APOCALYPTIC! Joe Biden’s Intentional Destruction of America: Cartels Cut Holes Through Border Wall, Hundreds of Illegals from Africa and Syria Rush In (VIDEO)

Border apocalypse – journalist Jeffrey Rainforth

We are now witnessing Joe Biden’s intentional destruction of America on a daily basis .

No country in history can survive with open borders and the annual invasion of millions of unknown and undocumented aliens invading their country.

Jeff Rainforth is covering the apocalyptic destruction of our country in real time. Jeff has been reporting from the border for weeks now.

In a recent report on the absolute chaos at the border Jeff filmed hundreds of illegals from Africa and Syria storming the border through a hole by the cartels.

Jeff reported on the cartels cutting holes in the border wall – and border patrol attempting to patch the holes as they are detected.
This is complete chaos!

Jeff reported in a recent video: Cartel members cut the huge border wall fence in Lukeville, Arizona. Border Patrol spotted it fast and began repairs. Hundreds of illegal aliens from around the world were able to rush in, though. A few days prior there was a shootout between cartel members who were cutting the wall and Mexican police. 3 cartel members were killed in the same area according to reports here.

I’m out camping in the field, reporting on the crisis and studying ways that citizens can help stem the tide. This could be laying concertina wire, to electronic sensors along walls, aerial/audio messaging, and cross-border psyops.

1,000 Africans and Hindus stormed the border after the wall was cut by the cartels in three places near Lukeville, Arizona.

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He adds, “I have pro cameras, just not all the camp/off-road stuff I need to stay in the desert all the time.”

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