Blast From the Past: Schematic Templates

If you want to draw schematics today, you probably sit down at your computer. Why not? There are a ton of programs made to do the work easily, and the results look great. Back in the day, you might sit at a drafting table with a full set of T-squares, triangles, and maybe a Leroy. But what about when inspiration struck at the coffee shop (no, not a Starbucks in those days)? Well, you probably had a schematic drawing template. We were surprised you can still buy these at high prices. Or you can 3D print your own, thanks to [Jan Stech].

Templates of all kinds used to be very common. There were several for schematics, logic symbols, furniture, and even geometric shapes and curves. They were almost always green and transparent. A quick search on Amazon for “drafting template” shows you can still get the generic templates, but schematic ones are still expensive.

[Jan’s] templates are miniature. You probably can’t easily make them clear either, although you could probably use them as a guide for cutting out some green plastic. There’s even a related one for logic gates, should you need that one.

We will admit to occasionally resorting to the worst CAD package ever. Even though the second worst one is admittedly better.

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