BIDEN EFFECT: Xi Jinping Tells Vladimir Putin at Moscow Meetings: “Change Is Coming That Hasn’t Happened in 100 Years”


The Biden Administration has obliterated:

** Our borders
** Our banking system
** The US oil reserves
** Our energy sector
** Our Justice System
** Elections
** US Foreign Policy
** Consumer prices through inflation
** American tradition – Leave no man behind!
** Women’s Sports
** US standing in the world
** US swagger on the global stage
** US leadership

This was all the plan. This was purposeful. It’s as if George Soros and his minions are running the government and purposely running it into the ground.

This week China and Russian leaders are meeting in Moscow despite protests from the Biden regime.

Xi Jinping has refused to take a call from Joe Biden. Why would he?

On Tuesday at the end of the meetings in Moscow, Xi Jinping told Vladimir Putin:

Xi Jinping: Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together.

Vladimir Putin: I agree.

Xi Jinping: Please, take care, dear friend.

Vladimir Putin: Have a safe journey!

Russian guards.

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