Biden Hangs LGBTQI+ Flag on Par with American Flag at White House “Pride” Month Celebration

The “Pride” month cult indoctrination took over the White House Saturday with the LGBTQI+ flag being flown by the Biden White House on par with the American flag to mark Joe and Jill Biden’s “Pride” month picnic celebration on the South Lawn. The event was postponed from Thursday due to smog from the Canadian wildfires. It has been billed as the largest “Pride” celebration held at the White House.

Screen image via pool video.

Biden Commerce Department official getting his “pride” on.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten made the scene:

The crowd chanted “four more years!”

Biden laid it on thick for his supporters, “I see more courage on this lawn than any time I’ve seen in the recent past.”

Biden stoking hate and division to motivate his base for 2024:

Joe and Jill listening to a performance by Betty Who, a self described queer, bi-sexual woman from Australia who moved to the U.S. in 2007.

Guests on the South Lawn:

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