Avdeevka Falls, Ukraine Retreats Under The Eye Of Sauron

Avdeevka Falls

Could not resist the Lord of the Rings reference because the Russian war correspondent, Marat Khairullin, makes a passing reference in his report below. The big news, breaking tonight, is that General “Butcher” Syrsky ordered Ukrainian forces to withdraw from Avdeevka — at least those not surrounded or too badly wounded to retreat. Those Ukrainian soldiers trying to flee are running a gauntlet of rockets, missiles, mortars and artillery. The casualties are catastrophic.

Here is a heart wrenching video of a Ukrainian wife talking to her husband who is trapped in Avdeevka. He is wounded and cannot retreat. The good news? The Russians will give him good medical care:

I turn to Marat Khairullin, the Russian war correspondent recommended by Andrei Martyanov. Here is his latest report:

Friends, the enemy has surrendered Avdeevka! Congratulations to all friends! I’m going to zero. Big report tonight!

Dear friends, while public attention is focused on the events that are developing in the South Donetsk direction, we should not forget other sectors of the front. Because what we see now is a large-scale and very beautiful strategic operation.

In my opinion (I am not a historian, so I could be wrong), the world has not seen such a global strategic operation since World War II. I think American Desert Storm is taking a break.
We have encountered not just a serious, motivated enemy, we, let me remind you, are confronting the united force of the collective West.

However, let’s return to real events. The essence of what is happening is that our generals are playing in different sectors of the front, like a virtuoso pianist at his favorite piano. Consistently increasing the pressure, then releasing it in different sectors of the front. Arranging a crescendo in some places, and in others, on the contrary, masterfully reducing the pressure, provoking stupid Ukrainians to counterattack.

It’s like an experienced boxer opening himself up slightly, provoking his opponent into a rash attack in order to ultimately deliver a knockout blow.

And in this regard, it is probably worth paying attention to the Zaporozhye Front. I already wrote in January that one of the most important tasks of the second part of our big campaign to completely defeat the enemy was the destruction of the forces of the most combat-ready group in the South Donetsk direction. In particular, Tauride.

It was no coincidence that our generals chose the most media direction for a powerful attack, but, at the same time, not the most important in strategic terms. Here our strategists pulled ukrov on Fuhrer Zelensky’s pet peeve – real boys never retreat. They will chew off the last pencil, but they will still leave the PR behind them.

However, the fact that the Ukrainians once again fell for the masterful deception of our General Staff means that, most likely, a knockout blow will be dealt in several places at once. Where? One can only speculate here.

In our age of the all-seeing eye, it is almost impossible to hide large masses of troops. And the experience of two years of combat operations shows that our command has learned to “hide” its forces in plain sight. That is, designating some potential areas for an offensive and even driving strike units back and forth, overexerting the brains of Ukrainians and NATO members.

And it is all the more interesting to follow the development of events. Now such a game is going on in several directions at once, some of which I have already written about. Another one is Zaporozhye – the Vremevsky ledge, where our troops are increasingly beginning to increase pressure on the enemy in the Priyutnoye and Staromayorsky areas. And also at Rabotino, having advanced in the area of Novoprokopovka and Verbovoy. In short, we will be watching closely. Great battles await us.

Marat astutely observes that Western ISR makes it virtually impossible to hide the gathering of a large mass of troops because of the “all-seeing eye.” That means satellites, drones and fixed wing aircraft with real time video. Russia has opted to inflict Ukraine with “death from a thousand cuts.” Small scale, shifting attacks employing combined arms that can be launched from hundreds of sites.

The Russians clearly have the initiative and will continue to press the attack at times and places of their choosing along the 1000 mile front. Ukraine simply does not have the manpower — trained personnel — to put up a stout defense.

I will close with my video rant about the death of Russian dissident Alexei Nalvany. He died in prison. Western intelligence is pushing eagerly the false narrative that Putin had him whacked. That is absurd. If killing him was a priority he would have been dead long ago. He was a nobody in Siberia. Why would Putin order his death when Nalvany was no longer a feature of news coverage. Ridiculous.

What is sickening is the disparity in the reaction of the Biden Administration to the death of this Russian in comparison to their lack of outrage to the death of American citizen Gonzalo Lira at the hands of Ukrainian authorities. Lira clearly died of abuse he endured while in custody and the Biden team did not do a damn thing to assist him. Just another reminder that Biden cares more about protecting Ukraine’s border than ensuring America’s security at home.

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