BBC Forced to Apologize Over Claim IDF ‘Targeted Medical Teams and Arab Speakers’ in Raid on Hamas Base Hidden Under Hospital

On Wednesday, BBC claimed Israeli soldiers were “targeting medical teams and Arabic speakers” during a raid on Al-Shifa hospital compound in Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that on Tuesday, Israeli soldiers were entering the Al-Shifa hospital compound and that the hospital, which has tunnels beneath it, has served as a headquarters for Hamas.

Video of BBC’s report was shared on social media, “Good god, this is blood libel from the BBC. The IDF said it entered the hospital *with* its own medical teams and Arabic speakers, so it can help people. BBC reports the IDF is *targeting* medical teams and Arabic speakers. That’s not a coincidence.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that when IDF has entered the Hamas Headquarters in Al Shifa hospital, it eliminated at least 5 terrorists and weapons were found in the hospital.

IDF troops delivered medical supplies to the hospital, including baby food and incubators for newborns. IDF soldiers who speak Arabic and IDF medical teams are working to ensure that the supplies reach those who need them.

According to the Israeli security authorities, there is no indication there are any hostages in the hospital. The IDF says there is no friction with patients or  medical staff in the hospital, and that the attack did not damage the hospital’s electrical grid or communications equipment.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews responded to BBC’s report and subsequent apology by the network.

BBC seems to have issues accurately characterizing Hamas terrorists.

The Gateway Pundit reported that former BBC Chief Political Correspondent John Sergeant appeared on GB News, to defend the BBC’s disgusting decision to not label Hamas a terrorist organization.

Top barristers have written to The Office of Communications (Ofcom) accusing the BBC of flouting impartiality by refusing to accurately label Hamas. Ofcom is a government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries in the U.K.

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