power. Interfax reported he had been a deserter from the military for 8 months. According to the report, “According to the SBU head, Chervinsky is actually a deserter, since he has not appeared in the service for almost eight months.”

Chervinsky was a deserter for 8 months in April. The Nord Stream explosion took place in September 2022 – seven months before the report was published.

Chervinsky was then arrested by Ukrainian authorities in April 2023

Jordan Sather asks, “WaPo claimed Chervinsky was acting under orders from higher-ups to bomb the Nordstream pipeline. Why would they task that to an official who was under investigation and deserting from the military? Sounds like WaPo is making Chervinsky the fall guy for the Nordstream explosion, probably trying to cover up the CIA fingerprints all over it.”

To this day the most plausible report on the explosion pins it on the CIA and US assets.
Everyone knows this.

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