BREAKING: Biden DOJ Tries & FAILS To IMPRISON Key WITNESS in Hunter’s Criminal Trial | Elijah Schaffer’s Top Picks (VIDEO)

Welcome to The Gateway Pundit’s new series, “The Weekend Review,” where we cover all the top stories you might have missed this Saturday and Sunday in under 10 minutes.

Hope your weekend was better than Hunter Biden’s after the DOJ failed to block a key witness in his criminal trial by ordering him to surrender before his testimony Monday. A mysterious letter from the DOJ was released Saturday ordering the key witness to surrender to authorities for a crime unrelated to his testimony. Experts called this unprecedented action nothing less than the weaponization of the DOJ for political bias. This story is ongoing…

Additionally, (former) President Obama was spotted casually playing tennis after the questionable death of his personal chef last week with his fingers wrapped in tape. Was this simply a tennis trick or was there an injury he was trying cover-up? Strangely, in even weirder news, a hack COVID-19 lab was discovered in California and the connection to China leaves more questions than answers.

Lastly, a Japanese man paid $16,000 for a real life dog costume and debuted it to the shock of many in the public & Lebron James’s school ends up with no students who passed their standardized math test. 

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