Bill Maher Calls Out Hollywood Pedophilia And The Gay Agenda In Schools

It’s not the easiest thing for a person to step away from their peer group and question the dogmatic political path the mob has chosen to follow.  When it comes to the woke left, stepping out of line is doubly difficult because any deviation from the approved ideology usually means immediate cancellation and excommunication (one’s career is in danger).  Only a few years ago it would have been unheard of for a mainstream celebrity to break from the progressive pack and speak publicly about inconvenient truths.  Those few that did were quickly blacklisted.

Consider the bizarre leftist war on Star Wars actress Gina Carano, who expressed conservative views on the trans issue and was told she had to participate in a company sponsored Zoom struggle session.  The message was clear:  She was expected to sublimate herself in front of a crowd of 45 finger-wagging LGBT people in order to make amends.  When she refused and continued defending her personal conservative ideals online, she was made an example of and cast out of Hollywood. 

Bill Maher is, if anything, clever about his timing like most comedians.  His rebellion against the woke mob has been carefully crafted in a way that has allowed him to avoid outright cancellation.  It’s not as impressive a revolt as Gina Carano’s because the risk today is far less, but at least he’s willing to address the obvious hypocrisy within the social justice crowd and admit that maybe, just maybe, conservatives had it right all along.  

His latest surprising monologue covers an issue everyone has known about for years but almost no one in the media has been willing to address seriously because it involves many of their friends in the entertainment industry.  Hollywood was quick to jump on the feminist bandwagon at the helm of the “Me Too Movement”, but this only exposed a small part of Hollywood’s degeneracy.  Actresses trading sex for favors from producers and executives is hardly that shocking a revelation.  The thing they really don’t want to talk about is the industry’s penchant for pedophilia…

One of the deepest darkest secrets of film, television and music media is that the business has long been used as a vehicle for child abusers to target kids in an environment where parental supervision is limited (and lots of money can be gained).  This reminds us of yet another environment where parental supervision is limited:  Public schools.  The political left has also targeted these institutions as ample ground for grooming.  Why?  As Bill Maher notes, the groomers are naturally gravitating to where the children are.

“Leave the kids alone” is a mantra that the woke movement simply refuses to understand or accept.  The reason is relatively transparent – Leftists are less inclined to have children of their own, and so, in order to increase their numbers and power they are required to indoctrinate your kids instead.  This is all done under the guise of “inclusion” and the “greater good” but the results of this kind of activism are becoming deeply disturbing.  Even moderate liberals are noticing that woke behavior is destroying what remains of their image.

It may be that people like Bill Maher are finally realizing that progressive extremism is opening the door to a Trump win in November and they are in a panic to pull their compatriots back from the brink.  Most of the world hates woke activists with a passion and they just want to go back to the days when race and sexuality were not at the center of every single discussion, whether it be in movies or in the classroom.  Progressives have become so drunk with power after receiving the backing of governments and corporations that they flew too close to the sun; now they are getting roasted in the flames of public distrust.   


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