Biden Heavily Slurs as He Goes on Tirade Against Trump’s Tax Cuts: “It’s Gonna Expire, and If I’m Reelected, It’s Gonna Stay Expired!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday was an incoherent rambling mess as he addressed members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) construction and maintenance conference in Washington DC.

Biden slurred and yelled throughout his short speech.


Biden also went on a tirade against Trump’s successful tax cuts.

Trump signed tax cuts into law in 2017 and everyone benefited.

US companies repatriated $1 trillion back to the United States under Trump’s tax cuts according to the Department of Commerce.

Several US utilities gave discounts to customers thanks to Trump’s tax cuts.

Over 130 companies gave bonuses to their employees thanks to Trump’s tax cuts.

Times were good under Trump. Inflation was under 2 percent. Gas prices were low.

Americans are now suffering under Joe Biden because of his anti-American tax-and-spend policies.

Biden heavily slurred as he trashed Trump’s tax cuts and said, “If I’m reelected it’s going to stay expired!”


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