Biden Repeats Dubious Oil Slicks Story, Claims He Ended Up with “Bronchial Asthma and Other Diseases” in Earth Day Speech (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks to commemorate Earth Day at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia.

Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn died in prison four years ago.

Einhorn was convicted of murder after killing his girlfriend and composting her.

Biden marked Earth Day by announcing a $7 billion ‘solar for all’ program. The billions in federal grants would serve approximately 900,000 low-income communities.

The solar for all grants will be awarded by the EPA.

Biden’s Earth Day speech was full of gaffes and lies.

“I’ve seen the devastating toll of climate firsthand,” Biden said while falsely attributing wildfires to climate change.

Joe Biden made an absurd claim about solar panels: “And folks, solar for all will give us more breathing room and cleaner breathing room,” Biden said.

He also repeated the dubious oil slicks story where he claimed he ended up with asthma and other diseases.


Biden previously told this oil slicks story and blurted out he has cancer.


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