Atheist Rob Reiner Goes on MSNBC and Explains How He Understands Christianity Better Than Christians (VIDEO)

Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Rob Reiner appeared on MSNBC this week to promote his new film about ‘Christian Nationalism’ and used the segment to explain that he understands real Christianity better than Christians.

His documentary is obviously just his latest attempt to demonize conservatives and Trump supporters, yet he tries to suggest that the project is somehow not bashing Christians.

Isn’t it hilarious when people on the far left claim to speak for conservatives and Christians?

Transcript by NewsBusters:

STEPHANIE RUHLE: What made you decide to go all in on a project focused on Christian Nationalism?

ROB REINER: Because it doesn’t really reflect Christianity from what I understand. I mean, I went through a very tough time in my life, many years ago and I read about Christianity. You know, I was raised as a secular Jew. There was no religion in my household. But I started reading about Christianity, about Buddhism, about Islamic religion and I came away with understanding the real teachings of Jesus were about loving thy neighbor, doing unto others as you would have them done to you and those are the things that I latched onto.

They meant something to me and when I saw this movement — it started, you know, in the 50s, but it really took hold in the 80s after Roe v. Wade became the law of the land and Norman Lear had People for the American Way and I started to see that there was a movement afoot that had nothing to do with what I understood to be the teachings of Jesus and it was a pure political movement for just, for power.

And I got a book — a book was sent to me called The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart and I said, “wow, this could be a real great documentary to show that there is a difference between the precepts of Christianity and Christian Nationalism, which is a pure political movement.”

Watch the segment below:

It’s very funny how Reiner tries to pretend that this isn’t all about politics and the election, when that is so clearly the case.

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