Biden Regime Considers Vaccinating Chickens in Response to Bird Flu Outbreak – Could Destroy Poultry Industry and Harm Humans

The Biden regime is looking into a mass vaccination campaign with the support of Big Pharma execs in response to an avian influenza pandemic that has killed millions of chickens in America.

There is no evidence that bird flu, known as H5N1, presents a serious threat to the human population. Still, there are concerns that the virus could mutate to spread from person-to-person.

Joe Biden’s primary concern, however, is not community spread arising from H5N1. It’s his own political considerations.

According to The New York Times, Biden sees the rising cost of eggs, along with inflation in general, as a severe threat to his re-election prospects. Biden thinks a mass vaccination campaign could provide relief to households while helping his political fortunes.

For President Biden, there are also political considerations at work. Egg prices, which soared in 2022, were 70 percent higher in January than they were a year earlier. Those high prices have given Republicans another opportunity to attack Mr. Biden over inflation just as he is preparing to run for re-election in 2024.

If a vaccination campaign could provide economic relief for households, Mr. Biden would certainly be interested in such an undertaking, one official said.

But a universal vaccination campaign could spawn trade restrictions so severe that it could devastate the poultry industry. Countries want assurances they are not importing infected birds from America.

Mass-vaccinating birds also has the potential to reduce the severity of avian influenza but not halt transmission. Furthermore, vaccinating every bird could potentially create immune-evasive variants of H5N1.

An avian influenza vaccination program would be a complex undertaking, and poultry trade associations are divided over the idea, in part because it might spawn trade restrictions that could destroy the $6 billion poultry export industry. Dr. Carol Cardona, an expert on avian health at the University of Minnesota, said that the fear of trade bans was a huge barrier to the mass vaccination of poultry.

“This is the undeclared war — trade,” Dr. Cardona said.

The United States is one of the world’s biggest exporters of poultry products, and its trading partners want assurances that they are not importing meat from infected birds. Vaccination could make it more difficult to prove that birds had not been infected.

Some critics have previously raised concerns that vaccination could reduce the severity of disease in birds without stopping transmission, which might allow the virus to spread through flocks undetected while also spurring the emergence of new, immune-evasive variants.

The last part should ring familiar to Gateway Pundit readers. There is evidence that vaccines are causing the COVID-19 virus to mutate.

Furthermore, vaccinating every chicken against H5N1 would take years, limiting any potential benefit from mass vaccination.

The United States produces more than nine billion chickens per year for meat alone. It might take a large egg-laying facility, which could contain five million birds, two years to vaccinate enough birds to achieve high levels of population immunity, Dr. Cardona said.

Nevertheless, major pharmaceutical companies have already begun to push the Regime towards adopting a universal vaccine program for chickens. One stands out in particular: Zoetis.

Zoetis is the largest animal health company in the world. It split off from Pfizer in 2013 .

The CEO of Zoetis is Kristen Peck, a former Pfizer employee. She is a major supporter of mass vaccination of chickens in America.

Zoetis has already started working on a number of potential vaccine candidates.

One vaccine under development has the potential to seriously harm humans. Zoetis contains this warning.

“In case of accidental human injection, seek immediate medical attention.”

Biden is considering a policy which will destroy a $6 billion business, could make bird flu worse and easier to transmit, and create danger to the human population. All because he is worried about his political fortunes and afraid of Big Pharma.

No wonder he won’t take a cognitive assessment test.

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