Arizona Democrat Gov, SOS, & AG Mysteriously Fled State Before Biden Delivered Remarks on “Democracy” in Arizona – GOP Treasurer was Temporarily Appointed Governor

Illegitimate Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs last week vacated her office temporarily, leaving Republican Treasurer Kimberly Yee to assume the duties of Governor.

This is normal “in the event of the impeachment of the governor, his absence from the state, or other temporary disability to discharge the duties of the office.” In any of these cases, the Secretary of State assumes power, as Katie Hobbs previously did in 2021, while former Governor RINO Doug Ducey was on vacation out of the Country. Next in line of succession is the Attorney General.

But the Attorney General and Secretary of State, both Democrats who won a rigged election, apparently weren’t in the state either!

Article V Section VI of the Arizona Constitution states,

In the event of the death of the governor, or his resignation, removal from office, or permanent disability to discharge the duties of the office, the secretary of state, if holding by election, shall succeed to the office of governor until his successor shall be elected and shall qualify. If the secretary of state be holding otherwise than by election, or shall fail to qualify as governor, the attorney general, the state treasurer, or the superintendent of public instruction, if holding by election, shall, in the order named, succeed to the office of governor. The taking of the oath of office as governor by any person specified in this section shall constitute resignation from the office by virtue of the holding of which he qualifies as governor. Any successor to the office shall become governor in fact and entitled to all of the emoluments, powers and duties of governor upon taking the oath of office.

In the event of the impeachment of the governor, his absence from the state, or other temporary disability to discharge the duties of the office, the powers and duties of the office of governor shall devolve upon the same person as in case of vacancy, but only until the disability ceases.

Why was the Treasurer, fourth in line after the Secretary of State and Attorney General, chosen to succeed the governor’s office?

Fox reports,

In a statement to Fox News Digital on Wednesday, Hobbs’ Communication Director Christian Slater explained that Arizona’s constitution requires the Governor to be in Arizona and the next person in line becomes acting governor.

Since Arizona does not have a lieutenant governor and Arizona’s Attorney General and Secretary of State were also out of state, the responsibility fell to Yee.

Fox News Digital is told that under Arizona law, when the governor is out of state, responsibility falls first to the secretary of state, then the attorney general, then the treasurer.

Attorney General Kris Mayes was reportedly out of state until Friday morning. It is unclear where the Democrats all were. 

The Gateway Pundit contacted the offices of Katie Hobbs, Kris Mayes, and Adrian Fontes for comment, and we will update this post when we receive a response.

“I have been notified that I will be serving as Acting Governor later this evening until mid-morning tomorrow,” said Treasurer Yee in a statement on September 27, announcing this change but providing no further details as to why.

Arizona State Senator Justine Wadsack asked the most important questions here: “Where is Hobbs, Fontes & Mayes? Why did they ALL three relinquish their power simultaneously?” 

“Too bad Acting Governor Kimberly Yee didn’t call the Legislature into a Special Session last night! I like to think about the amazing things we could have accomplished,” Wadsack added in a reminder that Katie Hobbs vetoed a record number of bills in her first legislative session and refuses to lawfully appoint directors of state agencies.

Also, why did this happen while Biden was in Arizona?

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Biden delivered remarks in Arizona last Thursday, September 28, far, far away from DC on Thursday as Republicans held their first impeachment hearing and exposed his global influence-peddling scheme. Biden’s speech in Arizona, ironically centered around the ‘state of democracy,’ follows the last two stolen elections where Biden and the missing Democrat State Officials were installed.

Biden also managed to stay far from his invasion at the southern border while in Arizona, too!

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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