Apple’s New M3 Macs Discounted Just Days After Launch

Apple launched its first M3 Macs on Monday. A week has yet to pass, but we see that many of these machines are already on sale at Adorama. Are these truly Black Friday bargains for Adorama VIPs*, as they are billed, or is this a sign of a tepid reaction to Apple’s high MSRPs?

On Monday, Apple held its Scary Fast event, during which it took the wraps of its latest M3 processors and a handful of laptops and desktops featuring these slices of 3nm silicon. Despite this being a Halloween event for Apple, the most frightening thing was the pricing, particularly for those who don’t want to settle for base specs (8 GB RAM in 2023, anyone?).

The following offers are live today for people who have signed up for Adorama’s free VIP loyalty membership:

*Adorama’s special prices, delivering up to $200 off the new M3 Macs, are only unlocked and viewable by VIP-tier customers. Becoming a VIP doesn’t cost anything, though; it is just a simple registration for discount prices like these, plus a way to earn and spend points – a very ordinary loyalty scheme. Sign in to get the VIP prices listed above.

It will be interesting to see if any other large US retailers follow in Adorama’s footsteps by discounting their factory-fresh new M3 Macs. Earlier today, we reported that Mac sales had been hit hard. Sales of Apple’s Mac computers were down a hefty 34% YoY, according to the FY23 earnings call.

One good way to shift more numbers is through keener pricing. However, Apple also has to step back from trotting out entry-level models with low RAM and storage configurations and prohibitive higher-spec prices. Even the most myopic Apple-focused fans will grow aware that similarly priced Windows laptops and desktops now come with at least double the RAM and SSD storage as the shiny new M3 Macs.

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