Brazil: Arrested Chief Serere has Medical Emergency and is Forced to Issue “Hostage Letter”

Chief Serere has been imprisoned since Dec. 12 for the crime of protesting

Indigenous chief and pro-democracy protestor Pastor José Acácio Serere Xavante suffered a medical emergency Jan. 4 after being held without charges for almost a month. His wife fears he may have had a heart attack. Shortly thereafter, the firebrand Bolsonaro supporter released an odd letter apologizing for his protests and calling corrupt Communist President Lula “Brother”.

Pastor Serere was brutally arrested by Brazil’s Stasi Federal Police Dec. 12 in front of his wife and kids (Gateway reported) for leading the pro-Bolsonaro protests in Brasilia and has been held without charges since.

On Jan. 4, Serere’s wife Sueli Xavante released a video pleading for her husband’s release.

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“I am here to say that my husband Serere is a pastor, a dignified, honest man, a man who knows the word, who preaches the word, who defends what is right. It’s not fair that he’s in jail just because he speaks the truth, because he thinks of Brazil first, our homeland, our family. He is paying for a crime he did not commit. It has been a month since he was arrested, and I want my husband back”, says Sueli.

„We have six children, and I need my husband home. The authorities must release him. He is sick, and has severe diabetes. He could have a heart attack at any time, and die. And who will bring him back to us then? He must be released. This is what I am begging you for.”

An unidentified indigenous witness said that “Serere suffers from advanced diabetes and he has to go on a diet of food and medication. And with all that he has been living in prison for almost 30 days, this has been affecting him a lot as a person and also his health. So, today, he felt sick and was attended to.”

Indigenous Deputy Silvia Waiãpi said that “a medical team was summoned for emergency care due to a possible metabolic alteration related to supposed non-insulin diabetes.”

On Jan. 5, the firebrand native preacher suddenly did an about-face, with his lawyer Jéssica Tavares issuing a letter of apology that sounds like a hostage letter composed under duress.

“I humbly apologize to the Brazilian people for any exaggerated statements I made when criticizing the Brazilian electoral system. Likewise, I apologize to the Federal Supreme Court; to the Superior Electoral Court; to the president, Brother Lula; to (Chief Justice) Brother Alexandre (de Moraes); to my family; to my beloved Xavante tribe; and to my beloved brothers in our Church,” said Serere.

The letter insists that only his lawyers Jéssica Tavares, Pedro Coelho and João Pedro Mello, can speak on his behalf. “I have not and do not advocate any disruption of democracy, nor do I believe in violent methods, and/or any kind of violence, as a method of political action,” the letter reads.

Serere allegedly apologized for his “mistake” in defending the “claim of election fraud, or even a danger of fraud, in electronic voting machines.”

In Brazil’s all-electronic voting system, roughly half the voting machines were non-auditable, and skewed wildly pro-Lula. The newer, auditable machines had Bolsonaro as the winner. The Superior Electoral Court refused to release the machine’s source code despite multiple requests from the official military audit.

“In fact, there is no concrete evidence of a danger of fraud at at the polls, against the will of the Brazilian voter,” the chilling letter goes on. “I defended claims of alleged fraud, based on false information, which was provided to me by third parties, which now, looking back, I see were entirely disconnected from reality,” the political prisoner allegedly wrote.

The letter sounds exactly like a Maoist “struggle session” or a Stalinist show trial confession.

Serere’s wife Sueli Xavante had criticized lawyer Jéssica Tavares on January 4 for not filing to have her husband released, and keeping the family in the dark.

“I always asked her to be professional in what she does, as a lawyer, and to give me all the information about my husband. But she hasn’t been doing that. I want her off the case, to give up being Sererê Xavante’s lawyer. As a wife, I am asking her to quit, and for other lawyers to step up and get Serere out of jail”.

Shamefully, Western “human rights” organizations continue to ignore the arrest and possible abuse of Chef Serere. This is because they do not care about indigenous rights at all, but only about using the indios to advance their radical Marxist agenda.

A group of six lawyers have filed a motion to impeach Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes with the Brazilian Senate, citing the case of Serere Xavante and the fugitive journalists Oswaldo Eustáquio and Bismarck Fugazza.

The regime is cracking down on protesors and the free press, censoring and threatening opposition journalists like Paulo Figueiredo, Allan dos Santos, Rodrigo Constantino and Guilherme Fiuza.

Mass protests against the Communist regime and their stolen election continued on Friday in Brazil.

While pro-democracy protestors will crowd Brasilia again on Monday, no one showed up for Lula’s fake inauguration:

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