Argentina’s Trump: Meet Javier Milei, Argentina’s Popular Right-Wing Presidential Candidate – DRAWING CROWDS AND BOLSONARO’S BACKING

Javier Milei
The right-wing candidate in Argentina, Javier Milei. Photo: Reproduction/Milei President

Economist Javier Milei, 52, has risen to prominence in Argentina in recent years for his right-wing discourse, which stands in stark contrast to the far-left policies of the leftists in power in recent decades – known as the “Peronists”.

Milei has worked in the banking sector for decades. He has served as chief economist in private companies and as senior economist at HSBC Bank. His experience in both the private and public sectors has given him a broad perspective on the Argentine economy and global issues.

Javier Milei began to attract attention in 2012, when he began writing as a columnist for major Argentine newspapers such as “La Nación” and “El Cronista,” as well as contributing articles to “Infobae.”

Starting in 2014, Milei began giving interviews on television and radio programs, and during the administration of Mauricio Macri, he was invited to provide economic analysis to various media outlets.

Through his social media interventions and media exposure, Milei has become one of the most recognized figures in the Argentine economic sphere. He was elected as a federal deputy in 2021.

Currently, Argentina’s economy is experiencing a significant failure. Inflation is already over 115.6% per year, and child poverty affects nearly 60% of the population, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses.

Considering Argentina’s economic failure and the poor results of leftist policies, Milei decided to run for president of Argentina under the “Advance Freedom” party.

His main economic proposal is to replace the Argentine currency, the peso, with the dollar.

Milei is also known for his straightforward language in confrontations with journalists. Left-wing politicians have introduced him to the public, nicknaming him “the Trump of Argentina” or “the Argentine Bolsonaro,” in reference to the conservative former Brazilian president.

Recently, Bolsonaro expressed his support for Javier Milei in a video. The conservative former Brazilian president said he had “a lot in common” with the right-wing Argentine presidential candidate.

Jair Bolsonaro told Milei:

“We stand for the family, private property, the free market and freedom of expression. We want the best for our countries. I wish you success in Argentina.”

On Monday, 7, Milei gathered more than 15,000 people in an arena to conclude the first phase of his presidential campaign.

Before the general elections in Argentina, there are the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Elections, known as the “Paso”. They will be held this Sunday, 13.

Voting in these elections is also mandatory. If the voter doesn’t participate in the primaries, they will be listed as an offender and will have to pay a fine, unless they provide a medical or distance-related justification.

The Paso will determine all the presidential candidates. The actual presidential elections are scheduled for October 22. A potential runoff is planned for November 19.

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