Ayaneo’s First Mini PCs Feature Classic Retro Styling

Ayaneo emailed us to highlight the launch of a concept called Ayaneo Remake. The firm has already cued up several devices to join this pleasantly retro-styled family, including several handhelds, a power bank, and two Mini PCs. We have had glimpses of some of these handhelds, but it is surprising, yet natural, for Ayaneo to enter the Mini PC market.

(Image credit: Ayaneo)

The two new Ayaneo Mini PCs are quite undeniably cute, but after picking through the details in the email, press release, and currently live materials, we are light on specs. In other words, Ayaneo is keeping quiet about specs for now.

Ayaneo Retro Mini PC AM01

Ayaneo’s first Mini PC is going to be called the Ayaneo Retro Mini PC AM01. Yes, it looks like a tiny classic Macintosh. One issue we have with the design is that from the official product page, it looks like Ayaneo intends the AM01 to run not stood up like a Mac Classic, but on its back. Rubber feet and a USB-C and headphone jack placement on the design reinforce this expectation.

(Image credit: Ayaneo)

Nostalgia and memories fade, but the tiny Nintendo-like cartridges and logo chips are currently confusing features – unless they are simply someone dressing the scene for the lifestyle photos.

As mentioned, we don’t yet have Ayaneo Retro Mini PC AM01 hardware specs. We can see several ports visible, though, like Ethernet, HDMI, DP, 4x USB-A, 1x USB-C, 3.5 mm audio, and what is probably a barrel-type power jack.

There is no hint about what is inside, but considering Ayaneo’s handhelds, we might expect an AMD Phoenix APU or perhaps a newer chip by the time these hit the market. Whatever the choice, the Mini PC is claimed to be good for office use, light design and AV editing, up to AAA games, and “Steam OS Gaming.”

It seems a little risky to make a device that is such an obvious Apple tribute and mention “Macintosh” in the PR materials and video. Looking closer at the images, you can also see a ‘Happy Mac’ icon on the black plastic ‘screen’ area.

According to Ayaneo, the Retro Mini PC AM01 is set to be officially released in mid to late November. There is an IndieGogo crowdfunder ready to go with it, so by ‘release,’ it seems like Ayaneo means crowdfunding launch.

Ayaneo Retro Mini PC AM02

Moving on to the Ayaneo Retro Mini PC AM02, we know even less about this product. Ayaneo is more guarded about its influences this time, saying the AM02 is “a classic console that many gamers consider a treasure.” Apparently, its cartridge slot doubles up as a cover for USB and 3.5mm audio ports, too.

(Image credit: Ayaneo)

Surely, the most striking thing about the AM02 Mini PC is the screen on it. Current images show the built-in screen as a clock display, but it is more flexible, with the promise of software that “unlocks even more functionalities.” Again the location of the rubber feet suggests this box lies flat on its back, and thus the display will point upwards.

Other Retro Remake Products

Ayaneo has seemingly shoehorned products like the Ayaneo Slide and Ayaneo Air into the Remake family simply by offering them in retro colorways. So, nothing much new there.

More worthy of its Retro Remake billing are the Ayaneo Flip KB & Ayaneo Flip DS. They are mini-laptop and Nintendo DS tributes, respectively, but offer similar specs under the hood.

Meanwhile, Ayaneo is carefully teasing its Pocket DMG, a new handheld in vertical format – obviously a Game Boy tribute of some sort. No clear/full image of this handheld is provided.

Last and maybe least, would you be interested in a Retro Power Bank? If so, Ayaneo is preparing a Super Famicom-style design rechargeable battery pack with an LCD charging indicator display. Other accessories like this will probably be created, Ayaneo warns.

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