Biden’s Own DOJ Defends Special Counsel Report on His Memory: ‘Consistent With Legal Requirement,’ Not ‘Gratuitous’

Joe Biden’s own Department of Justice is defending the Hur special counsel report that brought so much attention to Biden’s fading memory.

Democrats and the media have been trying to find a way out of this for Biden, but there isn’t one. The left tried attacking Hur but Biden hurt himself with his TV address by confirming what was said in the report. Now even the DOJ is defending the report.

We’re a week into this story and people are still talking about it.

FOX News reports:

DOJ defends Special Counsel report on Biden’s memory: ‘Consistent with legal requirement,’ not ‘gratuitous’

The Justice Department defended Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Biden saying it was “consistent with legal requirements and Department policy” after the White House sent a pointed letter to the agency.

In the letter, obtained by Fox News, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer defended the Hur report and its release to the public as being “consistent” with the DOJ’s policy, and its legal requirements.

“Having carefully considered your arguments, the Department concludes that the report as submitted to the Attorney General, and its release, are consistent with legal requirements and Department policy,” the letter, which was sent to White House Counsel Ed Siskel and Personal Counsel to Joe Biden Bob Bauer, said.

Weinsheimer noted that the fall-out surrounding the release of Hur’s report on the president’s memory was not “gratuitous” or “unduly prejudicial.”

“The identified language is neither gratuitous nor unduly prejudicial because it is not offered to criticize or demean the President,” the letter noted. “Rather, it is offered to explain Special Counsel Hur’s conclusions about the President’s state of mind in possessing and retaining classified information.”

This story is about to get even worse for Biden, because Hur is going to testify before Congress.

The White House would probably prefer that this story just go away, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

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