Bears lineman blocked teammate in perfect encapsulation of Chicago’s hopelessness

The Chicago Bears are a mess, to say the least. With one win as we get closer to the midpoint of the season. Everything is bad for Chicago, but they’re perhaps even worse along the offensive line. Due to both poor play and injuries the offensive line has been really bad, and on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings they had one of their worst games of the year. Center Cody Whitehair was especially poor, firing multiple bad snaps before ultimately being benched in favor of Lucas Patrick.

Whitehair’s most viral lowlight from the game might be the most infamous of them all, and a perfect encapsulation of what the state of the Bears’ offensive line is at this moment.

Attaboy big fella, find work! Wait, not that kind of work.

Whitehair saw nobody in his immediate vicinity, and decided to just go on autopilot mode for the first few seconds of the play. Then, as he saw the lack of work happening in his area, he went full Benedict Arnold and switched sides, blocking the right guard for no reason. Vikings DT Harrison Phillips getting through is fair play, because the Bears are sliding protection to the right and the left guard has that to himself. However, soon after the play just devolves into shenanigans (a Chicago Bears special) and Whitehair ends up blocking his own teammate.

This is the perfect story of the Bears season so far, a single clip of a play that looks like it came straight from a Benny Hill scene. The benching might not be a long term thing, but the overall comedy from this one play will last forever, or until the next time it happens, because it’s the Bears.

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