Black Voters From Harlem in NYC Express Anger and Betrayal at Democrats Over Illegal Immigrant Crisis: ‘It’s Time for Action’ (VIDEO)

A group of black voters from Harlem in New York City recently appeared on FOX News and expressed anger over the illegal immigrant crisis.

A luxury building in the neighborhood recently became the center of controversy when locals noticed workers loading sets of bunkbeds into the empty building, prompting many to think illegal border crossers were being moved in without any notification or discussion.

Mayor Eric Adams assured people that illegals were not being moved in, but it looked like the city had gotten caught and was backtracking.

FOX News reports:

Harlem residents express anger, betrayal over migrant crisis: ‘They snuck them in with no transparency’

Harlem residents criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Monday after plans were revealed to convert an abandoned luxury apartment complex into a migrant shelter.

Adams turned up unannounced at a community meeting in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood Thursday where locals were gathering to discuss rumors that the building on the corner of 130th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. was quietly being prepared for immigrants, according to CBS News.

During the meeting, Adams told residents that he did not agree with moving the migrants into a building when the local residents have needs that have not been met.

“I told the team, ‘Find out what’s going on here,’” Adams said. “We’re not moving folks into a brand-new building when you have long-term needs in a community. That’s not going to happen.”

“You will not have migrants and asylum seekers in that property,” he said.

“They snuck them in here with no transparency,” Tiffany, a Harlem resident, told Fox News, of the city administration’s efforts to place migrants in the city.

“We see bunk beds being moved in. What’s going on? And no one was aware that this was happening. No one,” she said.

Watch the video:

Trump should reach out to these voters and tell them how different things would be under his leadership.

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