Biden Seems to Forget the Title to His ‘Favorite Movie’ Released Less Than a Year Ago

President Joe Biden forgot the name of the recently-released “Top Gun” sequel on Thursday at the White House as he simultaneously claimed it was his “favorite” film.

The brain glitch followed an earlier memory lapse wherein the country’s 46th president, who is running for re-election, could not recall his trip to Ireland earlier this month.

Biden spent part of the day taking questions from kids, since apparently fielding questions from adults regularly is too tall of an order.

The 80-year-old generally avoids the media in any type of formal setting.

In fact, most comments he makes to reporters are responses to questions that are shouted at him during his comings and goings to and from the White House.

When reporters do get a chance to ask him questions directly, there is very real evidence that he not only knows who to call on, but he also has their questions in advance.

Case in point:

Thursday was much different in the sense that young people got a chance to ask him questions directly and he did his best to humor those questions with what appeared to be honest responses.

Only the president was unable to navigate his responses to simple questions such as what his favorite movie is or which country he has most recently visited.

One child asked Biden about his favorite film and his response was jarring, to say the least.

“What’s your favorite movie,” a child in all of his innocence asked the person who is in charge of this country’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

Biden reasoned with the following: “My favorite movie was the new movie that was about that guy who flies jet planes. You know who I’m talking about?”

Another kid threw the struggling president a lifeline when he said, “’Top Gun?’”

“’Top Gun,’” Biden declared.

“Did you see ‘Top Gun: Maverick?’” Biden asked. “That’s been my favorite movie.”

The successful film was released less than one calendar year ago, so it is a bit startling Biden could not recall its title.

In fact, the entire day was startling, given Biden threatened the country with an additional four years of his brand of leadership when he announced Tuesday he would seek a second term.

A man who cannot manage an economy and is currently overseeing the country’s decline on the global stage wants to cling to power for four more years after he already spent five decades as part of the country’s ruling class.

In addition to his inability to govern, there are questions about his character and whether his family has used his office as a cash register.

That isn’t including his struggles with short-term memory appear to be getting worse.

None of this is normal, no matter how much the country’s corrupt corporate media ignores it or rationalizes it — as The New York Times appeared to do on Wednesday when it declared the country can “function without a healthy president.”

Americans are in dire straits financially and morally and we might only be one-quarter into the failed experiment that is Joe Biden in a position of leadership.

On the bright side of things, it was refreshing to see Biden asked softball questions that were not in any way related to ice cream — so there’s that.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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