Australia-Based iAiming Announces North American Expansion

Australian-based iAiming was founded in 2020, and currently offers three models of thermal optics products marketed primarily to hunters. These are named the iA-317, the iA-617 and the iA-612. Each model is Picatinny rail-mounted and features White Hot, Black Hot, Ironbow, Glowbow, Sepia, Red Hot, and Green Hot palette options. Their website describes these products as “game-changers” which use artificial intelligence and “First Shot Auto-Zeroing” technology. Now the company is expanding from down under to the North American market, with the following announcement of their new offices in Texas.

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iAiming offers three models of thermal riflescopes, market primarily for hunting applications.

iAiming offers three models of thermal riflescopes, marketed primarily for hunting applications.

DECEMBER 20, 2022

iAiming Entering into North American Market

(Arlington, TX) iAiming a worldwide leader in smart thermal rifle scopes and provider of “First Shot – Auto Zero” technology, today announced that following its overwhelming growth in overseas markets, is expanding into North America, with office headquarters based in Arlington, TX.

The expansion will allow iAiming to better serve the needs of existing global clients with a presence in North America, as well as secure new clients and partnerships in the U.S. and Canada, in an aggressive effort to become the worldwide leader in smart thermal rifle scopes. Tom Weeks has been appointed Vice President of North American Operations for Uniwin Smart Corporation overseeing all aspects of the iAiming brand, and its impressive product line, driving business growth and working with customers, partners and the iAiming team to saturate the market and ultimately gain significant market share.

Initially iAiming is introducing its three core products: iA-317, iA-617 and the iA-612. All the iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scopes were designed and developed by Australian based Uniwin Smart PTY LTD and features a globally patented “First Shot – Auto Zero™” feature throughout its entire product line. This feature is designed to provide an effective, automated sight-in process. iAiming’s artificial intelligence utilizes a single scroll-knob to access the on-board menu system. “First Shot Auto Zero™”technology saves time and ammunition. This innovative technology has greatly improved the products usability and is a revolutionary step in rifle scope development. The iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope represents a giant leap forward when compared to existing products available on the global market. The company is demonstrating how thermal rifle scopes can be designed to be a more effective optic tool.

“We will use the new presence in the US to better serve our existing global customers, whilst simultaneously securing new clients and partnerships and strengthening our foothold in the market for smart thermal scope technology,” said Tom Weeks VP of Operations, North America. “Our rapid growth in Australia, known for rigorous firearm regulations, has quickly enabled us to realize that the potential in North America with its 2A friendly market, is very promising.”

All iAiming smart thermal scopes can be considered some of the most technologically advanced optics on the market today and at a very competitive price point. Look for the iAiming product line in finer sporting goods and firearm stores nationwide in the very near future. For more information about iAiming products, please visit: or contact iAiming North America at 817.455.8189 or [email protected].

About iAiming

iAiming Smart Thermal Scopes are developed by Uniwin Smart PTY LTD and provides a globally patented “First Shot- Auto Zero™” feature throughout the entire product line. iAiming’s artificial Intelligence design, utilizing a single scroll-knob for ultimate control, “First Shot Auto Zero™”technology saves time, ammo and money. This innovative technology has greatly improved product usability. It is a revolutionary innovation in firearm scope history, and a significant step forward from the competition.

A look at what you might see through one of these scopes’ OLED display.

A look at what you might see through one of these scopes’ OLED display.It will be interesting to see what this US-newcomer outfit can bring to the table in the thermal sector. Thermal optics can be extremely useful for certain types of hunting, though of course, they tend to come with a relatively hefty price tag compared to many non-thermal scopes. Relevant to this, the company’s website doesn’t appear to make any mention of pricing, instead incorporating a “Get Price” button linked to a fillable contact form. Time (and possibly a future Friday Night Lights article?) will tell what kind of value-for-money proposition these optics offer. See you at the range!

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