Biden Tries to Dunk on Trump in Tampa and it Goes Horribly Wrong: “How Many Times Does [Trump] Have to Prove We Can’t be Trusted?!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday arrived in Tampa, Florida to attack the 6-week abortion ban during remarks at Hillsborough Community College’s Dale Mabry campus.

Virtually no one cared that Joe Biden was in Tampa on Tuesday.

Biden was greeted by a huge Laken Riley billboard truck.

A side-by-side of Trump in Florida vs Biden in Florida is very telling.

Biden can’t fill a small venue. Trump packed the house as far as the eye could see.

Florida is Trump country. It’s not even close!

Biden slurred through his short speech at Hillsborough Community College.

At one point Biden tried to slam Trump but his wires got crossed and it went horribly wrong.

“How many times does [Trump] have to prove we can’t be trusted!?” Biden shouted.



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